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Article III Article VI provides Article VII Article VIII provides Article XVII 1. The 1.ww
recognizes the for the establishment of stipulates the for the composition, stipulates that any 1987 w.yah
individual rights of a bicameral legislature, qualifications, powers and functions of amendment to, and Constit-
the Filipino people its composition, and duties and functions the judiciary. The judicial revision of the ution of m and
and guarantees its terms of office, powers of the President and power is vested in one Constitution may be the www.
protection against and functions as the Vice-President. It Supreme Court and in proposed by a three- Republi- google
abuses. Included in legislative branch of expressly states that such lower courts as may fourths vote of all the c of the
the bill of rights the government. Under the executive power be established by law. members of Congress Philippi-
are: due process of this Article, the people is vested in the Composed of the Chief and a constitutional nes
law; equal can also exercise President of the Justice and 14 Associate convention. The people By:
protection of the legislative powers Philippines. The Justices, the Supreme may likewise propose Atty:
laws; protection through a system of President and the Court has administrative amendments through P.B.
against initiative and Vice-President are supervision over all an initiative of at least Calinga-
unreasonable referendum. The elected by direct courts and its personnel. twelve percent of total cion
searches and members of the Senate, vote of the qualified Among the notable registered voters. It
seizures; right to or the Upper house, are voters of the powers of the Supreme further states that any 2. The
privacy of elected at large by the Philippines for a Court are its exercise of amendment or revision 1987
communication and qualified voters of the six-year term. original jurisdiction on is not valid without Philippi-
correspondence; Philippines and are to While the President cases involving ratification by a ne
and the right to free serve for six years with is not qualified for ambassadors, public majority of votes cast Constit-
speech, expression a maximum of two re-election, the ministers and consuls; in a plebiscite. ution
and to peaceably terms. While there are vice-president can review, revise, reverse, 2002
assemble. The two kinds of members serve two (2) modify, or affirm Ed.
specific rights of of the House of consecutive terms. judgments or decisions of By:
the accused is Representatives or the This article lower courts; rule on the Hector
likewise presented, Lower House of stipulates that the constitutionality of laws De Leon
such as; right to Congress, namely, the President is the and treaties; and appoint
bail, right to representatives elected head of state, the officials and employees
criminal due by district and those chief executive of of the judiciary.
process, right to elected through the government, and Furthermore, the
speedy disposition party-list system. The the commander-in- members of the Supreme
of cases, right term of office of the chief of the armed Court and the judges of
against self- members of the lower forces. However, lower courts are
incrimination, non- house is shorter than certain protections appointed by the
imprisonment for the Senate. Each are declared against President from a list of at
non payment of member of the House abuses of executive least three nominees
debt or a poll tax, of Representatives is power such as the prepared by the Judicial
and right against elected for a term of prohibition against and Bar Council (JBC).
double jeopardy. It three years with a practice of any They must be natural-
further prohibits the maximum of three other profession, born citizens of the
enactment of an ex terms. The powers of prohibition against Philippines and must be
post facto law or a Congress include the appointment of at least forty years of age.
bill of attainder. passage of bills, levy spouse and relatives They will hold office
taxes, approve to certain positions hold office during good
appropriation, declare a in government and behavior until the age of
state of war, and limitation on the 70 years or become
confirm presidential declaration of incapacitated to
appointments through martial law or discharge the duties of
the Commission of suspension of the their office. The JBC,
Prepared by: Appointments. privilege of the writ which is created in this
Jalando-on, Mark of habeas corpus to article, is under the
Lester A. a period not supervision of the
BSN III exceeding 60 days. Supreme Court and has
Fernandez the principal function of
nominating appointments
to the judiciary.