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Zobel HSU Eng 100 Working Calendar

When you arrive for class, you should be prepared to:

Discuss the readings due that day;
Discuss the readings from the prior class (i.e. review them before class);
Have printed out, typed up hard copy of the written assignment IF there is one due;
Be prepared with writing utensils, etc.;
Have any questions about readings, assignments, course issues, etc., ready;
Be ready to take a quiz on the readings for that day;
Be awake, engaged, coherent, and involved.

In every class we:

May, or may not, discuss the readings for that day or from the previous class;
Will likely have and use time to revise, write, and edit our work. This means you need to always
bring the most recent working copies of ALL of your assignments. This means: until you turn WP #1 in,
you should bring in the latest draft of each of your assignments. If you have not written it yet, do not
stress. If you have written some work, bring it with you!

Doing the suggested outside class writing—the final column—will generate more drafts, give you more
experience doing revisions, and shuttle you along your way to success. It is not required. However, you
do have to write your revised and your portfolio drafts at some point—and most of this writing will take
place out of the classroom. Some of this can take place during the open writing/revision sessions, but you
need to work on these things on your own. Look at the deadline, look at the check off lists on the WP
handouts, and make sure you are on track.

For specific instructions for each assignment, be sure to refer to your Working Portfolio handout which
lays out the exact criteria for scoring.

Week Date Written Readings Due In Class Activities Required SUGGESTED

Assignments at Start of Writing Outside class
Due at Start Class for Next writing.
of Class Class
2 T 9/2 Genres Discuss Complaint Letter #2: Revise Letter
letter assignment; Complaint #1: Ede/Wtg
Discussion; open Process
writing; revision
H 9/4 Letter #2 SFD: Ehrenreich/Dove Peer Review/ Finish Lttr #1;
Complaint Instructor Feedback Revise Lttr #2
3 T 9/9 Summary Discuss Summary Summary Finish Lttr
assignment; #2:Complaint;
Discussion; open Assemble your
writing; revision; Working
Work on Working Portfolio ahead
Portfolio; locate/ of time.
generate missing
H 9/11 Summary SFD Tat & Pagan Peer Review/ Revise & Polish
Due Instructor Feedback do final Summary;
edits on Assemble
entire FINAL WP #1
Revised Version, Effective Thursday, August 28
This information overrides the initial class calendar.
Zobel HSU Eng 100 Working Calendar
4 T 9/16 WORKING Flesch Discuss Prop Prop Meet with
PORTFOLIO Bamboozled; Analysis Analysis group
#1 Credibility; Fear Criteria/Assignment SFD online/out of
class and
generate a hard
copy SFD
H Prop Analysis Writing an Work session/ peer Revise your
9/18 SFD Argument feedback/ instructor Prop SFD
5 T 9/23 Prop Analysis Discuss Rhet In class writing/ Rhet Meet with
Revised draft Analysis group work/ Analysis group
due Assignment; brainstorming/ peer SFD online/out of
From Inquiry to feedback class and
Academic generate a hard
Writing copy SFD

H Rhet Analysis Trolls Group Revise &

9/25 SFD Work polish Prop.
Letter Analysis
6 T 9/30 Group Work Understanding Discussion; peer Revise and
Letter Purpose, feedback; instructor polish Rhet
Audience, and feedback; group Analysis; start
Tone work assembling
WP #2
H Free Runner Assemble/ confirm Polish your
10/2 WP #2; final edits materials
& revisions
7 T 10/7 WORKING Writing W/out SFD:
PORTFOLIO Formulas Paper #1
#2 for WP #3
10/9 SFD: Paper #1 Chocolate Revise SFD
for WP #3 Empires into revised
8 T Developing an Port draft Polish revised
10/14 Argument of of Paper paper #1 into
Your Own #1 for WP port. draft
H Port draft of Peak
10/16 Paper #1 for Performance
WP #3 Living

Revised Version, Effective Thursday, August 28

This information overrides the initial class calendar.