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Russell Simmons Talks About Being “Super Rich” in Elevated Existence


Hip hop mogul, author and philanthropist explains the spiritual practices behind his success and
how others can learn to be rich from the inside out.

Elmwood Park, NJ, March 09, 2011 --( Elevated Existence Magazine, a digital, spiritual
publication with a self-improvement focus, interviewed hip hop mogul Russell Simmons about his new
book “Super Rich: A Guide to Having it All,” for the March 2011 issue of the magazine. Simmons
unveils how the spiritual practices, including yoga, meditation and giving back to others, contributed to
his success in life and explains to others how to get there, too.

“People don't understand that noise is the biggest distraction separating them from their goals,” Simmons
said in the cover story. “Being awake and being in the present is what allows people the freedom to attain
their goals. That has to be step one before you start to chase the world. Go inside and then the world will
come to you.”

Simmons practices Transcendental Meditation (TM), and serves on the board of The David Lynch
Foundation, which focuses on teaching children TM, as well as military veterans, people in prison and
more. He even dedicated a section of the book to teaching some basics from the TM method to those who
want to begin the practice.

“Meditation is about stillness,” said Simmons. “We need to let the mind be still. Transcendental
meditation may not be right for everyone, but it was a good route for me, and I recommend it to anybody
who wants to try meditating. There is not one [method] better than the other.”

The March 2011 issue also features a new column called Soul Connections focused on love relationships
and written by Dr. Craig Martin, a spiritual counselor, interfaith minister and astrologer who has been
featured as a relationship expert on ABC and Martha Stewart Radio.

“Elevated Existence continues to bring the latest information, advice and tools to its readers on both
spirituality and self-improvement topics, interviewing both celebrities and best-selling authors including
Shirley MacLaine, Melissa Etheridge, Louise Hay and Joe Vitale,” said magazine founder, publisher and
editorial director, Tammy Mastroberte. “Russell Simmons offers advice to live by in his new book and in
the March 2011 cover story. I'm thrilled to share it with our readers worldwide.”

The new issue featuring Russell Simmons is available for individual purchase, or through a one-year
subscription for only $10. Visit for more information.


Elevated Existence
Published by Elevated Existence LLC, based in Elmwood Park, N.J., Elevated Existence Magazine is an

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award-winning, digital, spiritual publication with a self-improvement focus that debuted in June 2008 and
has featured cover stories with Joe Vitale, of the best-selling book and movie “The Secret;” Dr. Wayne
Dyer; Academy Award winning actress and author Shirley MacLaine; actress and singer, Olivia
Newton-John; singer Melissa Etheridge and more.

Founder, Publisher and Editorial Director, Tammy Mastroberte has more than 12 years experience in the
magazine publishing industry, and began the publication and Web site because of her own interest and
passion for a variety of topics that fall under the subject of spirituality and self-improvement, along with
her desire to share them with the world. She is dedicated to helping others improve the quality of their
lives one reader at a time.

For more information, visit The quarterly magazine is available for a yearly
subscription rate of $10.

Media Contact:
Tammy Mastroberte
Founder, Publisher & Editorial Director

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Elevated Existence LLC
Tammy Mastroberte

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