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Natural care from head to toe.

Feel good. Look good. At Himalaya Herbals, we are

committed to developing herbal
Naturally. remedies that nourish your
body, mind and soul, naturally.
Our herbal products are gentle
enough for regular use, and
unlike conventional products
have no side effects.

Daily care routine | Morning

Daily care routine:
Make your skin glow every day. Just follow
three simple steps to keep your skin clean, healthy
and hydrated.

Step 1 – Cleanse
Cleansing makes your face glow by removing dead
skin cells. To cleanse, gently rub cleansing solution
using a damp cotton pad to remove dirt, oiliness,
make-up and dead skin cells.

Step 2 – Tone
Toning protects your skin by tightening facial

Glow with beauty, naturally. pores and by removing excess oiliness. To apply use
a damp cotton pad with gentle upward strokes.

Step 3 – Moisturize
Moisturizers hydrate and nourish your skin. To
apply, dab small drops of moisturizing lotion on
your palm and smoothen it on the skin with a Moisturize -
gentle circular motion.
Face Moisturizing Lotion

Cleanse - Face Wash

Tone - Gentle Toner

Daily care routine | Night Weekly care routine

Regular skin care goes a long way in keeping early ageing at bay. Use
of our herbal face packs and scrubs once or twice a week
complements your daily care routine and makes you glow with
beauty for longer. The scrubs gently slough away dead skin cells,
unclog pores and remove deep-seated impurities. On the other hand,
the face pack firms, tightens and rejuvenates your skin, naturally.

Skin care tips while using scrubs:

• Moisten the face and neck.
• Gently massage the scrub in a circular motion.
• Avoid contact with broken skin and the area around your eyes.

Skin care tips while using face packs:

• Cleanse face and neck.
• Apply evenly over face and neck (Avoid the area around the eyes).
• Allow pack to dry.
• Remove with wet sponge and wash skin with cool water.

Cleanse- Moisturize -
Revitalizing Night cream Face Packs & Scrubs Face Moisturizing Lotion

Under Eye cream

Deep Cleansing Milk
Tone - Gentle Toner

Protective Skin Care Essentials: Protect your skin from acne and pimples with the
natural magic of neem and turmeric. Neem
protects with antibacterial properties. While
Turmeric controls acne and pimples effectively. So,
try our exclusive range of protective face wash,
face pack and soap to experience clean, soft and
supple skin, naturally.

Natural beauty for all skin types.

Neem & Turmeric Soap

Daily use (For Body)

Neem Face Pack

Neem Facewash Weekly use
Daily use

Dry Skin Essentials Fight dry, itchy skin by keeping moisture in. Low
temperature, low humidity and chilly winds
Oily Skin Essentials Reduce oiliness, undo clogged pores and get the glow
naturally. Over-productive sebaceous glands cause
remove skin’s essential oils. But our exclusive oiliness, enlarge pores and cause blemishes. But our
range of face washes, body wash soaps, fruit packs exclusive range of oil balancing face wash, mud pack,
and body lotions moisturise, rejuvenate and cleansers and toners keep oiliness in check and remove
restore your natural glow. Try it today and keep impurities. Try it today and get the glow naturally.
moisture in.

Refreshing Cucumber Soap

Daily use ( For Body )

Refreshing Fruit Pack

Weekly use Gentle Refreshing Toner
Weekly use
Oil Balancing Fase Wash
Nourishing Skin Cream Daily use
Almond / Cream & Honey Soap Daily use
Daily use ( For Body)
Hydrating Fash Wash Cream Deep Cleansing Milk
Mud Pack
Daily use Weekly use Weekly use

Winter Care Essentials Safeguard your skin this winter. Prevent dry skin,
cracked heels and more with Himalya’s
Summer Care Essentials Sparkle with natural beauty this summer. Stay
protected from sun burn, U.V. rays and premature
all-natural skin care essentials. aging with protective sunscreen lotion. And beat the
heat with refreshing face packs.

Body Lotion

FootCare Cream

erm • Aloe



Prevents premature aging,

heals dry and irritated skin

Body Lotions Gentle Exfoliating

Walnut Scrub

Nourishing Skin Cream Neem Face Pack

Protective Sunscreen Lotion
Face Moisturizing Lotion
Lip Balm
Refreshing Fruit Pack

Hair Care Essentials

Hair care routine:
Make your hair dazzle with natural care. Just follow three simple steps to
keep your hair clean, healthy and well-conditioned.

Step 1 – Oil your hair:

Oiling the hair improves blood circulation and keeps hair roots strong.
Part your hair and apply oil all over the scalp. Massage gently in a circular
motion and leave for an hour before washing.

Step 2 – Shampoo:
Shampooing removes dirt and cleanses hair without stripping the scalp of
its natural sebum. First, brush your hair to loosen dirt and dead skin cells
from the scalp. Wet your hair until it’s completely drenched. Massage
Natural care for healthy hair. shampoo gently from the root to the tip and remember to rinse

Step 3 – Condition:
Conditioning moisturizes your hair and keeps it soft, smooth and tangle
free. To apply, gently massage the conditioner from root to tip. Leave for
a minute and rinse thoroughly.

Protein Shampoo

Protien Conditioner

Revitalizing Hair Oil

Anti-Dandruff Essentials: Stay dandruff-free, naturally. Try Himalaya’s Anti-Dandruff

Hair Oil, Shampoo and Cream to keep dandruff off your hair,
Hair Loss Control Essentials: Stop hair loss and promote hair growth, naturally. Improve hair growth and
strengthen weak hair with Protein Hair Cream. Nourish the roots and prevent hair fall
each new day. with Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo. And care for dull lifeless hair with revitalizing hair oil. So
use Himalaya Hair Loss control essentials and keep your hair on, naturally.

Protein Hair Cream

Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil

Anti-Dandruff Hair Cream Revitalising Hair Oil

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo

Anti-ageing Essentials: Slow down time the natural way. Delay wrinkles,
smoothen fine lines and sparkle with younger looking
eyes. Try Himalaya’s Anti-ageing essentials and stay
younger for longer.

Stay healthy. Be natural.

Anti Wrinkle Cream

Under Eye Cream

Revitalizing Night Cream

Slimming Essentials: Get fit, healthy and confident naturally. Stay slim with the natural
goodness of pure forest honey. Or get slim with Ayurslim. With no added Anti-Stress Essentials: Unwind, overcome mental fatigue and beat stress. Make stress disappear
with Anti-stress massage oil. Or drink tea and sip stress away. Prepared with
sugar or artificial preservatives, Himalaya forest honey is your healthiest 100% herbal actives Himalaya Anti-stress products are 100% safe to use. So
alternative to harmful artificial sweeteners. On the other hand, Ayurslim is keep stress away with Anti-stress essentials.
a clinically proven, 100% safe slimming aid. It facilitates weight reduction
and improves lipid profile without causing any side-effects. So be slim
naturally with Himalaya slimming essentials.

Sleep/ Stress Tea

AyurSlim Forest Honey

Anti-Stress Massage Oil

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