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Primele exercilii ale lcqici noi va vor ajuta sa recapitulati vocabularul din domcniul geografiei.

A Completa\i unnatoarele propozitii Cll cuvintele corespunzatoare:

I. earth 2. continents 3. land 4. valley S. mountain
6. region 7. source 8. canal 9. lakes 10. ocean
II. sea 12. harbour

Exista multe lacun in Finlanda. - There are many> t: in Finland.

PamanlUl retlecti lumina mai mult - > Land reflects more light
decal apa. than water.

Valta a fost formata de un rill. - The >vallc has been fonned by a river.
Izvorul aceslui rau se ana Ia sutt de mile - The> ;ourccofthis river is hundreds of miles
departart. away.
Care este eel mai mare din cele - Which is the largest of
cinei continente'! the five >cllnlmc, ?
Clima din lara noaslra esle influentata - Our climate is affected
de Oceanul Atlantic. by the Atlanllc > Ocean-
Cre~terea vitclor se practica inlens'" - There is much cattle fanning
in aceastli regiune. m this >rc 'Illl).
Baltica esle 0 mare in nordul Poloniei. - The Baltic IS a > ca nol1h of Poland.
Planeta Pamant nu are 0 structurn - The >1-al1h has nOI a
exclusiv solida. wholly solid structure.
In portu! acela sunt multe - In that >harbour there are
ambarcatiuni. many ships.
Cand a fost sapa! aces! canal'! - When was Ihis >c:lnal dug?
Care este cel mai inalt munte - Which is the highest >mounl3m
din tara voastr1i? in your country?

B. Completati proPoziliile in limba engleza:

Acesta este principalul motiv - That's the >mam reason

pentru care n·a venit. why he hasn't come.
El a renuntat la lnot. - He has >gl\en tip swimming.
Este 0 lara vasta. - It is a > country.
Lui nu-i place sa fie nevoit sa se grabeasca. - He >h,lle having 10 hurry.
intr·o tara muntoasa ei se pot ascunde - In a >mounlamllus country Ihey can hide
mal u~r. more easily.
El continua sa vorbeasca de parca - He >wcnt on talking as ifhe hadn't
nu m·ar fi auzil. heard me.
Aici oceanul are 0 adancime - The ocean is seven miles
de ppte mile. >decp here.
Te mai uili la teleYizor? - Have you >Iimshcd watching TV?

Raul este lllat de scazut aid lncal il poti - The river is so ::>Shallo\\ here that you can
str3.batc eu piciorul pana pc partea cealalta. walk to the other side.

Au continual strangerea recoltei - They ::.contmued harvesting

in timpul nop\ii. into the night.

Tara lor are numai reliefjos. - Theirs is a very >flat country.

Prefer sa merg pana aeola pe jos. - I ::>prefer going there on fool.

36.1.-36.2 c. in cadrul exerciliului de gramatica veti recapitula folosirea modului gerunziu. Traduceti

unniloarele propozilii in limba engleza:

Ii place 53 priveasca vapoarele >He enJ'J~5 \\;lh.:hmg the ship

intorcandu-se in port. returnmg 10 the l3Tbour

Nu rna deranjeaza sa cer informatiile acelca > I don 'I mmd makmg: th~ InqUlnC$
pentru tine. forvou.

Preferam sa mergem aeola iama. >\\e prefer gomg there In" Inta

Nu s-a putut abline sa zambeasca alund >She couldn't help 5mllmg \lol,en
cand I-a vazut cum arata. she saw how he lool.ed.

A leoninat de seris scrisorile acelca? > lias he liD! hcd \lo Tltmg those letters'?

Nu are rost sa-i inlreham. > It n, se skms: them.

Lui nu-i place sA fie intrerupt. > Ill.' tes ~Ing mterrupled,

Ei emu ocupati cu construqia > rhe~ .... ere busy bUlldmg

easel. the house

Muncitorii au continuat greva timp de >The labourers wenl on slnkmg for

cine; saptamani, five weelc;.

Te deranjeaza sa te descalli > Do you mmd lakmg olTyour shoes

inainte sa intri? before entermg'.'

Nu ~tiu daca mai merita reparat. > I don't know If It l.~ stili worth repainng,

Doctorul spune ca este mai bine > The doctor says It'S better for me
pentru mine sa renun\ la furnat. to gIve up smokmg.

AsIa e ca ~i cum ar avea 0 a doua luna >This IS like ha\mg a second

de rniere, honeymoon

Nu are rost sa luarn pamantul >It's no good takmg Ihe land a"3y from
fermierilor. the fanners

Vad eli nu rnai ploua. > I sec It halo slopped rammg

Nu se ~tie cat va mai sta aeolo. > There's no saymg how much longer
she WIll stay Ihere

Te demnjeaz.a dati fumez in camera asta? > Do you mmd my smokmg m thIS «lOrn?

ii place sa asculte muzica preferata > He lIkes 1~lenmg 10 hiS fa\ouole musIc
dupa 0 zi inca.rcata. after a bulo)' day

in ambele leqii vom discuta mai ales vocabularul din domeniul po~tci,
corespondentei ~i convorbirilor telcfonice.

postcard > [paustka:'d) - carte po~taHi.

telegram > [teligrEm] - telegram!

envelope > I e",:alaup J - plic

addressee > [Edrasl:] - destinatar

sender > [sendJ'] - expeditor

counter clerk > (k.unta' Ida:'l) - functioDar (de la ghi~u)

postage > (piustldJl - taxa po~tala

post > [paUSI] - po~a; corespondenta

mail-service > [mell 58'\'1 ) - serviciu po~tal

pillar box > (pll.a' hols) - cUlie po~tala

letterbox > (Ieta'boks J - cUlie de scrisori

collection > (kalelqn] - ridicarea corespondenlei

Repetali acum aceste cuvinte inlr-o alta ordine:

pillar box > (pila' boks J - cUlie PO'itali

envelope > [envalaup] - pUc

mail-service > (me" safvis) - serviciu po~tal

postcard > [piiustka:'d] - carte po~tala

letterbox > [Ieta'boks] - culie de scrisori

telegram > [teligrEm] - telegrama

counler clerk > [k.untn t kla"'l] - funclionar (la ghi~cu)

post > [pilust] - po~tA; core$pondenl!

postage > [piluslIdJJ - taxa po~tala

collection > (kaleqnJ - ridicarea corespoDdenlei

Jt lklfl S sender > [senda,] - expeditor

"(j5 f , 71
600fJ addressee > (Edrasl:] - destinalar

Va prezentam un dialog in care apar noile cuvinte. Citi\i textul cu alen\ie:


Laura: Hi Chris! There is some post in your letterbox.

Chris: Thanks, Laura. I'll go and get it later. By the way, do you know how much the postage is for
a postcard to France?
Laura: I'm not sure. All the mail-services are getting more and more expensive. I never remember
how much they are.
Chris: Well. I have to go to the post-office anyway, so I'll ask a counter clerk there.
Laura: Actually, I should go to the post-office too. I need to send a telegram and a few letters.
Chris: We can go together then.
Laura: All right, let's go! I must remember to buy some envelopes as well.
Chris: Look, here is a pillar-box. You can put your letters there. It says that the next collection is
at half past ten, that's just in five minutes.
Laura: OK. Let me check if I wrote the name of the addressee on each letter. Oh, this one needs
a stamp and I also forgot to write who the sender is.

Cilili cu voce tare fiecare propozitie a dialogului ~i fiti atenti la traducere:

Hi Chris! There is some post >[hal his D'ea' iz sam paust - Buna, Chris! Ai primit
in your letterbox. In D'a lela'boksJ corespondenta, e in cutia
de scrisori.

Thanks, Laura. I'll go >[ T'Fn l Iks 10 ra all gau - Mu!!umesc, Laura. Mil voi
and get it later. l:ml gel itlClla'l duce sa 0 iau mai tarziu.

By the way, do you know >[bal D'a ~el till Ill' nall - Apropo, ~tii cat este
how much the postage is hilU m[l\~ D'<I pau~tidJ taxa po~tala pentru 0 carte
for a postcard to France? fo' a pallstka:'d tu fra:ns] pO~lala in Franta?

I'm not sure. All the >[ aim not ~ua' 0:1 D'a - Nu sunt sigura. Toale
mail-services are getting meil sa"visiz aT getll1(g) serviciile po~tale sunt
more and more expensive. rna:' End rna:' ikspenslV] din ce in ce mai seumpe.

I never remember how much >[ ill neva! rimemba' hau rnat~ - Niciodata nu imi amintesc
they are. lYe; a:'] cat costa.

Well, I have to go to the >[ Ucl al hEv tu gau tu D'a - Ei bine, oricum trebuie
post-office anyway, so I'll ask paus! otis ll1l~CI sau a/I ask sa merg ~i eu la oficiul po~tal,
a counter clerk there. a kauntar kla:'k D'ea'J a~a ea il voi intreba
pc funetionarul de acolo.

Actually, I should go >[t:kt~uali al ~u:d gau - De fapt, ~i eu ar trebui

to the post-office too. tu IY-a paust otis ttl:] sa merg la oficiul po~ta1.

I need to send a telegram >[ al l1l:d lu send a tellgrEm - Trebuie sa trimit 0 telegrama
and a few letters. End a fiu: let<l'll ~i cateva scrisori.

We can go together then. > [UI' kl n gall tugeD~al OLen] - Alunci putem merge impreuna.

All right, let's go! I must > {0:1 rait lets gau I 31 masl - in regula, sa mergem. Trebuie
remember to buy some nmcmba' tLl bai sam sa-mi amintesc sa cumpar
envelopes as well. envalimps Ez Uel] ~i ni~te plicuri.

Look, here is a pillar box. > [luk hiar iz 3 pila' boks] - Vile 0 cutie po~tala.

You can put your letters there. > {iu: kEn put /0:' lcta'z D'e'] - Poti sa-ti pui scrisorile acolo.

It says that the next collection > [It sez D'Et (Yli nekst kale4n - Aici spune ca unnatoarea
is at halfpasl ten, that's just 17 Et ha:f past ten D'Ets dJast ridicare a corespondentei este
in five minutes. In fai\' minlts] la ora zece ~i jumatate, adica
peste cinci minute.

OK. Let me check if I wrote > [aukei let mi: t~ek if al raut - in regula. Sa verific daca
the name of the addressee D'a neim ilv D~j Edrasi' am scris numele destinatarului
on each letter. on i:t~ leta'] pe fiecare scrisoare.

Oh, this one needs a stamp > {au DZis uan m:dz a slEmp - Acesta are nevoie de timbru
and I also forgot to write who End ai olsau forgot tu rail bu: ~i am uitat sa mai scriu cine
the sender is. DZa senda' iz] este expeditorul.

Acum completati propozitiile in limba engleza, folosind cuvintele pe care toemai Ie-ali invatat:

A venit cu po~ta azi dimineata. - It was in the >post this morning.

Ridicarea corespondenlei are loe de trei ori pe zi. - There are three >CollectIons a day.

Acel serviciu po~tal a fast oprit (desfiintat). - That >mad-service has been stopped.

Este 0 cutie po~tala chiar dupa colt. - There's a >pIllar box just round the comer.

Funetionarul de la ghi~eu este un var de-al meu. - The >Counier clerk is a cousin of mine.

Mai ai putin limp, trimite 0 telegrama. - There's little time, send a >telegram.

Taxa po~taH'i reprezinta banii pe care ii dai - The >postage is the money you pay
pentru timbre. for the stamps.

Vite ce am gasit in cutia mea de scrisori! - Look what I have found in my >Ietterbox 1

Va fi returnata expeditorului. - It will be returned to the :::>sender.

Plicul continea 0 scrisoare ~i - The >envelope contained a letter and

ni~te bani. some money.

Poti citi numele destinatarului? - Can you read the name of the ::>addressee?

Cartea po~tala a fost livrata - The >postcard was delivered

in ziua umtatoare. on the next day.

Sa invatam acum un nou grup de cuvinte. Fili aten\i 13 traducerea in limba ramana:

® registered > [redJlsta'dJ - inregistrat, inscris: recomandal.

ell valeaTe declaral3 (d. serisori)

to post > (Ill paust] - a trimite, a expedia prln po~la;

a pune 13 po~ta sau
in cutia po~lala

by amnail > [hal ea'mcll] - prin ~ta aeriana

to mail > [lUmeil] - a expedia prin po.ftl

by return > [bal nta'n] - urgent (despre coresponrlen!a)

to stick >(tusllk] - a lipi (un timbru)

unslamped > (anstEmpt] - netimbrat, farn timbru

to enclose > [IU mklauz] - a alatura, a anexa, a trimite

(in plie)

sticky > [stlki] - lipicios; murdar

10 dictate > [Ill dlktelt] - a dicta

dexterous > [dekstra.~J - indemanatic, abil, dibaci, iscusit,


to register - a inregistra, a inscrie in registru

Aceste cuviDte Doi vor fi introduse in propozilii. Citili·le cu voce tare ~i relineli tradueerea lor in
Iimba romana:

They got what lhey wanted > ([)lei got "ot [Yel ontld - Ei au ob!inut ce au VTUt
in a very dexterous way. In a "rn drlstras "CI J intr-un mod foane abil.

He is dictating a leiter > {bl: iz dlktritmll.l:r. leta' - EI ii dicteazli 0 scrisoare

to his secretary. tu hlz sekratn] secretarei sale.

There is a registered leiter > [O'er IZ a redJlstll'd letar - Este 0 scrisoare recomandata
for you. for iu:] pentru tine.

Stick a stamp on > [stik a stEmp on - Lipe~te un timbru pe

that envelope, please. O'Et l'm'31aup pll:z] pJicul acesta, te rog.

I will mail it on my way > (ai "II me" lion rnai Uei - 0 voi pune la po~ta in drum
to the office. tu [YI otis] spre birou.

He stepped on something > (hi: stept on umT'lnll' - EI a calcal pe ceva

sticky. stikl] lipicios.

She will have it registered. > [ I: II hEv It redJIsta'd) - Ea il va inscrie in reglSU'U.

The fonn can be returned > D'a fo:'m kEn bl nli'nd - Fonnularul poate fi relumat
in an unstamped envelope. man anstEmpt en\alaup] inlT-un plie netimbnu.

It has to be posted > [II hEz tu bl: piuStld - Trebuie sa fie expediala prin Mta
before six. blfo' Sill] pana la ora p,se.

I enclose the tickets > (al Inklauz D'a tiklls - iIi trimit in plie ~i biletele
you asked for. m: askt fo') pe care le-ai cerut.

Ask them to reply by return. >Lask [vem lu npllll boll rlta'n) - Cere-Ie sa rnspunda ~i 51\ expedieze
scrisoarea ell primul transport

It's much faster by > [liS mat~ fa:sta' bal - Esle mull mai rapid prin
airmail. carmell] po~ta nenana.

Completali propozitiile din limba engleza ell cuvinlele noi:

Nu atinge nimic ell degetele alea lipicioase! - Don't touch anything with those ::>lillcly fingers
of yours!

Aproape am terminal de dictat scrisorile. - I have almost finished >dIctating letters.

Daea contine ctva de valeate ar trebui - Lf it contains something valuable you should
sa 0 inreglstrezi. have it >o:g.I~tcn:d.

Te rog raspunde urgent - Please reply:>b~ ~tum.

Trimite.-o ell po~ta aeriana ea sa cii~tigi limp. - Send it >b} amn:111 to save lime.

Vli vom lrimite aettle prin ~la. - We will >mall the papers to you.

Timbrul Asta nu se lipe~te. - This >~tamp will not Slick.

Cu 0 mi~are indemanatica a degelelor - With a >dc),lcrou:o. movement of his fingers

a facut chibriturile sa dispara. he made the malches disappear.

Vor fi trimise prin po~ta cu valoare declarata. - They will be sent by >regl tered mail.

Cbiar el a pus scrisorile la cUlia po~tala. - He has >pmlcd the letters himself.

A foslane~alceva? - Has anything been :>enclosed?

Po\i sa trimiti rnspunsul mtr-un plic - You can send the answer in an >Unstamped
Bra timbru. envelope.

In limba englezd dupa anllmite verbe urmeaza intotdeauna un verb fa gerunziu. Acestei cutegorii ii
CD apar(in:

to keep (on) >[tu kip on] - a continua

to quit >[tukUlt] - a parasi, a lasa, a abandona,
anumal ...
to deny > [tu dmai] - a nega, a 13gadui, a respinge
to avoid > [IU avoId) - a ocoli, a evita

to suggesl >[tu sadJest) - a sugera, a propune

10 put ofT >[tu pul of) - a amana
10 burst oul >[IU t'oa'st aut) - a izbucni (in lis, in plans)
10 resent >[Iu nzenl) - a fi ofensatl jignit de; a nu·i placea

to postpone > Itu pau.spaun) - a amana, a tergiversa; a evita

to fancy > tufEnsl) - a-~i imagina, a-,i incbipui

lata cateva exemple de propozitii:

His son suggested registering the letters. - Fiul sau a propus sa trimitem scrisorile
cu valoare declarata.

Fancy making such a bad mistake! - Imagineaza-ti, sa faci 0 gre~eala atat de grava!

He resents having to fill in all those forms. - Ii displace sa completeze toate acele formulare.

You have to avoid catching a cold. - Trebuie sa eviti sa race~li.

They kept on giving the same answers. - Ei au continual sa dea acelea~i raspunsuri.

I have postponed seeing him as long as possible. - Am evitat sa-I vad cat de mult timp posibiJ.

She burst out laughing when I told her - Ea a izbucnit in ras cand i·am spus
about the incident. despre incident.

He denied committing the theft. - EI a negat comiterea furtului.

Don't put off repairing the walch! - Nu mai amana sa repari ceasuVrepararea

He has quilled reviewing novels. - EI a renuntat sa mai recenzeze romane.

Acum aplicati regula de gramatica invatala; traduceti urmiitoarele propozitii in limba engleza:

Nu amana sa-i scrii. > Don't postpone wfltmg 10 her.

Fata a izbucnit in plans cand a auzit > The girl bursl out crymg when she heard
ve~tile. the news.

Prietenul ei a propus sa mearga la cinemalograf. > Her boyfflend suggested gomg to the cinema.

Prietenul meu a negat ca furase acele instrumente. > My friend denied stealing those tools.

Ei au continual sa vorbeasca ore intregi. > They kept on talking for hours.

Nu mai putem inHirzia cu plata. > We can't put off paying any longer.

Vii rugam sa evitati sa calcati pe iarba. > Please avoid walking on the grass.

Imi voi parasi locul de munca la sra~itul > I wIll qUit workmg at the end of
acestui an. thIS year.

/ '\
Dupa anumite verbe se poate folosi un verb la infinitiv cu "to" sau un
verb la gerunziu, lara 0 schimbare semnificativa de sens.

lata. caleva cxemple de propozilii:

He doesn't intend to disinherit/disinheriting - El nu are de gand sli-$i dezmo~leneasca

his children. COpll!.

I have omitted to close/closing the door. - Am uitat sa inchid u~a.

She proposed to send/sending a telegram. - Ea a propus sa tTimita 0 telegrama.

They had neglected to cut/cutting the grass - EI au neglijat sa tale iarba in mod
regularly. regulat.

In the afternoon It started to snow/snowing. - Dupa-amlaza a inceput sa ninga.

We have ceased to ask/asking them. - Am incetat sa-I mai intreoom.

They began to complain/complaining after - Ei au inceput sa faca reclamatii dupa

a few days without heating. c.iiteva zile rara caldura.

You contmue to spend/spending too much. - Continul sa cheltuie~ti prea mull.

I can no longer delay to send/sending - Nu mai pot inlarzla eu tnmlterea

that telegram. acelei telegrame.

He attempted 10 get/getting in through - EI a incereal sa intre pc fereastra.

the window.

Acum va yom prezenla alte ex.presii uzuale. Citili-Ie atent $1 cu voce tare:

It's all the same to me. > [Its 0:1 DLa seirn tu mi:] - Mi·e indiferent/totuna.

I shan't be a minute. > [al ~a:nt bl: a mimt] - Nu lipsesc mult/nici un minut.

Is that so? > [iz lYEt sau J - Este adevlirat/ A~a este?

For some reason or other. > lfor sam ri:zn or aD"ar] - Dintr- un motiv sau altul.

There's no need for you > lD"earz nau ni:d for IU: - Nu trebuie Sl'i-ti faci
to worry. tu U an ] gTlJI.

in ultimul exerciliu al acestei parti a lecliei yeti recapitula toate notiunile gramaticale din aceasta
lcelie. Traduceti cu atenlie propozi~iile unnatoare in limba englezA:

EI incepu sa vorbeascii cu voce lare. > He began to speal speaklOg aloud.

Ea a incetat sii·1 mai vada. > She qUilted seeing him.

Copiii au incepul sa cante cand > The children 'taned to slOlpmgmg when
a intrat profesorullor. their teacher entered.

Ar trebui s3 evitam sa.-i jignim pc ceila1ti. > We should a\old hurting other people.

Propun sa Ie trimitem in~iinlarea prin po$ta. > I propose 10 m,lILmalhng the statement
to them

El <I negat cti spusese cuiva. > lie demed havlIlg told anybtl<.iy

Ai de giind sa dictezi textul'! > Do you llltcnd to dll:late dKt3ung the lext"

Ei continua sa trimil;} scrisori > They continue 10 send semllng letters to

pe adresa gre~ita. the wrong address

Ai neglijal sa-ti iei paslilele > You neglccted to lake taking your pills
in fiecare zi. e\el)' day

ESle ofensat de faplul ca e plalil mai putin > lIe rescnb bemg p3ld less Ihan
decat ceilall!. the others.

Ei vor inccrca sa distruga pistele. > The) Will attempt to deslrO) destroymg
the runways

EI a omis sa ne dea adresa lui. > lie omll1ed to gIVe gl\ mg us hiS address.

Imagineaza-li, i<'i nu-ti amiDte~ti numele lui! > Fancy nnl n:membenng hl!i naJllc:~

Mai pulem intarzia intalnirea cu ei? > Can we delay 10 mttlJ~cl1ng Ihem
any longer"'


A. Completali propozitiile in limba engleza ell unul din cuvinleJe unnMoare:

I. capital 2. inhabitant 3. outsklns 4. one-way street

5. centre 6. slums 7. suburbs 8. departmcni store

9. lown hall 10. zoo II. thoroughfare

Persoanele eu venituri man se muta - People with higher incomes are moving
la periferie. to the> Iburh..

Cum se poole locui in asemcnea mahalale? - How can people live in such> lums?

Care este capltala Elvetiei? - What IS the >carJlul of Switzerland?

in suburbii se g!sesc mai multi copaci - In the >0 kif there are more trees
~i mal multe tereDuri virane. and fields.

Cali locuilori arc Timi¥lara? ~ How many >lnhatl1tanl bas Timi~oara?

in pasajele principale - In the main > hurou~hfarc) the traffic

5-3 blocal circula!ia. got completely stuck.

La gradma noastm zoologica - In our >/00 there are two black

sunt doua pantere negre. panthers.

Trebuie sli due acest act la primaric. - I have to take Ihis paper to the >IO"n hall.

Cenlrul este zona cea mai veche a ora~ului. - The >I,:cnlrc is the oldest part of the town.

Marile magazine universale vand - The large >deparlment store!> sell almost
aproape 101 ce ai vrea sa ai. anything you might want to have.

Trebuie sa intri pe aceasta strada - You have to enter this >one-way street
eli sens unic din partea opusa. from Ihe opposite direction.

B. Completati urmlitoarele propozitii:

Cel tnai bine se ajunge acolo pc jos. - The best way to get there is >on foot.

Nu-I POli llisa pc acest copil - You cannOI let this child
sa traverseze strada neinsotit. >CroliS the street without help.

Ora~ul nostru e unul industrial. - Ours is an >mdl lal tOWD.

Este interzisa parcarea aici. - Parking is >hlrbldJen here.

Strtzile erau pustii. - The streets were> <;scrted.

Ai hranit pisicile? ~ Have you >Ied Ihe cats?

Acesta e un Joe prea aglomerat pcnITU mine. - This is too >uo ded a place for me.

Copilul deseneazi foarte bine. - The child can >1 ... very well.

CHldirea primariei estc imprcsionanta. - The town hall is an >lIl1preSSI\'C building.

Ea nu a slnea! nimic. - She hasn't >broken anythmg,

ESlc un lucru prea Ingrozitor - This is too >hOrrible for words.

pentru a pulea fi redat in cuvinte.

Cand a plecal? - When did she >depan?

25.1.-25.8. c. in unnalorul cxcrcillU veti recapitula rolosirea viilOrului ~i voblrea indlrecta utiliuind cuvantul
34.1.-34.2. "would". Traduce1! urmatoarele propozi!ii in limba engleza:

o voi pune 13 po~la in dupa-amiaza asIa. > I "haiL wIll rna,lll this afternoon.

Nu ne vom opn inainte de > We ~halL will not ~Iop before \..e have
a fi tenninal asia. finished thIS

Vor fi ~i ei prezenll? > Will they be present. too':'

Va ceda daca continui sa intrebi. > He .... 111 yield If) ou Leep aslung

Pnzomcrul va fi eliberat maine. > The pnsoner .... 111 be released IOmOrTO\\.

Voi Ii inc:intat sa vin la Dunta ta. > I shall "'III be glad 10 allend your wedding.

Voi divo'1O de ea dil de cumnd pot. > I shall "'III dl... orce ncr a.. soon as I can.
Eo va mO~leni tolul. > She WIll mhenl everythmg.

Vei permite a~a ceva? > Will you permIt II?

Am presupus cli vor plcca cu 0 zi mai larziu. > I suppo$ed Ihey would leave one day later.

El a scris cli va ramane 0 saptamana. > He wrote that he would Slay for a week.

Nu crcdeam eli vor observa. > We didn't thmk they would notIce.

Am fost informati cli se va hotliri > We were mfonncd that it would be decided
inainte de miezul nop\ii. before midnight.

Ni s·a spus eli ni se vor da > We were told we would be givcn

uneltele necesare. Ihe necessary lools.

Malu~a mea a spus eli va avea grija > My aunt said she would look after
de copii. the chlld~n.

Eram sigur3. ca il va inapoia. > I was sure he would give It back.

lata cuvintele noi din aceasta lcctie. Cititi-le cu voce tarc ~i re\ineti
traducerea lor in limba ramana:

pile > [pall] - grlimada, teanc

printed matter > (prlnlld mEta'] - material tiparil

overdraft > [iiuva'dra' ftJ - depa~ire a contului

in banca

correspondence > [konspondans) - corespondenliio; p~ta

parcel > [pa,'sal] - colet, pachet

exchange rate > [lks~emdJ relt) - curs de schimb valutar

debt > [detJ - datorie. obligalie

delivery > [dllivanJ - Iivrare, predare;


surcharge > [~jt~:'dj] - supraincarcare; suprataxa

transaction >{trEnzE~n] - operatie comerciala,


list >[hst] - IiSla

statement > [ste/tmam) - afinnalie, declaralie;


Acurn repetati acesle cuvinte intr-o alta ordine:

list >[hstJ - lisHi

correspondence > {konspondans] - corespondentli; po~ta

debt > [dct] - datorie, obligatie

overdraft > [iiuva'dra,ftl - depa~ire a contului

in bane!

statement > [steltmant] - afirmatie, declaratie;


parcel > [pll"sal] - eolet, pachet

printed matter > [printld mEtar] - material tiparit

surcharge >lsa'~.'dJ] - supraincarcare; suprataxa

exchange rate > (lkst~eindJ re/t] - curs de schimb valutar

transaction > [trEnzE4n] - operalic comercialli,


pile > ["",lJ - griimadli, teanc

delivery >[dllhan] - livrare. predare;


Cuvintele noi vor fi folosite in cadrul unei conversalii dintre un director de companie ~i seeretara sa.
Citili dialogul eu ateniie:


Mr. Jones: I'll be very busy today with our new transactions. Please take care of today's
correspondence first, will you?

Mrs. Hill: All right. There is a big pile of letters and some printed matter. Oh, here is the
bank statement.

Mr. Jones: Let me see. It looks like we have an overdraft. This isn't true! I'll call the bank
tomorrow. Have we received that parcel from the AM company?

Mrs. Hill: No, not yet. But it may come in the afternoon delivery.

Mr. Jones: Please pay the surcharge if it is necessary.

Mrs. Hill: And here is the list of addresses you asked for yesterday.

Mr. Jones: Thank you. Please check today's exchange rate. "II need it for the transactions.

Mrs. Hill: I will. Oh, here is some good news for you. The MA company has just paid us
back its debt.

Mr. Jones: Great! See you later, Mrs. Hill.

Acum veti exersa pronun!ia propozitiilor din dialog. Citili-le ell voce tare ~i relineli tradueerea lor in
limba romana:

l'l be very busy today with > (311 bl. veri bizl tudei ui07 - Astazi voi fi foarte ocupat
our new transactions. • ua r niu: trEnzek~nzJ eu noile tranzaqii .

Please take care oftoday's > [pin teik kea r av tudeiz - Te rog sa te ocupi mai intai
correspondence first, will you? kOflspondans uil iu:] de corespondenla de asUizi.

All right. There is a big pile of > [0:1 rait O'ea' iz ii bIg pail av - in regula. Este un teanc mare
letters and some printed matter. letiirz End S3rn prinlid mEta1 de scrisori ~i material tiparit.

Dh, here is the bank statement. > [au hlar IZ D~a bEnk steitmanl] - lata ~i in~tiintarea de la banca.

Let me see it. It looks like > [II.'I mi: :)i: It luks lalk - la sa 0 vad. Se pare ea
we have an overdraft. ul' hE\' ;in Muva'draftj am depa~il contul in banca.

This isn't true! I'll call > [0 ' 1<; iznt tru. nil ko:1 - Nu-i adevarat! Voi suna
the bank tomorrow. D'-a bEnk turnorau) maine 1a banca.

Have we received that parcel > (hE\' "1' flsLvd O/l:t pa:rsl - Am prim it pachetul acela
from the AM company? from IYI el em kampani] de la compania AM?

No, not yet. But it may come > {nau 1ot let bat II mel kam - Nu, nu inca. Dar s-ar putea
in the afternoon delivery. In D'iafta'nu nthlh,m] sa vina cu pO~la de dupa-amiaza.

Please pay the surcharge > (ph:z pel D a .. tl~a 'dJ - Te rog sa plate~li supralaxa
if it is necessary. If il IZ n~~baTi J daca este nevole.

All right. And here IS the list >[ 0 I faIt End hla' IZ D'i list - in regula. lata lista
of addresses you asked av adrl"'>lZ IU ~~l cu adrese pe care ml-a\1
for yesterday. tilt" le~lardel cerut-o len.

Thank you. Please check >IT' 'nl lu. ph.ZI~eI.. - Mul!umesc. Te rog infonneaza-te
loday's exchange rale. tudelZ Ibl tmdJ n=ItJ asupra cursulul de schimb valutar.

I'll need it for the transactions. >[ail m:d It fo' lYalr.lnzek.snz] - Imi va trebui penlru tranzactii.

The MA company has just > l IY1 em el kampam hEl dpst - Compania MA toemai
paid us back its debt. peld as bEk Ih delJ ~i-a platit datoria catre noi.

Great! See you later, Mrs. Hill. > [grelt si: IU: lelta' mbl7 hll} - Grozav! La rcvcderc, doamna Hill.

Completa!i unnaloarele propozitii in limba englezli cu cuvinlele ,I1oi:

Lista de Dume nu iI continea ~i pe al meu. - The >11 of names did nol contam mine.

Acele tranzaqii au avut loe in ianuarie. - Those >t, p .actions took place in January.

Care esle cursul actual de schimb valutar? - What is the present >e" 'c ate?

o mare parte din corespondenta noastrn - Much of our >.;orresponu('n~·e

este in limba franceza. is in French.

Toate datoriile lui au fost platite. - His >debh have all been paid.

Ziarele pot fi expedillte Cll mllterial lipari!. - Newspapers can be sent as >pnnled malter.

Un teanc enonn de scrisori zacea pe biroul meu. - An enonnous :>pIle of letters lay on my desk.

Cand ai primil in~liintarea anterioara? - When did you get the previous >statement?

$tii ce contine acel colet? - Do you know what that >p rec contains?

in~tiintarea de astui indica a dep~ire - Today's statement shows

a contului in bancl. an >r'\erdrnf1.

Regret ca a trebuit sa plate~ti 0 suprataxi. - I'm sorry you bad to pay a >s e.

Sunt sigur eli scrisoarea lui va veni - I'm sure that his letter Will be
cu unnatoarea distribuire a po~tei. in the next >deh\ery.

Cititi cu voce tare urmatorul grup de cuvinte ~i fiti aten\i la pronunlia ~i la Imducerea lor:
understamped > (andarstEmpt] - francatltimbrat sub valoare

to hesitate > [tu hezlte/t] - a ezita, a ~ovai

owing to > [au/nIl) tu] - datoriHi; din cauza

by cheque > [hal t~ek] - (plata) prin cametul de cec

to contact > [tu klinlEkt] - a contacta, a lua legatura cu

confidential > [k~nliden~l] - confidential, secret

to list > [Iu list] - a inscrie pe 0 !isUi; a inregistra

confident > [konfidant] - increzator, optimist

to owe >[IU3U] - a dalora, a fi dator

hesitant > [hezllnnl] - ezilant, ~ovaitor, nesigur

to pile up > {IU pail up] - a se aduna, a se slrange griimada

prone to > lpraun IU] - predispus la; inclinat spre

Citili unnatoarele Propozilii cu voce tare ~i relineli traducerea lor in limba romana:

This statement lists last > [O'is ste/tmant lists last - Aeeasta expunere cuprinde !ista
month's transactions. manPs tranzEk~llz] tranzacliilor de luna trecuta.

Owing to the strike your letter > [iu/n(ll tu [)Zt\ stl1l1k /0:' leta' - Din cauza grevei serisoarea ta
did not arrive in time. dId not an,lv III taim] nu a ajuns la timp.

Our correspondence has been > [aua' konspondtms hEz bi:n - Coresponden\3 noastra s-a adunat
piling up for weeks. pailm(i) ap fo' "l.ks] de cateva saptamani.

We are confident that you > lUi: a: r konfidant O~Et iu: - Suntem increzatori ca in cumnd
will soon find ajob. uil su:n falnd a dJob] vei gasi un servieiu.

I suppose I can pay > [ai sapiuz ai kEn pel - Presupun eli pot plliti
by cheque? bal t~ekJ eu eametul de eecuri.

He accepted the present > [hi: akseplid D'-fi preznt - EI a acceptat cadoul
in a very hesitant way. In Ii. ven he:lIt;mt "eil intr-un mod foarte ~ovaitor.

Take care that the envelope > [telk kea' O'Et D'i envaluup - Ai grija ca plicul sa nu fie timbrat
is not underslamped. IZ not andarstEmpt] sub valoare.

A debt is something that you > {it det iz samTJinl~) D'Et lu: - Datoria este ceva
owe to somebody. au tu sambadi] ce ai de dat euiva.

Contact me as soon as > {kiintEkt mi: Ez su:n Ez - Ia legiilura cu mine de indaUi ce

you get this information. iu: get OtiS IIltar mCI$n] obtii acesle infonnalii.

Don't hesitate to tell me > [daun hezl\cit tu tel Inl - Nu ezita sa imi spui
everything you know. evnT'm111m: nau] tot ceea ce ~tii.

I want you to remember > [:Ii ~ont iu'

tu nmemba' - Vreau sa iIi amintc~ti C3 toatc
that everythtng is confidential. D~Et evnT'tn 1aJ iz konfiden!!IJ acestea sunt confidenliale.

Their son is prone > [D'en san 17 praun - FlUllor este predispus
to accidents. tu Hsuunts] la accidente.

Comp1etati urmatoarele propozi!ii in limba engleza cu cuvmtele

~tii unde poli lua legatura cu mine. - You know whcre you can >contacl me.

Cat iii datorez? - How much do I >owe you?

Scnsorile timbrate sub valoare vor fi retumate. - >Umkrstamped letters will be returned.

Comportamentullui ezitant ne·a atms atenlia. - His >he"ltant behaviour drew our attention.

Mcciul a fost amanal din cauza vremii. - The match has been postponed >OWtng to
the weather.

Femeile sunt predispuse la aceasta boala. - Women are >prone to this disease.

POli plflti in numerar sau cu carnetul de cecuri. - You can pay cash or >by cheque.

Ziarul coniine 0 lista cu case care - The newspaper >llsts a number of houses
sunt de vanzare. that are for sale.

Nu spune nimanui; este ceva confidential. - Don't lell anybody, it's >confidentlal.

Ei nu au ezitat sa ni se alature 1a masa. - They did nOI >hesttale to join us at the table.

Ei sunt convin~i ell vor reu~i. - They are >confident they will succeed.

Trebuie sa fie stranse la perele. - They have to be >plled up against the wall.

Dupa anumite verhe, folosirea gcrunziului sau a infinitivului schimba

sensul propoziliei. Gerunziul se folose~te atunci dnd dorim sa exprimam
opinii generale sau 0 afinnatic, in timp ce infinilivul se rcfera la 0 situalie

Exemple de propozilii:

I like rtadiD.g. - imi place sa citcsc.

I would like now. - A~ vrea sa plcc acum.

He prefers ~ to sitting in a bus. - EI prefera sa mearga pe jos decat sa stea

iolt-un autobuz.
Please go now, he prefers alone. - Te TOg Sa pleci acum; prefem sa fie singur.

She loves KQjng to the cinema. - Ea adorn sA mearga la cinematogra(

She would love tQ see Y8ur room. - Ei i-ar placea sA-Ii vada camera.

I hate hayjng to wail. - Detest sa am de a~tcptat.
I hate to djsapp.oint you but he's no longer - Regret sa Ie dezamagesc dar el ou mai estc
here. aiel.

It's no use talking to somebody who - Nu are ragt sa vorbe~ti ell cineva care IlU
doesn '\ listen. vrea sa asculte.
It's no use \Q read the letter again; you - Nu are rost sa mai cite~ti scrisoarea; ~tii
know what is in it. deja ce scrie In ea.

Va amintil; probabil ca dupii verbele to need, to want seJofose$te infinitivu/ lung (eli "to''), de

CD exemplu:

She wants to see you. - Ea vrca sa Ie vada.

She needs to sleep eight hours a night - Ea trcbuie sa doanna opt ore pc Doapte.

Acelea$i verbe in combitw{ie cu verb fa madul gerunziu confera propoziriei un sens pasiv, de

The cupboard wants cleaning. - Dulapul trebuie curatal.

The grass needs CUlling. - larba trebuie taialii.

CD Ciind verbul to try este folosit cu sensul de "a incerca ". el este urmat de un infinitiv cu
"to" de

We tried to reach the other side of the - Am incercat sa ajungem pe partea cealalta
street. a strazii.

Ciind verbuf "to try" tnseammi "a experimenta ", este urmat de un verb fa modul gerunziu; de

He tried drinking a glass of hot milk before - El a baut un pahar de lapte fierbinte inainte
going to bed and it helped him to fall asleep, de a se culca ~i asta I-a ajutat sa adoanna.

Relineli urmatorul grup de fraze care v-ar putea fi folositoare In convcrsatiile uzuale:

Drop me a line, will you? > [drop mi. a lain ull iu.] - Scrie-mi macar un rand, binc?

Are you on the phone? > [a:' ill. on D'a faun] - Mai e~ti la telcfon?

You're wanted on the phone. > litl:' Uontld on D'a faun] - E~ti cautat la tclcfon.

Hold on a minute. > [hold on a mimt] - A~teapta un moment.

What is your home number? > [Uots 10:' h<lum namba'] - Care este numarul tau de tclefon
de acasa?

He hung up. > lhi: han ll ) ap] - El a inchis tclefonul.

Leave me alone. > [li:v 1111: alauD] - Lasa-ma in pace,

lata un exercitiu de reeapitulare a intregii leetii. Tradueeli urmatoarele propozitii in limba engleza:

A~ vrea sa vorbesc cu el acum; > I .... ould Ike to talk h hu no....

nu pOi sa mai ~tept. I can ·I .....ut

Fiul meu dore~te sa inve\e limba spaniola. > My son want. to learn Spamsh.

Un timp a incercat sa scrie poezii, > She tned \\, ntlng £'Oems for some tune,
dar asta nu era ceea ce-~i dorea ea. bUI It \\ as nol .... hal she .... anled 10 do.

Ea a izbucnit in lacnmi > She bun.1 out I:rylllg .... ben they told h~r
cand is-a poveslit. about II

Tatat meu are de gand sa rna dezmo~tencasca > My father mtends to dlsinhentdlsmhentlllg
penlru un motiv sau altut. mc for some reason or another.

Lor Ie place sa clilaloreaseli in strainatale. > They like tra\e1hng abroad.

M~ina trebuie spalata. > T1C car [lccds .... ashmg.

EI a incercat sa ridice rnasa, dar era prea grea. > lie tned 10 IIIi (he lable but II was too hea\y.

Regret sa iti spun asta, dar ei vor > I hate to say tim 10 you but they want you
sa pleci aeurn. 10 leave no\\,

Podeaua trebuie spalata. > The fiot.'r \\ anb mopping.

Nu are rosl sa Ie ascunzi; > There's no u~ hlC.hng.

ei Ie-au vazut deja. they h'l\C' alread:- ~en )00.

Profesorul acela detest3- sa spuna > rhat teacher hates to say

acela$i lucru de doua ori. thmgs tWll,:e

Nu are rosl sa vorbim despre acest lucru. > It·s no UK tallmg abl,mt It

Trebuie sa-li tai unghiile de la maini. > Your fmgt'mal]s nc.:c.:d cutting.

lmagineaza-li. sli cilc'iti in ziar despre John! > Fancy readmg In the paper aboul John!

Citili cu voce tare urmatoarele grupuri de cuvinte:

postcard return mail hesitant

ow. surcharge dictate debt

enclose first exchange register

postage bUrD Slalement envelope

home learn rate cheque


23.1. Verbe dupa care trebuie folosi! gerunziul:

They avoided stepping on the grass. - EI au evitat sa calce pc iarb!.

They kept on giving the same answers. - Ei au continual sa dea acelea~i raspunsuri.

Don'1 put ofT repairing the watch. - Nu amana repararea ceasului.

23.2. Verbe dupa care se rolose~le un infinitiveu "10" sau un verb la modul gerunziu, tara prea mare
diferen!! de sens:

I have omitted to closel closing the door. - Am uitat sa inchid u~a.

You can no longer delay to send/sending - Nu mai POli int3.rLia trimitcrea

the message. mesajului,

In the afternoon it sInned to snow! snowing. - Dupa-amiaza a incepu! sa ninga.

23.3. Verbe dupa care iofinilivul cu "to" se refer! la 0 situa\ie precisa, iar un verb la modul gerunziu
eSlc folosit intr-o afirmalie generala:

I would like to go now. - A~ vrea sa plec acum.

I likt: rt:ading. - imi place sa citt:sc.

23.4. Dupa verbele "to need" ~i "to want" se folose~le un verb la modul gerunziu, conferind
propozitiei un sens pasiv:

The cupboard wants cleaning. - Dulapul trebuie cura\at.

The grass needs cutting. - larba trebuie taiata.

23.5. Verbul "to try" cu sensul de "a incerca" este unnat de un infinitiv cu "to":

We tried 10 reach the other side - Am incercat sa ajungem pe partea cealalta

of Ihe street. a Slrazii.

To Iry" cu sensul de "a experimenta" este unnat de un verb la modul gerunziu:

He tried translating books for a while - Pentru 0 vreme a tradus calii

but he didn't really like it. dar nu prea i-a placu!.

23.6. Cateva expresii folosite in conversatiile uzuale:

I forgol all about it - Am uitat complet despre asia.

He hung up. - EI a inch is telefonu\.


A Traduceli urmiitoarele propozilii in limbo romana:

L My wife suggested going by train.

2. He will put off paying as long as he can.

3. If it's all the same !O you I will continue seeing her.

4. They prefer to stay at home, so I'll come with you.

5. Have you tried going to bed a little earlier?

6. I want to know iflhey are on the phone.

B. Traduce!i umlatoarele propozitii in limba engleza:

I. Am incercal sa iau legatura eu cl toaHi dupa-amiaza.

2. Ochelarii md trehuie ~ter~i.

3. Nu are roS! sa Ie ingrijoreze sanatatea la in fiecare zi.

4. A~ vrca sa vad spectacolullor.

5. Sper eli nu ai uita! sli-\i seTii adresa pc plie.

6. El nu recunoa~te cil mai are datoni.

C. Fiecarui cuviint din coloana A ii corespunde 0 explicatie din caloana B:


I. counter clerk a. the person to whom a letter is sent

2. addressee b. you send a letter in it

3. envelope c. the money charged by post for carrying

a letter or a parcel

4. debt d. a person who works at a post-office

5. postage e. the money you owe to someone else


Vom incepe, en de obieei, eu recapitularea vocabularului. Dc aceasta datil va fi vorba despre viata la tara.

A Completati propozi\iile in limba engleza cu unul dinlre cuvinlelc urmatoare:

I. village 2. fanners 3. crops 4. meadow 5. produce 6. flour

7. fields 8. fertilizer 9. soil 10. rye 11. wheat

Graul necesita. un dimal mai eald - >Whcalneeds a wanner climate

decal seeam. than >I)'t.

Ellocui~te intr·un mic sat, - He lives in a small >\ III .:

nu departe de aiei. not far from here.

Ce se cultivll. pe aceste campuri? - What is grown on these >fIClds?

Pentru aceasti priijitura {olosesc - For this cake I use

laini de grall. wheat >nour.

Pc acest sol se poale culliva once. - Anything will grow on this >sod.

Unchiul meu a sugera! sa folosim - My uncle suggested using

mal mult ingra~amanl. more >fcrtII17cr.

Multe din produsele Viirii noastre - Much of our >produce is sold

sunt vindule altor tari to other countries.

La inceputul iemii vacile crau inci - At the start of the winter the cows were still
pe paji~te. in the >mcadow.

Blirbatii din familia noaslra au fost - The men in our family have always
dintotdeauna fermieri been >fanners.

Ploaia a fost benefica pentru recolti. - The rain has been good for the >crops.

B. Completali propoziliile in limha engleza cu cuvintele corespunzatoare:

Recolta nu eSle atal de bogata - The crops are not so >ah\ ldanl
ca anul treeut. as las1 year.

Cred ca acesl pamant foarte bun - I think you needn't >fertlhze

nu are nevoie de ingra~aminte. this excelent soiL.

Vremea a fast favorabila. - The weather has been >fa\{lurable.

$ecara nu a fast inca macinata. - The rye hasn't been >gn lOt yet.

Ei cresc tot felul de - They breed all sorts of>t1t)mestlc

animate domestice. animals.

Campurile se ara primavara. - The fields are >ploughed in spring.

Muncitorii agricoli taceau finul - Fannhands were >ma}"J1e \

sub soarele arzator. in the hot sun.

Graultrebuie mal intai Ireiera!. - The wheat has to be >lhrcshcd first.

LUI il placea atmosfera rurala de aeola. - He liked lhe >rum aunosphere there.

Am seas cartofi toata ziua. - We've been >dl 'Ill potatoes all day.

ill place sa Ir.lie~ai la lara? - Do you like living >m the count!)'?

35.2. c. Acum vom repela fonnaTea Si folosirea construetiilor Cll participiul prezent. Traduceli

urmlUoarele propozil!i in limba cngleza:

in limp ce punea scrisoarea la posta. > Postmg th~ letler. h~ sa"" th:lt
a V3ZUI cao unnatoarea ridicare the nc::\.1 collectlC.m \\ QuId be
a corcsponden\ei va fi 1a ora Sase. o'cJuek

Cand am aduna! ca.,ile gramada, > PIling up the bl.ltlKs.

am scopa! ciiteva. I dropped a fe\\

in limp ce lipea timbrul, a V3ZUt > SIH.:kmg the st3mp on the em·clope.
ca adresa ei nu era pc plie. he a\\ that her 'IJJn:s~ was not on It.

in limp ce dicta scrisorile a observat ca > Olcl.ltmg Ihe leiter, he noticed Ih;11
in birou era din ce in ce mai cald. the (l lice ""as hotlc:r and hotter.

Punand banii in plie, nu puteam > EndQ~mg the mone).

sa nu rna gandesc ca nu avea niei un TOst. I could not help Ihmlmg It ""as no use.

in timpul convalesccnlci ea a avul > Rcco\el mg from her Illness. she Iwd
mult timp pentru citit. plent) of tllne 10 read.

Protejiindu·mi ochii de soare, iocercam > Pro dang rn) t.yes from Ihe sun. I trled
sa dlstlog avioanele care se apropiau. dl ~l\~r Ih~ approachmg planes.

Transpuind abundent, el a impins > 'er OInng hea\ Ily, h~ pushed the hoc>lcase
bibhoteca la percte. am t the \\all.

Dupa ee a mancal a treia oara in > /-almg for the third tllne
jumatate de ora, i s-a faeut rau. III half an hour. he got sick.

Avand mai multe rani sangernnde, > Bkedml$ from many ""ounds.
barbatul s-a prabu'lil. the man fell do""n.

in limp ce inghileam mancarea > Swallo"" 109 the food.

am simtit 0 durere in gat. I felt a pam 10 my thwal

Flindca IU'leam 'li strlinutam tOI timpul, > Coughmg and I'nCc7mg all Ihc IlIllC.
abia 3m pulut sa continuu sa seriu. I could hardly go on wntmg.

Dupa ce a ridicat reeeplorul. (el) s·a a~ezat. > PIl:kmg up the reCClver, he sat down

Publicul a primit grupul de muzica pop > ullJI~ screammg, the audience .... ckomed
cu llpele putemlce. the pop group.

inreglSlrind muzica, el a "otal 'li > Tapmg mUSIC, tic ""rote do""
numele muziclemlor. the n mes (If the IOU IClan:,>.

lata primele cuvinte noi din aeeasta Jeclie. Citili·le cu voce tare ~i relineti
traducerea lor:

directory > I wlTektan - birou de infonnalil

. ..
mqumes Ink"alanz] telefomce

telephone >Itehfaun - convorbire

conversation kom ar... ei~n] telefonica

operator > (opareita'] - telefonist(a)

cheap ratc >It\'il.p relt} - tarifredus

phone >ll;lUn] - tclefon

secret >( ikretJ - secret. taina (subst.);

secret (adj.)

receiver >lnsi va'] - rceeptorul telefonului

telephone box >ltchl~l.Un boks] - cabina telefonica

.. telephone directory >(t('hfaun dairdtan) - carte de telefon

bug >(oogJ - mierofon secret

revolving door > nvohm'.) do:'} - ~ tumanla

policy >Ipohsl) - politica, strategie

Exersati aceste cuvinte Inca 0 data, dar Intr-o ordine diferita:

telephone directory >11t'hfaun da/rektilfl] - cane de telefon

cheap rate >It\'il p Telt) - tarif redus

phone > (Iaun) - teleCon

policy >Ipohsi] - politicli, strategie

directory > [dalrcktan - birou de infonnalii

. ..
mqumes Ink ualari7] telefonice

secret > Isi.kret} - secret, taina (subst.);

secret (adj.)

operator >(oparMa1 - teJefonisl(l)

telephone box >(tt'hfaun boh) - cabina telefonica

bug >[bagJ - microfon secret

receIver >lnsi va r] :- receptorul lelefonului

revolving door >[nv'olvmlll do: f ] - ~a lumanta

telepbone >[teltfaun - eonvorbire

conversation konvaf<;ei~nJ telefonica

Vom introduce cuvintele nou invalate in propozilii. Citili propoziliile cu voce tare ~i unnarili
traducerea In limba romana:

You enter the post·office > [iu. cnla' Dta po:.t oil:. - lntri in ollciul po,stal
through the revolving door. "Pru Dta n\oh-mlll do: ] pe u,sa tumanta.

Can you keep a secret? > [ken iu: kl p a !'ik~IJ - Po\i sa pastrezi un secret?

The telephone conversation > [O'a tthraun kOn\af'>el~1I - Convorbirea telefonica

lasted only a minute. lastld aunh "an mimt] a durat doar un minut.

The operator asked me to > [D"a opare/tar askl ml - Telefonista m·a rugal
hold on. IU hauld on] sa a,slept.

Our policy is highly > [aua' pohsl I'> h.,h - Politica noastrii are
successful. saksesful] mare succes.

The bug was not found. > [O'a bag u01 not faund] - Microfollul secret nu a fost gasit.

The phone is ringing. - Suna lelefonul.

Call me in the evening, > [ko:1 ml- 10 0'1 i \nm'.l - Suna-rna seara, atunci
It is cheap rate Ihen. It IZ tt>1.p rclt D'en] este larif redus.

When I entered she pul down > [Uen 31 enla'd ~1. pul daun - Cand am intrat, ea punea
the receiver. D"a nsha'] receptorul in furca.

He phoned his wife from > [hi_ faund hlz "alf from - EI a dal lelefon soliei sale
a telephone box. a teMaun boh] dintr-o cabinil telefonica.

Directory inquiries may be > [dalreklan 1rn."al.ln7 mel bi- - Biroul de infonnalii telefonice
able to help you. elbllu help IU:] te-ar putea ajuta.

Is this the lalest telephone > [IZ DZls D'a lellast te!lraun - Aceasta este cea mai recenta
directory? dalTektan] carte de telefon?

Completali urmlitoarele propozilii in Jimha engleza cu cuvintele corespunzatoare:

Un var de-al meu cste lelefonist. - A cousin of mine is a telephone >operator.

Pentru a nu fi observat, microfonul secret - In order not to be noticed, a > bug

trebuie sa fie foarte mic. has to be very small.

Numarul lui de telefon nu este treeut - His number is nollisled

in cartea de telefon. in the >telephone dll'utory.

Secretul va fi descoperit in curand. - The >secret will be soon revealed.

iDtre anumite ore se beneficia.z.a de tarif redus. - At certain times there is a >cbeap rate.

Telefonul meu nu func~ioneaza. - My >phone is oul of order.

Rcceptorul a fost pus in furea - The ::>receIver has been put down
gre~it, in the wrong way.

Strategla mea este sa folosesc telefonul - It is my :>p1.lIu:) 10 use the phone

doar cand am neaparata neVOle. only when necessary.

Biroul de informa!ii telefomce - ;;:{),ra:t0l) mq ITlt could not

nu a putut s--o ajute. help her.

Nu lasa copilu! sa se joace - Don't let this child play

cu u~a tumanla! wilh the :>rC\ ulvm~ door!

Aiei era odata 0 cabina telefonicfi. - There used to be a ::-telephonc box here.

Acestc convorbiri telefonice - These ::'h:lcph{me convcrsallOm

rna costau 0 avere. were costing me a fortune.

Acesta este ultimu! set de cuvinte noi. Citili-Ie cu voce tare, acordand 0 alenlie deosebita pronWlliei lor:

direct >( d41rel..t J - direct

to bug >[IU bag] - a IOstala un microfon secret

long distance >lIon l ' di~tansl - la mare distanta (d. C01lvorbiri

te/efo1lice interurbane sau

to answer >{tll a osa'] - a rnspunde

engaged >1 IOgeu.!,lI } - ocupat (despre le/elon)

to hang up >IIU 'p - a inchide telefonul

="" >{ - secret

to look up >[tu lu,," pI - a cauta

engagmg >{ mgcmlllln' 'J - pHleut, fermecator

to make a call >[IU mClk a ko:l] - a da telefon

clumsy >Lllamn] - neindemiinatie, stangaci

to lift >l h 11ft} - a ridica

Completati urmatoarele prop(>Zltii cu noile cuvinte. Cititi-!e cu voce tare ~i fili atenli la traducerea
lor in limba romana:

You can call me direct >1 u. kEn kul mi. dol/reLt - La acesl numar m~ poti suna
there, lYea1 direct.

When she had told him >{U en ~I, hEd tauld htm - Dupa ce i~a spus vestea,
the news she hung up, Ofa nlu:z SI' hanl'l ar] ea a inch is.

John has a secret >1 dJon hEz a slkret - John are un numar
phone number. m namba'] de tclefon secret.

I have to make a call first. > [al hb tu mcik li ko:lli,'stj - Trcbuie sa dau mai intai un telefon.

The number has been engaged > [D'a namba' uoz tngeidJd - Telefonul a fost ocupat
all afternoon. 0:1 a:fta'nu.n] toata dupa-amiaza.

I was just going to lift > [al u oz dpst gaultl 181 tu ILft - Erarn pe punctul de a ridica
the receiver when somebody D'a risi. va' uen sarnbadi receplorul, ciind
entered. enta'dJ a intrat cineva.

A long distance call > [a 10nl,1 distan~ ko:1 - 0 convorbire la mare

IS expensive. 171\..spcnsi\'c] distanta este costistoare.

You can look it up in > [iu: kEn luk it ap 111 - Poti sa-l cauti in
the telephone directory. D'a tclifaun dairektari] cartea de telefon.

He did the job in > [hi. did O'a dJob In - El a facut treaba intr-un mod
a clumsy way. a klamzl "el] foarte neindemanatic.

Will you answer the call, > ["it iu: a:nsa' D a ko:1 - Vrei sa raspunzi (tu) la telefon,
please? pli:z] te rog?

The man had an engaging > [D'<1 mEn hEd.Ul mgelndJ1Il1i ) - Barbatul avea un zambet
smile. smailJ fenneealor.

All the telephones > [o:l rYa lclifaunz - in toate telefoanele au fost
hlld been bugged. hl·.d bl.n bagdj instalate microfoane.

Completati unnatoarele propozitii in limba engleza cu cuvintele noi:

Am avul 0 factura de telefon incarcala din cauza - We had a large telephone bill because of
mullor convorbiri la mare distanta. the many> long distance calls.

El a inchis Iclefonulinainte sa tennin. - He had >bung up before I finished.

N-am mai vazul niciodalii 0 persoana - We have never seen such

atiit de neindemanatica. a >clumsyperson.

Ea trebuie sa mai dea un telefon. - She has to >makeone more >call

De ce nu raspunzi? - Why don't you >answcrit?

Cand dai un telefon direct nu e nevoie - When you can call >dlrcctyou don't
sa apelezi la un telefonist. need an operator.

Trcbuie mai intai sa ridici receptorul. - You have to > 11ft the receiver first.

Ea i-a primit pe musafiri intr-un mod foarte placut. - She welcomed the guests in an >ellgagmgway.

Vrei sa caut numarul in locul tau? - Shall I > look up the number for you?

Voi incerca mai tarziu; acum este Deupat. - I shall try again later; it's > engaged

Cum poti obtine un numar de telefon secret? - How can you gel a >secTetphone number?

Sa incercam sa instalam microfonul in telefon. - Let's try >bll,!!"mpthe phone.

Folosirea unu; verb 10 modul illjinitiv duptl verbele to forget, to regret, to remember lace co

CD proPOZi!IO sa se refere 10 pre:.enr SaIl 10 viilOr, de exemptu:

Dan', forget to close the door when you leave. - Nu uita sa inchizi u~a dod plcci.

I regret to say ii's no use. - imi pare riu sa spun eli. nu are rost.

She remembered 10 phone him - Ea ~i-a amintit sa iI sune

before she left. inainte de a pleca.

Folosirea unu; verb 10 modul gerun:;u dupii ace/eai; \'erbe se reJera fa trecut:

He will never forget driving the car. - EI nu va uila niciodatli sa conduca ma~ina.

She regrets telling him lhe news. - Ea regret! eli. i-a spus adevarul.

Do you remember hearing anything at the time? - iti aminte~ti sa fi auzil ceva aluDci?

Traduceti urmatoarele propozitii in limba cogleza., folosind Daile reguli de gramatica:

Nu voi uita nieiodata ell am stal acolo > I ""Ill ne\C'r forgel staymg there
o saptlimana. IMa wcel-.

EI regrcta eli a jignit·o. > lie regrets hurtmg her,

Amint~te-li sa trimitl aceastli scrisoare > Pie c remember to register

cu valoare declarata. Ihls ICller.

Sper ell nu vei uita sli seoti banii. > [ hope you will not forget to wlthdr.m-
the mone\

Regrel sa-i iau juearia eopilului. > I regret 10 lake the toy from the child but
dar ered ea esle perieulos. Ilhlllk It'S dangerous.

imi amintese eli stateam acolo ore intregi > I remember lilltmg thcre for hours
in fiecare zi. e\cry day,

Trebuie sli·mi amintesc sa vopsesc aceasta ~a. > I musl remember 10 pamt thiS door.

Regret ci nu mai poti sla acum eu mine; > I regrel to send you [l",'ay now;
POli veni maine. you may come back tomorm",

Nu uila sa inapoiezi eartea > Remember to return the book

panll. vineri. belore Friday.

iii aduci aminle cand ai intrat pentru prima oarll. > Do you remember entenng the school
in $<=oala? bUlldmg for the first time?

Amimiri-vii cii dupiiformele de (recut ale verbului to forget se poote/alos; doar modlll infinitiv. de

CD exempfu:

He forgot to shave before leaving. - El a uitat sa se barbiereasca tnainte sa pIece.

She has forgotten to exchange the money. - Ea a uitat sa schimbe banii.

Pentru a exprima eli cineva a uital ceva care !i-a pe/recut inaime de lin allumit mument din Irecllt,
trebuie folasitii 0 propozirie care sii llrmcze dupii verbul "to forget". de exemptu:

The secretary forgot the leiter had - Secrctara a uitat C3 scrisoarca fuscse
already been written. deja selisa.

~iacum inca un grup de expresii folositoare in conversatiile uzuale in limba engleza. Citili-le eu
voce tare:

Can [ have a word with you? > [kEn ai hEy a ua'd UID' iu:) - Pot sa vorbesc ceva cu tine?

Take your time. > [h:ik iua' talm] - Nu te grabi.

I fail to see why > l al fei! tu Sl: Yai - Nu vad de ce am face asta.
we should do Ihal. 'i ;;ud du: D'Et]

Let me have a shot at it. > [lcl ml: hEv a ~ot Et It) - (Lasa-ma) sa incerc ~i eu.

You must wait your tum, sir. > [Iu, mast Ycit iua' ta'n sa') - Trebuic sa a~teptati sa va vina
randul, domnule.

You needn't have bothered. > [Iu: ni.dnt hE\ baD/a'd) - Nu trebuia sa te deranjezi.

I'm inclined to believe you. > [aIm mklallld III blli ...., IU:] - Sunt inclinat sa te credo

As far as I'm concerned ... > [Ez fa:' Ez. aim kansii'nd] - in ceea ce rna prive~te ...

I ran into her the other day. > [al rEn intu ha' 0'1 nOLil' dei] - M-am intalnit cu ea zilele trecute.

That rcminds me! > lOZEt rimainds ml:] - Apropo!

In afarii de "to want" # "to need" mai sunt $i alre elemente care eel' Ull verb /a modul gerunziu eu
CD sens pas/v:

I. dup(l verhlll to bear (dour in Propozilii interogative ,~i negative) de exemplu:

This work can't bear being compared with - Aceasta lucrare nu se poate compara cu
his previous compositions. compozitiile lui anterioare.

Can it bear looking at critically? - Poatc suporta sa fie privita cu ochi critic?
2. dllpii WI adverb worth, de exemplu:

It is worth reading. - Merita sa fie citita.

Is it worth waiting for? - Merita sa a~teplam?

3. elupO beyond, de exemptu:

Those young criminals are bel'ODd saying. - Acei cnminali linen nu mai pol fi saha!l.

4. elupo un aeJl1erb co past. de exemplll:

The patient is past operating 00. - Pacientul nu mai poate fi opera!.

CuwintuJ beyond inseamna "dmcoJo de" in comblnor;e ell un verb 10 modul genm2;u inseomnti
literal 'fiirii posibliltatea de a face ceva .. sau "0 nu mal puleo fi ".... (reparat. salvat etc.).

Acefa~; in/eles in construeTi; de aces, fel if are f; CUI'antul past.

Rezolvand unnatorul exerciliu veti veri fica daca ali retinul noile nOliuni de gmmatic!. Traduce1i in
limba englezi:

Ei au uitat sa "entice motornl maljinii. > Thc~ fo~ot to ch~k the engme of the car

Am uitat sa intrcb unde pot sa iau legatura cu eJ. > I forgot to ask where Il;all contact hun

EI a uitat eli iili cheltuise aproape > J Ie forgot Ihat he had already !\pent
IOli banii. all hb money.

Nu trebuia sa te deranjezi > You needn·1 ha\'c bothc:red

sa imi cumperi bilet. 10 l1uy a Ilckel lor me

in ceea ce rna prive~te, nu mcritll vazut. > A'i far as I am concerned It lsn·t wonh watl:hmg.

Apropo! Trebuie 53 merg la 0 'iedin!3 > That remmd me' I ha\c to be at a m~tmg

la ora opt. II to ght.

Nu pot suporta 53 fiu evalual de caire > I ,an't bc-.u bc=mgJudged by a real entu:
un critic adevlirat.

Aceste legume nu mai pot fi mancate. > These vcgctllbles are beyond eatmg.

Scrisoarea era distrusa 'ii nu mai putea fi citilli. > The letter \\as damaged beyond readmg.

Ciorapii nu mai puteau fi reconditionati. > The:>ocu wen: past mendmg.

Prezentu{ simplu este folosil adesea penlru a exprima viitorul. ESlefolosit:

CD I. in propoziriile simple. in care exista 0 precizare a timpului $i ac,iunea viitoare este considerata
cafiiciind parte dinlr·un program sau plan dejajixat. de exemplu:

It takes place on the sixth. - Va avea loe pe data de 'iase.

The bus leaves at a quarter to four. - Autobuzul pleac;\ la patru tara un sfert.

They go the day after tomorrow. - £i vaT pleca poi maine.

School begins next week. - ~coala [DCepe sapUimana viitoare.

They arrive shortly after seven. - Ei var sosi la putin limp dupa ora ~apte.

2. in propozi!iile inlroduse de locu{iunile adverbiale care indica timpul, cum or fi: till, as soon
as, if, Ihe moment, de exemplu:

I will go as soon as I have this infonnation. - Voi pleca de indatii ce oblin aceste informalii.

Wail till they get there. - A~teapUi pana ajung ei aiei.

You must call us the moment - Trehuie s5 ne suni imediat ce
you arrive there. ajungi aeola.

You will miss the train if you stay - Vei pierde !reoul daca mai stai.
any longer.

Pre:ellllli simp/II se poate referi ,~j fa evenimenle trecule (0$0 numitul prczent istoric):

CD In 1939 the Second World War starts. - in 1939 Incepea cel de-al doilea
razhoi mondial.

Then the man standing in front of me turns - Apoi, omul care statea in [ala mea se intoarse
around and threatens me with a gun. ~i ma arneninla cu 0 arma.

lata acum inca un grup de expresii [recvent folosite in conversa!iile uzuale. Citi!i-Ie atent ~i cu voce

He spoke in a low voice. > [hi: spauk in a lau vols] - El vorhca cu 0 voce scazuta.

Ifs my tum. > [it:; mal ta'nJ - Este randul meu.

Nothing of the kind. > [naT'inIJl flV D'a bind] - Nimic de felul acesta.

It won't do any harm. > lit Uaunt du: cni ha:'m] - Nu se va intfunpla nimic rau.

How boring! > [hau bO'm(.IP] - Ce plictisitor!

That's really 100 bad. > [IYEts ri;Jli Ill: bEd] - Ce pacat!

That's the limit. > [D'Ets D'a hmlt] ~ Asta-i culmea/ din cale-afara!

Don't look at me like that. > I daunt luk Et mi: laik OLEt] - Nu te uita a~a la mine.

Can you manage? > [kEn m: mEmdJ] ~ Te descurci?

in urrnAtorul excrcitiu veti recapitula matenalul dlO aceasta pane a lectlci. Traduceti urmatoarele
propozi!ii in lImba engleza:

La sra~itul anului 1942 razboiul incepca > At the end of 1942 Ihe ""ar started 10
sa se desra~are in defavoarea nem!ilor. go" rong for the Germans

Apoi, omul din spatele tcjghelel > Thcn the man behmd Ihc counter
spuse ca era randul meu. says It wa') my lum

A~teapta pana dnd vei fi sigur; > Walt tlil you are ure.
nu se va intampla nimic rau. II will not do you any harm

Voi lua Icgatura cu tinc de indata > I will contact you a') soon as
ce voi avea ve~ti noi. I ha\ e further nc"",,

Magazinele se vor desehide peste cinci minute. > The shops open tn fi,'e mtntltes

Maine vorn eina irnpreuna cu ei. > We dtne with Ihem tomorrow

Meciul va incepe la ora doua ~i jumatate. > The match starts at half past two

Acei oameni nu mai pot fi ajutati. > Tho50C people are beyond helptng,

Merita inlr-adevar sa incerci? > Is It reall} worth trymg"

Merita sa faei atata drum ca sa-I eumperi? > Is II worth travelling a long distance 10 bu) If.'

Nu TeZista eritieii unor oameni informa!i. > It cannot bear being Judged b)< senSible

Chiar dad Ie grabe~ti. trebuie > E\en If you are In a hurry you must
sa-Ii 3¥tepti mndu!. \\ all your tum.

Ea a uitat cli hranise deja pisica. > She forgot she had alre'ldy fed the cat.

Am uitat sii ii anun1 pc plirin!li mei. > I forgot to let ffi} parenls know

Ea a uitat sa:'~i ia umbrela. > She forgot to lake her umbrdla With her.

Ei nu vor uita niciodat! eli. au petrecul > They \\-111 ne\'cr forget .;pendlng
aceste saptamani aid. these weeks here

Aminte~te-li sa cumperi catcva portocale. > Remember to buy a fcw oranges.

Urmalorul exerci\iu va va ajuta sa reline!i vocabularul invatat pe parcursul acestei leetii. Traduce!i
urmatoarea conversatie in limba engleza:

Chris: Pot sa dau un telefon? > May I use your phone?

Laura: Bineinteles; telefonul este ehlar aieL >Sure, ifs right here.

Chris: Dar ar trebui sa caut mai intAi >Wetl. I would have 10 look up
nurnarul de telefon. the number llrst

Laura: lmi pare rl!u, dar nu am >I'm sorry, but I don't have
carte de telelon. the telephone directory.
Chris: Atunci voi suna la biroul de informatii > I'll cal! directory Inquiries then
telelonice. Of, sunil ocupat. Oh, the number IS engaged,

laura: Mal IncearcA. numArul acesta > Just keep trying. thiS number
este mereu ocupal. IS always engaged

Chris: Apropo, ~tii dnd esla tarif redus? > By the way. do you know when
the cheap rale IS?

laura: Crad ca Intre orele 6 p.m. ~i 6 a.m., > I think that between 6 p.m, and 6 p,m.,
dar mai bine intreaba la biroul but you'd betler ask
de inlormatJi talafonica. the Inquiries.

Chris: Bine. Maine trebuie sa dau cateva > OK. Tomorrow I must make a few
telefoane la mare distanta ~i mai degrabll long distance calls and I'd rather do ttus
fac asta cand asta mai ieftin. when Irs cheaper

laura: Da, telefoanele la mare distanta sunt > Yes, long dIstance calls are
destul de costisitoare in zilele noastre. qUite expenSIVe nowadays
IncearcA sA suni de la 0 cabina telefonica. Try cal ,"g from a telephone box.
Este mai ieftin decat prin centrata. Irs cheaper than going through the operator.

CHltl cu voce tare urmatoarele grupuri de cuvinte ce conlin sunete asemlinlHoare:

( , u [au] (- J
secret operator phone answer

receiver policy postage parcel

cheap contract post m

three confident enclose overdraft

feel mop so half


Traduccli unnatoarcle propozilii in limba romana:

We must avoid exciting her. >"J rebUic ~ e\ II,un lia 0 prm ocam,

When he saw me he began to complain >(';md m·a \atul. a inceput "a se pJanga
about his room. dc camera lUi

Whether you tell him or not is all the same 10 me. > MI·e 1I\<!II.:renl <!al;:a il hpUi au nu

My parents like gOing for a walk > P.Hnlllor m~1 Ie place ~j sc phmbe
on a summer even mg. in senle d~ \ara.

We prefer 10 go on foot because otherwise > Pn::kmm J.:I. mcr~em re J05. altfe!
we will be there much too early. \om 8lUnt;e a.,;olo mull prea n::pcde.

I need to look up a few telephone numbers. > rrcbUie sa .,;aut calc\a numen:: de telefon.

This shirt needs ironing. > Ace la camap. trebule cakata.

I tried to catch the 1asl train but >Am incercal sa pnnd ultlmul Iren. dar
I didn't succeed. nu am rru':'ll

He tned eating less and soon his weight > H a incen:at lid manance mal pUlm I. dupa
was back to normal. pU!1n I1mp. a rt'vcmlla grcutah::a lUI nonna 1.

Don't forget to drop me a line. > ~u Ulla sa inll "em macar un rand.

He doesn't remember overtaking > [I nu i':'l auunlesle !ld Ii depa~lt 0

such a car. ibcmenea maSIn.1

My secretary forgot to stick a stamp >Secrctara mea a ullat sa hpcasca tlmbml

on the envelope. pe pIle.

He forgot that he had enclosed it > EI a IIllat ea a tnrnlS-O

in the previous letter. in serlsoarea antenoaru.

Let me have a shot at translating the letter. > Lusa-ma sa ineere sa Ir"due scnsoarea.

I fail to see why it can '1 bear comparing >Nu vad de ce nu se poate eompara
with other paintings. cu alte tdbloun.

You needn'l have bothered; il isn't worth > ~u ar fi trebUl1 sa Ie dcranJczL nu menta
spending lime on. sa i!1 pieTZI Illnpul

The task before us is beyond > Sarcma care ne a leapla mlrcce once
. ..
Imagmmg. inchlpulre

We leave on Ihe fourteenth. > Vom plcea pe data de palsprezece.

You will meet them if you stay for dinner. > II 'iel cunoa!:ile daca ramial la ema.

In 1918 the war comes to an end. >jn 1918 -a lermmat ramolUl.

Traduceti urmlUoarele propozitii in lilllba engleza::

Detest sa mi se adreseze in aeest fel. > I resent bemg addressed 10 thIS manner.

De ee ai amanat sa faei cerere > Wh} h3\e you po:<tponed applymg

pemru aceasta slujba? lor thiS Job')

Ea intenlioneaza sa i~i invite ~i toate veri~arele. > Sh.: mtends to 10\ til.' all her COU'ltnS too.

Ei au incetat sa plateasca dinlr-un motiv > lOey ha\e ceased to pay for one reason
sau altu!. or olher.

Lui i-ar placea sa·~i petreaea. vacanla > He \\-ould lI)..e to spend hiS holidays
in strainatate anul acesta. abroad thl~ year

Ea detest1i sa completeze formulare. > She h:!tes fillmg III forms

Galeata aceea trebuie golitn. > Th:!t bucket needs emptYing.

Vreau sa·i dau tclefon: cautio te rog. > I \\ant to call hun; plca..e 100).. up
numa-rul lui de telefon de acasa. 11I~ home number

Ea incearca sa petreaca mai mult timp cu eopiii ei. > She tnes 10 spend more time \\ IIh herchlldeen

Amlnli\I-\a sa \'a punetl cenlurile de siguranta. > Remember to ja!>tcn \-our. cat-belts

Ei nu regreta ea se muta in alt o~" > rhc~ don "1 regret mO\ Ing to another to\\ n

Tom a uitat sA ia legatura eu sindicatul. > Tllm forgot to canta.:t the trade union.

Acest disc merita eumpArat. > This record IS worth buylO.@:

Asemenea oameni nu se mai pot schimba. > Such people are past changing.

Ultimul autobuz pleaca la miezul nOPlii. > The last bus lcaves at midnight.

Te rog, a.steapta palla cand vei merge acolo > Please Willt 1i11 It IS safe to go
in siguranla. there.

Cheami politJa de indata ce vezi > Call the pollee as soon as you see
ceva ciudat. an;-thin!-! strange.

in 1066 avea loe batalia de la Hastings. > In 1066 Lhe Daulc of Hastmgs takes place.

o clipa mai taUIU zacea mort la pamarJl. > A moment later he' hes dc:ad on the ground.

Este inadmisibil sa plateasca alat de putin! > It's the hmlt that they pay ~ Imle!



24.1. Dupa verbele "'0 forgel", "to regret", "to remember", infinitivul cu "'0" se rerera la prezent
sau la viitor, iar gerunziulla trecut:
Dan', forgel to close the door. - Nu uila sl inchizi u~a.

He will never forgel driving - EI nu va uila niciodatl sa conducl

the car. m~lna.

24.2. Dupa verbul "to (orgd'ia lTeCul. se poale folosi doar un verb la modul infinitiv:

He forgot to shave before leaving. - EI a uilat sa se blrbiereasci inaintc de a plua.

She has forgonen to change the money. - Ea a uitat sa schimbe banii.

24.3. Penlru a exprima (aplul ca cineva a uitat un lueru care s·a intimplat inaintea unui moment
precis din Irecul trebuie folasitl 0 propozilie:

The secretary forgot that the letter - $ecrelara a Ullat d. scrisoarea

had already been written. fusese deja sensA.

24.4. Gerunziul cu sens pasiv se rolose~te:

I. dupa verbul "10 bear" in propozitii interogative ~i negative, de exemplu:

This work can'l bear comparing - Aceasta lucrare nu poate fi comparata

with his previous compositions. cu compozitiile sale anterioare.

2. dupa "worth", "beyond" ~i "past", de exemplu:

It is worth reading. - Merila sa cite~ti.

Those criminals are beyond saving. - Acei criminali nu mai pOl fi salvati.
The patient is past operating on. - Pacientul nu mai poale fi opera\.

24.5. Prezentul simplu se poale folosi penlro a exprima un eveniment viitor:

11 takes place on the sixth. - Va avelly loe pe data de ~ase.

Wait till they get there. - A,teaptA pan! vor ajunge acolo.

24.6. Prezentul simplu se pOOle folosi pentru a face referire 1a ceva ce S-8 petrecut in trecut (Prezentu!

In 1939 the Second World War begins. - in 1939 incepea cel de-al doilea
rizboi mondiaJ.

24.7. Expresii folosiloore in conversatii:

That's really too bad. - Este mare pacat.

Let me have a shot at it. - (LasA-mA) 51 incerc ~i eu.


A Traduce\i unniltoarele propozitii in limba romana:

1. Fancy running into him and not recognizing him!

2. They continue 10 resist everything we propose.

3. The meeting lakes place tomorrow.

4. Many people prefer gening a benefit to earning a living.

5. I hate to tell you this hut I cannot lend you any morc money.

B. TraducC\1 unnatoarele propozitii in limba engleu:

I. Batena trebuie incarcata.

2. AI incercal vreodata sa Ie gate~1i mai intai~

3. Nu ulta sa-l spui eli eSlc cautat la telefon.

4. Nu voi ulla niciodata ell am auzil actlc glasuri.

5. Aces! film meriUi V3zUt.

6. Mi-ar placea sa ascuil noul tau disc.

C. Alegeti fornla corecta a verhului pentru a completa unnaloarele propozilii in limha engleu:

I. He has Just quitted ...

a) to smoke
b) smoking

2. The sink needs ...

a) to cle,m
b) cleaning

3. We forgot ... the light before leaving.

a) to tum ofT
b) turning ofT

4. We tried ... the actress, bUI we could only hear her.

a) to see
b) seeing

5. I hate ... 10 get up early.

a) to have
b) having


addressee > (Edrasl.] - destinatar

10 answer > (tua nsa~ - a raspunde

to attempt > (tuatempt] - a incerca

to avoid > {IU 3\OldJ - a evita; a ocoli

beyond > (bllond] - dincolo (de)

10 bother > LIu bo[Ya'] - a (se) deranja

bug > (oogJ - microfon secret

to bug > I tu bag] - a instala un microfon secret

to burst out > [tu bats! aUI] - a izbucni

by ainnail > [bal earmeil] - prin po~la aeriana

by cheque >Lbait~ekJ - prin camelul de cecuri

by return > (bal rila'n) - cu prima ridicare

a corespondentei

10 cease > {IUSl:zJ - a inceta, a (sc) opri

cheap rale > rl~Tp fell] - tanf redus

clumsy > (ldanm] - neindemanatic, slangaci

collection > (k.ale~nl - ridican:a corespodentei

to concern > (Ill bn~i'n 1 - a privi, a avea legaturi cu

confident > (lonfidantJ - increzator, optimist

confidential > I konfiden~l] - confidential, secret

to contact > I tu kintEkI] - a contacta, a lua tegatura cu

correspondence > [korispondans 1 - corespondenta

counter clerk > [kaunta' kla:rk] - functionar (la ghi~u)

debt > [del] - datorie

to delay > [tu ddt'l] - a intirzia, a amana

delivery > (dllhanJ - livrare, predare; distribuire

to deny > [tu dlnai) - a nega

dexterous > [dekstras I - indemanatic, dibaci, abil

to dictate > [tll dillell] - a dicta

direct > [dalrckl) - direct

directory inquiries > [dalrektan tnkllalan:z] - birou de informatii lelefonice

10 enclose > [tll mldauz] - a anex:a, a trimite (in plic)

engaged > [lngeidJd] - ocupat (despre teleron)

engagmg > [mg.... ,dJml~!l - pllicUI, fermec3tor, incanliitor

envelope >[emalaup) - plic

exchange rale > {lksbemd, reit] - curs de schimb valular

to fail > {IU feil] - a~ua; a nu ...

to hang up >[IU hEn'~) apJ - a inchide telefonul

hann >(ha:'m] - rau, prejudiciu

hesitanl >Ihezuanl] - ezitant, ~viitor

to hesitate > (tu hezllelt) - a ezila, a ~ovai

10 hold on >(lU h;lUld on) - a ~tepta (la telelon etc.)

inclined >[mklamd] - inclinat

to intend >[lu mtend] - a intentiona, a avea de giind

lellerbox > [leta'boks] - cutie de scrisori

to lift >[tuhft] - a ridica

limil > {lnUltJ - limit!, capli!

list >{hsl] - lisla

10 hst >[tu list) - a inregistra, a inscrie pe 0 liSla

long distance > m di tans] - distanta mare

to look up > tu lu' ap] - a cauta

to mail > tu md] - a expedia prin po~la

mail-service >[mel1:;a\hJ - servicii po~tale

to make a call >[tu melk a 1.0:11 - a da lelefon

to manage >ltu m[l1IdJ) - a se descurca

to omit >Ltuomit] - a omite, a uita

operator > [opare/ta'] - lelefonist(!)

the other day >[0'] aO'a' del] - zilele trecute

overdraft > [ilu.. a'dra. ft) - dep~ire a contului in banca

to owe >(luau] - a datora, a fi dator

owing to >(i"m' 'IU] - dalorita. din cauza

parcel >[pa rsl] - pachet, eolet

phone >(faun] - teleCon

pile >[patl] - gramada, teane

to pile up >[tupallap] - a se aduna, a se sirange

pillar box >[ pila' bob] - eUlie po~tala

policy >{polisl] - politica, strategie

post > (p'-lust] - po~tii, ot'iciu po~tal

to poSI > {Ill paustJ - a pune la po~tii

postage > I paustlJJJ - taxa po~talli

postcard > (paustka:'dJ - carte po~talii

printed matter > {printld mEta1 - material tiparit, liplirituri

prone to > [prolUn tuJ - predispus la

to put ofT > III put oil - a amana

to quit >(tu uit] - a renunla, a opri; a parnsi

receIVer > nsi \a'J - re£eptorul telefonului

10 register > [tu redllsta'JJ - a inregistra, a i"nscrie in registru

10 regret > (tu ngretJ - a regreta, a-i parea rolU

to resent > {tu rizent] - a detesla, a-i dlsplacea

revolving door > [mol\m' do. I - up; lumanla

10 run into > [tu r.m inlul - a se intalni (din inlfimplare) cu

secret > {siknlj - secret, taina (subs!.); secret (adj.)

sender > [ ,end.1'J - expeditor

statement > [steEtman!] - afinnalie, declaralie; in~tiintare

to stick > Itu Silk] - a Iipi

sticky > (stiki] - lipicios, murdar

to suggest > [tusadJcstJ - a sugera

surcharge > I sa~a·rdJJ - suprataxli

telegram > (tcllgrEm] - tclcgrama

telephone > ltehfaun] - telefon

telephone conversation > [tehfaun kOIl\·arsei~nJ - convorbire tclefonica

telephone directory > [lclifaun damklari] - carte de telefon

telephone box > [Ieilfaun bohJ - cabinli telefonicli

transaction > Itrl::nzEk::;:n] - Iranzaclie, afacere

tum > [ta'n] - mnd (0-; ~'eni randul)

understamped > {anda'st[mpt] - francatltimbrat sub valoare

unstamped > (anst[mpt] - ne~lampilal