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Environmental Leadership

Our commitment to environmental stewardship extends throughout our system and is

incorporated into our governance, management and business operations.
Our Board of Directors and Senior Management
At the Board level, the Audit Committee has oversight of environmental policies
and performance. The Board's Public Issues Review Committee also has a role in o
verseeing environmental issues.
Technical Stewardship Organization
The Technical Stewardship Organization has operating responsibility for environm
ental matters, including water resources, as well as product quality, scientific
& regulatory affairs and business process excellence.
Environment & Water Resources Department
This department, which resides in the Technical Stewardship Organization, is res
ponsible for setting environmental strategy across our business operations, deve
loping environmental standards and programs, and managing our performance.
Environmental Advisory Board (EAB)
This panel of experts from government, nongovernmental organizations and academi
a provides counsel to our management on environmental issues, the views of exter
nal stakeholders, and our environmental policies, programs and performance.
EAB Members:
* John Gummer, MP, United Kingdom
* Daniel Esty, Professor, Environmental Law and Policy, Yale University,
United States
* Yolanda Kakabadse, Executive President, Fundación Futuro Latino American
, Ecuador
* Ma Jun, Yale World Fellow April 2004; News Reporter and Author, China
* Amory Lovins, Chief Executive Officer, Rocky Mountain Institute, Unite
d States
* Dipak Gyawali, Pragya (Academician), Royal Nepal Academy of Science an
d Technology, Nepal
Coca-Cola Environmental Council (CCEC)
Our Environmental Council consists of senior representatives from the Company an
d some of our largest bottling partners. The Council promotes environmental mana
gement across the business system by sharing best practices and developing and v
alidating environmental standards.
Key Council achievements include: completion of the global water risk assessment
; development of a source water protection program; establishment of Community W
ater Partnerships that can be replicated systemwide; completion of an industry w
ater efficiency benchmarking study; analysis of global packaging regulation and
industry benchmarking; and development of draft standards and measurements for a
strategic management framework.
CCEC Members:
* Tim Copeman, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (Officer and Chair)
* Jeff Seabright, The Coca-Cola Company (Officer and co-Chair)
* Reginald Prime, Coca-Cola Enterprises (Officer and Secretary)
* Carlos Pacheco, Coca-Cola FEMSA
* Atsushi Hirata, Coca-Cola West Japan Company
* Olivia Tyler, Coca-Cola Amatil
* Bruce Karas, The Coca-Cola Company, North America
* Cees Van Dongen, The Coca-Cola Company, European Union
* Severino Alvarez, The Coca-Cola Company, Latin America
* Mark Lynch, The Coca-Cola Company, Bottling Investments
* Vail Thorne, The Coca-Cola Company, Legal
* Dave Katz, Coca-Cola Enterprises
* Jeff Foote, The Coca-Cola Company