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The Dictator Farmer

A most Formidable War Strategy, the Dictator Farmer is Operated much like the Ty
ranny Farmer, however, a small difference in playing style and government bonuse
s makes their strategy somewhat distinct from each other.
The following guide incorporates an Monarchy Explorer Farm Start which grows int
o a Landgrabbing Dictator Farmer.
99 turn farm start-up
CS – Construction site
IC – Industrial complex
BPT – Building per turn
Tech – technology
OOP – Out of Protection
PS - planned strike
SS - standard strike
*sell 100 troops
*set production to 100% spies
*set tax to 70%
*don’t change government, stay as Monarchy
Note: sell food on private regularly to minimise decay
1) build 1 CS
*set tax to 45%
2) build 1 CS
*set tax to 40%
3) build 1 CS
*set tax to 36% (best rate for farmers)
4) build 17 CS (BPT = 10)
21) build 10 farms
22) build 4 CS
26) build 11 farms *sell some food 4 cash 2 build
27) build 4 CS
31) build 12 farms
32) build 4 CS
36) build 13 farms *sell some food 4 cash 2 build
37) build 4 CS
41) build 14 farms
42) build 4 CS (u should be at 0 acres now)
You will have saved max cash from low building cost
1) explore when needed
2) build 1 turn of farms
3) build 4 CS
4) sell food regularly to minimise decay
Repeat steps 1,2,3,4 until you hit turn 99, then DO NOT PROGRESS, sit on turn 99
and store turns to 80
Cash should be $1,000,000+
BPT = 23-24
Land should be around 370-390 acres
Sitting on turn 99 u wait and store turns, log in to get ur +6 and + 2 and +2(em
ail) bonus then log out, when u r almost full turns there should be military on
the market to buy.
Coming OOP
Follow the steps 1-3:
1) explore when needed
2) build 1 turn IC
3) repeat 10 times
Until you reach 200-250 IC, all producing 100% spies. Then after every 1k acres
of land that you gain after this, you should make another 50 IC.
Then start to follow the steps 1-3:
1) explore when needed
2) build 1 turn Farms
3) build 4CS
Note: you can sell food on the private market for $32, and the public market cha
rges you 6% tax commission, so unless people are selling on the “market” or public m
arket for $36 or more, its wiser to just sell on “purchases” or private market (same
thing) eg: on the public market, when taxed for 6%, the income u get by selling
for $36 = 36 x 0.94 = 32.9 (rounds down to $32), which is larger than the $32 f
rom private, but if the public is selling for less than 36, it is obvious u will
not get a better income than private. In
Summary, if the public price is $35 or more, sell there. If the public price is
less than $36, sell regularly on the private market as you did in the start up.
*Repeat steps 1,2,3 until your BPT is 60 or 220 CS, after reading the “Note” above,
determine if you should sell on public or private. When selling on public, you n
eed to do it on your last turn, as public sales consume 1 turn, so sell on publi
c after you have a lot of food at the end of the day. If selling on private just
sell every 5 turns or so.
*Then you enter the *Easy* stage of your country management and it is almost so
simple u can do it blindfolded (almost!) as you do not even need to make anymore
*From now on, you just explore when needed and build farms until you reach 6k ac
res, which is when your explore rate drops to about 15 acres per explore.
While you are in this explore phase, you must spend over 50% of your income from
food sales on agriculture tech which is the most important aspect of growing as
a farmer. If you can maintain agriculture tech above 200% you are on your way t
o MEGA food production in the near future.
At 6k acres, it is time to switch to dictator and start making some good landgra
bs, mixxing bottom feeding SS with exploring and then finishing your turns with
some PS landgrabs on GDI targets. The switch to dictator is to exploit the +20%
weapons effectiveness to your landgaining advantage. Also, remember the Dict has
a BPT disadvantage so your BPT of 60 will drop. if it drops below 50, then spen
d some turns building up CS to reach 50 BPT.
At this stage, your goals are to reach:
10-12k acres
210% agriculture tech (maintain it)
140% weapons tech
80% SDI tech
85% medical tech
$1 billion cash stocked
1 million oil stocked
Daily Routine:
*Search GT for good land targets
*make 6-10 bottom feeds (1/9-1/8 nw)
*build your acres, explore if u need readiness
*Find good GDI target (rarely been hit 1/3 nw)
*declare war on it and spy it + update on GT
*make 2 PS on the GDI target (2 more tomorrow)
*build your acres
*last turn sell on public if price > $36
when you reach the Final Basic Goals:
12k acres
210% agriculture tech
Slow down your landgrabbing as Landgrabs destroy networth thru the cost of jets
and oil, then you must spend all your turns just making easy landgrabs (PS only)
, exploring and building the acres to stockpile (farmers cashing their turns is
not a good way to stockpile as extra land helps more)
Your Goals now are to stock as much of your resources as possible to prepare for
Pre-War Goals:
12k acres
210% agriculture tech
$1 billion cash
150% weapons tech
80% SDI tech
1.5 million oil barrels
120% military strategy tech
85% medical tech
Pre-War Military Goals:
spies 300,000
troops 1,500,000
jets 500k-1mill (left overs from landgrabbing)
turrets 1,500,000
tanks 100k
Then You Are War Ready
Dictate the Enemy
A Dict loses 1% readiness for each attack if only 1/3 of the standing force is s
ent. So you will not need to spend many turns regaining readiness. Only fire a m
issile when your readiness drops to 94% as one missile regains 6% readiness. onl
y do a spyop when you have 97% readiness or less as spyops regain 3% readiness.
If you are out of missiles and you have a low spy army then cash a turn each tim
e your readiness drops below 97%. This is the MOST effective way of fighting.
If War passes us by (only 1% chance!) then your Dict Farmer can continue explori
ng turns and building those acres to stockpile, as war between other alliances w
ill make your food SUPER valuable! thus making your bank account almost burst fr
om being too full. Once you are at $1.5 billion cash, it is time to store them o
n the public market by selling bushels for $250.
Hint: remember to sell at different prices for every batch eg 250 251 252 as pro
blems may occur and if you sold 15million bushels for 250 all together if someth
ing happened POOF all gone.
When the end of the reset is coming, then it is time to start destocking, use yo
ur private market $32 sales as the public prices for food would have crashed by
now. sell in small batches and spend the cash, and hopefully you will have an am
azing finishing rank!
Good Luck!