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TARGET AREA 3 : Teaching and Learning

1. Integrate the use of technology in the classroom and ensure that all staff members have regular and ready
access to instructional technology via the 2009-2012 Technology Plan. Incorporate more extensive
technology in the curriculum.
2. Develop and implement a site technology plan that will address curriculum integration, professional
development, infrastructure, hardware inventory and replacement, software selection and upgrades, and
technical support.
3. Provide teachers with the training and support needed to use technology effectively and integrate it into their
classroom programs.
4. Align curriculum through the revision of standards & benchmarks and scope & sequence to ensure smooth
transitions and consistency across all grade levels.
5. Empower the Academic Council in taking an active role in teacher leadership and policy and procedure
development proposals

6. Develop a clearly articulated definition of global education and incorporating it into all aspects of the
curriculum and K–12 academic program.

7. Structure level meetings and department meetings around analysis, discussion and reflection of student
TARGET AREA 3 : Teaching and Learning

8. Provide a vertically-aligned curriculum:
• Examine curriculum within departments to ensure vertical alignment 9th-12th grades.
• Articulate with post-high school institutions (community colleges, 4-year universities) to align

9. Standardize the format of curriculum maps in all subjects.

10. Annually update and implement a curriculum pacing calendar.

11.Train and encourage a variety of teaching and learning strategies and the use of different methods of

12. Develop systems to ensure greater consistency in grading practices among teachers and alignment of
formative and summative assessments with learning objectives.
13. Develop individual education plans (IEP’s) for each of the students identified with special needs and ensure
that these are shared with teachers in order to facilitate differentiated planning and instructional strategies.

14. Provide students with opportunities to apply, practice, and deepen their understanding of new
knowledge using authentic content and context.

15. Expand the range of services and resources provided by the school library for curricular
instructional support.
TARGET AREA 3 : Teaching and Learning

16. Consider adding Advance Placement AP Classes.

17. Solicit Alumni feedback regarding academic achievement and level of preparedness for university studies.

18. Provide music and art classes for High School (9th-12th Grade).

19. Focus attention on preparing student in major subject areas for ICFES exam.

20. Design and implement interventions based on the analysis of student performance data.
•Analyze data from common assessments
•Analyze trimester Report Card Data (after each grading period)
•Analyze external test data based on annual testing calendar

21. Create and implement a comprehensive, multi-year staff development plan. The plan will address research-
based teaching strategies and their ongoing evaluation and refinement.
22. Increase the students’ awareness of the expected student learning results:
• Disseminate strategies and tips for incorporating the GLO’s into the curriculum.
• Include GLO training in new teacher orientation.
• Develop measurable indicators for the GLO’s and define their quality accomplishment.
TARGET AREA 3 : Teaching and Learning

23. Provide teachers with access to the student information system (SASI) in the classroom to facilitate the
paperless management of grade reporting, and student data queries.
24. Train all teachers in TUTOR- AIS´s Student Information System.

25. Implement a five year textbook replacement cycle for purchase, implementation, analysis and adoption.

26. Define the purpose, goals and expectations for common planning time (CPT).
• Survey the staff regarding the effectiveness and feasibility of changing the day and time of CPT.
27. Investigate opportunities for including service projects in the regular curriculum program.
• Charter a coordination committee.
• Study the feasibility of adding a service component as a graduation requirement.
28. Provide classroom guidance sessions on the following topics: Bullying, Conflict Resolutions, Study Skills, and
appropriate areas based on needs.