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Whigs and Tories:

During our revolutionary days two dominant groups were the Whigs and the Tories.

The Whigs were the revolutionaries who wanted freedom and independence from the British Crown.

The Tories were the colonist who were British allies and wanted to remain subjects (servants/slaves) of the British Crown.

There are and seemingly always have been people who want/need to be told how to live and what to do. And, there are those
who are more than willing to tell them how to live and what to do. They may be Monarchs, Dictators or small groups who
know best how others should live.

Today the so called Democratic Party (and much of the Republican Party) has been taken over and controlled by
Socialist-Liberals. This take over began early in the 20th century. Maybe even earlier.

I say the so called Democratic Party because it is no more Democratic than any other party.

I am reminded of the Communist Revolution in Russia. The Communist were a small group
who called themselves Bolsheviks – majority. They were not and never have been the majority.
What they had was power, lots of power. They had guns. A few can control many when they the few have guns and the
many have no guns.

What is the first thing a group (government) does or attempts to do when it wants to control others? Take away the
guns/weapons of those they want to control.

That is what the British tried to do to the colonists in Boston. That is what groups/governments in more modern times have
done, tried to do, and are trying to do.
Even the revolutionary Whigs wanted to dis-arm the Tories.

One of the highest priority items on the list of the Socialist-Liberals is the elimination of guns
in the hands of private sovereign citizens of these United States. If they get their way we will be dis-armed and not-
sovereign but reduced to subject/slave status.

Our Founding Fathers were made up of two main groups. The Federalists and the Anti-Federalists. The Federalists wanted
to Constitution to be pristine and not contain references to
Rights. The Anti-Federalists were more pragmatic realizing that human nature being what it is there would be those in the
future who would not recognize individual rights as The Founders did.

Bless the Anti-Federalist. They are the ones who gave us our Bill of Rights.
Our Bill of Rights is what sets us apart from the rest of the world.

There are many very good books on the subject and many very good organizations which are dedicated
to our survival as sovereign-citizens.

Two new books I highly recommend:

The Founders Second Amendment - by: Stephen P. Halbrook – ISBN-13: 978-56663-792-3
Leave Us Alone - by: Grover G. Norquist – ISBN: 978-0-06-113395-4

An organization which I believe is at the forefront in the movement to protect our rights is:
JPFO has produced several award winning CDs and DVDs which are excellent.

George V. Rowe
Sept. 21, 2008