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Pick Pocketing: The Art of the Lift A man takes his wallet out and pays for a ne

wspaper. He puts his wallet back and turns to leave when someone brushes past hi
m muttering "Excuse me". its a crowded place so the man thinks nothing of it...a
t least until he's about to get into his car and notices his wallet is missing.
He looks back to where he had been bumped, but the man is long gone. A woman sta
nds on an escalator, watching the crowded mall below. Behind her on the next ste
p is a young girl wearing a walkman. The music is up loud enough for the woman t
o hear it, and the girl is moving to the beat, occasionally bumping up against h
er. The woman ignores this, thinking about kids these days and doesn't notice th
e girl's jacket is partially draped over her purse. The woman gets off the escal
ator thinking that the girl will go deaf with such loud music. She never realize
s until she's about to pay for her purchase that her wallet is gone.
The young woman sets her bag down and then proceeds to stretch out on her beach
towel. She notices a man watching her and puts a little wiggle in her movements.
He's kinda cute and maybe he'll ask her out, which would be okay since she's on
vacation and wants to have a little fun. She lies on the towel and begins to su
n tan, but the sun is bright and so she closes her eyes. After a few minutes she
looks up to see if the man is still watching her. But he is gone...and so is, s
he now realizes, her bag.
They can have hands as fast as a snake, or they can cleverly use distraction to
stealthily make their lift, or they can simply wait for someone to leave themsel
ves vulnerable...Who are they? They're pickpockets. Whether its smooth team work
or simple snatch of opportunity it s all about the art of the lift...
Here is your target.
What is a pickpocket? The dictionary merely states that it is a thief who steals
from pockets. While this definition is true, it is a very narrow definition on
a broad subject. A pickpocket isn't just a thief who steals from pockets; a pick
pocket is a master in the art of diversion.
Most guides tell you how to avoid becoming a potential "mark" of a pickpocket, b
ut this one is going to teach you how to pick pockets. Picking pockets is an eas
y, non-violent way to make some extra money. Unlike most crimes there is little
contact with the victim and violence involved at all. Even if suspected, a pickp
ocket can clam ignorance and just say they bumped into the person. A busy crowd,
a distracted woman with an open purse and a fat wallet, and then there is some
money for you to spend on yourself. Its quick and easy, plus if done properly yo
u are long gone before they ever know their wallet is now safely in your pocket.
Don't feel guilty though, you are teaching them a valuable lesson, and that is t
o watch their belongings better. Pickpockets never see faces, only wallets and p
urses. Mothers with kids, the elderly and distracted tourists are all potential
targets, or "marks". This isn't personal only business.
The one thing you must have to be a pickpocket is patience. You may have to wait
to find the right "mark", or until they leave themselves vulnerable. You don't
want to blow your hand or risk getting caught by jumping the gun. But it is wort
h it, a pickpocket can make more in a day that a stick up man can in a year.
The Mark:
To start this guide we are going to start from the beginning, and that is with t
he person at the receiving end of your probing hands; the person's wallet you ar
e about to take.
What is the "mark"? The mark is how you make your money! The "mark" is pickpocke
t slang for the target of a pickpocket. No pocket or purse can ever be 100% pick
pocket proof, but some are harder than others. You should always go for the easy
targets first. Trust me, there are plenty out there. Men with baggie pants or b
ig pockets, or women with their purses open to the world.
Women make better marks than men do, seeing how their wallets aren't in contract
with their bodies. Also, they don't always have their purses with them (in shop
ping carts, strollers, the back of chairs, in cars, on counters, etc.). A lot of
the tips in this guide are intended for our "Moll Buzzers" in training. A "Moll
Buzzer" is a pickpocket, who only targets women, but don't get me wrong men mak
e just as good marks as women, so there are plenty of tips here to help you reli
eve an absent minded man of his wallet also. The best mark is a person alone and
distracted by other things, and it usually takes less than a minute to relieve
them of their valuables.
But wallets aren't the only thing you can take from the mark; you can also take
money from their pockets or jewelry from the bodies. Some people will cram their
cash in their pockets, making it easy to remove it. Jewelry taking is a little
harder, but with time the mark's jewels are now your jewels.
Anyone can be a potential mark, after all it only takes a moment to distract som
eone from their valuables, but some people just leave themselves open for some e
nterprising soul to relieve them of their wallets. You've seen this person befor
e, the man whose wallet it sticking out of his pocket or the woman who leaves he
r purse completely unattended in a shopping cart while she is looking at somethi
ng else. Sometimes they will pat their pockets to make sure everything is still
there and it will lead you right to it. Just keep your eyes open and the mark wi
ll come to you, and if you watch them carefully the mark will lead you straight
to the prize.
Is she paying more attention to who's on the phone, or her purse?
With her mind on her shopping she won't think about whose hand is in her purse.
Leaving their purse on strollers and in shopping carts make women better marks a
s their wallets are not in contact with their bodies. Easily distracted women ma
ke the best marks.
The Basics
First and most importantly, these are your objectives. The over all goal of bein
g a pickpocket is taking the wallet of another and placing it in your pocket, fo
r uses as you see fit. You are taking someone else's money for your own. A partn
er or a team is best for this sort of thing, but being a "cannon", or solo pickp
ocket is just as easy and plus you get to keep all of the money yourself.
Pickpocketing is a game not only of not only skill and stealth, but of DIVERSION
. You don't need to have fast hands (although it helps) as long as the mark's mi
nd is on something else. For instance in a crowded elevator a woman will be thin
king about many other thing besides who is standing beside or behind her. In a c
rowded place it is normal for strangers to press up against each other, so they
don't even notice something pressing up against their pocket or purse. If the pi
ckpocket is good then the mark never feels a thing.
A simple bump and her wallet is now in your pocket. Most people never think twic
e about it when that person pressed up against them, or bumped into them and tha
t's the key to pickpocketing.
It bears repeating that diversion is the key! The human mind can only concentrat
e on one thing at a time, and its attention is easily diverted. If some one is t
hinking about something else then their minds won't be on their pockets or purse
s...and whose hands are in them.
Keep in mind that the human can be distracted easily. To prove this here is a si
mple test: count to yourself out loud to ten but when you get to 5 think the wor
d "Batman". Could you think and count at the same time? No, it doesn't work like
that. The human minds can only focus one thing at a time, so if you bump into s
omeone they will feel that and not you slipping their wallet out of their pocket
or purse.
The Basics Part Two
Remember to be stealthy and blend in. Try not to act different or suspiciously,
and dress normal. People will be on guard and might remember you if you act oddl
y. Even if it is a simple snatch of opportunity, it is still all about getting t
he goods and vanishing. Never run unless you have to, but walk away briskly. Kee
ping our activities out of sight is vital for pickpockets. Be careful, even if t
he mark feels or sees nothing, someone else might. Be on guard for cameras and o
ther people's eyes, which are easily fooled. Most people aren't paying attention
to anyone other than themselves (which makes a pickpocket's job even easier.)
While you can pick a pocket just about anywhere, the best place to try are as fo
llows; outdoors, restaurants, restrooms, parking lots, parks, libraries, on esca
lators, in elevators, revolving doors, and in movie theaters. Basically anywhere
the mark might be distracted easily.
Restaurants are fertile ground because dinners hand jackets or bags over the bac
k of their seats, or even more rashly dump handbags out of sight on the floor. B
ut if you see an opportunity anywhere go for it. Never hesitate, if you think it s
a golden moment seize it!
Carry a shopping bag, book bag, or (ladies) a purse to hide your stolen goods in
. Simple wallets can be placed in pockets, but if you have to jack the whole pur
se then you don't want to have to carry it around in plain site.
A last bit of advice: should you have to jack the whole purse make sure that if
it has a cell phone in it that it is TURNED OFF! Should the mark have time to re
alize what you've done she could use this as a way to find you if you are still
close. Either ditch the phone or turn it off.
General Tips
Some general tips and schemes can be used on both men and women, and so I decide
d to put them here, instead of under Moll
Buzzer and Bump and Lift. They pretty much employ simple distraction, but hey wh
en the mark's wallet is in your pocket you won't care how it got there.
Here is an example of the most common of pickpocket tricks, the sandwich, also k
nown as the stall. It can be used to set up a bump and lift or, as seen in the p
ic, the dipping of a purse. The set up is basic, and if done right, the results
are simple and easy. This requires, obviously, a team of at least two. If you wa
nt to pull a more elaborate one be my guest, but this only needs a "stall" and a
"lift . You and your partner find a mark and work your way until you have boxed h
im or her in between you. Then wait until the time is right and have the stall s
uddenly stop, forcing the mark to run into them. This is when the lift quickly m
oves up behind them and dips the wallet from either pocket or purse. Timing is c
ritical in this, the lift has to be ready to make his move and "bump" into the m
ark right when the stall suddenly stops. If done right, the mark is sandwiched b
etween the team and doesn't feel the lift. After that its just a simple matter f
or the lift (unless you have a pass off working with you) to vanish into the cro
wd after apologizing.
The Argument
Another oldie but goodie is the staged argument or fight. Have your team start f
ighting, which will cause potential marks to become distracted, making their wal
lets easy pickings. A full crowd could give you some easy marks.
Coin Trick
This is a great and basically simple way to make a lift using the mark's own gre
ed to help set them up. Drop some change on the ground and set back and wait. Th
is scam will work with or with out a partner. When a guy see's the change he'll
either bend over or drop down, and that's the time to strike! When bent down the
jeans will tighten on the hips-remember the mind can only focus on one thing at
a time-and it will also force the tip of the wallet out of the lip of the pocke
t. One quick push with your index finger at the base of the pocket and wallet wi
ll slide right out into your greedy little hands. This also works on women who w
ill heedlessly toss their bags over their backs or even set them down on the gro
und. Any way you look at it its easy game.
Shoulder Surfing
At an ATM machine have a partner either stroll by the mark or watch them type fr
om a distance using binoculars and get their pin number. After that lift the wal
let and now you have both the card and the access number.
Pretend to suddenly spill something, like a drink or food, on someone then hurry
to help them clean it off. Brush them off roughly (but not to roughly) and whil
e you are doing this have your partner use this distraction to make the lift. Or
, time permitting; make the lift yourself from the bewildered mark. Fanny packs
are no big deal if you have enough time. Most of the time they are worn slightly
to the side, which would allow you access to the zipper. Should this no be the
case, but you want the wallet wait until the mark is directly in front of you, t
he quickly reach up and unsnap the latch. They are usually in the back, and if y
ou can grab is fast you can make off into the crowd before she (or he) realizes
what happened.
Team Vs Solo
In this scheme a team of pickpockets work to distract the mark and take her wall
Here we see a lone "cannon" lifting the wallet of an unsuspecting mark. Here is
something that every pickpocket must decide, wither or not to work as a team or
go it solo. Either way works, or each has its own pluses and minuses. You'll hav
e to weigh your options at hand and make your own decisions.
As a team working over the mark is easier, as is removing the goods. But to work
as a team you have to be able to reasonably trust your partner, or partners. If
you can't trust them then the scheme won't work.
A solo pickpocket works alone, and has to lift the mark's wallet by themselves.
A "cannon" can work in secret and vanish leaving no trace behind, but they have
to work to find the right place to make the lift. A solo also has to carry the w
allet away with them, instead of having a partner to pass it off to. A bonus is
that a solo pickpocket doesn't have to share the profits, but having help is alw
ays good too.
This guide has tips for both solo and team pickpocketing, so you're set either w
Purse Snatching
NOTE: I do not in any way shape or form advocate purse snatching (by this I mean
running up from behind and ripping the bag off a woman's shoulder. This is slop
py and dangerous; you might as well be a mugger. Purse snatching doesn't require
any skill and is brutal.) However don't confuse purse snatching with opportunit
y pickpocketing, where you find the bag unattended and take it.
These are examples of unattended purses, which are fair game. This usually occur
s when a woman either leaves her bag somewhere for a moment, giving a thief the
chance to take it. The back of a chair, the passenger seat of a car, the front o
f a shopping cart are all places where this can occur. The taking of an unattend
ed purse is not "purse snatching" but rather opportunity pickpocketing...which b
rings us to...
The Purse
Here I will show how to pluck the wallet from an unsuspecting woman.
There you see her, talking on her cell phone oblivious to the world around her.
Her purse is dangling over her shoulder, still open from where she took out the
phone. What do you do? This is what this part of the guide is all about.
The purse is really a pickpocket's dream come true; the wallet is away from the
mark's body, out of sight, and sometimes not even near the mark at all. A woman'
s wallet offers more to its taker than a man's does, seeing how it can also hold
more cards and checkbooks, and as mentioned earlier is easier to relocate.
The best mark is a woman alone with a dangling purse from her shoulder, preferab
ly with her purse flap open or unzipped. With the bag behind her gently feel for
the snap (if it is still latched) and unfasten it, using your thumb to mask the
click. The bag will drop slightly, but this is okay. Most women won't notice th
is and now the contents are loser in the bag. After that gently, but quickly, sl
ide your hand in and fell for the wallet, which should be easy since they are us
ually made of leather. Grab it with your index and thumb (the picking, or dippin
g, fingers. To strengthen them for a lift try putting a tight rubber band around
them and work opening and closing.) Gently slide the wallet out and if you have
a partner pass it off, o just tuck it in your pocket and walk away.
A zipped purse is no big deal if you take your time and are careful. First gentl
y grasp the zipper with your index and thumb and index finger and gently pull ba
ck as quickly as possible. For this type of lift try and have a coat over your a
rm to mask your hands. Zippers take longer than latches and you don't want to be
seen at work. Practice unzipping things at home until you can get used to doing
it quickly, quietly, and without disturbing the mark. After the bag is open jus
t dip into it and remove the wallet. A backpack purse is the ultimate pickpocket
dream come true. The valuables are completely out of sight and in easy reach of
the person behind them. The only drawback is that they then to be large and it
is harder to find the wallet. Press up against the mark and gently either unsnap
or unzip the purse, then remove the wallet. The backpack is a good mark because
the back has few nerve receptors and so if the bag is touch the mark won't feel
Moll Buzzer Tips
If you're good she'll never know. A simple, yet well known and used method of ta
king a woman's wallet is in the grocery store. The best place to dip the mark is
at the vegetable isle, which is usually near the front of the store. The woman
normally leaves her purse in the buggy while looking for her vegetables. Lift he
r wallet and either leave, or time permitting, buy something with her cards or m
oney before she has a chance to know they've been stolen. "Just going in for a m
It's late and she needs gas. To save time she'll just grab what she owes and run
into the gas station, leaving her purse in the car. "I'll only be a minute," sh
e thinks. This is a pickpocket's dream come true, and a lift that shouldn't be p
assed. True its only opportunistic pickpocketing, but that doesn't matter. Time
permitting you should just grab the wallet and leave the purse, but if you are f
eeling rushed just grab the bag and go. Leaving the purse will give you more to
get away before she realizes her wallet is gone. Always keep an eye out for this
because it happens all the time. This works at post offices, sporting events, d
ay care centers, libraries, and sometimes just on the street when she's "just go
ing in for a minute". Trust me if you keep your eyes open it only takes a minute
If you happen to see a woman get out of her car and go in some where sans purse,
casually stroll over to the car and look in the windows. If you see a covered o
bject on the passenger s side floor, there is your target. Most women keep their p
urses on the passenger s side, and if she's "only going in for a minute" she may c
over it up with a coat or something. Just open the door, grab the purse or walle
t, and beat feet. Don't let the covering up fool you.
"The Shoe Store"
She's buying a new pair of shoes, but first has to try them on. She sits her bag
down and begins to take off her shoes and puts on the other shoes. This is your
time to strike. While she is distracted, either lift the wallet or grab the bag
and make off with it.
Will she be smiling like that after you take her wallet?
"The Rest Room"
Here's a good one for the busy Christmas shopping season. Ladies (or guys with a
female accomplice) you see a lady walk into a rest room alone. Follow quickly a
nd see which stall she is in. When she goes in walk up to the stall and watch he
r feet. This is what you'll see: as she enters her feet face the wall towards th
e toilet. Next her feet turn around and are facing the door. What she has just d
one is enter the stall, turned around, locked the door and placed her purse on t
he hook of the door. You'll see her feet turn around again. She will now spend u
p to 30 seconds or so fixing the seat cover on the toilet. When she turns to fac
e the toilet, reach over the door and take her purse off the hook. You see she'l
l be momentarily distracted while she puts the seat cover on so that it will be
a perfect fit and not fall in (or as a lead up sit all the toilet seats up so sh
e'll have to put it down, giving you more time). While she is doing this, her ba
ck is towards the door and her purse. Now think back to the last time you used t
he toilet in a public rest room. Where was the hook on the door? Right near the
top of the door, making it very convenient for some enterprising soul to relieve
the lady of her wallet. With her purse in your hand, you can do one or two thin
gs. Either quickly pull the wallet out and toss the bag back over the door to he
r stall. She'll hear the noise, turn around and see her purse on the floor. By t
he time she realizes what happened her wallet is gone. The other option for our
nibble fingered thief is to take the entire purse and place it in an empty carry
-on bag or shopping bag that she has with her and quickly walk out and blend int
o the crowd.
Mull Buzzer Part Two
"The Parking Lot"
Check out a local grocery store parking lot and wait until you see a woman go in
alone. Note which car she is in and then, when no one is looking, flatten her t
ire with a nail. Hang around (but not noticeably) until she comes back out and t
hen tell her that he tire is flat. She'll toss her bag into the car and come and
look at it (or just incase wait until she puts he purse in the car). While you
are showing it to her have your partner quickly walk by and take the purse while
she is distracted. Take the wallet and dump the purse in the nearest dumpster a
nd you and your friend have some spending money tonight. Another parking lot sca
m is similar, have your partner approach the woman while she is still loading up
her goods (normally they leave their purses in the shopping carts, usually stil
l open) and ask her for directions. While she is distracted quickly either take
her wallet or purse and make off with it.
Ladies here's a real simple one, most women carry purse; its a given. Most peopl
e don't pay any attention to what purse a woman holding (except us pickpockets)
so find your mark and follow her until she sets her bag down somewhere then calm
ly walk up behind her, or wait until she's gone, and just walk off with it as if
it were your own. Simple opportunistic pickpocketing yes, but it works.
The Bus
Carry a coat over your arm: here is how this one works boys and girls; if the co
at is over your arm then no one can see your hands. This is a good thing as it l
ets you get closer to your mark. Either just drape your arm or cut out one of th
e pockets so that you can slip your hand through. A sample of how this might wor
k is this: A lady gets on a crowded bus and pays the driver with cash. She puts
her wallet back in her purse and moves on to the bus. A man moves forward, looki
ng out the window as if his stop is coming up. He stands by the woman and carele
ssly drapes his coat over her purse as pauses to catch his balance. She doesn't
think much of this and doesn't pay any attention, while he reaches through the c
ut pocket and lifts her wallet. He then gets off the bus with no one the wiser.
The coat trick is a good one if you are in a crowded area and you don't want any
one to see your hands.
"Lunch Hour"
In hospitals and offices many women leave their offices (and purses) unattended
and unlocked while they go to lunch. About noon go into one (if possible try and
watch the place a couple times to find the best marks) and walk around as if yo
u have the right to be there. Most people won't bother to question you about bei
ng there if you don't look suspicious. As soon as you see some women leave their
offices go in quickly and close the door behind you. Most women put their purse
s in their left hand bottom drawer, or in a closet with their coat. Quickly find
the purse and pocket the wallet, then leave. If you are quick you can make of w
ith a couple wallets.
"The Theater"
The group in front of you sits down and begins talking. While they are distracte
d look down while pretending to tie your shoe and see if any of the women put th
eir purses on the floor. This is a common thing in movie theaters because the la
dies don't want to have to hold their bags the whole time. If they have placed i
t on the floor, or under the chair, wait until the movie starts and then reach u
nder her seat and grab the bag. Either take the bag and go, or empty the purse a
nd leave under the seat.
Moll Buzzer Part 3
"In the summer time when the weather is fine you swish right up and take a walle
t so fine..." Alright, corny parodies aside any where there is swimming going on
there will be an opportunity to pick a pocket. Where as men usually leave their
wallets in lockers (I'll cover this more later) women normally take their bags
out with them, so standard rules apply. Wait until they are swimming and either
make off with the whole bag, placing it under your towel or in a bag of your own
, or, if the mark isn't paying much attention, sit down and go through the bag,
(or bags if you are lucky) like you have every right to and pocket the wallet. I
f you have a partner or a team here is a good scam to us to get away with a lot
of purses. Have a friend wait outside the chain link fence (most pools have chai
n link fences) while you, or you and a buddy, wait until everyone is in the pool
. The swimmers and lifeguards will be paying more attention to the water than th
e ground, so you can grab as many bags as you can and toss them to your friend o
n the other side of the fence, then go out the other way or go over the fence yo
urself. Girls a real simple one is the old sit down, grab the bag as if it was y
ours, and then walk out. This can work for men here because some women put their
purses into other bags so they won't be noticeable. What really won't be notice
able is some guy leaving the pool with his bag...which just happens to have some
one's purse in it.
This is one of the better places to snatch a wallet. The mark is right below you
and you can be noticeably pressed against them without being suspected. This is
a good place to work even if you don't have a partner If you do have one then h
ave them drop something and pick it up, bumping into the mark. As soon as this o
ccurs make your move to lift the wallet. This scam is best done at the top or bo
ttom of the stairs, as the mark doesn't have enough time to check their valuable
s before the lift is gone. Another way is to have your partner talk to them, dis
tracting them while you lift reach into her purse. If you are alone just use the
basic techniques of bump and lift or use the motion of the escalators to mask t
he gentle lifting of their wallets.
"Food Court"
You walk into the mall about noon and enter the tightly packed food court. You s
py a group of ladies chatting and eating their lunches. Some of them have their
purses beside or under their chairs, and others have them dangling from the back
of their chairs. You sit down behind one of them and appear to be engrossed in
a magazine or news paper. You then drop one of your hands to your side and reach
backwards her purse without while still looking forward. Lift the wallet and th
en tuck it in your newspaper or magazine, then walk away. While she's perfecting
her trick shot you'll be walking out the door with her purse.
It seems like a no brainer but women who are busy drinking and partying won't be
paying any attention to their wallets. Its crowded and dark, perfect place for
crimes where eyes can't see. Women will heedlessly drape their purses over the b
ack of their chairs or completely leave them to go out dancing on the floor. Sim
ple opportunist can just walk in and take one at their leisure. The ones who do
keep their bags may become drunk, making it an easy score to lift their wallet.
This is ripe time to go for a lift, and here are a few tips to get into their ba
gs. Have a partner approach the mark away from her bag and either ask her to dan
ce or the time. While she is answering either of these questions this is when yo
u either rifle through her bag to get the wallet, or just pick it up and walk of
f as your frontman keeps her distracted. Another helpful trick to relieve a woma
n burdened with to much cash is this. It is a variation of the old "oops, I spil
t something on you" trick. Find a woman alone or at least by herself for the mom
ent, and find a way to innocently spill your drink on her. While you are hastily
trying to help her, have your partner either lift the wallet or take away the p
urse. Fumble around with the mark so that your partner has plenty of time to do
the job and then get away.
The Pocket
Here I will show you how to lift the wallet of an unsuspecting man. A man is sta
nding, reading a newspaper, waiting to cross the street. He is deeply engrossed
in his paper, only occasionally looking at his watch. You've been walking behind
him since he left the newsstand and have noticed that the tip of his wallet is
sticking out of his back pocket. You are now standing behind him, bare inches fr
om his wallet...what do you do? That is what this part of the guide is about.
The basic, mother of all pick pocket tricks is the Bump and lift. This can be do
ne different ways, solo or in a team. There's not really much to say about it, i
t s that simple. Once you learn it, much like riding a bike, you'll never forget.
This is really the only way to take a wallet from a man, short of mugging him, B
ut their is different ways of going about the bump, and I'll give you a few of t
hem here.
First thing's first, never stick your whole hand in someone's back pocket. That'
s sloppy, and you'll probably get caught. The only time that may even be useable
is if the wallet is in his jacket pocket. The way to do the bump and lift is do
ne by either sliding in your dipping fingers, the thumb and index, or by make a
series of tiny pleats in the lining of the pocket at the lip
Solo pick pocketing can be done easy enough on men and women. When it comes to t
he bump and lift solo you have to either wait for the mark to be distracted or f
ind away to momentarily distract them yourself. Timing is crucial to mask the li
ft with the bump; however some marks will be so distracted by other things that
you can lift the wallet without the bump.
Team bump and lift
it works the same way, only you have your partner or partners distract the mark
while you lift the wallet. This is usually done by using the "sandwich" stall, w
hich pins the mark in-between the "bump" and the "lift". Your partner stands in
front of him and stops suddenly, causing the mark to run into him. When that hap
pens you slide up and lift the wallet.
Although no back pocket is ever completely pickpocket proof, some are harder tha
n others. Pockets with zippers, buttons, or Velcro make lifting a wallet more di
fficult. The only plus side to getting these pockets open is that they are usual
ly bigger than jean pockets, making the actual dip much easier. However if you c
ome across a pocket you don't think you can pick, then the tool to use is the ra
zor. Just like with the purse, the razor is the tool to use when all else fails.
Only difference is unlike just slitting the back of the bag open wide, with the
pocket the job is a little slyer. You just want to slit the pocket open and tak
e the wallet, not cut any other part of the pants. What you do is get the razor
between your middle and index finger and with one swift movement slit the bottom
of the pocket. Gravity will do the rest and deliver the wallet right into your
greedy little hands. This will also help with side pockets, which are harder to
get at.
The Bump and Lift
Crowded elevators make a good place to pick a pocket. Stand behind the mark and
wait for the elevator to stop. When it does lean forward and bump and lift the w
allet out of the man's back pocket, using the jerking motion of the elevator and
your bump to mask the lift. Apologize, then quickly, but noticeably, leave the
Another bump and lift trick is to find your mark, preferably with an open back p
ocket, and walk straight towards them in a cramped hallway or area. As you press
against him trying to go the other way, dip your fingers into his back pocket a
nd lift the wallet. The bumping into him as you pass will mask the lift and afte
r that its child's to walk off with the wallet.
In a tightly packed crowd position you and your partner between your mark and th
en press up against him. Use your "bump" to slightly lean to the left which will
force the mark to do so also. Most men carry their wallets in their right back
pocket, and this will open the lip of the pocket slightly. After getting the mar
k into the right position give off another faint signal and have your friend lea
n back slightly into the lip and pulling out the wallet.
Why have a website about picking pockets, you might ask? Well as the old saying
goes it s cleaner than picking noses. Isn't it irresponsible to teach other how to
steal wallets from pockets or purses? No, I am just giving out the information
for others to see and read, what you do with it afterwards is your own business.
I believe that knowledge should be fair as well as shared, and since there are
so many sites out there about avoiding pickpockets I thought it only right for a
site to exist about how to pick pockets. I became interested in picking pockets
after I watched a documentary on the subject on 60 minutes when I as younger. I
t fascinated me to such a degree that I never saw the criminal aspect of it. To
me it was about the art of the lift more than it was stealing and the thought of
being able to looking into a person's life via their wallet was exciting (weird
maybe, but more noble than just being in it for the money). You may ask if all
this stuff is from some other sites, or just backwards prevention tips...the ans
wer is no. I learned this tips and tricks either from others or by doing them my
self, although my type is more of a "moll buzzer" opportunist. I've never been p
art of a team or anything, but I do know some and they've taught me some of thei
r tricks. So please note that this site isn't just a lot of hot air. Another que
stion I'll answer is this; do I ever feel guilty? Nope, I pick marks that leave
themselves completely vulnerable and so I teach them a valuable lesson. I won't
go into detail on my lifts, but needless to say if they'd just been a little mor
e careful I'd have left them alone. As I said earlier, pickpockets only see wall
ets and purse, not faces. So, in closing, I hope you have enjoyed my guide on th
e art of pickpocketing and have found it helpful. I am just putting out the info
rmation and letting you decide what to do with it.

Interese conexe