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Kitchen Medicine

Celery Juice for Arthritis

Whirlpool Philippines Marks
Global Centennial Year

The Science of
Love and Sex

Azkals stir up love for

football in the country


is printed every month and is distributed FREE -
direct to readers. This is operated by three (3) The Science of Love and Sex
young professionals having the same advocacies
and goals in life- that is to give awareness & accu-

rate information about healthy lifestyle. It tackles
the latest current events and trends that would be Kitchen Medicine
Celery Juice for Arthritis
of great help to the Filipino people.

aims to be a catalyst towards economic develop- Whirlpool Philippines Marks
ment by bringing business of all sorts to the
attention of prospective customers via strategic Global Centennial Year

distribution to the businessman’s target market.
Staying Beautiful The
Natural Way
Bong Casten

Harris Acero Loving Your Teeth This Oral
Health Month

John Michael B. Hiceta
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Dra. Mary Jean Acero TEAM AZKALS

Head Consultant
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Bernadette Sembrano Baguio - Juice Up Your Summer

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e in
When you’r
els of
love, the lev
your body
dopamine in ously,
rise tremen
resulting in
kilig feeling

Science of
Dr. Willy Ong, MD
Love & Sex
Do you remember how you felt when you had your first crush?
Do you remember your heart fluttering, your head feeling light, and
your feet feeling like they were floating on air?
Congratulations, you’re in love!

owever, years later, after you tremendously, resulting in this kilig feel- (we don’t advise it). Sleeping and eating
got married and had kids, you ing. That’s why dopamine is so addicting. sweets can also increase dopamine levels.
start to lose this wonderful The more you have it, the more you want • Oxytocin. Aside from dopamine,
feeling. Your wife doesn’t look it. It also helps release another feel- another feel-good chemical is oxytocin,
as appealing as she once was. Sex isn’t as good chemical called serotonin. When which promotes a feeling of closeness
exciting anymore. What is happening to a person is lovesick or homesick, their and motherly love. This chemical rises
you? Scientists have found an explana- serotonin levels drop by 40 percent. when we cuddle our children, hold hands
tion through the so-called “love chemi- with a loved one, or communicate with a
cals.” Aside from being in love, there are other dear friend.
ways to increase one’s dopamine levels
THE CHEMICALS OF LOVE like smoking (that’s why it’s so addicting Oxytocin, also called the “cuddling
• Dopamine. When you’re in love, the and we don’t recommend it.), thrill-seek- chemical,” helps fight stress and makes
levels of dopamine in your body rise ing behavior, and having a new partner you happier. One study shows that

4 FEBRUARY 2011 Urban Lifestyle

pendent. Fathers may be prone to leave, strong enough for sex? One simple test is
too. So if you’ve been going steady with to climb two flights of stairs. If you can
your boyfriend for the past three years do this without being short of breath,
or you’re in your fourth year of marriage, then you are cleared to have sex. (By
there’s a real danger he/she might get the way, this is the test doctors may use
bored with you, because the chemical to check if you are qualified to have an
bonds are not there anymore. operation or not.)


To increase one’s dopamine levels again, LIFE
you need to put excitement back into
• Do little things for your partner. Send a
your relationship. Get a new look, change
love note, a text message or a rose. Make
your hair, wear attractive clothes, and put
a surprise date and be unpredictable.
more excitement into your marriage. Go
on your second honeymoon, and plan a
• Develop a shared goal. See if you can
surprise date at a new location.
match your goals and thus be more syn-
chronized in your plans.
Another remedy is through the help of
another feel-good chemical called endor-
phins, which could be the closest thing
to finding true love. Endorphins promote “Sex makes one feel
a feeling of calmness, warmth, intimacy, good and happy. It’s
and dependability. As we get older, we
need to progress to the next stage and also good exercise
start loving our partners for who he/she
is. To increase one’s endorphins, think
for the heart.”
loving thoughts about your partner.
• Remember the good times. Recall what
Touch and smile at him/her.
attracted you to your partner in the
first place, like your first date and your
THE BENEFITS OF SEX memories of love.
What about sex? Did you know that stud-
ies show that men who have sex two or
• Massage her feet. Did you know that
more times a week can decrease their risk
the brain parts that control the feet are in
for a heart attack or stroke? Women who
talking to a good friend is as effective close proximity to the ones that con-
enjoy sex also tend to live longer than
as a pain reliever in treating headaches. trol the sexual organs? A foot rub is an
those who don’t. Studies also show that
Therefore, men and erotic kind of foreplay. Other erogenous
increasing your sexual activity from once
women need to communicate better in (sexual) zones are the back of the neck,
a month to once a week also increases
order to build a better relationship and your general happiness. the fingers, toes, and the nipples.
ensure a steady release of oxytocin.
Sex makes one feel good and happy. • Exercise and lose weight. The less belly
THE DECLINE OF LOVE It’s also good exercise for the heart. A fat you have, the better your sex life will
Just as we’d like to believe that true love five-minute sexual act consumes just 30 be. Eating healthy will improve the blood
lasts forever, we still have to put in some calories, but 30 minutes of sex can use as flow to your body.
work to make this dream come true. This much as 250 calories.
is because our “dopamine high” doesn’t • Create a conducive environment. The
last forever and our bodies develop toler- What bodily changes happen during sex? brain is actually the most sexual of the
ance to it. In fact, studies show that start- First, your heart rate increases, pupils di- body’s organs. Try soft music, chocolate,
ing from nine months to three years, our late, nostrils flare, and sweat glands open. coffee, baby powder, the scent of lemon
dopamine levels decline, which coincides Female breasts enlarge by 25 percent. or whatever works for you. Some reports
with the time you feel bored and start There is also increased blood flow to the show these might be effective.
“falling out of love.” How sad! lips, nose, and sexual organs. Oxytocin
levels also rise. All these changes build up • Stay in love. There are really biological
Some scientists believe the timing of the to an orgasm. explanations to the ins and outs of love.
decline may be a natural process. Moth- Keep your love going strong and increase
ers start teaching their kids to be inde- How does a person know if he/she is those chemicals of love. Good luck!

Urban Lifestyle FEBRUARY 2011 5


Celery Juice
for your
Eating celery will
reduce high blood
pressure and give
the effect of calm-
ness. Celery clears
uric acid from
painful joints and
may help the treat-
ment of arthritis and
rheumatic problems.

elery is a biennial, erect, mulation of liquid in the cellular tissue. Parts used: The whole plant
branching, garden herb. The •Promotes the flow of urine. Dose:
root is fleshy and bulbous. •Stimulates appetite.
The stem is angular and fur- •Gives relief from flatulence and from •Take one (1) tablespoon of extracted
rowed. The leaves are opposite, dark- griping pain in the stomach and bowels. juice 30 minutes before meal three (3)
green, incised and coarsely toothed. The •Kills and expels worms from the body. times a day.
flowers are grey-white and arranged into •Good for asthma, bronchitis, liver and
•Continue taking for a month and
compound umbels. Seeds of the plant spleen diseases.
•An effective remedy for rheumatic ten- experience the changes in your health
are small, ribbed and ovate. condition.
dencies, inflamed joints, obesity, chronic
pulmonary disease and deficiency •Consult your natural/alternative medi-
Medicinal Use: diseases. cine doctor for constant monitoring.
•Abdominal pains and abdominal accu- •Promotes the onset of menstruation.

6 FEBRUARY 2011 Urban Lifestyle

REMNANT Institute of Alternative Medicine

Swedish Massage; Myofascial Release; Cupping Therapy; Alternative Medicine Vegetarian Cuisine
Licensure Review Spinal Therapy Hydrotherapy; Detoxification Food Supplements

#26 Huervana St., Lapaz Iloilo City Tel. (033) 3291916 / 09209513589
DOH Accredited Institution
Affiliate of The Open International University
for Complementary Medicine

Alternative Medicine Courses Livelihood Program
●Swedish massage therapy ●Soya milk making
●Clinical massage therapy ●Herbal preparations
●Cupping therapy ●Ointment & Soap making
●Myofascial release therapy ●Vegetarian meat making, etc.
●Spinal therapy
●Degree courses in Alternative Medicine

SWEDISH MASSAGE THERAPY corrects subluxations which causes variable degrees of pain
The training program includes theoretical and and discomfort from the head down to the feet.
practical division composing 120 credit units. The
curriculum used is based on the standard required by CUPPING THERAPY
Philippine Department of Health. A review class for Cupping therapy is a method of relieving local conges-
massage therapy licensure examination is offered twice tion by applying partial vacuum created in cups, either by heat
each year. or by suction.


This is an advanced training in massage therapy Modular Courses in Alternative Medicine
focusing on the connective tissue and musculoskeletal Non-CHED program
• Doctor of Alternative Medicine MD (AM)
MYOFASCIAL RELEASE THERAPY • PhD in Alternative Medicine PhD (AM)
Myofascial release therapy is a DOH accredited • Masters in Alternative Medicine MA (AM)
training program with 33 credit units. This modality is • Diploma in Alternative Medicine AM
used in addressing chronic muscular pain caused by myo-
fascial restrictions and trigger points. A form of soft
tissue manipulation which aims to release bonds between
fascia, integument, muscles and bones; thus, eliminating
pain, increasing range of motion and balancing the body.
#26 Huervana St., Lapaz Iloilo City
Spinal therapy is also included in the DOH Tel. (033) 3291916 09209513589
accredited training program with 33 credit units. This
technique is composed of spinal manipulation that
Urban Lifestyle FEBRUARY 2011

FEBRUARY 2011 Urban Lifestyle

Whirlpool Philippines
marks global
centennial year with
innovative features,
exciting promo
Whirlpool Philippines kicks off the global using 30% less energy that
company’s 100th anniversary with the help customers save more while
unveiling of cutting-edge features on its helping protect the environment.
world-class appliances as well as an excit-
ing promotion to its loyal customers in the Apart from the Energy Star seal, custom- Cruz: “This is a chance for customers
Philippines. ers can expect innovative features that are tofurnish their homes with world-class
present in Whirlpool products. andbrand-new appliances from Whirlpool
“In celebration of Whirlpool Corporation’s through the ‘Search for the Oldest Whirl-
100 years of world-renowned legacy and SelectWhirlpool refrigerators, washers and pool Appliance Contest.’ This promo is a
excellence in home appliances, we are ex- microwave ovens boast of the 6th Sense token of our appreciation for their years
cited to present the innovative features that feature, an intelligent sensor that offers ease of support and trust in our products and
are available in our products that promise of use, energy efficiency, and convenience reaffirms our longstanding commitment to
to cater to the needs and lifestyles of Fili- for customers. customer satisfaction.”
pino families all over the country. These
features were designed with the modern Just look for the 6th Sensefeature and To join, just send a picture of your oldest
family in mind, while keeping with strict expect these benefits from your Whirlpool working Whirlpool refrigerator, washer or
quality and environmental requirements appliances.With this technology, Whirlpool microwave oven. Don’t forget to include
in line with our commitment to safety and 6th Sense refrigeratorsprovide perfect cool- along with your photo the appliance’s
protecting the environment,” relates Joy ing as it automatically sense usage patterns serial number and model. Email your
Catiis-Cruz, Marketing Manager of Whirl- and adjust the temperature inside the re- photo/s and product details to marketing@
pool Philippines. frigerator at the lowest power consumption. or send via mail to G/F
Whirlpool washers, meanwhile, work more Exatech Bldg., No. 56 Cordillera St. corner
“In line with these new product features, efficiently as this feature automatically ad- E.Rodriguez Sr.Ave., Quezon City.
we’re likewise launching a new promotion justs the cycle, hold the water temperature
that indeed reflects our gratitude for the at the appropriate level and monitor and If your entry is chosen, a Whirlpool team
Filipinos’ support for Whirlpool through control every aspect of the wash program. will contact you to make a visit to your
the years,” adds Cruz. Whirlpool microwave ovens with the 6th home to check on the appliance. Three
Sense feature offer perfection whenever you contestants will be chosen – one winner
Energy-efficient appliances for every Fili- cook as this feature senses the length of will be picked per appliance category –
pino home time and the proper temperature needed to Refrigerator, Washer and Microwave Oven.
cook the food.
Last year, the Energy Star Awards recog- Winners per category get to go home with
nized Whirlpool Corporation’s continued Apart from this line of products, Whirl- a brand-new Whirlpool appliance of the
leadership in offering consumers energy pool’s complete line of refrigeratorsis same producttype.
and water efficiency through its leading equipped with Foam-In-Place Doors,
home appliance brands. The award was which add structural stability to refs that Whirlpool’s Search for the Oldest
the company’s 11th top Energy Star award allow customers to load more items in the Whirlpool Appliance Contest runs
and fifth consecutive Sustained Excellence door. This innovative technology provides from March 15 to May 15, 2011.
win. Whirlpool has been honored with 22 increased insulation by injecting foam into
Energy Star awards overall, more than any the door cavity that expands into door With the host of exciting offerings this year,
other appliance manufacturer. shelves, corners and crevices, resulting in Whirlpool is positive more than ever to
consistent temperature levels. Through this build a stronger, longer relationship with its
The Energy Star Awards is a joint pro- technology, Whirlpool’s new set of refs of- loyal customers while beefing up its efforts
gram of the US Environmental Protection fer consistent cooling, added durability, and to attract new ones.
Agency and the US Department of Energy improved energy efficiency.
which honors organizations that have made “This year signals exciting opportunities
outstanding contributions to protecting the Appreciation for continued patronage for Whirlpool to widen and strengthen
environment through energy efficiency. our presence here in the Philippines and
In line with Whirlpool’s 100th anniversary, around the world, as we begin the count-
Energy Star certified appliancesare engi- the company is launching a nationwide down for another hundred years,” con-
neered to be extremely energy efficient, promotion for its loyal customers. Shares cludes Cruz.

Urban Lifestyle FEBRUARY 2011 9

Staying Beautiful

Natural Way
by Nhez Aguilar

Who says it’s expensive to be beautiful?

No, not at all, that is if you only open your
eyes and mind to the many possibilities around
you. If you were more resourceful, you will
find that beauty is actually all around us.
How to achieve beauty on a fruits and vegetables are mixed For serious cases of pimples or
shoestring budget? with other ingredients and special acne, extract the juice of cala-
solutions to maximize benefits and mansi and add a spoonful of pure
ensure effectivity. honey.
You can buy testers
rather than the branded one to
Let’s break down mixtures into Every night, before going to bed,
help you on your quest to be beau-
compounds, and compounds to massage your face with this solu-
tiful without draining your pockets.
its simplest, purest form called tion for a few minutes, then rinse.
substance. When we put two You can also apply pure calamansi
Haven’t you noticed that the active substances together, it’s called a juice for skin whitening, especially
ingredients of beauty products in compound. on dark elbows and underarms.
the market are either plant or fruit Do this every day before taking a
extracts? Yes, it’s true. These ex-
Let’s get natural. Your shower.
tracts were given scientific names
that sound so complicated on the
veggies and fruits in
Another effective way of prevent-
label, but the reality, they’re just the kitchen and in the
ing pimples is using boiled guava
your common tomato or carrot or fridge are not only best leaves. You can use your trusted
garlic. In fairness to many beauty when eaten, but also facial wash and then use the
products in the market, however, when applied directly lukewarm water previously boiled
these extracts from common on the skin. with guava leaves to rinse. It is also

12 FEBRUARY 2011 Urban Lifestyle

good to take a bath using water Here’s how to do it: Splash luke- A word of caution: You should not
boiled with guava leaves to speed warm water on your face. While do this everyday. Every other day
up the healing of wounds, cuts, your face is still wet, use the or once a week should be enough.
burns, and other skin problems. powder tawas to scrub your entire Work in circularmotions and avoid
Alum, better known as tawas, is face. Be extra gentle when scrub- irritated areas.
famous for its deodorizing proper- bing your face, especially if you
ties. That is why most of deodor- have sensitive skin.
Now you know that achieving
ants/antiperspirants contain alum
beauty can also be inexpensive. So
as active ingredient. Alum also
help whiten the skin. Massage your face there should be no stopping you
for not more than a from staying beautiful.
But did you know that tawas could minute, then rinse
also be an effective exfoliant and with lukewarm More of the best and the latest in
microdermabrasion substitute? If water. If you don’t like beauty will be revealed in our next
you are on a tight budget, instead the sticky feel of tawas, issue of our magazine.
of going to the dermatologist, you wash your face with For comments and suggestion
can use powder tawas for derma- your favorite please email us to:
brasion. facial cleanser.

Urban Lifestyle FEBRUARY 2011 13


FEBRUARY 2011 Urban Lifestyle

Loving February
Your Teeth
This Oral
Health Month
Tooth Decay is the most
common global disease
affecting every family.
Over 80% of cavities
occur inside pits and
fissures on chewing sur-
faces where brushing
cannot reach food left
trapped after every meal
or snack and saliva or
fluoride have no access
to neutralize acid and
remineralize demineral-
ized tooth.

Urban Lifestyle FEBRUARY 2011 15

Loving Your Teeth
eeth cleaning is the removal of Flossing Cleaning the tongue as part of daily oral hy-
dental plaque and tartar from The use of dental floss is an important ele- giene is essential, since it removes the white/
teeth to prevent cavities, ment of oral hygiene, since it removes the yellow bad-breath-generating coating of
gingivitis, and gum disease. Severe plaque and the decaying food remaining stuck bacteria, decaying food particles, fungi (such
gum disease causes at least one-third of adult between the teeth. This food decay and as Candida), and dead cells from the dorsal
tooth loss. plaque cause irritation to the gums, allowing area of the tongue. Tongue cleaning also
the gum tissue to bleed more easily. Acid removes some of the bacteria species which
Since before recorded history, a variety of generate tooth decay and gum problems.
oral hygiene measures have been used for
teeth cleaning. This has been verified by various Food and drink
excavations done all over the world, in which Foods that help muscles and bones also help
chewsticks, tree twigs, bird feathers, animal teeth and gums. Breads and cereals are
bones and porcupine quills were recovered. rich in vitamin B while fruits and vegetables
Many people used different forms of teeth contain vitamin C, both of which contribute
cleaning tools. Indian medicine (Ayurveda) has to healthy gum tissue. Lean meat, fish, and
used the neem tree (a.k.a. daatun) and its prod- poultry provide magnesium and zinc for teeth.
ucts to create teeth cleaning twigs and similar
products for millennia. A person chews one end Beneficial foods
of the neem twig until it somewhat resembles Some foods may protect against cavities.
the bristles of a toothbrush, and then uses it Fluoride is a primary protector against dental
to brush the teeth. In the Muslim world, the cavities. Fluoride makes the surface of teeth
miswak, or siwak, made from a twig or root with forming foods left on teeth also demineralize more resistant to acids during the process of
antiseptic properties has been widely used since teeth eventually causing cavities. Flossing for remineralisation. Drinking fluoridated water
the Islamic Golden Age. Rubbing baking soda or a proper inter-dental cleaning is recommend- is recommended by some dental professionals
chalk against the teeth was also common. ed at least once per day, preferably before while others say that using toothpaste alone
bedtime, to help prevent receding gums, gum is enough. Milk and cheese are also rich in
Generally, dentists recommend that teeth be disease, and cavities between the teeth. calcium and phosphate, and may also encour-
cleaned professionally at least twice per year. age remineralisation. All foods increase saliva
Professional cleaning includes tooth scaling, It is recommended to use enough floss to production, and since saliva contains buffer
tooth polishing, and, if too much tartar has built enable easy use, usually ten or more inches chemicals this helps to stabilize the pH to near
up, debridement. This is usually followed by a with three to four inches of taut floss to put 7 (neutral) in the mouth. Foods high in fiber
fluoride treatment. between teeth. Floss is then wrapped around may also help to increase the flow of saliva.
the middle finger and/or index finger, and Sugar-free chewing gum stimulates saliva
Between cleanings by a dental hygienist, good supported with the thumb on each hand. It production, and helps to clean the surface of
oral hygiene is essential for preventing tartar is then held tightly to make taut, and then the teeth.
build-up which causes the problems mentioned gently moved up and down between each
above. This is done by carefully and frequently tooth. It is important to floss under visible
brushing with a toothbrush and the use of areas by curving the floss around each tooth According to World Dental,
dental floss to prevent accumulation of plaque instead of moving up and down on gums, these are the top ten benefi-
on the teeth. which are much more sensitive than teeth. cial foods for teeth.
Plaque However, bleeding gums are normal upon first
Plaque is a yellow sticky film that forms on the usage of floss, and will harden with use. One 1. Green tea contains polyphenol anti-
teeth and gums. The bacteria in plaque release should use an unused section of the floss oxidant plant compounds that reduce plaque
acid that attacks tooth enamel. Tooth decay when moing around different teeth. Removing and help reduce cavities and gum disease. Tea
can occur after repeated attacks. Some food floss from between teeth requires using the may help reduce bad breath. Tooth enamel
causes plaque bacteria that produce acids. Thor- same back-and-forth motion as flossing, but is strengthened because green tea contains
ough daily brushing and flossing can prevent gently bringing the floss up and out of gaps fluoride which promotes healthy teeth.
tartar from forming on the teeth. between teeth.

16 FEBRUARY 2011 Urban Lifestyle

h This Oral Health Month
2. Milk and yogurt are good for teeth Detrimental foods seem equally likely to cause cavities.
because they contain low acidity, which means Sugars are commonly associated with dental
that wearing of teeth is less. They are also low cavities. Other carbohydrates, especially Acids contained in fruit juice, vinegar and
in decay-inducing sugar. Milk is a good source cooked starches, e.g. crisps/potato chips, may soft drinks lower the pH level of the oral cavity
of calcium, the main component of teeth and also damage teeth, although to a lesser degree which causes the enamel to demineralize. Drink-
bones. since starch has to be converted by enzymes in ing drinks such as orange juice or cola through-
saliva first. out the day raises the risk of dental cavities
3. Cheese contains calcium and phosphate, tremendously.
which helps balance pH in the mouth,[citation
needed] preserves (and rebuilds) tooth enamel, Another factor which affects the risk of
produces saliva, and kills bacteria[citation
developing cavities is the stickiness of foods.
needed] that cause cavities and disease.
Some foods or sweets may stick to the teeth
and so reduce the pH in the mouth for an
4. Fruits such as apples, strawberries and kiwis
extended time, particularly if they are sugary. It
contain Vitamin C. This vitamin is considered the
element that holds cells together. If this vitamin is important that teeth be cleaned at least twice
is neglected, gum cells can break down, making a day, preferably with a toothbrush and fluoride
gums tender and susceptible to disease. toothpaste, to remove any food sticking to the
teeth. Regular brushing and the use of dental
5. Vegetables: Vitamin A, found in pump- floss also removes the dental plaque coating the
kins, carrots, sweet potatoes and broccoli, is tooth surface.
necessary for the formation of tooth enamel.
Crunchy vegetables may also help clean gums. “Some people recommend Chewing gum assists oral irrigation
that teeth be brushed after between and around the teeth, cleaning and
6. Onions contain antibacterial sulfur every meal and at bedtime, removing particles, but for teeth in poor condi-
compounds. Tests show that onions kill various and flossed at least once tion it may damage or remove loose fillings as
types of bacteria,[citation needed] especially per day, preferably at night
before sleep. For some peo-
when eaten raw.
ple, flossing might be recom-
mended after every meal.” Other
7. Celery protects teeth by producing saliva
which neutralizes bacteria that cause cavities. It Smoking and chewing tobacco are both
Sucrose (table sugar) is most commonly
also massages the teeth and gums. strongly linked with multiple dental diseases.[6]
associated with cavities. The amount of sugar
consumed at any one time is less important than Regular vomiting, as seen in bulimia nervosa, also
8. Sesame seeds reduce plaque and help
how often food and drinks that contain sugar causes significant damage.
build tooth enamel.[citation needed] They are
also very high in calcium. are consumed. The more frequently sugars are
consumed, the greater the time during which Mouthwash or mouth rinse improve oral
9. Animal food: beef, chicken, turkey, and
the tooth is exposed to low pH levels, at which hygiene. Dental chewing gums claim to improve
eggs contain phosphorus which, with calcium,
is one of the two most vital minerals of teeth point demineralization occurs (below 5.5 for dental health.
and bone. most people). It is important therefore to try
to encourage infrequent consumption offood Retainers can be cleaned in mouthwash or
10. Water cleans the mouth and produces and drinks containing sugar so that teeth have denture cleaning fluid. Dental braces may be
saliva that deposits essential minerals into the a chance to be repaired by remineralization recommended by a dentist for best oral hygiene
teeth. It keeps teeth hydrated[clarification and fluoride. Limiting sugar-containing foods and health. Dentures, retainers, and other
needed] and washes away particles from the and drinks to meal times is one way to reduce appliances must be kept extremely clean. This
teeth. the incidence of cavities. Sugars from fruit and includes regular brushing and may include soak-
fruit juices, e.g., glucose, fructose, and maltose ing them in a cleansing solution.

Urban Lifestyle FEBRUARY 2011 17


BBC News to feature Azkals

and football mania

Even a prestigious media outfit from said in an interview shortly after the “I loved it. The Filipinos are really happy-
England, a nation which embraces foot- match at the Panaad Stadium here. bubbly people, anyway. I saw them all in
ball like a religion, appears to have been “It’s fascinating to people, especially in the stadium and the team won, 2-0. It’s
smitten by the exploits of the Philippine UK. You know we are a football nation. unbelievable. They just explode there,
Azkals and the football mania that swept And people here are getting interested it’s brilliant and it’s great,” she said.
the country over the past weeks. in the game.”
Asked how she will angle her story
For the first time in its international cov- BBC covers all big-time football tourna- for the radio and TV piece, Mcgeown
erage, the British Broadcasting Corpora- ments in Europe, including the Premiere quickly responded and said: “My angle
tion (BBC News) sent a radio and TV cor- League. will be that, ‘People abroad, when they
respondent to cover a Philippine football thought of Philippines, and they thought
game – the Philippine Azkals-Mongolia “It’s not so much about of sport, they thought of basketball.
AFC Challenge Cup qualifying match, the quality of the match or
which the Filipinos won, 2-0, Wednesday how important the match And recently, the Philippine team,
night before an electric banner crowd. is internationally. It’s more the Azkals, who have won quite a few
of the Philippines really matches, suddenly made people root-
Kate Mcgeown, the BBC’s Manila cor- engaging with football in ing for the team… buying t-shirts, scarf,
respondent, said the coverage wasn’t the way they never hap- painting themselves (face painting-
really for the match itself since it was pened before,” she added. Philippine flag). And they’re coming
just a qualifier but it was for the hype here in the stadium for the match, the
and the passion the Filipinos now have A 10-year veteran of BBC, Mcgeown will first international match for a long time
for football, which she said can be cred- be coming out with a short radio piece if you really don’t count the Southeast
ited to the impressive victories of the on the match over the weekend and a Asian Games.”
Philippine Azkals. longer feature story on TV in the coming
“I’m here because it’s really interesting (Story courtesy of Manila Bulletin’s Francis
that football is taking off in this country. Describing what she witnessed inside Santiago, POSTED ON Feb 11th, 2011 un-
If you think of the Philippines, you think the stadium, Mcgeown said she was der Sporting Gold, special thanks to www.
about basketball not football,” Mcgeown awestruck.

18 FEBRUARY 2011 Urban Lifestyle

Azkals stir up love for
football in the country
The Philippine Azkals historical He also urged the Azkals to go for more in the Filipino physique and temperament,” said he said. “I will try to visit the president of
feat in the AFF Suzuki Cup and its 2-nil vic- pursuit of football glory. Pangilinan, whose company Smart, through Coca-Cola, who is very interested in sup-
tory over the Mongolia Blue Wolves has set the MVP sports foundation, recently porting the youth through football. With
off a Philippine football renaissance. “I, along with the rest of the pledged Phl football P80 million for a 10-
what is happening in football, it will not
Filipino people, congratu- year partnership.
The recent victories of the Azkals and the late the Philippine Azkals be hard to get the support of the private
20,000 roaring fans who filled up the Pa- for winning the first leg of “We could excel in it, with proper planning, sector.”
naad Stadium in Bacolod City to watch the their pre-qualifier match training and support from all sectors,
Azkals Mongolia match have stirred up the versus Mongolia, 2-0,” including the media,” he added. Philippine Olympic Committee president
love for football among Filipinos, and has he said. “I am grateful to Jose “Peping” Cojuangco Jr., for his part,
brought pride and honor to the country. you for bringing pride and Philippine Sports Commission chairman Richie
stressed they will push for the participa-
honor to Filipinos the world Garcia said they would support not just the
Football fever was not only in the stadium, over.” national team but the grassroots develop- tion of football in the 26th Southeast
as football fans also trooped to sports bars ment as well. Asian Games slated Nov. 11-25 in Jakarta,
to watch the game. He added: “Your two goals showcased both Indonesia.
Some couldn’t help but feel patriotic, Filipino creativity and the hard work you “The PSC will surely support the program of
waving Philippine flags while cheering on put in to master your sport. You brought football development in the country, we The Philippines opted not to field a team
the Azkals. our people together and reminded us once will try to have more venues that can host in the last two stagings of the biennial
again that, united, we can reclaim our na- events like Bacolod,” said Garcia.
“This is a boost for Philippine football. You tion’s glory.” Garcia said the revival of youth leagues meet in Thailand in 2007 and Laos in 2009,
are an inspiration to us football players. Go like the BOFA with the help of the private but Cojuangco believes if the Philippines
Philippines!” said one Filipino fan. “We look forward to cheering you on sector and the re-modelling of strategic participates in the Jakarta SEA Games, we
toward more triumphs,” Aquino said. football fields like the Panaad pitch and could finally win a medal.
President Benigno Aquino III could not also Rizal Memorial oval are among the programs
hide his happiness over the Azkals’ feat, Meanwhile, the country’s top sports of- and projects the government’s sports fund- Men’s football team has never won a medal
considering the odds that the Philippine ficials and patrons extolled the Azkals feat, ing agency are helping to put up.
since the birth of the SEAG -then called the
team has had with football, which is not saying the rebirth of the sport is within
among the country’s favorite sports. sight even as they stressed the need of the “The Philippines-Mongolia game was an SEA Peninsular Games - in 1959 in Bangkok,
private sector to help in the development eye-opener for us that we need a bigger, Thailand. Its only medal came in women’s
“They demonstrated hard work. Football of the sport. better stadium that can accommodate some football when it snatched a bronze in the
does not have that big a pool of players 20,000 to 30,000 fans and meet inter- early 80s.
but they still managed to really - how Sports patron Manny Pangilinan said it’s national standards because there were so
shall I put it? - they inspired so many of about time the country enjoys a football many people outside who were not allowed
The highest finish by any RP men’s football
our countrymen,” he said. “And I think the renaissance. to watch because the venue was already
inspiration was reciprocated by everybody jampacked,” he said. team in the SEAG was fourth when the
who watched both live and on TV.” “We should encourage the development of “We should also revive BOFA or the go- country hosted the event exactly two
football, it is truly a global sport and it fits for-gold football leagues for the youth,” decades ago.

His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III
President of the Philippines
On the Philippine Azkals’ victory during the first leg of their 2012 Asian
Football Confederation Challenge Cup prequalifying match vs. Mongolia on February 9, 2011

[Released on February 9, 2011]

I, along with the rest of the Filipino people, congratulate the Philippine Azkals for winning the first leg of their
prequalifier match versus Mongolia 2-0 in the 2012 AFC Challenge Cup this Wednesday night. I am grateful to
you for bringing pride and honor to Filipinos the world over.

Your two goals showcased both Filipino creativity and the hard work you put in to master your sport. You brought our
people together, and reminded us once again that, united, we can reclaim our nation’s glory.
We look forward to cheering you on toward more triumphs.

Urban Lifestyle FEBRUARY 2011 19

Urban Lifestyle December 2010 13
Suite 601 Tytana Plaza
The Pioneer on Beauty Business
ULM 611 Victoria Binondo, Manila
Tel. Nos. 243-1617 242-5176 242-5165
Cell No: 0922-8145984



sa pangunguna ni Lion Flor de la “Pain Management”, Dr. Samuel Duran
Rosa, Region 3 Chairperson sa tulong para sa “T.B. Prevention and Manage-
Gearing Up with the new LG Optimus 3D ng iba’t ibang grupo na bumubuo ng ment” at Soya Milk Making ni Dr. Harris
B3K tulad ng Remnant Health Care E. Acero.
Phone & Optimus Pad Tablet Computer Center, Breast Cancer Association of
Manila Inc., QDynamics Inc., Bioen- Nakasama din sina Ms. Ederlinda
Make no mistake - 3D glasses are required
zyme, Aeon Therapy, Magical Austrial, Presidente ng B3k at Breast
technology has hit the to see the 3D effects, The
mobile phone world. as the 4.3 inch screen
Placenta, Heavens Salon, Ozone Cancer Association of Manila Inc., na
LG Optimus
LG presented the is based on so-called Dynamics, Calcium Cee at B3K nagbigay ng libreng consultation para sa
Optimus 3D phone and ‘autostereoscopic’ Hilot. breast cancer, Dr. Elvira Galang, Profes-
R OptimusAct
tabletito ang batas
the Mobile
also features
tungkolThe phone
dumalo ang
nagkaroon ng
sor ng Technological University of the
Philippines, Gov. Edilberto Aquino ng
sa larangan ng Natural at Alternatibong
World Congress in 3D user interfaces for
kaalaman 2.3 Gingerbread
tungkol sa iba’t in the
ibang Anotherkung
pamamaraan worldLions
first Club Phil.
3D glasses
Na nagbigayto getng theinspira-
panggagamot dito sa Pilipinas. Ito’y
Barcelona. the main apps. paano mapapangalagaan
not too distantangfuture,
ating is the Optimustional
kalusugan. Pad, talk, sina
full Mr.
at -Mrs.
a bit Ong
of a Tan ng
dinaraos at ginugunita ng mga aktibong
according to LG. No of- with 3D cameras Lionsand wrinkle.
Club Phil. at marami pa.
The Optimus at NGOs tuwing Run
3D phone sasapit
on aang
1 gigahertz ficial release date has screen in the same
buwan Nagkaroon din ng coverage si Ms. Pier Pastor para
Thisng Nobyembre.
is the world’s first dual core processor
sa Salamatbeen Dok,announced,
ABS CBN but ng vein
the phone. The ayThe
Ang B3K nabuoprocessor is the nina
sa pangunguna
full 3D phone. The An- from Texas Instru- the phone is expected 8.9 inch screen will Nvidia Tegra 2, run-
Itong nakaraang ika 27 ng Nobyembre, seminars na ibinigay ng iba’t ibang iksperto sa Dr. Maryjean E. Acero, Ms. Ederlinda
droid- run smartphone ments, the phone has to become available give the viewer ‘con- ning on Android 3.0
nagdiwang ang B3K larangan ng natural na panggagamot. Kasama sa Austrial, Dr. Elvira Galang na mga
has 3D screen, and (Balik8 gigabytes
Kalikasan,of memory. some time in the sec- sole-quality’ gaming, all Honeycomb, Android’s
two Kalusugan
5 megapixelpara The devicengrunsselebrasyon
cam-sa Kaunlaran) on An- ondsi quarter
Dra. Maryjean
of 2011. Ebuenga
the wayAcero, kapwa breastdedicated
to widescreen cancer survivor, kasama rin
tablet soft-
eras so 2nd
take kasabay
droid 2.2 ang
Froyo atfounder
the at Chairman ng B3K at Remnant film Institute
viewing, LG sina Dr. Harris
says. wareE. Acero,The
offering. Ms.Pad Pacita
your ownng Alternative
3D picturesMedicine sa thisofwill
moment, Alternative
The Medicine
Optimus Padna tumalakay
tab- Thesatablet
Health will Hemogeno,
however Delia
will availablePatawaran
this at
and video. Sports
No Complex,
special Quezon Paradigm, let
City. to Android
be upgraded
Rey Salinel para sarequire“Howyoutoto marami
wear pangMarch.
doctor at propesynal na
Increase your Immune System”, Dr. Delia Maceda may layuning ipangalat ang magandang
courtesy of JessicaFurseth
Ito’y inorganisa ng Lions Club Interna- Patawaran para sa “Why Detox and Supplementa- balita tungkol sa natural na panggaga-
20 tional 2011 Urban
District 301-D2
FEBRUARY Lifestyle
Manila, Philippines tion is a Must?”, Dr. Emmanuel Mancao para sa mot.
Urban Lifestyle December 2010 8

Vege Fruit Juice GOOD FOR:

Enzyme Theraphy
Kitchen Medicine Blood Cleansing

Commit to the LORD whatever you

Ingredients: Diabetic
2 Pieces Ripe Saba Constipation

do, and he will establish your plans.

5 Pieces Talbos Kamote Colon Cancer
5 Pieces Talbos Dahon Sili
5 Pieces Talbos Saluyot Liver Cleanse
5 Tangkay Malunggay Weak Lungs
Kidney Cleanse
Proverbs 16:3 (NIV)
Mix all the ingredients and Blend in 4 glasses or water.
1 Glass every 2 hrs for 2 weeks. Etc....
Urban Lifestyle FEBRUARY 2011 21


February 11- February 13 | Omni Aviation Complex, February 19- February 20 | Iloilo City
Clark Field, Pampanga

The Philippine International Hot-Air Balloon Fiesta is the highlight Now on its 39th year, the Iloilo Paraw Regatta is the oldest
of Philippine fiestas and aviation. Every year thousands of people traditional craft event in Asia, and the largest sailing event in
from across the globe unite to experience this one festival that the Philippines. The Iloilo Paraw Regatta Foundation currently
happens to be one of the biggest aviation festivals in Asia where organizes the activities, with leading support from the Iloilo City
you can see dozens of different air attractions. Well you have a and Provincial Governments and the Department of Tourism,
chance this coming year and see the grandeur of the festival with along with private sector donations.
your own eyes, try to make it; you won’t be disappointed.


COMING (photo courtesy of FURNISHING EXHIBITION (photo courtesy of ce-
February 18- February 19 | PMA, Baguio City
February 20- February 28 | Cebu

22 FEBRUARY 2011 Urban Lifestyle

Strawberries - Baguio City. Baguio has a year
round strawberry harvest - however the peak sea-
son with best quality and highest quantity supply
at low prices started now a few weeks into dry
season. For industrial food processing or just for
personal joy - Baguio’s strawberries are among
the finest and most delicious on the globe.

juice up your
Bong Casten

Urban Lifestyle FEBRUARY 2011


Camp John Hay, once a military recrea-

tional camp of the Americans during World
War II is now a popular tourist destination
for people who wish to see the pine forests
The Panagbenga Festival 2011 in Baguio City. It also boasts of a sprawling
country club with a full 18-hole golf course

theme is : “The Environment and as well as many trendy restaurants and a

rather nice hotel called The Manor.

Community in Harmony.” Itogon Wood Carver’s Village - fills three

kilometers of independent indigenous wood
Baguio City is the summer capital of the Places of Interest: carvers. The works of these carvers range
Philippines. Located in northern Luzon, Baguio City Cathedral is a majestic church from very small figurines to huge statues.
Baguio City was established by the Ameri- built on top of a hill, and is seen from many
cans in 1909, It is sited about 1,500 meters parts of the city. On the right side of the The Orchidarium is a showcase for the
above sea level, high in the Cordillera cathedral is Session Road. It is the main ave- various breeds of flowers and plants that
mountain range giving the city an almost nue of the city and is its commercial center. are grown in the region.
temperate climate. Along the main street and side streets are
numerous shops, restaurants, and billiard The Mansion House - the official summer
Baguio is a favorite vacation destination of and duckpin bowling alleys. Session Road is residence of the President of the Philip-
Filipinos & foreign tourist specially dur- also the place visited by foreign tourists who pines. One can leisurely stroll around its
ing summer because of its year-round cool wish to enjoy the city’s nightlife. manicured lawns.
climate. It is also known as an educational
center with its 4 universities and several Mines View Park, located at the extreme Baguio Botanical Garden - also known as
colleges and institutes in Baguio City’s 49 northeast of Baguio City boasts a spectacu- the Igorot Village contains many Igorot
square kilometer area. lar view of Benguet’s gold and copper mines. houses amidst various flora and fauna
that grows in the cool climate of the city.
The centrepiece of Baguio City is the Tourists can usually take pictures with the
Burnham Park which features a rectangular Igorot tribesmen dressed in their tradi-
lagoon and open fields. The eastern part of tional costume.
the city is dominated by high-class resi-
dential areas surrounding the Camp John Mary Knoll Ecological Sanctuary is
Hay, a former American military recreation a haven for free minds and bodies. The
zone now turned into a tourist residential- Eco-tour refreshes the eyes with nature’s
commercial area. feast of flowers. The gallery inspires one’s

24 FEBRUARY 2011 Urban Lifestyle

You can get to
Baguio City:
By Land - The three main access roads lead-
ing to Baguio from the lowlands are Kennon
creativity. February 13, 2011 – Pre-Valentine
Road, Marcos Highway, and Naguilian High-
Event & Fluvial Float Parade
way. Kennon Road road is the fastest route
to Baguio but is the most dangerous with
February 26, 2011 – frequent landslides during the rainy season.
Grand Panagbenga Street Parade Marcos Highway and Naguilian Highway are
The Panagbenga Festival 2011 theme is more roundabout routes but are much safer
: “The Environment and Com- February 27, 2011 – than Kennon Road and are the only routes
munity in Harmony.” The festival Grand Float Parade permitted to buses and trucks. Major Bus
was recognized as one of the countries lines from Manila go straight to Baguio City
most celebrated festival with hundreds February 28 – March 6, 2011 – all hours of the day.
of street dancers performing in the main
Session Road in Bloom
thoroughfares of Baguio City. One of the Buses to Baguio from Manila and buses
most awaited event is the Flower Float from Baguio to Manila have a bus station a
March 2, 2011 – short distance from Session Road. Baguio
Festival in which several tons of fresh
Pony Boys Day bus choices are non-aircon, air conditioned,
flowers were used to decorate the float
and deluxe which has wider seats, a snack
representing various organizations.
March 3, 2011 – bar and a washroom (no more stop overs =
Central North Luzon Tourism Fair shorter travel time). A bus from Baguio to
Here’s the Baguio Flower Festival
Manila would range from P380 to P 460.
schedule of activities for 2011: Buses going north from Baguio are located
March 6, 2011 –
along Magsaysay Avenue or near the Baguio
Grand Closing Ceremony & Grand Fire-
November 16, 2010 – market. These buses are in fairly good con-
Launch of Panagbenga 2011 works Display (Flowers in the Sky)
dition but do not have washrooms, aircon,
movies or anything luxurious. But they are
February 1, 2011 – Grand Opening The Flower Festival 2011 highlight will be cheap.
Parade on February 26, 2010 and tourists will
visit the Philippines Summer Capital for the Buses that ply Manila-Baguio City route:
February 1 – Mar 6, 2011 – the Grand Street Parade. The Grand Panag-
Market Encounter benga Street Parade will be showcasing the Dagupan Bus Lines:
native Ibalois Dancers which is normally New York St., Cubao, Q.C.
Tel # 929-6123, 727-2330
February 12, 2011– Let A Thousand participated by the young and old dancing
Flowers Bloom through Baguio’s main thoroughfares.
Partas Transport:
Aurora Blvd, Cubao, Q.C.
Tel # 724-9820, 725-7303

Victory Liner:
Edsa, Pasay Tel # 833-5019 &
Cubao, Q.C. Tel # 727-4688

Urban Lifestyle FEBRUARY 2011 25


Hitman” Hatton In the second round Donaire, one

with eerie resem- of the smartest fighters in the ring,
blances to what dropped his left hand in order to
happened that invite Montiel to throw a right hand
night. which he did enabling Donaire to
nail the Mexican with a cracking
Just like Hatton counter left hook that lifted him off
who was seper- his feet and sent him crashing to
ated from his the canvas flat on his back.
senses with a
devastating left It was the same deadly punch that
hook that saw his ended the cocky Vic Darchinyan’s
legs quivering, reign as IBF/IBO flyweight champion
Donaire nailed on July 7, 2007 in the “Knockout
Montiel with a of the Year” as well as the hopes
similarly awe- of former bantamweight cham-
some left that pion Wladimir Sidorenko who was
sent the Mexican dropped three times in four rounds
veteran crashing to the canvas with and was knocked out by Donaire in
both legs quivering uncontrollably. his last fight on December 4, 2010.

DONAIRE Montiel, demonstrating the typi- As Donaire rushed to hi corner

with a wide grin on his face it was
cal courage of a Mexican warrior

WINS WORLD somehow rose to his feet and

staggered around as referee Russel
Mora asked him whether he wanted
clear that Montiel wouldn’t last but
even as he tried gamely to continue
Donaire pounced on his wounded

BANTAM- to continue as he gave Montiel a

mandatory eight count. Donaire im-
mediately pounced on the hapless
prey and put him out of his misery.

In many respects Donaire’s per-

WEIGHT Montiel who was in no condition to

continue forcing Mora to call a halt.
formance was typical of Pacquiao
in whose footsteps he wishes to

TITLE WITH Pacquiao and his wife Jinkee who

took a private jet to Las Vegas from
Los Angeles to watch the fight were
The noisy Mexicans
who were hoping that
a little too late to savor the stun-
ning performance of Donaire as the Montiel would help
fight ended just as Pacquiao and his restore some pride

ING KO among his country-

wife arrived at the entrance.

After the fight Donaire went to men who have been

Montiel who congratulated him be- the continuing victims
By Ronnie Nathanielsz fore being whisked away to hospital of Pacquiao who is
for a complete checkup.
LAS VEGAS - FEBRUARY 19 - Nonito regarded as the “Mexi-
“The Filipino Flash” Donaire won Hours before the fight and even in cutioner” were stunned
the WBC/WBO world bantamweight
titles with a breathtaking second
his dressing room a supremely con- into deathly silence as
fident Donaire predicted he would
round knockout of Mexican cham- win by a knockout in two rounds
another Filipino showed
pion Fernando “KO-Chulito” Montiel but the manner in which he did it up to carry out as com-
before a wildly cheering crowd of was simply awesome. plete an execution as
some 5,000 fans at the Mandalay
Bay Resort Hotel and Casino Events one would ever witness.
Both fighters sized each other up in
Center tonight. the opening round which Donaire
A large group of Filipinos many
won because of his effective left jab
The heir-apparent to pound-for- wearing their Donaire jackets
which stung Montiel while one right
pound king Manny Pacquiao virtu- jumped up and roared with delight
hand saw the champion stop dead
ally duplicated Pacquiao’s second as the Mexican fans who had booed
in his tracks and take notice.
round annihilation of Ricky “The Donaire as he entered the ring

26 FEBRUARY 2011 Urban Lifestyle

could only marvel at his performance with both Mexican
legends Marco Antonio Barrera and Jesus Chavez Sr who did
the TV coverage beamed to Mexico saying it was an amazing

In a post fight interview Donaire told this reporter and Dyan

Castillejo who covered the fight for ABS-CBN “I feel that
nobody can beat us now because I believe in myself. I thank
God for this victory and all the Filipinos who supported me.”

Donaire said he studied Montiel’s movements in the early

stages of the second round and figured out what Montiel
would do and where he would go and that “when I caught
him he would be knocked out.”

Asked who he would like to face next the ecstatic newly

crowned champion said he is “prepared to fight anybody”
including WBO super bantamweight champion Wilfredo
Vazquez Jr who earlier told the Inquirer he would be “hon-
ored to fight Donaire” to which Donaire responded “then I’ll
be honored as well.”

Donaire’s soft-spoken trainer Robert Garcia said he didn’t

expect the fight to end so soon because he “knew the kind
of fighter that Montiel is. I expected a tough fight but the
skills that Nonito has. Everybody said Sidorenko was so easy
because he made it look easy. Now what do they have to say?
He took him out in the second round. This guy is unbeliev-
able.” (story courtesy of PhilBoxing .com)

Lady Gaga invites young

Pinay singer for duet
By Shiela Reyes, Posted at 02/20/2011 12:42 AM

MANILA, Philippines Ten-year-old Filipina singer

Maria Aragon from Winnipeg, Canada might just
share the stage with international singer Lady
Gaga in the latter’s concert in Toronto in March.

This was after Aragon spoke to Lady Gaga on

Friday (Saturday in Manila) over the phone. The
conversation was aired live over Winnipeg’s local
FM station Hot 103.
Urban Lifestyle December 2010 9

Ground Floor Terra Firma Mansion, #2927 Nagtahan Road, San Miguel,
ULM Manila (Beside De Ocampo Hospital)
Clinic Hours: Monday to Saturday 9am - 3pm Tel.: 715-9769 / 0917-5148811
Email: /

fountain of youth... Just within your reach.

Detox Treatment (Ion Purifier) Noselift (Open Close tech., Set Eye) Chin / Body Arm / Legs)
Chelation Theraphy Cartiloage/Goretex Rhinoplasty) Tummytuck (Avelar tech) Cyst & Warts Removal
Sclerotheraoy (Varicose Vain) Face, Neck Lift Rejuvenation Dermabrasion (Face) Dimple Creation
Anti-Oxidant Regimen Bustlift / Breast Augmentation RF / Laser Liposculp Chin Implant
Botox /Fillers Implant Virginity Restoration Lip Augmentation & Reduction
Growth Hormone Treatment Nipple / Areola Reduction (Aesthetic Vaginal Repair) Mesotherapy
(Filler /Fat) Blepharoplasty (Eyebag / Deep Liposuction (Tumescent / Hair Transplantation (Eyebrow & Head)

Robinsons Land Corporation Robinsons Land

Share your Jokes text it to 09205416719
ited to “stock rights offering,

Laugh Line
Corporation , one of the public offering or such other

Continue to Expand as theyPls.

Sellinclude your name and location
Philippines’ leading real type of transaction without
estate companies wants to the necessity of obtaining

No Green Jokes ha!! conduct a stock rights offer- further approval from the

several Shares ing this year, the property

giant told the local bourse
stockholders,” the company
LUCKY ME Lasing o hindi? on Wednesday.
Pamilya sa harap ng hapag kainan MRS : Bakit ngayon ka lang? The approval of the proposal
kumakain ng LUCKY ME MR : Pasensha na, nagyaya mga office- The recent news was came was sealed on November
Berto: Ma, Pa, buntis… mates ko, nagkainuman lang. Hehe! Hik, from the mouth of the 2010, in line with the Rob-
(nanay at tatay napahinto) MRS: Lasing ka no? company’s announcement inson’s plan to almost triple
buntis po ako…di po ako MR: Ako, lashing? Hindi! Hik late 2010 that it would turns its authorized capital stock
MRS: Anong hindi?! La ka namang into triple of its authorized to P8.3 billion this year
trabaho, pano ka nagka-officemates? capital. from its current value of P3
Ma, mahirap po bang magbuntis?
Mama: oo anak, pero mas mahirap
“The board of directors
maging isang ina sa isang Katulong
is hereby authorized to Those shares in RLC prop-
ambisyosang bakla!!! DONYA: bilang bagong katulong, erty developer, whose profits
determine the final terms
imumo taka anang yahong tandaan mo na ang almusal dito ay surged by almost a quarter
and conditions and imple-
Bayota ka! kaon diha! alasais empunto. ment any transaction in to P1.016 billion in the Q1
KATULONG: walang problema donya. connection with the increase of its fiscal year and will ap-
KAPE 2 kung tulog pa ako sa mga oras na yun, of shares of the corporation,” parently finished on that of
GMA: ano ba hinahanap mo jan mauna na kayong mag almusal Robinsons Land said in a September.
sa 3 in 1 na cofee mo at kanina disclosure.
kapa silip ng silip jan? Higher authorized capital
ERAP: hinahanap ko libreng asukal! Robinsons Land Corpora- will give Robinsons Land
tion Sell several Shares Corp. the flexibility for
may nakasulat kasi na
future expansion of its
The proposed stock share company.
GMA: bobo!, BANDA yon!
sale includes, but is not lim-

28 FEBRUARY 2011 Urban Lifestyle


promises a
faster version
of Fiesta
Philippines - The new Ford
Sport+ limited edition may not
have the street cred that an sport
customer likes, the American
car manufacturer reveals an new Duratec TI-VCT four-cylinder skirts, a larger rear spoiler and is matched with Performance Blue
enhanced 1.6-liter gasoline motor engine formerly known as Zetec- a rear bumper with integrated GT stripes on the roof and bonnet
now producing 100 kilowatts and SE will get the car from 0-100km/h diffuser. as well as dynamic side stripes.
160 nanometer. 1.2-seconds quicker than the typi-
cal older version of Fiesta such as The new Ford Fiesta Sport 1.6 L The 2011 Ford Fiesta Sport 1.6 L
The new Ford Fiesta is buoyant 1.6, in 8.7 seconds to be absolute. Duratec TiVCT Petrol Engine Duratec TiVCT Petrol Engine is
compare to the older version of comes with two outstanding exte- currently only available in Ger-
the said car and that the latter ST The new three-door Fiesta Sport+ rior colors schemes are up for grab, many, UK, Austria, Switzerland
model exclusive rendered 110kW hatchback pack with a complete those two designed to reinforce the and Belgium and will be available
and this newer edition must not full dashing body sports kit, it car’s sporty attitude. The exclusive in the Philippines later after the
be such an awful deal after all. comes with a classy unique de- “Performance Blue” Fiesta model release in the said countries.
signed front bumper with flared is polished with eye-catching white Philippines promises a faster ver-
According to Ford, the tuned lower valence panel, sporty side stripes while the “Frozen White” sion of Fiesta.

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Urban Lifestyle FEBRUARY 2011
Urban Lifestyle December 2010 3

“Nature Science Biotechnology & Nano-

Technology Breakthrough” Bio-Safe Center
Made Of Volcanic Lava with 76 Natural Minerals For Complementary Medicine Inc.
Fused & Molecularly Bonded Together by
Nano-Technology Producing Natural Scalar Energy
65 Linaw St.
Brgy. Siena
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Fashion & Beauty

By Larry “MJ” Aparice

“Wonders of Coconut for a Dear Publisher & Editor,

A friend of mine gave me a copy of your Urban Lifestyle

Healthy Beautiful Hair” Colored and Frizzy?

Magazine. I find it very informative in all aspects especially
tips on healthy living. I really enjoyed reading your magazine
and found your Kitchen Medicine very effective.
Weak and Damaged?
Coconut oil is considered as one of the most coconut oil are treating damaged
More Powerhairtoand
Urban Lifestyle Magazine! God bless!
Dull and Lifeless?
effective solution for different hair problems dandruff. IDA MARIE F. fr. Pasig City
such as damaged hairCoarse anddrying,
due to blow Unmanageable?
bleaching, coloring and too much exposure Use coconut oil and experience a healthy
under the sun thatNO makesPROBLEM.
the hair dry and beautiful hair. Dear Editor:
brittle. Complex
However, Smoothing
Virgin Coconut Oil is the Theraphy
by form
of coconutisoilgentle
which isenough
obtained toCoconut
use onHot Oil Treatment I got a copy of your FREE magazine last month and even
my friends, neighbors, and In-Laws enjoyed reading your
from fresh coconut instead of copra.
all types of hair. magazine. Your magazine is very informative. I personally
a. Boil a bowl of fresh coconut milk
tried the for 2-3
“Mayonnaise for your Hair” , amasing!!! Great tips
According to studies, it is rich in antioxidant minutes and let it stand forinhalf an hour.
times like this!

that neutralizes the harmful effects of free
radicals. It also has a strong anti-fungal and b. Then gently apply it throughout thesalamat
scalp po.
Howard Tower
anti-bacterial Condominium,
property Rizal
that helps fight skin Ave.
using Ext.,
a cotton and massage for 3-5
Grace A. minutes.
fr. Lucena
infections. Aside6th
fromAvenue, Caloocan
being economical it is City
also considered call
andnow 774.0655
effective in using c. Cover it with hair cap andYou soak
may itsend your letter, note, inquiries and feedback to:
for 30
for hot oil treatment. Other benefits of minutes then rinse properly. or
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FEBRUARY 2011 Urban Lifestyle