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Franchise Offer

Terms and Conditions

1. A non-refundable fee of Rs.5 lakhs will have to be paid to the lessor (MPGI).
2. Agreement would be for a period of 7 years after which the renewal of license for another 5
years would be required with 50% of original license fee.
3. Fee structure will be decided by MPGI.
4. A separate account for the bi-monthly fee collection in the name- MPEC (Learning Centre)
will be opened and operated jointly by the principal and lessee.
5. By 15th day of the fee collection month, lessee must pay the royalty to MPGI through cheque
positively. If this is delayed by 30 days, an interest of 15% must be charged.
6. Only the school given the license will be authorized to use the name and logo of MPGI.
7. Any other branch of the school, promoters, society or a member of society will not be entitled
to use the name or logo of MPGI.
8. A penalty up to 100% of the total revenue of the school would be imposed if found making
unauthorised use of MPGI name and logo.
9. If ever, a change of ownership takes place, the MPGI license will be deemed cancelled
immediately and renewal of license would be required with fresh agreement and license fee
provided the new owner/ society fulfills MPGI norms.
10. Infrastructure –
• 1-2 acres of land for Sec./ Sr. Sec. school
• ½ an acre for a primary school.
• A constructed area of minimum 15,000 sq feet is required
• Room size min. 25* 25 ft.
• Labs, library, and facilities as per the board norms.
• Student – teacher ratio also as per the board guidelines.

11. The lessee will pay the royalty to the lessor as per the foll. Slab
(which ever amount is higher) –

Y min. amt. %

1st yr 7,50.000 lakhs 17.0%

2nd yr 10,00,000 laklhs 21%

3rd yr
12,50,000 lakhs 25%

12. The school will be free to seek affiliation from the board of its choice
i.e. CBSE/CISCE/IB/State board.
13. Seeking affiliation will be the sole responsibility of the school.MPGI
however can provide guidance for the same.
14. The school shall strictly adhere to the norms and terms & conditions
of the board it is/ will be affiliated to.
15. Uniform of the students will be strictly as per MPGI instructions.
16. MPGI will provide the school with the textbooks, notebooks, school
-diary etc. at a separate cost.
17. Examination and annual calendar will adhere to MPGI schedule.
18. By paying the license fee and annual royalty to the lessor, lessee will enjoy the benefits of
publicity in all the MPGI publicity Campaigns.

19. Code of conduct (For lessee)

a) The members of the society / trust should have a sound reputation.
b) Neither any civil/ criminal case should be pending against society /trust or any of the
members in the court nor they should have faced any punishment in the past.
c) If a civil case is pending/ has concluded in the past then the nature and the details of the
case should be brought into the notice of lessor.
d) Lessee will have an agreement of 7 years with lessor and till the agreement exists, there
would neither be a change in the members of society/ trust nor. the no. of members will
decrease/ increase.
e) The lessor will not be responsible for any mishap in the school campus; it will be the
sole responsibility of the lessee.
f) From time to time, the committee appointed by the lessor will audit / inspect the school
for academic progress, accounts/ funds etc.
g) After the termination of the franchise agreement, no member of society / trust will enter
into the same business for at least 2 1/2 years individually or through any other society.
h) No member of the society / trust should own the same business within the radius of 2.5
kms of the premises of the school.
i) In case of any litigation between the lessee & the third party, the lessor will not be a
party to it.
j) All disputes subject to Kanpur jurisdiction.

Code of conduct (For Principal/head of the institution/teachers)

1. Principal will not be employee of the lessee. He /she will be appointed by the lessor and the salary
& perks to the principal will be paid by lessor.
2. The principal will report directly to the head quarter on a monthly basis.
3. The Principal will be responsible for following the instructions of the board and implementing
them in the school.
4. The principal will co-ordinate with Lessee’s manager/director.
5. MPGI has right to transfer / terminate / promote / demote or attach the principal to the head
quarter on a notice of 15 days.
6. Teacher will be appointed by MPGI but their salary will be paid by the lessee.
7. Principal / teachers of the school if removed by MPGI will not be taken in any other school of the
8. MPGI will decide the uniform for the teachers.
9. Adhoc / temporary teachers will be appointed by the principal only for a period of 3 months,
however the principal will seek approval for this in the monthly meeting.
10. Extension of one month to adhoc teacher can be given on a prior
permission from the head quarter.
11. Any temporary teacher who proves to be good can be taken permanently
with a discussion and permission from the head quarter in monthly


1) The above T&C are subject to time-to-time changes as per mutual consent of both the parties.
2) For further information refer our brochure.