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June 14 - 20, 2010 Vol. IV No 0007

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Opinion June 14 - 20, 2010

By Ber Pacheco


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June 14-20, 2010 Life Matters 11
T h e

Advertising during a recession

d e f i n e s
prudence as
the quality or
HOW do you sufficiently state of being
convince businesses that in prudent;
recessionary times, advertising wisdom in the
should not be the first thing they way of caution
cut, as during these times is when and provision;
d i s c re t i o n ;
they need most to express their
carefulness; hence, also, economy; frugality. It can also mean good sense,
special deals and prices to a forethought, acumen.
consumer base hungry for According to a wise man, prudence is but experience that time bestows
bargains? on all men. As the saying goes, experience is the best teacher. Life’s questions
D. E. Wilson are mostly answered by having been there, done that; having gone through
Mississippi, USA the ups and downs, entrances and exits, and all the in-betweens; having
taken to heart every lesson in every season; and emerging a better person
You are right about your every time.
premise that businesses should Ask Prudence endeavors to answer questions about things that matter
– at work, in business, about relationships. There is no right or wrong answer,
advertise during a recession. Given
however; only what good judgment dictates, or common sense necessitates.
that most companies regard Email your questions, reactions, or thoughts to:
advertising as an expense rather
than an investment, it is the first seats are sold almost at giveaway across, clearly and cleanly, because
thing that they cut when hard times prices. Not only do the “smart” the rest of your competitors are
prevail. So your question basically tourists get the best rates, the best silent. Not only will your voice be have been conducted over the years justification to undertake
is: how do you tell your clients that seats and the best deals – which can heard much better because there are to prove that companies should advertising during an unfavorable
when the going gets tough, the translate to at least 50% off of only a few of you speaking, but your maintain advertising during a business climate. It gives the
smart ones advertise? regular tags – but they also get to market share will grow wider as recession, and it’s a wonder why not company the right opportunity to
First off, it might be a stretch go about their business of well because consumers will many marketers are using those say something that is relevant to the
to ask your clients, albeit politely, sightseeing, shopping, swimming, gravitate to your brand due to the same studies to further their clients’ period – i.e. special deals, price cuts,
what their reason/s is/are for cutting dining and what-have-you without image of reliability that it is creating interests. Those same studies discounts, etc. – more efficiently,
advertising, lest they give you the the hassle of being pushed and even in the midst of a financial showed that sales and profits with focus on value and quality and,
boot offhand. The rationale here shoved around by a multitude of calamity. declined at companies that cut back maybe, new uses for the products
though is that, the motivation for other people wanting to do the same And the latter statement is not on advertising, and after the they are selling.
advertising during good times may thing. without basis. History books are recessions ended – particularly the And while we’re at it, media
not be the same motivation to I mean, would you rather not replete with studies conducted by ones in 1923 and the ‘50s – they outlets (such as yourself, I presume)
advertise in slow times. go on vacation when the airports economists, business analysts and continued to lag behind those that would also do well to offer their own
Be that as it may, you can are less crowded and there are more academics during and after past maintained their ad budgets. The special deals at a time when even
perhaps tell them that when rooms at the inn, so to speak? Stress recessions showing that companies bottom line being, slashing their biggest clients are staying
companies cut down on their levels usually rise when crowds are who decided to make their presence advertising during economic away from the airwaves and the
advertising during an economic thick and service is poor, surely. Not felt in difficult times are the ones upheavals can result in both printed pages. Special deals such
crisis – whether global or local – to mention that you are able to that achieved growth in sales and immediate and long-term negative as bundled ads, goodwill ads, 2+1
such a move leaves an empty space spend less money on the essentials, market share. One verifiable bit of results on a company’s financial or 3+1 offers, hefty discounts, etc.
in consumers’ minds, a void which i.e. fares, accommodation, food, information is the McGraw-Hill statements. – in other words, deals that will give
any marketing person worth his etc., and you have more space to research study of 600 business Another point that you can more value for your client’s money.
PhD would quickly grab at and take move around at your own pace, establishments in the US which advise your client is the fact that Essentially, what it all boils
advantage of without a moment’s which are what vacations are all concluded that those who when there is a collective cut on ad down to is: Let the competition cut
hesitation. about anyway. maintained or increased their ad spending, the demand for ad their advertising budget. Maintain
An analogy that I can think of The same is true with budgets during the 1981-82 services and media exposure drops yours, if you can’t increase it. And
to compare this scenario with is advertising at a time when recession experienced a 256% correspondingly. And following the to paraphrase what one wise guy
going on vacation during the so- everybody else has opted out. There increase in sales compared to those law of supply and demand, the cost said, tough times don’t last, but
called lean season, when hotels and is an opportunity – a big one, who cut their budgets. of services will consequently go smart ones do. Play the smart card,
resorts are near empty and airline actually – to get your message In fact, hundreds of studies down thus providing a strong and see what happens.

Love it From page 12) tables after eating at McDonald’s

because we are used to having
tongue and speak the same like
natives, with a nasal twang to boot,
come? Aren’t they a cacophonous
mix of graying political has-beens
as it were. They bit the bullet, went
for the jugular, put their money
the world does. We fasten seat belts, someone else clean up behind us. even if back in high school we who think no one else can do better, where their mouths were, and their
stop at intersections, obey traffic Maids, we grew up with them at couldn’t utter a straight sentence in and overfed political scions who deaths fanned the flames of two
signs, heed traffic enforcers, observe our beck and call, didn’t we. When English. We change our wardrobe think they are God’s gift to Juan de disparate revolutions.
speed limits, defer to fellow we are lazy to reach for a glass of with the change in seasons, la Cruz? They have made it their On the other hand, Joma and
motorists, and follow common road water sitting at our elbow’s end, dressing up in stylish clothes personal crusade, bordering on Jalandoni, ageing ideologues both,
courtesy — that is, when we are not they do it for us, don’t they? And straight out of Cosmo and Vogue, obsession, to remove those who are prefer to go on living it up in the
in the country’s chaotic interchange we don’t have to be rich to have one strutting around as veritable more corrupt and more dishonest Netherlands, in exile so-called;
of tapered lanes and frenzied in the household, do we. fashionista wannabes. than they are, day in and day out. while their lesser cadres have been
highways; when obnoxious drivers They do our laundry, cook our Nothing wrong with all that, Where have all the smart ones lurching for years and years in the
are the rule rather than the food, clean our rooms, arrange our actually. Like it or not, we are gone? hinterlands of Samar and Quezon,
exception, and vehicles run like rats closets, clean the sink, blow off the citizens of the world – we do fine Many of them upped and left the two of them apparently not
blinded by the light. cobwebs of our shoddy existence. out of the box, either by choice or the country to break away from sharing the heroic notion that the
When we are in Singapore, Which are exactly the things we do, circumstance, and we pay our dues being identified with the Sick Man Filipino is worth dying for. No way,
LA, Toronto, Tokyo or Jeddah, we less for ourselves but more for other faithfully. We stand out in the of Asia. The few who opted to Jose, oh no.
cross the streets using pedestrian people, when we depart for greener international arena as award- remain are securely ensconced in Foreigners looking in have a
lanes, overpasses, as well as pastures or settle in some land of winning artists, champion athletes, their private comfort zones, steering better perspective of us as a nation
underpasses. We throw away milk and honey. blue-chip professionals, high tech clear of politics, believing it is than we have of ourselves. To the
garbage at designated times and ‘Filipino time’? There’s no wizards, ingenious inventors, beyond them to engage in the outside world, we are a cheerful,
appropriate places, properly such thing as arriving fashionably excellent seafarers, innovative game’s dirty tricks. And those who hospitable people; decent and laid-
wrapped and segregated. We do not late for an appointment or event, designers, multi-skilled workers – do not have the means to do either back; talented and industrious;
toss cigarette butts, candy wrappers, elsewhere in the world. Either at par with, sometimes even become part of the self-styled silent respectful and morally upright;
chewing gum residue and paper you’re on the dot or you’re kaput. superior to, other races. majority – fence sitters, if you will, strong and resilient.
scraps any which way but the trash If anything, we make use of our Inside the box, however, is but just minding their own business Our country is blest with an
can. waking hours to the max – taking another story. We pull each other and eking out an honest living. abundance of natural wealth that
We queue up at bus and railway on an extra job to pay the bills and down like crabs racing to get out of Do migrant Filipinos, other countries only dream about,
stations, patiently and without send money to the folks. On off a tight hole. We thump our leaders especially the ones who have and yet we take the first available
raising a fuss. We don’t bother days, we do the tedious chores no like it’s the only thing we do acquired another citizenship, chance to leave its shores to find “a
neighbors with boisterous karaoke one else will do at our dwelling everyday, to the point of wanton possess the moral ascendancy to better life”. In contrast, strangers
singing, all-night card games, places. Thus, there’s really not disrespect and sheer disregard for rant and rave about what is who come adrift find it hard to leave
stereos blaring at mega decibel, much time to be late for anything – authority. Whatever happened to happening in the Philippines while for one reason or another. “The
rowdy laughter heard a block away. fashionably or not. the Filipino’s vaunted ‘bayanihan’ doing nothing more than just place grows on you”, they say, but
We toe the line, conscientiously (no We adapt very well, spirit? Where have all the heroes paying the requisite lip service from we don’t know that because we
spitting and vandalizing, for chameleon-like, to new environ- gone? where they snugly sit and watch? grew up looking the other way, not
heaven’s sake), lest Big Brother ments, taking on an entirely What of the very few who run Rizal and Ninoy, nearly a century really seeing, never listening.
knocks us off our feet. and rams different way of life like second this benighted land like it is their removed from each other, decided Only in the Philippines.
down our throats a ticket back to skin, assimilating novel cultures sole birth right —those who’ve had to leave the safety and comfort of
and lifestyles like there’s no Madrid and Boston, respectively; to (Excerpted from the book,
ignominy. their time at bat, and those who
Here at home, we don’t clear tomorrow. We acquire the local face the ‘battle field’ here, not there, The Heart Is The Matter)
couldn’t wait for their own time to
12 June 14-20, 2010


in the city

DO you know what is Pssst na

may dahong sumisilip? Adobong
savored the food and wondered well as the reminiscences that go
inihaw? Chicken na lasang sosi?
whatever happened to the old with it but with a decidedly unique
Have you tried tusok-tusok the fish
Kamuning district? ambiance, it is a place to rewind
balls and kikiam in a restaurant?
All these things one gets to see and recharge with friends.
And at the same time enjoyed
and do in just one intimate venue Taumbayan is a play on tambayan
watching a ventriloquist or a theater
called Taumbayan, an intimate bar and taong-bayan (citizen) and the
performance, listened to poetry
in Kamuning, Quezon City, the place is owned by Joel Saracho, a
reading, sang without fear that
perfect hangout for weary minds theater artist and journalist, and
somebody might stab you if you are
and bodies in need of unwinding other theater friends.
out of tune, watched an indie film
after a long, hard day. Evoking the The joint’s walls are white with
showing, looked at paintings or
memories of a college tambayan as mounted pictures and posters; a
photo exhibits, or simply sat back, Taumbayan habitues (left) and paintings on its walls (above).
filled with Panulak, Pampababa, and Toma. Morato and right turn to
community The people who frequent the Kamuning. Keep on driving until
announcements, restaurant come to eat and talk you see the Brahma Kumaris house,
exhibits and about anything from politics to that’s T. Gener Street corner
activities environment to the latest in film Kamuning Road. Drive until the
going on at the and fashion, and then go away with next corner, and 40 T. Gener marks
moment since a full stomach and a wide smile. the spot. You can also take the
they do not During the last presidential jeepney from Cubao going to
have a regular election, the place became a Kamias or Timog and get off at T.
calendar, and a monitoring center and they gave Gener.
menu with free iced tea to patrons who voted, Most days one will find Joel
dishes that will provided they showed their “dirty Saracho at the bar, earlier if he does
make you finger”. not have a show or taping, talking
chuckle. But the main reason to visit the and laughing with costumers most
Imagine this place is the food. It is all Filipino of whom he knows personally,
list: Pika-pika, comfort food, stuff that you can sharing interesting and funny
Inihaw na easily prepare or find at home and anecdotes, or assisting the staff. One
U l a m , in other regular restaurants, but this time, he said he saw a homeless
Kapares sa is better, and with more flair. couple outside the bar reading the
I n i h a w, Imagine the simple Ensalada book Dictionary of Art that they
Panghimagas, Platter, steamed sitaw, okra and scavenged from the trash. Another
eggplant served with bagoong time he saw a carpenter working in
balayan. The vegetables are the neighborhood share his baon
deliciously sweet and are not soggy with the couple, the spirit of
from over boiling. Also a must-try humanity and bayanihan at work
is Monggo in the Chiti, which is in ordinary people.
monggo soup loaded with big Other times, Joel also performs
chunks of crispy chicharon and for the Taumbayan regulars, being
tinapa. Other interesting a theater person and free-lance TV
concoctions with equally actor. He is also a member of
interesting names are Nilasing na Bagong Dugo, a group of theater
Boba, which is actually dinaing sa actors and musicians dishing out
tuba na Boneless Bangus, Nilagang silly love songs and sillier social
Mooh your nanay style, and commentaries on current issues.
Sinigang na Baba (baboy/baka). Using popular tunes which they
Take all these food with lots of twist, rewrite, edit, adapt to suit their
laughter and stories on the side and needs, the members of Bagong
you will feel good for a week. Yes, Dugo fashion themselves
just for a week because next week, collectively as a band of progressive,
you have to recharge again with and nationalistic artists and mass
Goings-on at Taumbayan (clockwise): Psst na may dahong sumisilip; menu for the books; Lolita Carbon performs; friends at Taumbayan. Not because culture activitists.
the owner entertains; photographs and memories on the wall. you are very tired but because you But Joel’s interesting anecdotes
miss the place and the people. are just an added spice for the place.
So how do you go to The place itself is the spice. And if
THOUGHTS FOR INDEPENDENCE DAY Taumbayan? If you are coming you plan on going there, go early

Love it or leave it
from EDSA, just drive along as the place tends to fill up fast. Wi-
Kamuning Road. You will pass Fi is free, so you can upload your
through antique shops, a flea blog posts and update on friends at
market, bakeries, pet shops, Facebook or harvest your Farmville
neighborhood repair shops, dental crops while you are eating your
“ONLY in the Philippines” is amusing; at times downright funny, in the mirror are mere figments of clinics, apartment buildings, beauty veggies, laughing with friends or
a phrase we Filipinos love to parody sometimes pitifully so; now and the imagination. Reality bites, parlors, banks, a flower shop, and just taking in the show, the music
ourselves with, often derisively then inexplicably humiliating, but rather painfully, and truth is often spiritual centers. If you are coming and the night in a corner of
rather than self-deprecatingly. We always with a tinge of sarcasm that stranger than fiction. However, to from E. Rodriguez, turn to Tomas Kamuning.
like to think of them – not us, - as a tells a lot about us as a people. More paraphrase a pundit, it doesn’t hurt
peculiar race, rightly or not; an odd is the pity, because instead of raising to acknowledge once in a while that high technology and worldwide Bohol, to realize that the Filipino
mix of cultural pigeonholes labeled the bar of our national this country isn’t in flames yet; that diasporas; when good old- is ‘controllable’ and ‘manageable’
according to one’s own stereotypes; consciousness, we plunge ourselves there are people in the Philippines fashioned values have been after all. In fact, when we are in
a bizarre hodgepodge of undesirable deep into the global gutters – and other than politicians, entertainers seemingly consigned to the Rome - or elsewhere on the planet -
characteristics that put a bad taste we seem to take immense pleasure and criminals. That there is hope, dustbins of history and we do as the Romans do, for fear of
in the mouth or make one’s head in doing so. in fact, if only we’d start believing acknowledging one’s roots has being deported or having one’s
drop in disgrace. Aren’t we a masochistic in ourselves more and stop bashing become such a crying shame? fingers cut off.
The list of ‘undesirables’, or a society? How did we become what one another like mad. Discipline is an alien virtue? We drive cars (the latest SUV
semblance of it, is rather long — we say we have become anyway? What is so wrong, anyway, The cynic only has to look at Subic model, no less) the way the rest of
mostly embarrassing, a little Not that the images reflected with being Pinoy in this age of ultra- and Marikina, even Davao and (Turn to page 11)