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rd Musta ng Replica
2010 Fo rives new
looks old, d l component in sight
not an origin uild quality
AstonishiniegPhotos : Adam Croy
dd W yl
Words : To

Want a car that looks like a classic yet handles like new?
How about a 1967 Eleanor replica built entirely from modern parts?

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much every thing
tha t wa s bu ilt ba ck in 1967; pretty ? Dy na corn,
best on it How’s that possible
nt and imagine the ed in 2009 or 2010.

eye s for a mo me ma nu fac tur nd -ne w old car bodies
lose your ver engine pany that produces
Spec it with whate the American com sis for the build.
Mustang possible. uld if the op tio ns were d tha t is wh at was used as the ba
, dre ss it ho w yo u wo an d pa ne ls, an
ed wit h a vie w to being
you like optimum road- car was commission
set it up wit h the At the ou tse t the d wit h a mix
unlimited and open your eyes fications were agree
lin g wh ee l/t yre combination. Now the ult im ate Eleanor. Speci the mo vie Go ne in 60
hand d of
loo k at this Mu sta ng built by Aucklan of the ow ne r’s detailed knowledge rel ati on shi ps with
rd d
and take a good ha C). I bet it’s not sive knowledge an
ern ati on al Pe rfo rmance Classics (IP Se con ds and IPC’s ex ten pli ers .
company Int aming of. d equipment sup
car you were just dre specialist parts an an Eleanor-style
too dissimilar to the du ced som e amazing ap pe al, there’s no beating l
t few ye ars IPC ha s pro
gre ate st. Fo r cla ssi c
m ask ed its in-house pane
For the las lica be ing the latest and kit , so that’s what the tea r wit h the >
Ele an or rep bo dy os e fam ilia
vehicles, the 1967 of an Eleanor, but l and Paint , to fit.
cause it’s a replica shop, Accent Pane
I say replica, not be . Th ere isn’t a sin gle piece
lica of a Mustang
because it’s a rep

az ing c ar s a t SEMA but

There were am ised th e w ay they
r o m
the look comp et up right
drive. This is s

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That sort of precision was
learned over
years of working on cars
for the likes of
Denny Hulme, among many
other drivers
create street cars. There are few —
if any — other offerings from a huge range of manu
work shops in this country or the world facturers. One
that can offer of those they found at SEMA 2009 was
that type of expertise. Isis and the
The engine is a World all alloy 427 block company’s three-cell wiring system.
Rather than
. With the single fuse box of most aftermark
forged H-beam rods, Mahle pistons et wiring
and an internally harnesses, the Isis system uses three
balanced forged steel crank, the engin separate boxes
es run 10.25:1 that are designed to be easy to insta
compression out of the crate. Rather ll with simple
than the stock plug connectors.
carby, IPC has upgraded the setup to
run a Morrison On a car such as this, where no wirin
V8 Supercar cross-ram injec tion syste g is visible,
m. a great deal of auto electrical know
Besides the quality of the World engin ledge is still
es, the Vintage required, for which IPC called on the
Air serpentine system and unique offse services of Carl
t distributor and the team at C&M Performance.
setup completes the look. Of course The setup of the
the IPC guys, four-speed Phoenix 4R70W Ford AODE
being as fastidious as they are, made controllers
sure the engine and tuning of the Fast ECU was also
was pulled apar t and checked over left in C&M’s
before it was capable hands, and the Mustang made
dropped into the hole. an impressive
With regular trips to the United State 650hp at the flywheel on C&M’s dyno
s, Lyall and his . Not bad for a
team are kept up-to-date with the lates car that will sit nicely in traffic and
Eleanors will realise the kit is not just is as smooth to
a stick-on job, t and greatest drive as any modern luxur y exotic.
with the whole tail >
light panel having to be replaced. The
Accent guys
took it one step further by tubbing
and flaring the
guards in metal to help blend the kit
into the body, and
topped it all off with a billet grille.
To add to the billet feel there are brush
ed alloy mirrors
and billet bonnet and boot hinges. The
latter are now
CNC-machined in-house and available
for purchase.
With the Eleanor kit, there was no other
colour than
the traditional grey with black strip
es, Spies Hecker
being the paint brand of choice.
IPC is an arm of New Zealand’s bigge
st race team and
race vehicle preparation company —
Motorspor t (IMS) — which has a long
history of winning
in every category it races, so vehicle
setup and
driveabilit y were even more important
to the build
team than aesthetics.
While most of us will only ever be able
to appreciate
how great the car looks, IPC managing
direc tor Lyall
Williamson assures us it drives even
better. He was
recently in Las Vegas at the aftermark
et trade show
known as SEMA, and was surprised
by how few car
builders bother about the way a vehic
le drives. “There
were some amazing cars there, but
when we asked
how they drive, most companies woul
d reply along the
lines of, ‘Oh no, we don’t drive them
,’ or they explained
that the way they look has compromi
sed the vehicle’s
driving abilities,” Lyall says. “We’ve
managed to set
this one up just right, even with the
wide wheels on the
back. It doesn’t have a horrible stanc
e like a lot of the
American ones do either.” And he’s
The Mustang was set up using a full
complement of
RRS suspension along with rack and
pinion steering
and a rose-jointed three-link rear end,
and was
tweaked by IMS’s top race car engin
eers. The result
was so impressive that the owner decid
ed to take the
car to Hampton Downs for his first drive
, and even
though he has driven many dedicated
race cars, he
came back raving about it.
With wide 10-inch rear wheels and 18x8
-inch fronts
the car has a good hold on the track
. Not that it was
intended to be used as a race car. Then
again, with
larger than life AP callipers and rotor
s working away
from a hidden master cylinder, there
’s no reason why it
can’t safely see track time.
No expense has been spared on the
build, but at the
same time everything on the car is there
for a reason
and was a considered purchase, rathe
r than an open
chequebook buy. Every little CNC mach
ine fitting, hidden
part or braided line is of the utmost
quality and, thanks
to IPC’s attention to detail, has been
fitted flawlessly.
That sort of precision was learned over
years of
working on cars for the likes of Denn
y Hulme, among
many other drivers. It placed IMS at
the top of the
motorspor t field, and now that skill
is being used to

22 23
g Replica
The interior is also as you’d expect to find in a brand- you’d never know it was there unless you’d seen the
2010 Mustaantional new Italian machine. However, there is enough car in bits. Still, with that glorious exhaust note, the
Intern Mustang character and custom touches — such as the stereo may never be switched on.
e Classics
leather console and LED shift indicator knob from It’s not only the use of entirely new componentry
TVK industries, another SEMA sourced product — to that sets the car apart from anything else on (or off)
r, Morrison cross-ram let you know that you’re certainly not sitting in an the road — anyone can buy parts. It’s the exquisite
Engine: World 427 crate moto
ECU, Fast fuel syste m, custom headers, off-the-shelf vehicle. attention to detail and functionality, plus the
injection, Fast
st, custo m radia tor, custom billet caps, Ian Goodwin is the man responsible for sewing in the knowledge gained from years of setting up race cars,
twin 3-inch exhau
ignition, custom glorious black cow hide and fitting the plush custom that really make the car something special.
hidden booster and reser voirs, MSD
brace, Vinta ge Air
drop tank, billet hinge s, billet tower carpets. Beneath the fabric is layer upon layer of IPC assures us this is just the beginning, and currently
bottle s and hoses
serpentine system, custom caps, Dynamat sound deadening, to prevent both noise and there are two more Mustangs in the build, one a
Dri vel ine: Uprated Phoenix heat from entering the cabin. Dynacorn shell, another a genuine ’68. Whether the
trans missi on, FAST trans contr oller
RRS 3-link , RRS lower With the side pipe exhausts, there’s still enough projects are as extensive as the Eleanor will be up to
Suspension: RRS coil-overs,
, RRS struts , overs ize swayb ar, RRS rack and sound to let you know what you’re driving, but it’s the vehicles’ owners, but having seen what is possible,
front arms
pinion steering
never overbearing. and the plans IPC has, you have to hope the clients’
rear callip ers with
Bra kes: AP 6-pot front and 4-pot An Alpine sound system has also been hidden away: minds — and cheque books — are wide open.
floating alloy hat two-piece rotor
18x10 -inch Shelby
Wheels/T yres: 18x8-and
0R18 Yokohama tyres
replic a rims, 225/4 0R18 and 295/3
rior : or bodyk it, metal flares and tubs,
Exte Full Elean
ted drop tank casing,
billet grilles, billet fuel filler, insula
e bay, full under body strengthening and floor
custom engin
alloy throu gh sill exhaust exits
mods to allow cast
Desig n Concepts
Interior : Full Custom Classic
suede rooflining,
interior, custom seats , leath er trim,
e audio system,
Autom eter gauge s, B&M shifter, Alpin
le, TVK sureshifter LED
carbon dash, leath er centre conso
billet controls.
Trans Indicator, Vinta ge Air A/C with
Per for man ce: 650h p

: 18 months
Length of own ership
Bui ld tim e: 12 months
Dre am car : The next one
case what we can do,
Why the Ele anor: To show
to drive every bit as
and that a car like this can be made
have the character
good as a high- end new vehicle, yet
of old
issioning the
IPC Tha nk: The owner for comm
win, our team at
Elean or, C&M Performan ce, Ian Good
Accent Panel & Paint
International Performan ce Classics,
and all our custom comp onent suppl

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