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By Jason R. Rich
Chapter 1: Taylor s Adventure Begins

ISBN: 0-7821-2902-1

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hree years after Ash’s adventure to become the
world’s greatest Pokémon Master came to an
exciting end, the quest of a new, up-and-coming
trainer is about to begin!

Located many miles from Pallet Town, where Professor Oak

and Ash live happily, is a land called Johto. In this country is
the small community of New Bark Town. It’s here that an
adventurous young lad named Taylor lives.

Taylor dreams of becoming a great Pokémon Champion just

like Ash once did. To earn this title, however, a trainer must
first defeat each of the eight Gym Leaders who are located
in the various cities throughout Johto. Only by collecting all
eight Pokémon League Badges and then traveling to Indigo
Plateau to defeat the world’s greatest Pokémon Masters,
known as the Elite Four, can Taylor earn the title of
Pokémon Champion.

It was the beginning of another beautiful day in New Bark

Town. The sun was just rising over the sleepy town when, in
the midst of a dream, Professor Oak was awakened.
“Wha…? You woke me up!” he cried. After determining
what time it was, he got ready to go to his lab.

Meanwhile, in another part of town, Taylor looked at the

clock in his room and realized he had overslept! The young
trainer was supposed to meet his good friend and teacher,
Professor Elm, five minutes ago! “Yikes! I’m late!” he
thought, as he jumped out of bed. When Taylor went
downstairs, his mom handed him his Pokémon Gear, which
was just back from the repair shop. Pokémon Gear, also
known as PokéGear, is essential to becoming a good

2 Pokémon Gold/Silver Pathways to Adventure

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Built into Taylor’s PokéGear was a powerful, yet tiny,

cellular phone. The people of Johto used them to stay in
contact with each other. The auto-dial feature of Taylor’s
phone had Professor Elm’s and his mother’s phone
numbers programmed into it, so the young trainer could
always stay in touch no matter where he traveled.

Today was going to be exciting for Taylor. The professor had

promised to give him his very first Pokémon to love and
train. With his PokéGear in hand, Taylor set off to
Professor Elm’s lab, located across town.

Taylor explores New

Bark Town as he heads
toward Professor
Elm’s lab.

While walking through his hometown, Taylor met several of

his young friends, who had heard rumors about Professor
Elm’s discovery of new Pokémon. Taylor had spent
countless hours reading about the adventures of Ash and
Professor Oak, and how they gathered information about
all 151 known Pokémon for the PokéDex, a computerized
encyclopedia. It would be very exciting for trainers
everywhere if Professor Elm had actually discovered new
varieties of Pokémon. It would also mean that someone
would have to update the PokéDex with all of the additional

Chapter 1 Taylor’s Adventure Begins 3

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After walking a short distance to the west, Taylor arrived

at a large structure with a sign in front that read “Elm
Pokémon Lab.” He stepped inside and quickly made his way
to the back of the building where Professor Elm was
patiently waiting.

Taylor finds Professor

Elm’s lab and goes
inside to find his
friend and teacher.

“There you are!” exclaimed Professor Elm, who had

a big smile on his face. He was clearly happy to see his
young friend. “I needed to ask you a favor. I have an
acquaintance, called Mr. Pokémon. He keeps finding weird
things and raving about his discoveries. Anyway, I just got
an e-mail from him saying that this time it’s real. It is
intriguing, but we’re too busy with our Pokémon research.
Could you look into it for us?” asked the professor.

Taylor couldn’t contain his excitement. He was eager to

begin working with the professor in hopes of becoming a
better Pokémon trainer. This was the perfect opportunity.
In order to help the professor, Taylor would first need his
own Pokémon. Located on a nearby desk were three Poké

4 Pokémon Gold/Silver Pathways to Adventure

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“These are all rare Pokémon that we

just found.”

Pointing to these Poké Balls, the professor stated, “These

are all rare Pokémon that we just found. Go on . . . pick
one!” Taylor examined each of the Poké Balls and ultimately
selected the one on the left. “You’ll take Cyndaquil, the fire
Pokémon. I think that’s a great Pokémon.”

Upon accepting the Poké Ball, Taylor was given the

opportunity to give his new Pokémon partner a nickname.
After careful consideration, he decided to name his very
first Pokémon FireFriend.

“Mr. Pokémon lives near CherryGrove City, the

next city. It’s almost a direct route to there,”
explained the professor. As Taylor exited the
lab to visit Mr. Pokémon, and learn more
about his mysterious discoveries, one of
Professor Elm’s lab assistants gave him a Cyndaquil™
(Nickname: FireFriend)
Potion which would help to keep his new Number: 155
Pokémon partner, FireFriend, healthy during a Type: Fire


When Taylor was once again outside, in the heart of New

Bark Town, he walked to the west and followed Route 29.
While strolling along the grassy areas, the brave young
trainer encountered his first wild Pokémon! Now he could
test the abilities of FireFriend and participate in an actual
battle. Taylor’s heart was racing with excitement.

Chapter 1 Taylor’s Adventure Begins 5

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The wild Pokémon turned out to be a level 4 Rattata. Taylor

hoped this normal Pokémon would not prove to be too
difficult to beat. After all, his Pokémon partner was a
level 5 Cyndaquil.

Taylor and his

Pokémon partner
battle a wild Rattata.

The battle began with FireFriend using its mighty Tackle

attack. The enemy Rattata retaliated by launching a power-
packed Tail Whip. When FireFriend used another
of its Tackle attacks, the Rattata’s HP (Hit
Points) dropped considerably. By the
fourth consecutive Tackle attack,
FireFriend had easily defeated the
wild Rattata, giving FireFriend 32
experience points! “Awesome!” Rattata™
Number: 19
thought Taylor as he congratulated Type: Normal
his Pokémon partner.

Taylor was very proud of his new Pokémon.

Together, they had defeated a wild Pokémon for the first
time. Both Taylor and FireFriend knew this was just the
first of many exciting battles to come.

6 Pokémon Gold/Silver Pathways to Adventure

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Taylor follows Route

29 as he heads for
Mr. Pokémon’s house.

Following the path along Route 29, Taylor

encountered additional wild Pokémon,
including a level 2 Pidgey, which FireFriend
quickly caused to faint by using repeated
Tackle attacks.
After traveling through a building located on Pidgey™
Number: 16
Route 29, Taylor soon found himself moving Type: Normal/Flying
along Route 46. Here, a wild level 3 Geodude
was waiting to launch a surprise attack.

Once again, FireFriend’s Tackle proved to be superior to

the moves of his opponent, which included the
Rock Throw. His next battle was against a
Pokémon that Taylor had never seen
before. It was a wild, long-tailed
Pokémon capable of launching
several powerful attacks, including
Geodude™ Tackle and Quick attacks. With
Number: 74
Type: Rock/Ground
Taylor’s guidance, FireFriend also
caused this Pokémon rival to faint.

Chapter 1 Taylor’s Adventure Begins 7

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When Taylor finally arrived in CherryGrove City, he came

across a Pokémon Center, where he replenished the health
of FireFriend. Located next door was a Pokémon Mart,
where valuable items could be purchased. Here, Taylor
stocked up on Potions to keep his existing Pokémon healthy
during battles.

After receiving a quick tour of CherryGrove City from an

older Pokémon trainer named Guide Gent, Taylor was given
a Map Card as a gift. This made an excellent addition to his
PokéGear and would help to keep him from getting lost
during his upcoming quest.

Guide Gent offers

Taylor a free tour of
the city and then
presents him with a
Map Card.

Upon leaving CherryGrove City, Taylor made his way toward

Violet City, where he soon came upon a sign that read “Mr.
Pokémon’s House Straight Ahead!” This was the person that
Taylor was looking for. He was clearly on the right path!

Taylor soon came across a medium-sized house. Inside, Mr.

Pokémon was waiting. “Hello! Hello! You must be Taylor,”
said the friendly man who was dressed in a black suit.

8 Pokémon Gold/Silver Pathways to Adventure

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“Professor Elm said that you would visit. This is what I want
Professor Elm to examine.” Mr. Pokémon handed Taylor a
Mystery Egg, which he placed in his Key Pocket. Inside this
egg could be a mysterious new type of Pokémon, but only
Professor Elm could tell for sure.

Taylor meets
Mr. Pokémon

“I know a couple who run a Pokémon Day Care Center.

They gave me that egg. I was intrigued so I’m sending it to
Professor Elm. For Pokémon evolution, Professor Elm is
the authority. If my assumption is correct that this is a new
type of Pokémon, Professor Elm will confirm it,” said Mr.
Pokémon to the eager young trainer.

Standing near Mr. Pokémon was a man Taylor hadn’t

noticed earlier. It was Professor Oak, a living legend in the
World of Pokémon! He was the man who had discovered so
much useful information about Pokémon and created the
original PokéDex.

Professor Oak was paying a friendly visit to his old friend

Mr. Pokémon, but he quickly became interested in the
Mystery Egg. He was also impressed by Taylor’s eagerness

Chapter 1 Taylor’s Adventure Begins 9

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to help Professor Elm. Professor Oak quickly determined

that this young lad had what it takes to become a great

Taylor is excited to
meet his idol, Professor
Oak, who is the world’s
foremost expert on
Pokémon research.

“Professor Elm saw that you would treat your Pokémon

with love and care. You seem to be dependable,” said
Professor Oak. Then he too asked Taylor for a favor.

Taylor and Professor

Oak have a serious
chat. The professor
decides to give the
young trainer his very
own PokéDex.

10 Pokémon Gold/Silver Pathways to Adventure

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“How would you like to help me out?” he asked as he pulled

out one of his latest inventions. It was an all-new PokéDex!
“It automatically records data on Pokémon you’ve seen or
caught. It’s a high-tech encyclopedia!”

Taylor’s eyes were wide with excitement. The legendary

Professor Oak was about to give him his very own PokéDex!
Upon receiving this awesome gift, the young trainer agreed
to help the professor gather information about new
varieties of Pokémon.

After conducting extensive research, Professors Oak and

Elm concluded that there were probably many new varieties
of Pokémon that still needed to be discovered and studied.
Many of these unknown varieties could probably be found
somewhere in Johto.

Just as Taylor was saying farewell to his two new friends,

he received an urgent phone call from Professor Elm, who
asked him to return to his lab immediately. Taylor quickly
gathered his belongings and set off again toward Cherry-
Grove City. He traveled as quickly as he could, taking
several shortcuts.

Taylor receives an
urgent phone call
from Professor
Elm–he must return
to his hometown fast!

Chapter 1 Taylor’s Adventure Begins 11

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Taylor encountered many wild Pokémon, including Pidgey,

along his trek home. By this point, his Pokémon partner,
FireFriend, had reached level 9. He was making his owner
very proud, as he had little trouble defeating the rival
Pokémon he encountered.

As soon as Taylor returned to CherryGrove City, he came

upon another young and eager Pokémon trainer who
seemed to be waiting for him. Taylor was challenged to a
battle by the mysterious trainer, who sent out a level 5

Taylor meets a
mysterious Pokémon
trainer with long, red
hair who wants to

FireFriend launched several of its most powerful

attacks, and was soon victorious. Taylor’s
adversary wasn’t happy about losing. “I’m
going to be the world’s greatest Pokémon
trainer!” cried the stranger as he ran off,
leaving Taylor free to return to Professor
Totodile™ Elm’s lab.
Number: 158
Type: Water Running as fast as he could, Taylor soon
reached the front door of the professor’s lab

12 Pokémon Gold/Silver Pathways to Adventure

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and entered. Professor Elm was speaking with a police

officer. “I heard a Pokémon was stolen from here. I was just
getting some information,” reported the officer. “Apparently,
the culprit was a young male with long, red hair.”

As soon as Taylor heard this description, he knew that

the culprit was the young Pokémon trainer he had just
defeated in the outskirts of town. It turned out the
trainer’s name was Mark. The police officer left the lab to
investigate the theft of the professor’s prized Poké Ball,
while Professor Elm and Taylor remained in the lab and
discussed the Mystery Egg that Taylor had delivered to
Professor Elm, from Mr. Pokémon.

During the conversation, Taylor told Professor Elm all about

meeting his idol, Professor Oak.

“Wow! Taylor, you may have what it

takes to become the Champion.”

“He is superb at seeing the potential of people as

trainers,” said Professor Elm. “Wow! Taylor, you may have
what it takes to become the Champion. You should take the
Pokémon Gym Challenge. The closest gym would be the one
in Violet City.”

Taylor knew that the road to becoming a Pokémon Champion

would be a long one. Yet he knew that he had the courage
and training skills necessary to make his dream of
becoming a true Pokémon Master a reality.

Chapter 1 Taylor’s Adventure Begins 13

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As Taylor exited the lab–to begin his journey to Violet City

in hopes of beating the Gym Leader there–he was given
five Poké Balls as a gift. Before departing from his
hometown, however, the hopeful young trainer decided to
drop by his house and bid farewell to his mother. Taylor’s
mother was sorry to see him go, but offered to help him
save the money he earned by beating other Pokémon
trainers. Taylor gratefully accepted this offer and set
off on his journey.

His next stop would be Violet City. He needed to beat the

Gym Leader there in order to obtain his first Official
Pokémon League Badge–the ZephyrBadge. The trip itself
would also be exciting, as he was sure to encounter many
wild Pokémon and other surprises along the way.

14 Pokémon Gold/Silver Pathways to Adventure