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Head/Manager – Ambiance

Profile Includes the below given KRAs –

1. Facility Management
2. Quality Management – Manpower & Material
3. JIT Management – Crisis Management
4. Forecasting of Man & Material
5. Planning for Event Execution
6. Inventory Control – Quality & Quantity
7. Materials Requirements Planning – Purchase
8. Scheduling of Transportation
9. Managerial issues in design and use of forecasting systems
10. Aggregate Planning: concept, relevant costs, methods
11. Capacity Planning
12. Mid-term review
13. Operations Scheduling & Management
14. Push and Pull planning & control in Ambiance operations
15. Operations Scheduling in Pull type systems
16. Issues in inbound logistics: Purchase
17. Issues in inbound logistics: Transportation
18. Issues in inbound logistics: Inventory
19. Inventory Management: Selective Control Issues in outbound logistics
20. Issues in managing a project
21. Vendor development
22. Time analysis
23. Handling uncertainty in Event Exhaustion
24. Total Production Maintenance
Soft skills required

• Team Building and Developing.

 You will identify the person for different work profile related to fabrication & decor.
 You will train them for the same purpose, if needed/fresher.
 You will source the vendors & suppliers after deep negotiation and develop them on a
regular basis along with existing vendors/suppliers.
 You will identify and listed the used material (Wooden, Cloth, Fiber, Iron, Paint etc.),
which are lying at our Infrastructure Division for future projects/events.

• Planning and Execution of Project/Event after receiving Ops note and budget.
 You have to take initiative for Project/Event planning and their successful
 Top to bottom it will be yours whole sole responsibility for successfully completion of
the project/event.
 You will execute project/event within given internal time, cost and encouraging saving
in internal cost.

• Multi tasking.
 You will attend the meetings with Sales, Creative, Operation and Visualizer staff to
finalize and close the deal/project execution.
 All the staff of Fabrication, Carpenter, Painter, Floweriest, Electrician and Metal (related
to Ambiance) will work under your guidelines.
 You will preplan and smooth functioning of the men & material Planning.
 You have to ensure that you will monitor the movement and accountability of the
vehicle/ staff/ outside labour etc. working under you either at godown or site.
 You have to take care and maintenance of the material related to Ambiance time to
time, which are lying at Infrastructure Division.
 You will submit expense statement, vendor bills for settlement of accounts immediately
after completion of the project/event.
 You will personally present at site from starting to end of the project/event. In case, if
more than one project/event is coming on a continuous day then you can assign/depute
someone from your staff to take care in your absence and before leaving the site, you
will inform the concern head for the same.
 You will submit your daily report on a proper format to the Concern Head.
 Along with all the above mentioned responsibility, you will be whole sold responsible
towards the projects dedicated and assigned to you by your Senior Officers.
 Your responsibility will liable towards planning, co-ordination and successful completion
of the project as well as the successfully delegating tasks towards your juniors and
complete control of men and material on that project.
 You will also be responsible for complete safety and security of men and material. Any
loss or damage towards the same will be taken as your responsibility and penalty for
the same will be imposed as per the HR manual.