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Leading Wireless Broadband

Wholesaler in Italy
Retelit selects Huawei WiMAX to deploy the first 16e network in
Italy, extends its wholesale services from fixed to wireless.

Highlights About Retelit

Challenges Retelit SpA is a provider of broadband
! Unique wholesale architecture connectivity solutions and infrastructure in the
! Lack of wireless experience wholesale market in Italy.
! Less transmission resource
Retelit holds the national fiber optic network of
Huawei’s Solution over 6,700km with connecting 200 cities and
! 4th Generation DBS3900 major towns
! Tailored wholesale solution
! Advanced power module for microwave and

Benefits to Retelit
! Swift delivery and fast commercial launch
! Converge with existing network Background
! Significant CAPEX & OPEX savings
With 10-year experience as a wholesale operator,
Retelit was eager to move into the wireless field.
Subsequently, Retelit allocated €23 M to acquire
a 42-MHz 3.5G WiMAX license.

In August, 2008, Retelit chose Huawei as the sole

source for E2E devices and service to launch the
first 16e network in Italy.

Irrespective of the distance between Huawei’s

WiMAX R&D center and their European customer,
Huawei designed an optimal solution in response
to Retelit’s precise requirements and delivered
the network well ahead of schedule.

On 30 September 2008, the COO of Retelit sent

out a notice through the WiMAX network and
announced that the first 16e WiMAX network
was ready.

16< Huawei WiMAX: Bridge the World

Huawei’s Solution & Retelit’s Benefits
High Performance
In contrast with most conventional requirements,
Retelit uniquely required the core network to
control the QoS profile for each end user.
Normally this would have dictated additional
research, design and development as well as
added cost.
Fortunately for the operator, Huawei’s built-in
Authentication, Authorization, & Accounting
(AAA), WASN and BOSS work with standard
protocols to permit highly flexible authentication
and accounting methods, coordinating with the
existing Retelit software system to provide more
available solutions for the operator.
Huawei’s, DBS3900 now provides Retelit with
the highest PAE in the industry, with multicarrier
and 4T/4R. Throughput and coverage fully meet
Retelit’s requirements and deliver a better end-
user experience.
Microwave+BBU in Outdoor Power Supply
The microwave transmission solution is applied in
the access layer that connects the base station
and Pop site as backhaul transmission. The OptiX
RTN 600 radio transmission system is a split- developed by Huawei. RTN600 and BBU3900
mount digital microwave transmission system can be installed together in the APM30
(Advanced Power Management) in the field.

Strong delivery capability

Huawei has developed a customer-oriented
platform that ensure a quick response and time-
to-market delivery. For this project, Huawei
assembled a professional team and held weekly
meetings with Retelit.
BBU Less than eight weeks after issue of the original
RRU purchase order, Huawei enabled launch of
Retelit’s WiMAX network.