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Contest Support

See Sent / Exchange below for auto-incrementing serial numbers: 001, 002, 003...

Double-Click / Context Menu

When you double-click in the receive window (where the decoded text is displayed) the context menu is
shown, this is a quick way of loading text into the Add window. If you press Shift while double-clicking
then the highlighted text is put straight into the Callsign field of the Add window.

Field Length
The field lengths are shown in the Logfile window when the program starts, these values are actually read
from the logbook database file. The field lengths at the time of writing are:

Station ......: 32
Name .........: 128
QTH ..........: 255
Locator ......: 6
Frequency ....: 32
Sent .........: 32
Recv .........: 32
Remark .......: no limit


Start and End Times

The times are usually shown using UTC, use the Appearance pane to select either UTC or Local time. The
time is always stored in the logbook using UTC.

The start time for the QSO. If you check [_] Now the start time is updated with the current time. In
the Program Options / Logbook pane optionally select:
•Update when adding callsign - the time is updated when you add a new value in the Callsign
field if previously empty,
•Update when adding logbook entry.

The end time of the QSO. If you check [_] Now the the start time is updated with the current time.
In the Program Options / Logbook pane optionally select:
•Update when adding logbook entry.

The station contacted. When you enter the callsign the Country is updated automatically. This field is

The operator's name, free-format text.

The operator's location, free-format text.

The Maidenhead locator, usually 6 characters, for example JN46pt.

Updated automatically when you enter a callsign, the list shown corresponds to the latest DXCC list of

The current frequency, updated automatically from the Radio pane.

The current band, determined from the frequency.

The current mode - the list contains the ADIF modes which are used for logbook import / export, awards,
Sent has two fields: Report (example - 599) and Exchange (for contests).

The standard, select from the dropdown or entered via the keyboard.

To enable auto-incremented values in the Exchange field enclose the numeric value to be
incremented inside square brackets. For example, if you enter [001] then the value added to the
logbook and inserted in macros is 001 and this value is incremented to 002 when you press Add.
The square brackets [] are ignored.

A free-format text field.

My Station
These fields descibe the station you are using. As you may have many different staion configurations -
radios, antennas, amplifiers etc. you can define up to 10 sets of information (profiles). The definitions are
stored in your Local Storage Folder (open the Program Options / Storage pane) using XML.

When you add an entry to the logbook the currently displayed values are also added.