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A supplement to the Delphos Herald April 2011

2 • The Herald Spring Home & Garden • April 2011

How to avoid five common landscaping and patio mistakes

ARA — Building your own outdoor design
paradise can be a daunting, yet rewarding How to avoid it: Piecemeal design can
project. Before you invest your time and occur when you take on one project without
money, it’s a good idea to consider the thinking about its long-term impact on your
components of a successful landscape or outdoor space as a whole. For this reason,
patio project. it can be helpful to sit down and develop a
A great place to start is to look for profes- flexible master plan for your outdoor space,
sional landscaping design ideas on the web. which will allow you to complete your ulti-
Web sites like www.landscapingnetwork. mate design goals in phases without com-
com offer design tips from professionals to promising the look and feel of your yard.
help you get your project off the ground. Consulting with a professional landscape
“Building a poorly designed landscape designer may be helpful when developing
can cost just as much as building a well this plan.
designed one,” says landscape design expert
Maureen Gilmer. “When you’re forking Common mistake: Plants that don’t fit
over big bucks to create the outdoor living your space
space or garden of your dreams, it pays to How to avoid it: Choosing plants that
get the design just right.” your surfaces to add space behind the areas will fit in a designated space when they
Gilmer offers the following tips on how reach maturity can help ensure your yard to be less than what you had hoped for. If
where chairs will be placed. you don’t have the time to learn the basics
to avoid five common landscape design and patio don’t become overgrown. Plants
mistakes: that need to be sheered to fit their spaces of landscape design yourself, it might be
Common mistake: Creating a discon- a good idea to hire a professional. A good
Common mistake: Choosing the wrong nect between indoors and outdoors often don’t look as beautiful as a plant that’s
size for your patio allowed to flower and flourish. Choosing designer should be able to show you a port-
How to avoid it: Consistent use of col- folio of projects he or she has worked on so
How to avoid it: Of all patio sizing ors, materials and even plants between your plants that survive well in your climate will
tips, making sure your patio’s dimensions also save you time and effort when it comes you can get an idea of whether their work is
patio and adjacent indoor space can make compatible with your desires. If you need
work with your concept for patio furni- your patio seem like an extension of your to lawn maintenance.
ture arrangements may be the most impor- help finding a landscape designer in your
home. Design consistency makes each place area, check out the directory at
tant. For example, your patio should be at seem bigger and more useful when your Common mistake: Misunderstanding
least 10-by-10 feet to accommodate chairs the importance of good design
patio doors are open. For additional resources, visit the
around a table with a 5-foot diameter. If It’s exciting to tackle an outdoor project,
you’re crunched for space, consider differ- but when you forget to think about the big Association of Professional Landscape
Common mistake: Inconsistent outdoor Designer’s (APLD) web site.
ent furniture options, or creatively adjust picture, the project can sometimes turn out

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The Herald Spring Home & Garden • April 2011 • 3

Mulch 101: Get to know the unsung hero of the garden

ARA — Gardeners know that mulch is a or around a bird feeder to prevent fallen percent less water.
great-looking layer of topping on the soil in seeds from germinating. Mulch is not just • Leaves and grass clippings have the
gardens and landscapes, but mulch is so much for gardens and landscaping anymore. Use a added bonus of being free. However, leaves
more than just a decorative cover. Mirroring two-inch layer of mulch at the top of indoor will need to be chopped up with a mower
the leaf layer found on a forest floor, mulch plant containers to help cover unsightly soil, first and left to compost over the winter for
covering can benefit both plants and soil. conserve water and keep them looking great. the best value to the garden. Grass clippings
There are many different types of mulch Available varieties of mulching materials decompose quickly and are not as attractive
to consider. Some mulch contains leaves and are diverse and nearly limitless. Most prefer- as some other forms of mulch. Both of these
bark that decompose and break down over able however, are mulches that break down materials are better capitalized on if simply
time, while others contain things like pebbles over time and add to the nutritional make-up, chopped up and left on the lawn for a layer
and shredded tires. or tilth, of soil. Most commonly used mulch- of mulch added directly to grass.
Mulch’s benefits run much deeper than ing materials are: bark or wood chips, leaves, • Straw or hay is inexpensive, but may
beauty. grass clippings, straw or hay, newspaper, contain seeds that will germinate in the gar-
• A mulch layer can moderate the soil pine needles, cocoa shells and compost. Each den.
temperature reducing the effects of extreme offers unique benefits, depending on use. • Newspaper is also cheap, but will need
heat or cold. • Wood chip or bark mulches offer to be wet down first, and then covered with
• Soil condition may be improved by the a nice “finished” look, while providing another type of mulch to prevent it from
decomposing matter from mulch that pro- numerous benefits and requiring very little blowing away.
vides plants with added nutrition. upkeep. These types of mulch are also • Pine needles may drastically increase the
• Mulching a garden creates the ideal readily available nationwide. Scotts Nature soil acidity and are best limited to mulching
environment for earthworms and beneficial Scapes Advanced Mulch provides even around acid-loving plants such as blueberries
organisms. more benefits than the average wood mulch. and rhododendrons.
• If heavy rains or soil erosion is an issue, Although most bark-based mulches lose • Cocoa shells are becoming popular in
mulch can help reduce these effects. Weeds color and fade to gray after a few weeks, many areas because of the unique look, but
will find it difficult to become established Nature Scapes mulch has a one-year color this is not advisable for pet owners. When
and grow in a mulched area. guarantee. So, if new mulch is added to your ingested by pets, the cocoa shells may cause
Using mulch in the flower and vegetable landscaping more than once a year, Nature illness. such as wood chips or bark.
garden is always a good idea. Not only does Scapes can help to save time and money. In • Compost is always a great idea because Mulch may not get the glory in the garden
it “finish” a bed, but it also creates a path addition, the Water Smart technology used it not only adds nutritional value to the soil, or landscape it deserves, but this often-over-
through the garden, even during wet condi- in this product has a water-channeling prop- but also is an excellent way to recycle waste. looked cousin of soil has a lot to offer. Even
tions. Use mulch to create trails through erty that prevents over watering in flowers For maximum effect, a 3- to 4-inch layer if you just use mulch for its neat appearance,
planting areas or even non-planted areas, and produces beds by channeling water of compost is required. This is often used you will still reap all of its wonderful ben-
such as under a swing set to prevent erosion, directly to the roots. This helps use up to 30 in conjunction with another form of mulch, efits.

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4 • The Herald Spring Home & Garden • April 2011 Please pay special attention as to how to build the

Shortcuts to make yard work easier

add using the snipes and disclaimers.


133LPI minimum required, 150LPI recommended.
The way to a beautiful lawn. Please pay special attention as to how to build the
visit (StatePoint) Spring
add using isand
the snipes indisclaimers.
the air — a time Hone your focus
for rejuvenation and renewal... and for get- “Most people immediately
ting your yard back in shape. think of their lawns when they
If you’re like most Americans, you love think of seasonal yard work” says
The way to a beautiful lawn.
your garden and the budding trees of the Chris Seigneur, Senior Product
visit new season, but don’t want to spend all your Development Engineer for Blount,
precious weekends toiling away at yard the makers of PowerSharp. “But
work and lawn care. trimming dead branches from
Here are some easy shortcuts for getting your trees and shrubs will ensure
yard work done in less time and with less their health and add to the beauty
effort this season: of your home.”
The easy way out You should also clear plant
When doing yard work, it’s easiest to beds of dead foliage, which can
stand — constant kneeling and crouching smother budding greenery and

will tire you out sooner and make you more foster disease. And when reseed-
likely to experience back and knee pain later ing your lawn, it’s best to stay off
Powerful 19.5- to 23-hp** on. If you need to get low to the ground, The right techniques will help you get more done it for at least two weeks to allow
in less time.
FREE FIRST bring a lowPlace
stoolFinance Promotion Here
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the grass to grow.
And give obtainyour body
finance a break
to insert)by trans- Lastly, some more permanent
PRE-SEASON always advisable since insects and spiders
38˝, 44˝ or 46˝ Free Floating™ the current snipes
mower decks
porting all your tools in a kiddie wagon. can lay dormant in dead foliage and debris. fixtures can save you time and effort in the
Tight 14˝ turning radius reduces
trimming Or you can use a collapsible wheelbarrow Consider using add-ons to your cur- long run. Native plants and flowers will
Powerful 19.5- to 23-hp** with a wire frame and nylon bag. Choose a rent tools to increase your efficiency. For grow more easily since they do not need
Briggs & Stratton or Kohler
engines available
LaWn tractor lightweightPlaceone Finance
that also Promotion Here
stores easily and
(Please see Current Promotions section on website to example, PowerSharp, a chainsaw sharp- the care and attention of exotic transplants.
compactly obtain
in athe garage or tool shed. They ening system from Oregon-brand outdoor And an automatic sprinkler system will
All Season Lawn
38˝, 44˝ or 46˝ Free Floating™ current finance snipes to insert)
Place Disclaimer Copy Here
mower decks
Tight 14˝ turning radius reduces
are available(Pleaseatseehome improvement
Current Promotions stores
section on website products, lets chainsaw users sharpen chain keep your yard lush and green with little
& Recreation and online.topromotion) on the saw, on the job, in seconds. This thought.
**Power rated by engine manufacturer. find the current disclaimer copy to use for each

Get the right tools helps get yard work done faster and with With these adjustments to your yard
regent JON
tractor Choosing garden tools with longer han- relative ease, especially when faced with tools and routine, you should be able to
614 Ottawa St. (US 224 E.), Kalida, OH 45853 dles will Place
also reduceDisclaimer
and tough chores requiring sharp chains, such as spend more time outdoors enjoying your
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your Current tohere)
on websitewith pruning and trimming. To learn more, visit yard than trimming its trees and shrubs. And
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the current disclaimer
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The Herald Spring Home & Garden • April 2011 • 5

Mowing tips that will keep your lawn looking good all year
ARA — Every homeowner dreams of to mow frequently and efficiently. your yard. Grass clippings are your best
that perfect lawn, but the fact is maintain- If you have a smaller yard, a walking form of fertilizer — and they’re free.
ing a green and lush carpet of grass takes mower may do the trick, especially if Throughout the year, your clippings will
some work. One of the easiest ways to you can get the job done in a half hour or provide the equivalent of one or two
keep up the appearance of your lawn is less. If you measure your lawn in acres, applications of fertilizer, according to the
to mow it in a way that promotes optimal as opposed to square feet, a riding mower Natural Resources Conservation Service.
lawn health. is probably more appropriate. But most If your mower discharges clippings to
In fact, mowing frequently is one of people have a lawn that fits somewhere the side, mow the outer edge so clippings
the best ways to maintain the health of in between, in which case, there’s another are thrown toward the middle of your yard,
your lawn according to the U.S. Natural option. and as you move toward the center, change
Resources Conservation Service. Ideally, Cross mowers are smaller riding mow- your direction so they are thrown outward.
you should own a mower that allows you ers that are designed for yards up to one Sweeping any clippings that ended up on
acre. With a compact design, these mowers your driveway or sidewalks back onto
offer increased maneuverability, as well as the lawn both promotes the health of your
easy storage. Among the companies offer- lawn and prevents them from entering
ing cross mowers is Weed Eater, which local waterways — grass clippings can
features a SmartCut model. contribute to toxic levels of phosphorus in
Whether now is the time to rightsize lakes and rivers.
your mower or not, here are some other
mowing tips to keep your lawn looking • Don’t mow in the same direction every
good all year: time. Mowing in different directions will tion, never remove more than one third of
• Keep your blade sharp. A dull blade prevent your grass from becoming matted your lawn’s length during one mowing
can damage your grass, hampering healthy down and instead keep it growing upward, session.
and even growth. Mower blades should where it can receive the most sunlight.
typically be sharpened once at the begin- • Mow only when your grass is dry.
ning of spring and once in the summer. • Cut your grass between 2 and 3 Mowing when your yard is wet can cause
Examining your grass after you mow can inches. Keeping it longer than 2 inches your mower to leave tracks. It can also
help determine whether your blade is pro- can help prevent weeds from receiving the cause your discarded clippings to clump
ducing a clean and even cut. necessary sunlight to take hold. It also can together, providing an ideal breeding
prevent scorching during warm and dry ground for bacteria that can cause disease
• Spread clippings evenly throughout weather. For optimal growth and regenera- in your grass.

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6 • The Herald Spring Home & Garden • April 2011

Get a head start on your garden

(StatePoint) What can keep you fit, give blossoms. shady nook. Consult a gardening book or a
you peace of mind, save you money on gro- Here’s what you need to know to get a local gardening expert for guidance.
ceries and add flavor to your dinner plate? jump on your favorite gardening activities: Also, make sure to select plants that can
Gardening! Plan your garden successfully grow in the climate. Just because
And whether you have a green thumb or When deciding what seedlings to grow for seeds for almost every variety of plant are
just a sprouting interest in gardening, start- your garden, consider how the sunlight falls now available online or at the local nursery,
ing your seedlings early is a great way to in your yard. Some flowers and vegetables it doesn’t mean you can grow it in your back-
get a head start on your spring and summer need constant sunshine, while others need a yard. Some of the easiest vegetables to grow

Tub is converted to a new shower by: Re-Bath Seedlings can be started indoors and
Tub to Tub or Tub over Shower Conversions Featuring DuraBath SSP® Won’t Dent, Peel, Crack, or Chip then moved to your garden.
in almost all North American climates are
Having difficulty getting in and out of your bathtub? Prefer a shower to a tub salad greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, and herbs
bath? Midwest Re-Bath can solve your problem, quickly, efficiently and like basil and cilantro.
economically. More information on the healthful ben-
efits of home-grown vegetables is available
by visiting and searching for
When you want to remodel your bathroom and have gasped at the thought of “gardening.”
the cost and mess involved, and the time spent without the use of the room, it’s Start indoors
time to call Midwest Re-Bath - the affordable, beautiful alternative to traditional Seedlings can be started indoors and then
bath remodeling. moved to your garden as the weather warms.
They can be started in almost anything, from
Midwest Re-Bath can replace your bathtub with a walk-in shower with an cardboard egg cartons to washed yogurt
acrylic shower base designed specifically to fit in the same space your existing containers. Just make sure to use sterile seed
bathtub now occupies. Your old bathtub is removed, a new shower base is starting mix and poke enough holes in the
installed and the drain is connected. bottom of each container for drainage.
Or you can grow a variety of seedlings
The wall area is then repaired and a new acrylic wall surround is installed from in a proper seedling tray. For example,
AeroGarden, an indoor growing system, has
the base to the ceiling. A new faucet, shower door, soap dish, and safety bar a seedling tray that can grow up to 66 seed-
complete the installation. The work area is cleaned and all of the rubbish lings in ready-to-transplant growing sponges.
removed. The lack of soil keeps your home neater,
while the system’s grow lights and auto-
Midwest Re-Bath offers a variety of wall colors and the most tile patterns in mated delivery of water and liquid nutrients
the industry. help make seedlings perfect for re-planting in
your garden when the weather is right.
Re-Bath is the only tubliner company in the United States with DuraBath SSP. Just make sure you time your seedlings so
This is the strongest acrylic on the market and Re-Bath is the only liner you can re-plant them at the optimum time.
company that can offer you the strongest acrylic. For more tips on growing seedlings indoors,
Midwest Re-Bath has an excellent reputation in the remodel industry, They are Prep for transplant
members of both the Better Business Bureau and NARL. Once the danger of cold nights has passed,
Re-Bath is America’s largest bathroom remodeler. you can prepare your outdoor garden for
planting. You may want to test the pH level
of your soil, as well as the level of nutrients
For further information, call 1-800-BATHTUB (1-800-228-4882), or like phosphorus, nitrogen, calcium, potas-
419-227-3882. Visit our sium and magnesium. You can start digging
if the soil crumbles easily in your palm.
Remove any weeds, branches or stones up to

8 inches deep.
Suddenly transplanting your seedlings
outdoors can shock them, so begin by letting
your seedlings live outdoors for a few hours
each day. Gradually increase the time until
Visit Midwest Re-Bath’s 2
“The Refreshing Remodel”™ any danger of cool evenings has passed.
State Of The Art Showrooms at: Then transplant your seedlings to your
2121 ElidaCrossing
5525-A Coldwater Road, Lima, OHFort
Plaza, 45801
Wayne, IN garden bed and watch them bloom! In a few
or 5525-A Coldwater
OR 2121 Crossing
Elida Road, Plaza,
Lima, Fort Wayne, IN
OH 45801
260.480.BATH •
1-800-BATHTUB weeks you should have beautiful flowers
or the beginnings of a bountiful vegetable
The Herald Spring Home & Garden • April 2011 • 7

Extend your home’s

living spaces outdoors AAA Stump
• Maneuverable
yard friendly
• Front/backyard
• Tree removal
• Re-landscaping
• Clean up

Innovative additions can make your backyard more inviting.

(StatePoint) As the weather warms, • Light it up
Americans spend more time in their back- When entertaining outdoors at night, the
yards and gardens, taking advantage of their right lighting adds ambience while illumi-
outdoor living and dining space. nating pathways for safety. You can up-light
Recent decorating trends are helping trees for dramatic effect. Energy-efficient
homeowners create inviting outdoor spaces. solar lighting is a great choice, as you avoid
It’s no longer about simple picnic tables on dealing with cords in or under your yard and
patios or decks. There now are many new save electricity in the process.
ways to create welcoming ambience. • Feel-good furniture
More homeowners are using innovative Homeowners nowadays can lounge on
products for the backyard and garden made brightly colored chairs and benches and dine
with recycled materials -- a small way to
make a big difference. For example, recy-
on stylish tables made with recycled plas-
tics and other innovative materials. Green • Free
cled plastics are being used in functional minded consumers can choose furniture
yet stylish decking, vertical gardens, flower made from post-consumer containers, such
pots, bird houses, furniture and more, divert- as plastic milk jugs, detergent containers
ing this valuable material from landfills.
“Consumers have many options today
and margarine tubs. And best of all, you’ll
save time and money by not having to stain
• Fully
to create beautiful backyards and other
home spaces with recycled products,” says
or weatherproof this second generation fur-
niture. insured
Steve Russell, vice president of plastics
for the American Chemistry Council. “For
• Grow-up
Short on space in your yard? Vertical gar- • Most
instance, recycled plastics can be used to
create all sorts of functional and fashionable
dens are a conservationist’s dream, allow-
ing plant lovers to create hanging gardens stumps
$50 or less
products, from modern lawn chairs to chic in even the smallest corners, indoors and
accessories to long lasting fences.” out. Vertical gardens often are made with
Here are some great tweaks for your out- recycled plastics, and can create a flower
door spaces this season: or vegetable source on just about any type
• Divine decking of wall. They help turn even the smallest

Call Ron Roberts

To create decks, gazebos and other out- studio apartment or backyard deck into a
door structures, many builders are now green oasis.
using composite lumber, some of which is For more tips on how you can help “close

made with recycled plastic shopping bags. the recycling loop” by using recycled prod-
These composites are typically stain- and ucts to create a greener sanctuary for your
water-resistant and don’t attract those pesky home and garden, visit www.plasticsmakeit-
backyard bugs that enjoy wood.
8 • The Herald Spring Home & Garden • April 2011

Get your deck ready for spring and summer

(StatePoint) As the days get longer, and air can flow between them. Reducing
there’s nothing like barbecuing and enter- standing water and increasing airflow will
taining friends on your deck. But before you limit the amount of moisture that can collect
pass out those invitations, make sure your and stay on the surface of the plank, thereby
deck has weathered the winter and is ready making your deck last longer.
for its seasonal duty. • Keep the finish sharp
The abuse a deck surface takes from the Application of a quality wood stain or
weather, foot traffic, barbecues, and food finish and periodic retreatment over time
and drink spills can create both surface and will prevent discoloration and degrada-
structural problems. tion of your deck and extend the wood’s
“To make your deck last, clean it thor- lifespan. Keep in mind that natural woods
oughly every one to two years and re-stain that are sustainable and durable, such as real
every two to four years,” says Mark Clement, cedar, can take and retain a variety of stains
host of the radio program “MyFixitUpLife.” and finishes for more extended periods.
“It also helps if your deck is made from a Such woods are natural looking, as opposed
natural, durable wood, such as Western Red to the faux finishes used on man-made com-
Cedar, which holds oil based finishes for an posite products.
extended period of time.” • Elevate planters
Direct contact between planter boxes
Here’s how to get your deck ready for and wooden surfaces can trap moisture
use: and leave stains. Elevating them or placing
• Clear out them on rollers will release the moisture and
Clear all furniture and potted plants off make them easier to rearrange.
the deck. Then inspect the deck for dirt and • Beware of welcome mats your deck, so place it in an inconspicuous maintenance and care just like your lawn or
pollen buildup. Sweep it clean of debris that Mats can collect moisture and dry out spot with a hard rubber door mat underneath roof,” says Clement “By performing routine
may have fallen during winter. For safety’s too slowly, which can lead to water dam- it to keep your deck free of stains. If grease checks and taking care of the warning signs,
sake, make sure there are no nails sticking age and/or wood rot. After precipitation, be drips onto your deck, use a household homeowners can extend the life of their
up from the deck or from any posts. sure to dry out the mat and allow the deck cleaner to wipe it clean. decks so they can be enjoyed for years to
• Floss between planks to dry. For more advice on caring for decks, come.”
Clean between the planks and boards of • Watch out for your grill visit Make sure your deck is clean and safe
any horizontal surfaces so rain can drain Grease from your grill is hazardous to “It’s easy to forget that decks need before entertaining.

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Spring Time Lawn & Garden Needs The Quality

•Lawn Fertilizer • Lawn Fertilizer with Crabgrass preventer Door Place
•Garden Fertilizer - to make your harvest bountiful
•Broadleaf Weed Killers for turf areas WINDOWS • ROOFING • SIDING • FENCING
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The Herald Spring Home & Garden • April 2011 • 9

Spring clean your home’s exterior

(StatePoint) When spring cleaning porous materials like wood. cult for water to flow.
your home, it’s easy to focus on inte- Outdoor furniture When cleaning gutters by hand, you
rior closets and drawers and forget the Whether you conscientiously stored can create a “gutter scoop” by cutting
first thing any visitor will see — your your patio furniture for the winter, or the bottom half off a plastic gallon jug
home’s exterior. But outdoor surfaces left it outside exposed to the elements, with a box knife. Then, after removing
and fixtures need your attention, too. it’s likely your outdoor table and chairs any leaves, twigs or debris, flush the
“Outdoor furniture can collect grime need a once-over before they’re ready gutters with water to clean them prop-
and rust during winter,” says Alison for use. When choosing cleaning prod- erly.
Gutterman, President of Jelmar, manu- ucts, make sure they’re biodegradable
facturer of CLR cleaning products. “It’s so they won’t harm your plants or lawn. Screens and filters
important you clean them annually with Then rinse the furniture and the grass The best way to clean window
an effective yet safe cleaner that won’t with your hose after cleaning. screens is to lay them flat on a cloth or
harm your lawn or garden.” You should also choose a cleaning soft surface outdoors to keep the frames
Make sure your spring cleaning product that’s safe for furniture, such as from getting scratched. Then, hose them
includes these outdoor dirt-magnets: CLR Outdoor Furniture Cleaner, which down and scrub gently with an all-pur-
Siding and windows can be used on plastic, wicker, wood, pose cleaner. Finally, rinse the screens
Even if you’re not putting a fresh wrought iron, canvas and other outdoor again and tap off any excess water.
coat of paint on your house this year, materials. Also look for UV protectants Air conditioning filters should also be
it’s important you clean any facade to keep your furniture from fading in changed as part of your spring cleaning,
or siding that’s prone to grime. Use a bright sun. especially if anyone in your family has
power washer and start at the highest allergies. Always refer to the owner’s
point to avoid washing dirt down onto Gutters manual to determine the location of the
clean areas. Clean gutters prevent flooding and filter and the size needed to ensure the
Pressure washers also make window roof damage. The best way to check if proper fit.
cleaning easier. But be careful using your gutters need cleaning is to look up For more spring cleaning tips, visit
them on wooden areas such as decks at the outside rim of the top of the gut-
and window frames. The force of the ter. If there is discoloration, there likely Remember, keeping your home’s
Cleaning your gutters regularly will spray often damages the surface of is buildup in the gutter making it diffi- exterior clean makes a big difference.
prevent roof damage.

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10 • The Herald Spring Home & Garden • April 2011

4 overlooked spots to spring clean

(StatePoint) Is your spring cleaning routine sufficient? In the laundry room
Or do you suspect dirt may be lurking in places you’ve Have you noticed an unusual funk coming from your
never even put on your to-do list? washing machine? This may be because the new, high-
If you’re like most Americans, chances are you forgot efficiency washers use less water than traditional ones,
some of these often overlooked spots while spring clean- causing residue buildup from dirty clothes, detergent and
ing: hard water minerals. If so, it’s time to clean your machine.
In the kitchen Something as simple as Tide’s Washing Machine Cleaner,
Most people hit the stove, fridge and the microwave. which comes in a small packet you drop into a normal cycle
But there are more places in the kitchen needing your atten- without clothes, can keep your machine smelling fresh.
tion. All cupboards and pantries should be cleared and re- Once you’ve got your washing machine clean, next
stocked at least once yearly to dispose of expired food and focus on what you put in it. With spring and summer whites
guard against insects and rodents. sure to be washed this time of year, consider switching to
Also make sure you clean your can opener! This often a detergent with both stain fighting and whitening power.
used, rarely cleaned tool can be a trap for bacteria and And look for a new concentrated version, which not only
spores. Use Q-Tips and soapy water to wipe down every gives you the same cleaning with 1/3 less detergent, but
nook and cranny,
Columbus;Reliable including the gears.
Plgb & Htg;A00238;3.42x7 helps save you space and helps save the planet by reducing
In the bedroom
Spring cleaning usually involves a change of bedding,
but how about those decorative pillows or stuffed animals
in children’s rooms? Because of their soft, uneven surfaces,
they’re prime locations for dust and allergens. Sticking
them in plastic bags and then in the freezer for four hours
will kill dust mites. Then use a vacuum to suck up dead
You should also pay attention to ceiling fans, crown
moldings and even the walls. It’s best to use a damp cloth
to wipe down all surfaces. Dry feather dusters tend to kick
up dust and allergens, which settle back down in the same
In the living room
205 West Second St. Window treatments and lampshades attract dust and
Delphos, OH 45833
germs as much as any other home surface, but are easily cleaned using removable vacuum attachments, such as a Dirt and odors can lurk in your washing machine.
Reliable Plumbing & Heating. Our name says it all. combo brush or crevice tool extension. Of course, regular cleaning is the best way to minimize
And don’t skip floor vents, door jams, and window sills. your spring cleaning. To find products that can help make
These areas are often overlooked and can collect years of cleaning less of a chore, visit
grime. Then get to it! After all, a clean home is a happy home.

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