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Mike Werner

College English
Prof. Crum
Creationism Paper – Topic 2

Is it possible that one may believe in God even without accepting the presence

and position that come from creationists in the world today? I would have to argue that

one can believe in God even with the presence of creationists since God and the bible is a

boundary of faith and religion since we have never seen God, we trust and put faith in the

bible to tell us about his life and what exactly happened. There are several examples that

prove that even today people believe and put faith in God and the bible. One example is

the bible itself, secondly would be the churches that talk so highly of him that people go

to hear a father speak of him every Sunday and also the most important thing in the

world, ‘Money’ since it says “In God We Trust” on every bill and coin in the United

States of America. Lastly everyone believes in God in one way or another since when

death is near everyone prays to their God.

In the past years you were raised as a child to go to church or Sunday school and

were taught the history of the bible and our lord a savior God and Jesus Christ. Our

religion and lifestyle as we know it today is based upon the faith of beliefs of these

figures. Even though there is no evidence that God created man and all life that is

possible on earth as we know it, we still believe that there is a God and a Jesus Christ. In

the bible it tells the story of God and Christ and the sacrifices that were taken to be here

today. The holidays is a big sign of faith and belief that there was a God and a Christ

since we celebrate Christmas and Easter which are holidays that most people in the

United States celebrate. In the bible they tell us exactly when Christ was born and the
holiday of Christmas is celebrated in his name till this current day by many people. Also

for the holiday of Easter, it is the day that Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead

after he was nailed to the cross and buried in the tomb. These are two strong examples

that even today with the creationist’s points of view that people believe that there is a

God and we still have faith and believe in these beliefs that he is real.

Secondly, church is another big example of how people still have faith and beliefs

in God. If people did not believe in God or Jesus Christ no one would go to church every

Sunday or Christmas Eve Mass if they did not believe in God. In church we are told that

Jesus sacrificed his life for us. When one thinks about it and raised from a young age you

are taught to believe that there is a God. Catholics are raised to believe that there is a

God and a Jesus Christ like it says in the bible but, the Jewish religion believe there is no

Jesus Christ but there is a God. Either way you look at it everyone one believes in God

one way or another in every single religion except for Atheists. This is the one religion

that does not even have church but every other religion from Catholic, Jewish, Muslim

and etc. all believe in God. Every church or temple praises God but, there are different

Gods that are prayed too. The Muslims pray to their God who goes by the name of Allah

and their Jesus Christ is named Muhammad for example, who was his prophet which is

the same beliefs as Catholics just with different names. So in both cases they believe in

God but not everyone believes in Christ such as the Jewish religion.

Thirdly, the next reason why I strongly believe that there is a God and that

everyone believes in him one way or another in the United States is by the saying “In

God We Trust” on every bill and coin that is printed or pressed in America. If the United

States of America puts this saying on their money and people see it everyday there must
be a reason for it. Now if the United States Government can put that on their most prized

possession then there must be faith and belief still that there is a God and that they

recognize him to put his name on currency. Now with all the talk in Eldredge’s essay on

creationism and humanity as we know it, why would the United States of America put

God’s name on their currency if they did not believe that most of the American

population did if not all practically believed in God. Another given example from

Eldredge’s essay would be that of on page 528, “Although most of us “believe” the earth

is spherical, how many of us can design and perform and experiment to show that it must

be so?” proving to us that it falls into the hands of belief. Either have faith and believe in

your all mighty God or do not. I for one among a lot of other people who live in the

present day believe that there is a God and he made everything in this world possible

from the first form of life until the last day of death, everyone has a time and only God


This brings me to my next example which when I stated that all people pray to

God before their death or before one of their loved ones is near death. Someone gets into

a car accident, ends up in the hospital or is diagnosed with a disease the close family

members, friends or themselves pray to God to take care of them and protect them from

the after life and if they do pass they pray that they are taken into the gates of heaven. If

Eldredge argues and says that there is no God one can still believe in God and pray to

God. This just shows and states how this essay is argumentative of this case that people

can still believe in God and have faith that he does exist or at least is in the thoughts of

people daily.
Throughout this essay I have talked about if people can still believe in God and

have faith in God even with the creationists say and statements that they announce. I for

one do believe that there is a God and that he created all that is man, human and living.

Whether creationists like it or not if they can not give hard facts that God does not exist,

people will always still have faith and believe in him. Only God knows what is yet to

come and what is in the future for all of us. Just like the saying “God works in

mysterious ways” is just another way of proving that people do believe in God and trust

them with their lives.