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We are the Philippines¶ favorite pizza chain, giving you a scrumptious blend of exciting pizza and pasta innovations,
all prepared for the comfort of the Filipino taste. More than just delicious food choices, we offer to transform your
everyday dining into shared delightful moments with friends.

We invite you to experience a renewed sense of discovery that we share with all our customers every time you step
into a Greenwich store.
At Greenwich, you will find out that the joy does not end with the food we prepare. We make it a point to extend this
feeling of warmth from our ovens to our service, and straight into the hearts of every Filipino.

We go beyond the average pizza chain and offer you an enjoyable combination of delicious food, a comfortable
ambience and friendly service that we customize to fit perfectly with your imagination, kind of adventure and the
Filipino value of bonding with friends.
Greenwich offers you nothing but delicious food choices that have been prepared using high-quality ingredients and

Our menu is filled with a wide variety of mouth-watering selections ± from pizzas, pastas, chicken, rice dishes to
desserts - that will make any meal a delightful shared experience.

We put the highest premium on our products to ensure that you get the taste that truly captures the feeling of
delicious. Each one has gone through teams of experts that have been involved in developing the perfect taste that
our customers will love to discover.
We work towards excellence in everything we do, in order to build the right atmosphere of discovering a wonderful
dining experience. This is why we ensure that the quality of our service is both sincere and efficient, both in store and
on delivery.

We always focus on giving you the best value that will surely fill your appetite and your heart. Each member of our
staff has been trained to provide the warm, welcoming and helpful treatment that you deserve.

As one whole team, we work to give you quality, not just in the food, but also in how we make sure that each order
from our menu comes with "a side of friendly service".
As the Philippines¶ favorite pizza chain, Greenwich equally prides itself with the biggest and widest pizza delivery
network. We have committed ourselves to developing a strategic delivery system that gives you efficient and friendly
service, with innovations in technology to ensure that your food stays delicious and hot as if it were just pulled out of
the oven.

We guarantee this service by giving you your order for free, plus a gift cheque equal to your order¶s value, if we do
not deliver on time. Greenwich has also invested in the continuous training of all our delivery personnel because we
believe that every point of experience of the customer in the delivery process must be kept pleasant and courteous.
Our delivery also reflects the value of innovation in all our food products and services. We are the first pizza chain to
use the Heated Thermal Bags that ensure a close simulation of oven-quality pizza and other products, even after

Our advances have also brought about Delivereach ± a service that enables nationwide deliveries ± which fits the
Filipino nature of sending food to their loved ones across the archipelago, especially during special occasions.
From our humble beginnings as a small over-the-counter pizza store, we have gone through a substantial growth that
has made us cut through and lead the market.

Greenwich has been re-launched with renewed excitement and we have reached leadership in the pizza industry,
specifically in the areas of operational share, consumer preference, and network and delivery service. Every year
since 1997, Greenwich has served more customers than any other pizza chain in the country. And it continues to do
so today.

Our menu is filled with the same vibrant growth that has seen it through ± from the introduction of our Overloaded
Pizzas and Supreme pasta dishes ± up until the new and exciting food innovations we presently add to our
scrumptious roster.

We also spearhead the industry by creating new discoveries in delicious and innovative product offerings, with the
promise of a better and more delightful Greenwich experience for you to look forward to.

Indeed, Greenwich has come so far, and in a lot of ways, it has been an exciting and delicious journey that we have
spent and shared with you ± our loving and valued customers.

We now invite you and your friends to come together and share life¶s simple joys in every dining experience, each
one filled with the pleasure of bonding, and the possibility of more delicious discoveries in the years to come.
Discover Greenwich today.



By Cai U. Ordinario, m  

JOLLIBEE Foods Corp., the Philippines¶ largest fastfood chain, recently bought out its long-time partner
in Greenwich Pizza Corp., Green Foods Franchising Inc.
àaving bought the remaining 20 percent held by its partner of 11 years, Jollibee now owns 100
percent of Greenwich.

³We have been very pleased with our partnership with Green Foods Franchising Inc. over the past 11
years, starting in 1994 when [Jollibee] acquired 80 percent of Greenwich Pizza Corp. This buyout will
add sales and profit to and will facilitate in simplifying our operations,´ Tony Tan Caktiong, Jollibee
chairman and chief executive officer, said in a statement to the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Jollibee has been acquiring new firms, and increasing its stake in existing businesses to secure its hold
over the fast-food industry.

Its last acquisition was Red Ribbon Bakeshop Inc., which Jollibee purchased last year. The company
acquired the bakeshop, which has 16 outlets in the United States, for P1.8 billion.

Ysmael V. Baysa, Jollibee chief finance officer, said the company paid its Greenwich partner some
P384 million in cash on Tuesday. The amount was taken from the company¶s cash reserves allotted for
its expansion.

Baysa said that Greenwich generated system-wide sales of P3.5 billion in 2004, or 10 percent of the
Jollibee Group¶s total sales.

Greenwich posted revenues of P2.7 billion and a net income of P131.9 million in 2004. As of December
31, 2005, the pizza chain had 239 stores with 128 company-owned and 111 franchised outlets.

Previously, Jollibee¶s Singapore unit, Jollibee Worldwide Pte. Ltd, disclosed plans to build a regional
headquarters in the Philippines and set up shared services with its parent firm starting in the first
quarter of next year.

Jollibee Worldwide was created to manage the parent¶s foreign business operations. Jollibee Foods, in
a statement, said Jollibee Worldwide will spend P360 million for the preparation of the shared services.

The company said it invested P250 million over the past two years in upgrading and standardizing its
information technology system using Oracle System and will invest another P110 million for the
upgrade of work facilities for shared services.


Tony Tan Caktiong (Chinese: > ƒ is the founder and current Chairman and CEO of Philippine fast

food chain Jollibee. He attended high school at Chiang Kai Shek College and graduated from the University of Santo
Tomas with a degree in chemical engineering. Caktiong had initially planned an ice cream parlor when he founded
Jollibee, then added dishes such as hamburgers, french fries, and fried chicken.

Caktiong, on July 8, 2008 was elected board director of Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDTƒ s 11-
member board replacing Ma. Lourdes Rausa-Chan. He is also an independent director of First Gen Corp. Also,
Caktiong top billed the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPOƒ video documentaries. The WIPO webcast
page featured personalities chosen from the 184 member states.

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