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South Gippsland
East Gippsland
Shakespeare on the River Festival

Creative Gippsland
Mirboo North Arty Gras Tarra Festival
Heyfield Tractor Pull
Bright Autumn Festival 90 mile Beach Fishing Competition
Lardner Park Craft Market Antiques & Collectables Show, Drouin
2011 W PP(03)

Everything for your Best Friend
Birds, Fish, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs Keep your dog Warm this Winter.


L Dog Coats Now Call in and see us for
FREE in Store
Specialise in Pick and Delivery*
up friendly, expert advice
FRESH PETS MINCE until the end of May *conditions apply
Locally owned and Operated
Phone 5157 6234 59 Macarthur Street 340 Raymond Street, Sale
Contact Tash or Tony
Web Phone 5143 3238
Phone 5144 1574
Our guests at Fernbank kennels under way. We welcome inspections, but for forever homes.
Lodge are thoroughly please phone first, to make an appointment. Two in particular
enjoying the large new play are: Hector - a
yards we have installed. As part of our commitment to dog welfare we work kelpie cross with
Fernbank Lodge was with a few groups to help rehome dogs in need. We a beautiful nature,
actually established 17 currently have a few gorgeous very obedient;
years ago and has a loyal d o g s looking Gemma - a generous
customer base, some of loving nature,
whom have been coming who needs an
all that time. We (Patricia and Bruce) bought the only dog home.
kennels in December 2010, so new owners, new Please call us
broom as they say, with a thorough revamp of the first to arrange a

Cat Talk which serves as a warning to the offending

party. If the warning is not heeded, a more
or less serious attack may follow. Some may
Cat communication is the range of methods engage in behavior or batting with their paws,
by which cats communicate with other cats, with claws either extended or retracted. Cats
humans, and other animals. Communication sometimes make chirping or chattering noises
methods include postures, movement when observing prey. Proposed explanations
(including “quick, fine” movements not for this behavior include that it is a threatening
generally perceived by human beings), and sound, an expression of excitement or
auditory and chemical signals. frustration, or an attempt to replicate a bird-
call (or replicate the call of a bird’s prey, for
The communication methods used by cats example a cicada). Recent animal behaviorists
have been affected by the domestication
UST FOR PETS have theorized that it is a “rehearsal behavior”
in which the cat anticipates or practices the

A cat meowing
A meow is a movement used by cats to signal a
J killing of prey, because the sound usually
accompanies a biting movement similar to
the one they use to kill their prey (the “killing
request to their mother or owner. Adult cats do bite”, which saws through the victim’s neck
not normally meow to each other, and so the vertebrae).
meowing to human beings that domesticated
cats exhibit is likely partly an extension
of the use of this plaintive signal.[3] When
communicating with human beings, adult cats
growls, and can emit long, articulated Although purring is a universally
express variations of this tone to demand food meows. Most vocalizations recognized as recognized enon, the mechanism by which 6 ALPACA
or attention, register complaints, and convey “meow” are specifically for human interaction. cats purr is elusive. This is partly because the
cat has no unique anatomical feature that is
The word meow is itself an onomatopoeia clearly responsible
with various spellings including meow, mew, for the sound
miaow, miao, miaou, mrow, mau, me-ow, and
myow, and sometimes other sounds such as A cat hissing and
Open Farm
reow, or booreow. arching its back to
make itself appear Weekend
Purring larger to ward off a
A purr is a sound made by most species of threat. as part of
felids, but most large felines like tigers do not.
A tonal buzzing can characterize differently A young black cat, ALpaca month
between cats. Domestic cats purr in a showing relaxation
bewilderment. An alteration in tone, pace, or frequency of 25 to 150 vibrations per second. and happiness. ALL WELCOME – REFRESHMENTS AVAILABLE
38 Sellings Lane, MAFFRA
punctuation changes the meaning, however Purring is often understood as signifying VICROADS MAP 82 Ref H8
slight. happiness;[6] however, cats sometimes purr Most cats growl or Signage to Property from Maffra Police Station,
Johnson St. (the main street) Maffra – distance 5km
when they are ill, or during tense, traumatic, or hiss when angered Jen Ph. 51 472444 mob. 0412 383655
Cats occasionally vocalize to one another with painful moments. or feeling threatened,

Budgies, Parrots, Canarys

Finches & Cockatiels

In Season.
Rabbits and
Guinea Pigs

New Pets arriving Weekly

Welcome In2Pets. All your pet needs now in Traralgon.
One stop shop for pets and supplies.
Goldfish, Tropical Fish Range of Reptiles
including snakes
325 Princes Drive, Traralgon. Phone 5176 4290 Native and Marine Fish lizards, turtles and frogs.
Prom Country Walks Venus Bay and Tarwin Lower
Point Smythe
Great Southern Rail Trail
A sheltered walking track on windy days, the Point
Walk, cycle or ride 50kms onThe Great Southern Rail
Smythe Walk takes you through masses of coastal
Trail. The trail is suitable for both the energetic and
vegetation and onto the beach at Point Smythe.
not so energetic outdoor enthusiast and is wheelchair
The Anderson Inlet Walk provides similar vegetation
The Great Southern Rail Trail...
to the Point Smythe Walk but travels easterly to
• Leongatha to Koonwarra: 8km (2-3 hours return)
• Minns Road to Meeniyan: 6km (2 hours return) Doyles Road.
from the mining days such as hand dug trenches. The Overlook Walk
• Meeniyan to Stony Creek: New Zealand Hill The Overlook Walk connects the Walkerville
3.5km (1.5 hours return) Is situated north of the South Gippsland Highway and Caravan Park with Promontory Views Estate. The
• Stony Creek to Buffalo: 8km features a number of easy walking tracks. walk traverses through diverse coastal vegetation.
(3-4 hours return) A lookout accessible via a 700 metre side track
• Buffalo to Fish Creek: 8km Toora Bird Hide provides views to Waratah Bay and the peaks of
(4 hours return) The Toora Bird Hide is located at the end of Toora Wilsons Promontory.
• Fish Creek to Lowrys Road: Jetty Road, and is easily accessible via a well
5km (3-4 hours return) maintained boardwalk. The Bird Hide overlooks an Sandy Point
• Lowrys Road to Foster: expansive wetland area, classified as a wetland Roy Henderson Path
7.5km (3-4 hours return) of international importance by the 1975 Ramsar Starting at the beach-end of Manuka Street the Roy
• Foster to Charity Lane: 1km convention. Henderson Path passes through a range of coastal Bald Hills Wetlands Walk
The Ramsar vegetation before emerging at the edge of Shallow The meandering Wetlands Walk provides a relax-
convention Inlet Road. After crossing the road the path continues ing stroll through open woodlands and Paperbark
identified 65 through beautiful tea-tree woodlands and new growth thickets to a large shallow wetland. The wetland
sites within is home to a vast array of indigenous and migra-
Australia. tory birdlife. A bird hide provides a perfect viewing
Wetlands Boardwalk
Port Franklin is a small, quiet fishing community.
The boardwalk allows visitors to wander out onto
the wetlands and explore. Different tidal conditions
Foster Flora Reserve provide different experiences. Watch for the mud
Foster was once a bustling gold mining town called crabs as they scamper along the mud at low tide.
Stockyard Creek. Those days may now be long gone,
but the region’s mining heritage can be explored via eucalypts, then into a
walking tracks within the Foster Flora Reserve. forest of well established
Hayes Walk Banksia trees. Finally the
A short walk that takes you past the site of the former path passes the tidal flats Welshpool to Port Welshpool
Victory Mine, Foster’s largest Gold mine. of Shallow Inlet with views The Welshpool Shared Pathway is a well-main-
Cody Gully Walk towards the rolling Foster tained trail that passes through townships, farmland
This walk takes you hills. The Roy Henderson and native vegetation. The walk travels past the
through a variety of Walkerville Path is often host to a large array of birdlife including Golf Club and Recreation Reserve and crosses
native flora and is named Limeburners Walk the popular Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo. Telegraph Road to the back of Port Welshpool.
after Michael Cody who The Limeburners Walk links Walkerville North and
worked one of the claims Walkerville South via the majestic remnants of the Mount Nicoll
in 1871. Walkerville lime kilns. A short side track leads to Midway between the townships of Fish Creek and
Ophir Hill Walk the historic Walkerville Cemetery. Update: March Foster (off the appropriately named, Fish Creek
Is an extension of the 2011A landslip has caused the temporary closure of – Foster Rd) is Mount Nicoll Lookout. Featuring
Cody Gully Walk and the walk. Repair works are anticipated to commence picturesque views of Wilsons Promontory and
takes you past remnants soon.

Powelly Pub
Turkish Milly and Romeo’s is an Artisan Bakery and Cooking School nestled in the
heart of Koonwarra. Open Thursday to Sunday 9.00 am to 4.00 pm or

Magic by prior appointment. We are the perfect place to enjoy a freshly baked
goodie with a steaming cup of coffee or a fun cooking class for all ages .
Koonwarra Ph 5664 2211
Handmade Turkish Carpets,
Ceramics, Tiles & Gifts.
Turkish Holiday Specialists
2 22
OPEN 7 DAYS 9am - 5:30pm
“a taste of South Gippsland”
33 Tyers St, Stratford. Ph 5145 6423
Mob 0419 294 335
89 Whitelaw Street, Meeniyan
Phone 5664 0010 Great Coffee, Quality Light Meals,
Homemade Cakes & Goodies

A large range of 84 Whitelaw Street, Meeniyan

unique and exciting Phone 5664 0071

Gifts for all occasions

Prom Country Visitor Information Centres Comfortable and affordable
Located in the Heart Coal Creek Entry Building - Sth Gippsland Hwy accommodation in the
of Meeniyan KORUMBURRA

134 Whitelaw Street,

heart of Prom Country
Stockyard Gallery Building - Cnr McDonald and
Meeniyan Main Street FOSTER
Phone 5664 0100 119 Whitelaw Street, Meeniyan
Freecall: 1800 603 704
Open 7 days a week - 9am to 5pm Phone 5664 0030
Autumn & Winter Discovery
Corner Inlet, the lookout is accessed via a 200 Yanakie wildlife viewing opportunities. Day visitor entry to 3. Cotters Lake
metre gravel trail, up a reasonably steep incline. Hourigans Camp Lane the park is free. Visitor information is available from (1.2 km, 30 mins. Easy) Start at Cotters Lake
The views are quite spectacular and on a clear The Hourigans Camp Lane walk is a short, relaxing the park entrance from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm daily. car park and follow the management vehicle
day visibility can stretch for miles. The towering walk through sand dunes and coastal vegetation. Short walks in the north, All walk distances are one track past the gate to the recently flooded basin
wind turbines on the Toora hills can be easily The walk starts and finishes at the Shallow Inlet way unless indicated of Cotters Lake. Emus and kangaroos are often
viewed, as too the coastal inlets. The walking track Marine and Coastal Park, a popular area for fishing sighted in this area. No access to Cotters Beach
is defined but can be a little slippery in places so and water sports. Once on the shores of the inlet, at due to flooding.
caution (and appropriate footwear) is advised. low tide, it is possible to walk a number of kilometres
in any direction. Be mindful of incoming tides. 4. Short walks on Five Mile road
FIsh Creek All walk distances are one way unless indicated
Mount Nicoll Yanakie/Duck Point Loop After driving along winding roads through dense
Midway between the townships of Fish Creek and The Yanakie/Duck Point Loop is a short circuit walk coastal vegetation, unsealed Five Mile Road opens
Foster (off the appropriately named, Fish Creek that showcases panoramic views of Corner Inlet out to provides panoramic views of the surrounding
– Foster Rd) is Mount Nicoll Lookout. Featuring and Wilsons Promontory National Park. Local and heathland and Vereker Range. A good place to
picturesque views of Wilsons Promontory and migratory birds can often be seen along the walk view kangaroos, emus and wombats. Observe the
Corner Inlet, the lookout is accessed via a 200 speed limit and please rive carefully. A detailed
metre gravel trail, up a reasonably steep incline. information shelter is in the car park on Five Mile
The views are quite spectacular and on a clear Road.
day visibility can stretch for miles. The towering
wind turbines on the Toora hills can be easily
viewed, as too the coastal inlets. The walking track
is defined but can be a little slippery in places so
caution (and appropriate footwear) is advised. 1. Shallow Inlet (400 metres, 15 mins. Easy)
Start at the end of Hourigan Camp Lane off Millar
Road behind Yanakie township. Walk through
a sheltered gully of coastal tea-tree and swamp
Wilsons Promontory National Park paperbark to the sandy tidal flats of Shallow Inlet,
Flood Recovery Information an important feeding ground for migratory wading
Bookings until the end of June 2011 will be birds. With the right tide conditions, it is possible to
suspended while VicRoads and Parks Victoria walk to the Inlet entrance.
continue the extensive flood recovery works
to both roads and infrastructure to ensure we 2. Big Drift (2 km, 40 mins. Moderate)
are prepared for the busy spring and summer Starting at Stockyard Campsite near the park
Loader Walk seasons. All bookings will be refunded in full, as entrance, the gently undulating track follows the
Loader Walk we are not able to offer a booking transfer to a park boundary for 1.2 km to the sign-posted turnoff
begins at Mount later date. We thank our friends and visitors for to Drift Track. Climb the northern flank of Big Drift
Nicoll and your understanding and patience while this series to views over an expansive series of inland sand 5. Millers Landing Nature Walk
encompasses of vital works takes place. drifts to Cotters Beach and Shallow Inlet. It is easy (2 km, 40 mins. Easy) Starting at Five Mile car
beautiful views to get lost in Big Drift. On windy days your tracks park, turn left just after he management gate. This
as well as an The northern section of Wilsons Promontory will be quickly erased. Be careful to mark your delightful walk meanders gently downhill through
interesting array will remain open for visitors including the path to find the track out again. There is no access open banksia and stringybark woodland to Millers
of flora as you Stockyard campsite. Alternative accommodation to Cotters Beach from Big Drift. Landing. Located on the southern coast of Corner
traverse the land arrangements are also available within nearby Inlet, the Landing protects the southernmost stand
between Foster townships located throughout South Gippsland. of mangroves in the world.
and Fish Creek, For information regarding touring, accommodation
known locally as and what’s on within South Gippsland, please 6. Vereker Outlook (3 km, 1 hour. Moderate)
the Hoddle. contact Prom Country Tourism on 1800 630 704 Starting at Five Mile car park, the track climbs
The trail is rugged in places but enjoyable, offering or visit gently through open banksia woodland with a
rural and Prom views. Best on a clear day as heathland understorey. Panoramic views are
clouds affect visibility. The northern section offers diverse short walks and offered as the track climbs steeply through the

New & Gently Used

Quality Goods

r the
“Fashion fo
FREE monthly Newspaper
Whole Fam
Now Delivered to South

A Guide to Local Events

21 Main Street, Foster. Ph 5682 1008 Welcome
e tR
tre31 Main Street,
n S
Things to see and do Mai Foster.
Ph 5682 1381
Focusing on Gippsland!
(03) 5143 0370

Lee Davidson
Qualified Jeweller
Specialising in handmade jewellery,
remodelling and repairs
Ph 0429 821 494

Gippsland Natural Beef

Gippsland Lamb
48 on Main Foster
Country Image Photography
Free Range Poultry
Free Range Eggs
Prints and Cards of
in the heart of beautiful South Gippsland
39 Main Street, • Ensuite Cabins • Powered and unpowered sites
Prom and Local Scenery • Camp Kitchen & BBQ Facilities
Ph 0427 822 616 Foster
38 Nelson Street, Foster Phone 5682 2440
Phone 5682 2410
Foster is centred around the

magnificent beaches of Wilsons
Prom, Waratah Bay, Sandy Point
and Corner Inlet with the Rolling

hills of the Strzelecki Ranges as
a backdrop. Prime grazing dairy
country supports this thriving
business centre which offers
everything for your shopping
experience. Foster offers the A to
tumble of granite boulders and stringybark forest. Z in catering for shopping needs of
Walk highlights include stunning views across locals and visitors alike. A warm
Corner Inlet, open heathland and Cotters Beach. friendly atmosphere where you’re
made feel welcome to complete Foster is a beautiful
7. Millers Landing Link Track your visit. small country
(1 km, 20 mins. Easy) Originally a vehicle track, community that
this track links the Millers Landing Nature Walk Toora is a small township located
(walk 5) to the Vereker Outlook track (walk 6) and approximately ten minutes from surprises shoppers
can be commenced from either end. Foster. The township comprises with the variety of
a single street that provides
stores on offer
Prom Country Towns convenient shopping and dining
opportunities. Shop for gifts and

homewares whilst admiring the
Koonwarra is a
historic streetscape Welshpool is a
small, ecologically
small, yet busy, community situated
conscious village,
on the South Gippsland Highway,
located just ten
minutes from
L e o n g a t h a .
mid-way between Foster and
From clothes to
massages, books,
Waste Wise Village
Welshpool offers a convenient
location to stop, get supplies, rest
hardware and
homewares, there is Supporting
something for everyone
and discover! The fishing township
and was also one of the first towns to become iin Foster.
of Port Welshpool is located just a
plastic bag free. Many shops within Koonwarra
short drive away.
adhere to the principles of sustainability and are
happy to pass on advice and information to their
Fresh., local produce
Sandy Point is a small coastal is a speciality in town,
many customers
community that rests happily with many people
between Shallow Inlet and Waratah treavelling great
Meeniyan is a small community with a progressive
Bay. Sandy Point boasts a small
ttitude and a commitment to providing shoppers
resident population that grows
distances to purchase
with quality fresh meat or seafood
country service
Meeniyan has
locals and holiday makers. A gallery within town to their diversity.
an array of
rapidly during provides a pleasant viewing opportunity
unique stores
the summer Venus Bay is an attractive seaside destination.
that can easily
season. Shops The township of Tarwin Lower sits pleasantly on Home to a number of fabulous surf beaches and
provide the
are limited, the banks of the Tarwin River A popular fishing coastal walks, the Venus Bay area has a small
perfect gift for
butcan easily location, Tarwin Lower attracts visitors throughout population that swells rapidly during the warmer
you, a friend or
accommodate the year. The township of Tarwin Lower offers a months. Venus Bay has a number of shops that
a loved one
the needs of small single strip of shops that are surprising due happily service the needs of locals and visitors.

Barb’s Place in Toora

rd. Erica

In the Centre of Foster

great coffee -
In the Heart of Prom Country
2 Bedroom Self Contained
friendly atmosphere -
Apartments delicious home cooked food -
Outdoor BBQ Areas
Phone - 5686 2129
38 Main Street, Foster
Ph 5682 2171 South Gippsland Hwy, Toora

Bread and Pickles

• Fresh Local Fish
• Local Produce
• Homemade Pies Serving the Locals for over 20 years
and Cakes Fresh Fish caught locally
35 Main Street, Foster/ Ph 5682 2815
105 Whitelaw

Ph 5664 7232

Fully Licensed
Open Thursday to Monday 10 - 4.
Open for Private Funtions & music nights
3-5 Bridge Street, Foster. 5682 1612

Mon 6am - 5pm. Sun 7:30am - 4pm
Fresh Bread, Pies and Cakes
258 York Street, Sale
Ph 5144 3066

Swing Bridge Sale, Swinging again

Swing Bridge Drive, Sale The bridge keeper would be summoned, The Sale Canal was built in three
Opens 3-4pm Saturdays And Sundays day or night, to open the bridge by the stages, beginning in 1886. Much of the
whistle of ships travelling along the work was done by hand, with pick and
The Swing (Latrobe) Bridge, built in Latrobe River. When the bridge was shovel. Technology did however come
1883 by the Victorian government, built, the ships could only go as far as to the rescue eventually, involving the
NEW was the first movable bridge built in McArdell’s Gap, leaving a distance of use of Chesney’s patent automatic
EMENT Victoria. one mile to the town. earth scoop and William Forbes’
The Home Brew Gurus
Designed by John Grainger (the father
of famous Australian pianist and This prompted the building of a canal
traction engine.

composer Percy Grainger) this bridge enabling shipping to travel right into town 1890 became the year of the birth of
• Discount Starter Kits • Top Brand Beers
• Keg Systems • Bulk Grains and Malts
opened by pivoting horizontally on a so that the load could be transferred to the Port of Sale.
• Full Range of Brewing Equipment set of central piers. train at the nearby railway station.

• Extensive Essence Range • Bulk Buy Discount
•Top Brand Stills • Fermenter Kits in all sizes
•Water Reticultion Systems.

MAIL ORDERS AVAILABLE A festival highlight event full of inflatables, haiku, sound & light.
Phone 5144 1885 or email:
Reveal is a lakeside event, embracing sound, movement and light - on
a grand scale. Installed in the Botanic Gardens at Sale, the energy
is focused on a commissioned work by artist Mark Cuthbertson who
Come chooses inflatables to convey mood, feeling and ideas to the public - in
& Meet
Brian and Pam an irresistibly fun artform.

Larger than life - the Reveal installation will incorporate the community’s
response to light through projected Haiku - simple words constructed
C Garden Good

with an ancient rhythm. All this wrapped up in a community celebration
HOSTEL of food, wine and performance in the heart of Sale.

Handcrafted ornaments,
Statues & features
Mark’s artwork will also be seen throughout the region over the
& Nursery between the mountains & the sea.....
course of the Festival, heralding the location of Festival events and
enticing the audience to engage with it.

Location: Lake Guthridge, Botanic Gardens, Sale

Dates: Arrive at 4pm. All will be revealed at dusk. Sunday, 8 May
7 Sale Road, Maffra 2011
5141 1900 ACCOMMODATION MAFFRA Contact: Frank Norden, 5142 3413 5147 1600 Email:
Pipes and Accessories
Cigars and Accessories
Ruby’s on York
Open Monday - Friday 8:30 - 6, Saturday 8:30 - 1.
Toys Galore & More, 180 Raymond Street
Sale Ph 5144 3417

d Win
7 day

Catering for the Bride and Bridesmaids.

flower girl paige boy also debutante
and evening wear including hand
made fascinators.
We cater for after hours appointments
CENTRE BAKERY in our spacious, welcoming boutique.
103 Cunninghame St.Sale Ph 5144 1202 Looking forward to helping Gippsland
Brides be a Bride to be remembered

320 York Street, Sale

Phone 5143 1128
the crew and captain, a crew member
Levere being awarded the Royal
Humane Society Silver medal for his TOYS GALORE AND MORE
bravery after swimming to shore with a
rescue line. Bikes
Throughout the years, tides and sand
Same Pe rvice Games
Same Se nge
movement expose the wreck to
different degrees, however the rusting a Puzzles
hull and its striking vertical iron shafts Better R Swings
are always visible.

Loch Sport is nestled between Lake Hobbies

Victoria and the 90 Mile Beach,
surrounded by the Gippsland Lakes Sporting goods
National Park, and is a mecca for Remote Control Toys
surf, Lake or boat fishing enthusiasts.
Wildlife is plentiful around the town with
Kangaroos, Wallabies, wombats and HUGE RANGE
the occasional Koala and the birdlife is 180 Raymond Street, Sale, 3850
abundant with Lorrikeets, Kookaburras, Phone: 5144 3417
Rosellas and Blue Wrens.
Open Mon - Fri 8:30 - 6, Sat 8:30 - 1
A drive through the National Park to
Pt Wilson leads to even more wildlife
and spectacular wildflowers in spring.
There is vehicle access to the 90 Mile
Celebrate a life
Beach across the causeway over Lake
Golden Beach
West of Delray Beach and located in the Gippsland
Lakes National Park lies the wreck of the Trinculo.

The iron barque “Trinculo” (1858) met with a heavy

gale whilst travelling from Albany W.A to Newcastle
The Rossetti Family’s
NSW in ballast in May 1879. The vessel was struck by
S/E force 11 winds off Wilson’s Promontory and forced excellent facilites allow you
on to a sandbar 15 metres offshore at Stockyard Hill on to remember and rejoice
the 90 Mile Beach on the 30th May 1879. Fortunately in your loved one’s life.
no lives were lost as a result of this disaster.
Offering a beautiful chapel
A short stroll from the carpark through the dunes and many innovative services,
via the walking track will reveal the wreck, located everything will be looked AUSTRALIAN
only 6km from Golden Beach along Shoreline Drive. after in your time of grief. DIRECTORS
Interpretation panels on site and also at the Golden
Beach public hall tells the story of the brave actions of Sale 5143 2477 Maffra 5147 1590 Heyfield 5148 2877
Latrobe Page
Real Life at the Gallery
Contemporary realist artist Robert Clinch uses traditional painting and printmaking mediums, such as
egg tempera and lithography to construct his exquisitely
NEW detailed images of the inner urban environment in a new
exhibition ‘Real Life: Stories from the Inner Suburbs’,
MEMBERS which is currently showing at the Latrobe Regional
Latrobe City’s arts director, Julie Adams, said that
Robert had a great desire to create beautiful work with
in our environment and start to improvise in our tactics and
an extraordinary understanding and knowledge of the
even the species of fish that is available at the time.
‘craft’ of painting, drawing and printmaking.
We would Like to take this opportunity to welcome anyone
“Although at first glance these images appear to be
who is interested in fly fishing to attend one of our upcoming
almost photographic records of actual places, this is not
Fishing Days. We are always eager to help new members
So far this year the weather has been somewhat learn the art of fly fishing. always the case. Robert spends many hours drawing
unforgiving we’ve had record breaking rains and floods from life and then reconstructing this information into
in all states. Some of our fellow Australians have suffered Upcoming Events: imagined places. For Robert, there is always a story to
great losses and tragedy, it seems to be one thing after 22nd May Dams Fishing Day – Thorpdale be told, with buildings seemingly taking on personalities
another, if it’s not bush fires and drought its floods and 7th June General Meeting @ LV Airport Lounge of their own. “Taking a longer look at these works reveals
cyclones, when will it end. that there is also a quirky sense of humour at play, with
17th July Two Fly Comp – Thorpdale
visual puns and titles providing clues to both a personal
2nd August General Meeting @ LV Airport Lounge
The abundance of water has even made the fishing 3rd September Trout Opening – Martin Walker Reserve and broader interpretation of inner suburban life and
difficult, at least for fly fisherman anyway, with swollen 4th October Annual General Meeting @ LV Airport environment.
creeks and rivers and coffee coloured dams it has Lounge
restricted a lot of our fishing opportunities in Victorian 9th October VFFA Day @ Thorpdale “Although the major works are ‘highly finished’ Robert is
waters. extremely interested in the process involved in making
his ideas come to life. We are very pleased to be able
On the up side this is only a short term problem, the to include in this exhibition some preparatory drawings
eather has only affected the fishing not the fish its self, for the major works. This provides great insight into
in fact it’s going to be interesting to see how much the the thinking and process of the artist,” Ms Adams
fishing will improve in the near future especially in our concluded.
Like all keen fly fisherman we learn to adapt to changes The exhibition continues until 12 June 2011.

Brown Onions 99c a kilo

Moe Plaza, Moore st, Moe, a place where you
can grab a bargain, meet your friends for coffee, May Specials
watch the children play. We are pleased to New Gold Series GHD
announce our public toilets are fresh and fully
operational for your comfort.
$ 269.00

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traders for every acrylic full set
New Gift Stock friendly and
bend over and refill nails
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Moe Plaza, Moore St, Moe nothing is too

much trouble
5126 2231
for our
customers at
Moe Plaza
20% Off
Present this ad during May. Excludes Sugarless Range


Speicals In Store MOE PLAZA
over May Wants Your Business!
Contact Pauline
0412 031 526
Alfred National Park
Gippsland Lakes 7 ABEL TASMAN
View tall wet eucalypt forest Coastal Park
and stands of warm-temperate This water peninsula
stretches from Seaspray to
Special Offer
rainforest in the Croajingolong MAY ONLY
hinterland. Lakes Entrance and is easily 2 night Package
accessible by boat. $199
includes hot breakfast for 2
2 8
Alpine National Park To Book call 5155 1655
Marvel at Victoria’s largest national Lind National Park 643 Esplanade, Lakes Entrance
River peppermint, rare East
park in Victoria’s High Country.
Adventure at high altitude. Gippsland Waratah and warm
temperate rainforest await you.

Cape Conran 3 The Lakes 9

Coastal Park National Park All Day Breakfasts
Wild ocean beaches and Banksia Fringed by the waters of Lakes
woodlands. Bird and wildlife, Victoria & Reeves Channel. Home Baked Pies and Muffins
including seals. 19km from Marlo. Includes Rotamah Island,
Bloody Good Coffee !!
haven of many birds.
1/309 The Esplanade, Lakes Entrance
Coopracambra 4 Mitchell River 10
(Opp Cunninghame Quay)
National Park National Park
Red sandstone gorge of the Genoa High river cliffs, Den of Nargun
River is a highlight. One of the
most remote parks in Victoria.
and remnant rainforest
gorges in close proximity to
Your 1 Stop Fishing Shop
Bairnsdale. • BAIT • SANDWORMS
Croajingolong 5 Nyerimilang 11 • TACKLE & ACCESSORIES
National Park Heritage Park
Riviera Bait Supplies
UNESCO World Biosphere Green thumbs enjoy the
Reserve and remote wilderness heritage gardens and views.
coast. Excite your senses. Perfect picnic spot and
excellent lake views. 243 Esplanade, Lakes Entrance
Phone 5155 2263
Errinundra Snowy River
6 National Park
National Park
Tall, old-growth forests & stands of McKillops Bridge is just one
cool temperate rainforest house a treat in store. Wilderness,
myriad of fauna & flora. rainforests and great walking

Exploring Buchan
Near the township of Buchan, lies a daily (except on Christmas Day). Both system. Access to short and long
honeycomb of caves full of spectacular caves are lit and have walkways. Royal walks in the surrounding bushland
limestone formations. Buchan Caves Cave has calcite-rimmed pools, and and the nearby Snowy River National
were formed by underground rivers in Fairy Cave you will see elaborate Park make it an ideal base for a
cutting through limestone rock. stalactites and stalagmites. Tours to nature based camping holiday.
‘wild’ unlit caves can also be arranged Native wildlife abounds with many
The formations are created by rain for small groups. The caves are a kangaroos, wallabies and wombats,
water seeping through cracks and and the region is home to over 60
dissolving some of the limestone. species of birds.
As each droplet comes through Ocean Fishing:
5 Hour trip
the roof it deposits calcite which Wilderness retreats
Adults - $140 pp
crystallises in a small ring. In time, With scenic picnic spots, a stream- Children - $60 pp
stalactites are formed on the roof of feed pool and hundreds of shady
the cave, and stalagmites build up trees, the Reserve is the perfect Lake Fishing:
from droplets which fall to the floor. place to pitch a tent on one of 100 3.5 Hour trip
Adults - $50 pp
grassy campsites. Self-contained
Children - $20pp
Discover an underground cabins are also available. For
wonderland of spectacular something a little more unique, Brick and Debbie Carstairs
Mobile: 0428 397 849
limestone formations at Gippsland’s the Buchan Caves Reserve Phone: 03 5155 2219
ancient Buchan Caves. The caves offers Wilderness Retreats. Email:
were created almost 400 million years constant 17 degrees Celsius making These safari-style tents allow visitors
ago by underground rivers cutting the tour a comfortable temperature all to immerse themselves in natural Tel: 1800 637 060 BAIRNSDALE
through limestone rock. year round. surroundings without sacrificing their 240 Main St
creature comforts. LAKES ENTRANCE Tel: 03 5152 3444
Cave tours Camping and bushwalking Cnr Marine Parade
& The Esplanade Open 9am to 5pm,
Professionally guided tours of either Buchan Caves Reserve is a unique For more information contact the Buchan LAKES ENTRANCE 7 days
Royal Cave or Fairy Cave operate getaway adjoining the stunning caves Caves Reserve on 03 5155 9264. Tel: 03 5155 1966 (closed Christmas Day)
Souvlakis & Hamburgers, Fish ‘n’ Chips,
Breakfast all Day, Hot ‘n’ Cold Drinks,
Ice Cream, Cakes & Salads
Open 7 days
6 7am to late
1 Phone Orders Welcome
2 8 477 The Esplanade, Lakes Entrance
12 5
Phone 5155 1234

Sheer Ribbons

Buchan Caves Reserve
BUCHAN Now Selling Australian Made “Mazi”
track Camp sites, cabins and wilderness
C A V E S 9
WALKS along a
ridge to the
retreats are available in Buchan.
The Reserve attracts thousands of Still great Lingerie and now with
Spring Creek Walk north western visitors annually. a new selection of Outer Wear
(1.5 hrs, 3 km return) corner of the reserve.
This superb three Making your way up this track NOW OPEN
kilometre walk splits into the you will come to an intersection.
higher Tea Tree Track and the lower Turn left and you will meet up with 347B Esplanade, Lakes Entrance
Kanooka Track with both meeting the Spring Creek Walking Track and Phone 5155 5511
at the Spring Creek Falls. The Tea the Granite Pools Walking Track.
Tree Track is an adventurous walk Continuing along the Caves Reserve
that has some steep areas on its Track you will be able to return to the
way up to the falls. A short distance campground via the Northern Arm
along the track to your left, the rock Track.
type changes from the grey Buchan
Caves Limestone to the older Snowy Granite Pools Walk
(2.5 hrs, 4 km return) Wilderness Retreats Buchan Caves Latex Foil & Bubble Balloons
River Volcanics. At the end of the
This is one of the steeper walks and Reserve Party Supplies & Costumes
track there is a viewing platform.
makes its way through some tall Promising a unique camping Hers night Products
timber and moss covered gullies. As experience, these high comfort, low Gift Ware & Lots more
Moon Hill Walk
you climb higher you will take in some impact, elevated tents offer privacy Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream
(0.5 hr, 0.5 km return)
wonderful views of the Buchan Valley. and protection from the elements.
This short walk leads to an excellent
viewpoint overlooking the reserve. Look for Ringtail Possum nests in the 28 Myer Street,
The walk will take you past a small tall Teatree. Lyrebirds are also often Lakes Entrance
cave, so take your torch and have a sighted along this track. Phone: 03 5155 5500
look in the entrance to Moon Cave.
The track continues past
the Devils Punchbowl, The very best of fresh local seafood,
a large collapsed cave
system, to the top of the cooked in a light crispy batter
hill. From here you can see
the extent of the exposed 100% Beef Homemade
limestone on both sides of Home Made Potato Glenara House
the valley. Burgers Cakes 2 Nights Accommodation
2 x Two Course Dinners in the Scallop Pot Restaurant
Caves Reserve Track 2 x Cooked or Continental Breakfasts • Regular Cruises on the Snowy River estuary and Brodribb River
(2 hrs, 4 km return) $285 for 2 Adults • Special Rates for group bookings or private charters
SPECIAL OFFER !! • Celebrate special occasions (weddings or birthdays)
This walk starts opposite
Arrive on Monday or Tuesday and receive a BONUS
the children’s playground night stay for FREE! Phone 5154 1699
following a fire access 509 Esplanade, Lakes Entrance. Ph 5155 4545 Esplanade, Lakes Entrance. Ph 5155 1555
Local Tour Guide
Borun Cultural Tours
Wunman nijnde Welcome to Borun
been walked for thousands of years
and visit some of the regions historical
Cultural Tours. Borun Cultural Tours and culturally significant sites.
is a Bairnsdale based Tour Company,
offering a unique perspective combining
Phone: 0404 717 274
Crepe Kitchen
both Indigenous and European
history. The Gunaikurnai are the Gippsland high Country Tours Open 7 days
Ecotours and walking to escape the Great Food and Friendly Service
pressures of modern life. Wander
along fern-lined tracks beneath forests
of old growth eucalypts or across Shop 1/3 Carpenter Street,
Alpine meadows to gaze over a sea of Lakes Entrance.
mountains. Birds, wildflowers, history Phone 5155 2660
and more. Relaxed pace, local guides,
Conducting two hour scenic and
choose from fully accommodated or
historic tours of Mallacoota, with local
camping options. 3-7 days duration.
commentary. Available for group
Phone: 03 5157 5556
bookings. Connecting with VLine
services at Genoa twice a day, three
days a week and Sundays during
proud people that occupied their land High Country Llama Tours
Victorian school holidays. (Bookings
for thousands of years, which is now Stay two nights in our country retreat,
Essential) .Mallacoota
known as East Gippsland and parts of Friday and Saturday night. Walk with
Phone: 03 5158 0116 / 0408 315 615
South Gippsland within Victoria. Come the Llama’s on our Luncheon Trek.
and experience a cultural tour by a Enjoy meals at the Dargo Hotel &
Wyanga Park Winery Check in Store for specials.
Gunaikurnai person in her traditional River Inn. Enjoy a restful weekend
Winery Cafe that serves lunch Learn to Surf - Lessons and Hire
country. Be exposed to their lands and in the magnificent High Country of
every day and Dinner on Friday and Open 7 days a week
their sites. Listen to some dreamtime Victoria. Join in the company around
Saturday nights, however they have 507 Esplanade, Lakes Entrance
stories of the Gunaikurnai. Travelling the campfire (weather permitting).
scones, platters and coffee all day. Phone 5155 4933
in air-conditioned comfort, you will 183 Shortcut Road,Dargo,
Bus Groups welcome. The winery
then experience bushwalking in the Phone: 0427 079 932 or 0421 080 563
offers Lunch cruises daily from the
unspoilt natural beauty of a National or
Post Office Jetty in Lakes Entrance,
State park, following tracks that have
come aboard ‘The Corque’ for a 50
Howling Husky Sled Dog
All Day Breakfast & Lunch minute cruise to the Winery with wine
tasting on board, then enjoy your
Winter Warmer Specials Is a small Australian business
lunch at Henry’s cafe. Dinner cruise
offering genuine sleddog
Freshly Ground Organic Coffee available Friday and Saturday nights.
adventures from March
246 Baades Road, Lakes Entrance,
Fully Licensed through to October, we
Phone: 5155 1508
offer sled dog tours through
our state forest, around the
Omeo Victoria area, on a
Open 7 days - 7am - 9:30pm
wheeled cart so we have • Six inch Bacon and Egg
. with Juice or Coffee $4.95 before 11am,
no need for snow. We also
Open from 7am till 4pm
conduct sled tours in the • Footlong Bacon and Egg $5 before 11am,
Closed Tuesdays/except holidays snow during winter, around • 2 Regular Footlong for $14 after 6pm
the alpine village of Dinner • Coffee and 2 Cookies $3.95 available all day.
575 The Esplanade. Lakes Entrance
Plain. Omeo, 1/247 Esplanade, Lakes Entrance
(03) 5155 1411 Just down near the traffic lights Phone: 0409 517 633 Phone 5155 5595

Welcome Aboard
The Peel Family have been servicing Lakes
Entrance for 90 years. A business built on
Honesty and Integrity, it is an Icon of the Local

Third and fourth generation owners, Barrie and

Cheryl, and James Peel own two vessels - the

“Thunderbird” and “Stormbird.” They are very
proud to be able to give the public a chance to
see wildlife in it’s natural environment, and to
experience the beauty of this Scenic area.

Cruise and Lunch

Take a cruise on the Gippsland Lakes aboard the
ML Stormbird. Four hour Cruise into Lake King, Tourist & Ferry Service
then around the shores of Metung to the Metung
Hotel for Lunch. Stay in Metung for a couple of
hours, eating and exploring, then back aboard Come and Relax and enjoy the beauty of the Gippsland Lakes.
for a trip around Rigby Island and Chinamans
Creek. All Cruises depart from Post Office Jetty, Lakes Entrance.
Where do you go?30 kms of Pristine Waterways,
spot the dolphins, view the wildlife on assorted Fully enclosed seating, with large upper viewing
Phone 5155 1246 or 0409 946 292
islands, along with an expert commentary on the decks. A fully stocked bar and snack bar is
Gippsland Lakes from your skipper. The Peels onboard for your convenience, serving alcohol,
have been cruising the Gippsland Lakes for 90 soft drinks and snacks.
Where do you go? The Thunderbird does
Departs 11am returns 3pm several cruises of the Lakes, a 70km Scenic
Docks at Post Office Jetty Cruise covering Lake King and Lake Victoria, or
Lunch at the Metung Hotel a 35km trip into Lake King and around the shores
Ticket Office on Esplanade of Metung. We also have a short cruise for those
Spot dolphins & seals wishing to sample our unique Lake System.
Fully enclosed cabin
Cruise for 4 hours Departs Post Office Jetty
Pensioner, Group Discounts
Adults: $48 includes Lunch, Children: $13, U6: Free Ticket Office on Esplanade
Full Kiosk on board
Cruise the Lakes in Style
Come aboard the Thunderbird, the largest Contact Peels Office for departure Times
cruist boat in Lakes Entrance. Treat yourself 03 51 551 246
to a Cruise of the Gippsland Lakes in comfort. Adults: $38.50 - Seniors $34, Kids: $19.25, U6: Free
Exploring your
own backyard
regularly at Seal Diving operates a
our Dive Centres in Traralgon fully surveyed dive charter boat
and Inverloch. We run extensive from Inverloch, Philip Island and Traralgon, Victoria
Learn to dive in just 4 Days! Wilson’s Promontory, so jump
programs, including Kids programs,
onboard for great dive adventure!
and yep, even for BIG KIDS
Dive courses are conducted SERVICES

•Scuba Courses
•Dive Trips
S.E.A.L Diving Services
•Dive Gear Sales

You’ll make new friends, discover

5174 3434
amazing coral reefs, wartime
wrecks, awesome interactions with Rob & Evelyn Timmers
big fish and so much more! 27 Princes St Traralgon
Contact us today!
Continued Training.
We also conduct regular courses
for Qualified divers including
Advanced and Rescue, plus a
range of Specialities such as Deep,
Night, Wreck, Photography and
Underwater Naturalist.

Dive, Snorkel and Eco Tours

P.S Curlip Marlo New Annual 4x4

competition to be run in
challenge and production class vehicles and is
a Cross Country Drivers Association (CCDA)
Vistas of distant mountains frame the Snowy and Brodribb
Broken Hill NSW and will sanctioned event.
waterways full of birds; black swans, cormorants, pelicans and be held each May.
ducks. You may pass by a sea eagle’s nest high atop a tree in the All competitors will be based at a central base
rainforest, all while you enjoy a fresh coffee and scrumptious cake The Australian Outback camp, located close to Broken Hill and spectators
from the galley. 4x4 Extreme is run by will have the choice of camping at the base camp or
two local well known traversing to town to their chosen accommodation.
Paddle Steamer Curlip II is a replica of an historic paddle steamer charities working together, Legacy and Rotary. Base camp will provide amenities such as showers
Both charities are well known and very highly and toilets and powered and a number of powered
of the Snowy River, in Far East Gippsland, Victoria. A community respected nationally. All money that is raised by camp sites. Affordable fully catered packages are
project, her construction has utilized the traditional skills of wooden these organizations is put back into the community available for spectators and competitors will be
boat builders, and thousands of hours of volunteer labour. The through different projects. catered for by way of their entry fee.
Curlip operates as a cruise vessel on the Snowy River Estuary
exploring the natural and cultural heritage of this hidden gem of The Australian Outback 4x4 Extreme is set to run All competitors will travel daily to various properties
Far East Gippsland. from the 7th to 13th May 2011 on some of the within approximately 100km of Broken Hill to
toughest terrain available to man and compete and there may be a couple of
machine in and around the Broken late night navigation stages where
Visit: for further information or Hill area. Competitors will be competitors will be required
call 03 5154 1699 for details of the cruising schedule. exposed to a diverse to camp at the property
range of terrain they are competing on
Cruises depart over the week and recommence
at the brodribb long event with competition early
boat ramp, Marlo. 20 gruelling the next morning.
Tickets can also stages. The We work on all makes and Models
event will Iron Man 4 x 4 Products - Orders Welcome
be purchased at be open to

Cabin accommodation

Fun For Families

All groups welcome

Great prices.

Open Every Day

PH 03 5148 8791 Email: Web:
Exploring your
Own backyard
Because you can’t beat Experience
John and the team have over 20 years of experience.
Their advice will ensure you’ll have everything you
need for your next trip in the great outdoors

75 Queen St, Warragul GET LOST CAMPING PH: 5623 6833

The Land of the Long White Cloud PtII land slides but this can happen at any time you stranded on sections of track without myriad of environs and vistas.
In my early days of hiking I use to of the year. protection so preparation becomes
wonder why so many fellow enthusiasts extremely important. If it takes your fancy you could always play
were so fascinated with New Zealand as The hiker will Add to this the tourist and take on one of the many Lord
a hiking destination. Now, after several find, however, high visitor rates Of The Rings guided treks. The difference
trips, this is no longer such a mystery. that a lot of the and the need to in terrain is as diverse as Australia’s but a
more famous book on many of lot more compact and therefore a lot more
The country is simply beautiful, and as a and higher the more popular dramatic.
hiker, offers such a diversity of panoramas altitude walk routes choosing
around every bend that one of the most are closed for the right time to But remember the New Zealander’s are a
important pieces of equipment you must extendedperiods venture into the tough mob. Their easy walks are equivalen
carry is a good camera. If you feel this may over the cold wilderness not to our medium grade walks. Their medium
be an overstatement just Google “pics of season. There is only becomes walks are more like our hard to difficu
NZ” and you will see what I mean. no doubting the a test of your and their hard walks are just plain bloody
weather is more fitness and gear tough. So beware of the track ratings o
The vast majority of these photos have been extreme in the but also your you may find yourself under done for the
taken not by professional photographers alps with winds topping 165kms per hour planning abilities. walk you want to tackle.
but by hikers and travelers just enjoying not uncommon. Dumps of snow of 2 to 3
what mother nature has dished up. meters in a 24hr period are also the norm. So limiting your hiking to the warmer One thing to note though is that the thinnes
I have been to NZ in both the summer and months increases your walking options. part of the ozone layer that surrounds the
winter months. The only real difference The rain fall levels as I mentioned in the And believe me there are plenty of options. planet is usually directly over the south
between the two is the amount of snow on last story are extreme with over 6 meters Sensational coastal walks will often meet island. This means the sun has a lot of bite
the Southern Alps. Okay, and maybe the of rain falling in areas such as Milford up with enchanting valley walks. These in and a good sunscreen to protect you from
air temperature is a little chillier but it is also Sound. While the landscape can cope, the turn will lead you into the more rugged and UV radiation is essential.
often a lot clearer. Sure some roads may walking tracks often don’t. These sudden exposed higher alpine treks. So within a
be periodically closed because of snow or fluctuations in river heights may often see very small area you can be exposed to a Walk on John
Hello Everyone, skill level, graduating preceding traffic as required.
This month of April has been an extremely “Industry Ready”. The Recent Incidents at • Non standard circuit procedures
busy one.

Cessna 200 Series Professional Pilot Course

To these graduates I
say, well done, and all
the very best for your
hold Air Operator’s
• Non standard departure procedures

Most of the above reflect extremely poo

Gippsland Flight Centre is the only flight
school in Victoria offering a course in the
aviation careers.
Gippsland Flight Centre News... Certificates
airmanship, lack of situation awareness and
orientation of local traffic, etc.
Cessna 200 Series aircraft to prepare new Congratulations each have a CASA One way of overcoming these occurrence
professional pilots for their first job flying this to our Recreational approved “Safety is to hold another CASA Safety Seminar a
aircraft type. graduates for April: Management System” West Sale where all aviators and operator
Andrew Pratt – in place as part of their are invited to attend. These educational safet
The Cessna 206, 207, 210 and Airvan aircraft Recreational Pilot individual approval to forums are essential to keep our skies safe.
are the predominant aircraft used for scenic Certificate operate. Any incident
flying across the top end and around Lake Jacinda Johnston that places the “safety We all have a duty of care to promote
Eyre. Pilot positions are being created with – Recreational Pilot of operations” at risk and practice safety. Some of us have a
operator preferences being for pilots with type Certificate, with must be recorded in mandated obligation to CASA and a duty to
experience. Navigation and the company’s Safety our industry.
Passenger Carrying Management System Surely it is good manners and good airmanship
I have had pilots from Victoria, NSW, and one endorsements. Cessna 210 documentation and reported to CASA. to observe the rules of the air.
from Italy, all having achieved a very high Ashley Stebbens – Recreational Pilot
Until next month, Tony Peters
Certificate Over these last several months there have
Kiro Beale – first solo. been a number of unsafe incidents I
GIPPSLAND Welcome to the students who have
have observed at West Sale and other
Gippsland Airfields which could easily
Experience life on the Edge
begun their Recreational and General place “safety of operations” in jeopardy. or Knife Edge!
FLIGHT Aviation flight training this month.

Fuel at West Sale

These incidents include and but are not
limited to:
In a CJ-6 Warbird Military Trainer
The promised Avgas has still not • Taxying aircraft entering a runway MILD OR WILD.....your choice.,
CENTRE arrived – I will believe it when I see it!! and backtracking to the threshold rather
than using an alternate route to taxy to
if you’ve always wanted to do it...

• Flight Training from Private to $5,000,000 AUD for West Sale and the intended runway holdpoint. This JUST DO IT!
Bairnsdale Aerodromes backtracking is being conducted whilst
Professional Pilot Levels In 2010 prior to the state election
the then premier John Brumby
aircraft are on final approach to land.
The aircraft on final approach
• Recreational and General Flying announced a grant of $5 million dollars has right of way.
For Bookings contact Jo Peters
(03) 5149 2223 or 0401 712 780
• Aircraft Hire and Fly approximately for the upgrades of the • Aircraft landing and backtracking to clear
• Adventure Flights above airfields. the runway, having previously broadcast
their intentions to do so, being intimidated
• Gift Vouchers for Special occasions. I have recently spoken to a Wellington by following aircraft conducting low level
Shire Councilor to ask about what is overshoots. The following aircraft having
Phone 5149 2223 happening or has happened about been advised of the intent should have
Tony 0412 474 016 these allocated funds and he has
volunteered to make some enquiries.
extended their downwind leg in order
to give adequate time for the preceding
West Sale Aerodrome I will endeavour to get an answer and landing and taxying aircraft to clear the
email: report in June. I am sure the people duty runway as advised. who fly and work at West Sale will be • Aircraft on base being cut off by other
intensely interested in the response. traffic turning early and not following
Something for everyone!
Skate park Grounds, Foster St, Sale
REH Cork Club Craft Market 4th Saturday of the month 9am-2pm Gilsenan Reserve, Paynesville Third Saturday of Month 8am - 1pm Venue: Venus Bay Village, Jupiter Bvd,
2nd Saturday of the Month Yarragon Public Hall Second Sun of Month 8am - 1pm Contact 0408 057 772 Venus Bay
(Sep to May) Campbell Street, Yarragon. Contact 0400 327 526 MAFFRA VARIETY AND FARMERS Venue: Baromi Park, Mirboo North Time:
Kay Street Gardens, Traralgon Contact 5634 2209 LAKES ENTRANCE PRIMARY MARKET 8 am to 12 noon
Contact 0487 342 675 SCHOOL MARKET First Sunday of the Month 9am - 1pm Lyn Hodges 0409 742 290
EAST Evett Park, Myer St, Lakes Entrance Contact 5144 1108 Contact: Maxine, 03 5668 2465
Every Sunday 8:30 am - 1:30 pm GIPPSLAND Third Sat of Month 8am - close
Contact 0421 004 859 YARRAM VARIETY MARKET
Last Saturday of each month

Contact 0407 532 957 SATURDAY JUNE 4TH 9AM to 2PM BAIRNSDALE UNITING CHURCH First Sunday of month 8am - 1pm KONGWAK MARKET
@ BOUCHER HALL CAR BOOT MARKET Contact 5182 5679 Venue: Koonwarra Memorial Park, Koon-
TRARALGON FARMERS MARKET Cnr WALLACE & McKEAN STREETS Great Alpine Road, Lucknow warra Venue: Korumburra—Wonthaggi
4th Saturday of the Month 8am - 1pm BAIRNSDALE (Beside Farmers’ Market Third Sat of Month, 8:30 - 11am STRATFORD VARIETY & FARMERS Rd, Kongwak
Kay Street Gardens, Traralgon inthe Arts & Markets Precinct) MARKET Time: 8.30am start
Contact 5174 2279 BRUTHEN VILLAGE MARKET Apex Park, Princes Highway, Stratford Contact: Rod 0408 619 182
If you only have time to do one thing in Bruthen Mechanics Hall, Main Street Fourth Sunday of Month 9am - 1pm 1st Saturday of each month.
OLD GIPPSTOWN MARKET June come to this remarkable emporium Fourth Sat of Month 9am - 1pm Contact 0408 057 772
Last Saturday of the month 9am - 2pm of style & creative fresh ideas & browse Contact 0428 501 634 or 5156 4148 LOCH VILLAGE MARKET TOORA
Old Gippstown Heritage Park, Moe among unique handmade bespoke
distinctive wares. For further information
Contact 5127 3082
& interested stallholders please phone:
Howitt Park, Lucknow, Bairnsdale
SOUTH Venue: Railway Siding, Loch Venue:
Former Bonlac Store, Jetty Rd, Toora
Kay Cotter 51525484
Janet Liddell 0412 870605
Fourth Sun of Month, 8:30am - 1pm GIPPSLAND Time: 8:30am start
Contact 5152 4662 Contact: Ron Payne 03 5659 0212 2nd
Andrea Ford 0409 771526
Civic Park, Drouin
Secondary College Oval, McKean Street,
Contact 0428 252 440 John Greaves Memorial Park, Temple Venue: Foster Showgrounds, Foster COAL CREEK FARMERS MARKET
Street Heyfield Time: 8am Start Time: 8am—12noon Venue: Loch Public Hall, Smith St, Loch
First Sat of Month, 8am-12pm
ROKEBY COMMUNITY MARKET First Sat of Month from 8am Contact: Max Parnell, 03 5682 2654 Venue: Coal Creek, Sth Gippsland Hwy,
Contact 5156 9342
Main Road, Rokeby Contact 5148 0505 3rd Saturday of each month. Korumburra
Second Sat of month, 8am - 1pm Time: 9am—1pm Contact: Jennie
Foreshore Grounds Rotunda,
Contact 5626 8523 Prince Street Park, Rosedale NA BUSH MARKET 2nd Sunday of each month
Near the Footbridge, Lakes Entrance.
Second Sun of Month 7am - 1:30pm Venue: Tarwin Lower Memorial Hall, NB: Plastic bag free
First Sun of Month, 9am - 3pm
LONGWARRY FIRE BRIGADE Contact 5199 2818 Tarwin Lower
Contact 5153 1916
Bennett Street, Longwarry SALE CHARITY MARKET Time: 8:30am start Venue: The Glade, Inverloch
First Sunday of Month 8am -1pm Thompson River Canal Reserve, Sale Contact: Carol Dwyer 5663 7657 Contact: Time: 8am to 1pm
Village Green, Metung
March - December Third Sunday of Month 7am - 1pm Dawn Wylie 03 5657 3253 Contact: Peter Arnold, 03 5664 0096
Second Sat of Month 8:30am - 1pm
Contact 0419 158 946 Contact 5144 1258 1st Sunday of each month. 3rd Sunday of each month
Contact 0458 431 844

Al’s Kitchen
Corringle Proteas
Niamh Skin
349 Lake Rd, Newmerella
Phone 5154 1735
• Jams • Pickles • Sauces • Specialty Cakes Certified Organic Ingredients
Jenny 0488 287 216 John 0408 149 863 SEE US AT
Soaps, Creams, Balms and more
See us at Maffra Market, Stratford Market, Sale Farmers Market, Lakes Entrance Market
See us at the Sale Farmers Market,
Sale Farmers Market, Sale Variety Market. Stratford Market, Metung Farmers Market,
See us at: Sale Sunday Variety Market & Stratford Market
Sale Farmers Market, Sale Variety Market,
Bruthen Village Market
10 South Gippsland Highway, Sale Traralgon Farmers Market, Bairnsdale Farmers Phone 5144 5912 or 0401 511 015
Ph 5144 4675 or 0429 344 675 Market, Stratford Market, Metung Market Shelley Horton Phone 5155 3919 or 0428 551 394

WOOLENOOK N A T I V E C Carmel’s Creations

PLANT NURSERY C For all your jewellery designs
and also at Carmel King
Maffra & Stratford Markets P.O.Box 690, Bairnsdale, 3875 See us at
Open 7 Days Maffra Market &
682 Stratford Road, Maffra Phone 0427 067 644 Stratford Market
Ph 03 5147 1897

VARIETY WELLINGTON Affordable and effective

ON 0408 057 772
First Sunday of the Month Fourth Sunday of the Month Third Saturday of the Month
Johnson Street Apex Park Skate Park Lawns Book your spot now
Contact 0408 057 772 Contact 0408 057 772 Contact 0408 057 772
Heyfield Tractor Pull
What’s On When

The noise of Clanking Tractors,

Putting Engines and Steam Whistles
echoes around the town of Heyfield
on the third weekend of May every
The Heyfield & District Vintage Machinery Group Inc. presents
Locals only too well know the sights
and sounds of the Heyfield and 14TH & 15TH MAY 2011
District Vintage Machinery Group’s “Preserving Australia’s Heritage”
Annual Rally.
With working display
Every year Club Members, along with Vintage Tractor Pull
fellow enthusiasts from other Clubs Steam Engines
throughout Victoria and even New Stationary Engines
South Wales, fill the Gordon Street Vintage Trucks & Cars
Recreation Reserve with their pride Blacksmith
and joy. Everything from Stationary On Site Catering
Engines of all shapes and sizes to
Fun for the whole family
Steam Engines and Boilers, Vintage
Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Motorbikes
Saturday Night Meal for Exhibitors
and Memorabilia can be seen over

the course of the weekend. Contact the Club for more details
We conduct the Rally using NHMA Insurance Guide-
The Family always has plenty to lines
look at at the Rally. Blacksmith
Demonstrations, Working Exhibits, Mick Coleman 03 - 51482989
Barb Cook 03 – 51480531
Various Stalls, Daily Grand Parade,
Tractor Pull and this year sees the
introduction of Miniature Paddle
Steamers to the Rally. It is more
than enough to keep everyone
entertained, from the toddlers also available over the
through to the grandparents! weekend at the Rally
grounds. Admission is
The Exhibitors, proud of their $10 per adult, $5 per child
restorations, are only too happy to (5 -16), $25 per family,
talk about their treasure to anyone under 5 is free
wanting to learn about part of
Australia’s heritage being preserved So remember to put the
for future generations to admire and 14th and 15th of May
also learn about. down in your diary as a
weekend to reminisce
Gates to the Rally open at 9am, amongst the machinery
closing at 4pm on Saturday and that was such a common
3pm Sunday. Onsite catering is sight many years ago.

Dancing With Devils

Sunday, 15 May 2011 to Sunday, 15 May 2011

Gippsland Opera presents Opera Australia’s Bass Baritone Adrian

Tamborinii with ‘Dancing With Devils’ The wicked men of Opera
& Music Theatre special guest artist including Brigid DeNeefe
as Mrs Lovett Atmospheric, glorious voices, Adrian wo received a
standing ovation last time he sang for Gippsland Opera then goes on
to Europe to sing in Italy -

Special performance prior to leaving not to be missed Sunday, May

15th 2pm Venue: Uniting Church Lucknow Tickets $25 Adults and
$20 Concession which includes deliciious afternoon tea. Bookings
Andrea Ford 0409771526

John Leslie Theatre

What’s On!
2011 Melbourne International TURNS My Grandma Lived in Gooligulch
Comedy Festival Roadshow a Christine Dunstan Production
My Grandma Lived in Gooligulch is a rollicking
A pantomime with a twist musical tale
The comedians have left the building…for
Devised and written by Reg Livermore of city kid
the ultimate comedy road trip. Now in its
Kate who
13th big year the Roadshow shares the
Two icons of Australian theatre, NANCYE HAYES has to spend
Melbourne International Comedy Festival
& REG LIVERMORE take to the stage in the the summer
vibe with punters outside the Melbourne area
world premiere tour of TURNS - a reflection on holidays with
code. A cast of big local names, newcomers
identity, family, show business... and completely her eccentric
and overseas guests prove there’s nowhere
losing your marbles! Let these two legends take G r a n d m a
a comedian fears to tread.
you on a theatrical journey which will surprise and in outback
delight you, as Nancye & Reg do what they do Gooligulch.
This show may contain coarse language,
sexual references and material that can best: sing, dance, make you laugh, and much,
offend. It is not recommended for children much more... Family
under the age of 15. performance:
8pm, Friday 13 May & Saturday 14 May 7:30pm, Tuesday 24 May & Wednesday 25 May 1 June, 6pm

Box Office (03) 5143 3200 Hours: Monday - Friday 10:00am - 5:30pm and one hour prior to every show. 100 Foster Street, SALE
Auslan Theatre First for Gippsland
Bairnsdale Production Line Theatre Company Inc. is
area of the Auslan interpreted performance on Sunday
What’s On When

leading the way in Gippsland local theatre by proudly 29th May 2011 at 2pm can do so by contacting the
being the first amateur company this side of Melbourne Forge Theatre manager, David Blake by email on
to have one of their forthcoming performances of See the advertisement
“Fiddler on the Roof” interpreted into Auslan. on this page for full performances dates and ticketing
On Sunday 29th May at 2pm, Maxine Buxton and Kirri
Dangerfield will interpret the tale of Tevye, the devoted
Jewish milkman, and his quest to marry off his five
daughters under the traditions of his faith. Maxine
and Kirri specialise in theatre Auslan interpretation,
interpreting together with OzOpera for the past
four years and Maxine has recently interpreted the
immensely popular “Mary Poppins” in Melbourne.

Guiding this process is Deaf Consultant, Luke King, a

member of the Deaf Community himself, who works
in several Bairnsdale schools. Luke has met with
“Fiddler’s” Director, Beverley Campbell to discuss
the requirements of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Luke King, Deaf Consultant striking a theatrical pose,
Community. Beverley Campbell, Director making the sign for
great/good and Maxine Buxton, Auslan Professional
Anyone wishing to purchase tickets for the reserved Level Interpreter making the sign for interpreter.

A Day out at Lardner Park

Lardner Park lends itself as a fantastic venue for a wines, tasty pasta, freshly brewed coffee, tantalizing
CMA regional arts, craft and fresh produce market teas, zesty fruit juices, home style baking along side
and is ideally located midway between Drouin and modern cakes and enticing preserves. Seasonal
Warragul. The site is well sign posted from the Eastern injections of fruits and vegetables are refreshing as
and Western approach of the Princess Highway. is the regular presence of environmentally friendly
bags and cane shopping baskets laden with newly
Hosting a wonderful diverse range of stalls, this purchased treasures.
market will have you plunging headlong into a myriad
of sensations, a proven feast for the mind, body and Ample parking, large undercover pavilion and is a 1
soul. From the traditional to contemporary, an eclectic hour easy drive from Melbourne. Located midway
mix of textures, materials and surfaces make up a between Drouin and Warragul. Mel Ref X912 U8,
huge range of distinctive products all hand made from parking $3.00 per car.
original designs.
Treat your taste buds a thorough workout from the The venue offers excellent facilities for both stallholders
gourmet smorgasbord of foods on offer. Culinary and patrons with ample parking and hassle free access
delights include savories, scrumptious cheeses, and stall layout.
WOW Mirboo North Arty Gras
This year the Arts are flourishing in Mirboo
North’s bumper festival, combining the 30th
A major highlight is the
Street Parade at 11 a.m.,
Annual Art Show, and multi-arts event, Arty engaging almost half the
Gras. Both are held each year over the town’s residents divided into
The Town Centre Nursery Mothers’ Day weekend, from the 6th to the community groups from the
8th of May in 2011. Pre-schoolers to floats from
traders, marching bands,
The Art Show opens the festival with its gala clowns, car clubs, environment
event at 7.30 on Friday night in the Mirboo groups and Rock ‘n’ Rollers in
59 - 67 Ridgway, Nth Shire Hall, exhibiting up to 400 works a great celebration of colour
Mirboo North from across the visual arts and created by and sound.
Ph: 5668 1859 local Gippsland artists. It remains open for
the entire weekend and prizes are awarded Presentations continue with
Open 7 days in several categories. All money raised a traditional Welcome to
Mother’s Day Flowers goes towards projects for the Mirboo North Country and dance from
Primary School. Wayne Thorpe and his troupe, and the The exhibitions and music continue on
Gift Vouchers
Appearing at the Commercial Hotel at 9.30 music continues. Exhibitions of local crafts, Sunday, and the festival closes with the
Huge Range of pm Friday night will be Jack Jones, live and face-painting, bouncing castle and climbing premiere of the Gippsland Youth film festival
Plants, Pots, Tiles and
Statues. acoustic, from the former Southern Sons. wall activities, roving performers, model (part of the ‘Inspired by Gippsland’ Arts
railway, Koala Corner, chook competition Festival).
Arty Gras enters with a fanfare on Saturday and the ArtyBras/Sassy Shoes display and
morning, centred around Baromi Park and more are all freely available. Last year over 4,000 people attended the
a bigger-than-ever arts, craft and produce Arty Gras Festival, a true celebration of the
market, and in central locations around town. On Saturday afternoon is Vocal Nosh Big Arts in the heart of the Strzeleckis. So help
Music performances from solo acoustic and Sing and at night is the CaberArty with us make it even bigger this year, and feed
a capella to solid rock and blues, all local Danny Burton singing blues and the Nutt all your senses in what Mirboo North offers
to Gippsland, will be continuous at three Sisters’ comedy duo in the Arts Pit at the you, and come and celebrate our 30th year
different venues. Grand Ridge Brewery together!

Quirky Collections C
Cabaret like no other…Arty but tasty, with a
“QUirky COllections” is a display Toby Jugs, Old newspapers
gourmet cheese supper.
of a variety of weird and wonderful reporting on many world shattering
collections that people have kindly
volunteered to put on display
events going back to the death of
King George, and the declarations
throughout the Arty Gras weekend, of war and peace; pop-up books, Hosted by the fabulous Nutt Sisters, famous for
including Friday the 6th May to end souvenir matches and business their audience involvement. It’s going to be an
Sunday 8th May. (We don’t open cards, bottle tops, Old aeroplane evening like no other.
till 11.30am on Sunday though as parts, Spice Girl dolls, shoes, hats,
the congregation will still gather for bow-ties, brooches, beautiful old C
MIRBOO NORTH Church). It will take place in the lace garments and china Fabergé Yes, yes – of course there will be music. Our
Centenary Room at the back of the eggs sewing boxes and writing Very Own Yelka Ichmakovich and fabulous
PHARMACY Uniting Church, ( next to the Shire boxes, snow domes, Staffordshire bluesman Danny Burton, with special guests.
45 Ridgway, Hall where the Art Show is run figurines, not to forget, a variety
Mirboo North every year). of different and popular animal
collections, such as, pigs, zebras,
Ph 5668 2050 Come and celebrate the Arty Gras. It’s the
We already have over 20 elephants, frogs, owls and camels.
after-the-parade, the carnival-is-over,
contributors offering about 30 But there is always room for more!
Full Range of Vitamins and Skin Care Come-on-down and LEAVE THE TV AT HOME
collections, between them, (many So if you have been thinking of
Specialist in Hiring of Medical Equipment collectors it seems are collectors of putting in a collection but hadn’t night you’ve been waiting for.
3 Beauty Rooms including Spray Tanning more than one type of object). quite decided, it is not too late,
Included amongst these are things you still can. You just need to give SATURDAY 7 MAY 2011, 8Pm at the artspit,
Open Monday to Friday 8:30 to 6pm as diverse as:- Di Kiddell a ring on 56 681419 to grandridge brewery in beautiful mirboo north.
Saturday 9-2pm. discuss details with her. Hazel and coco will be waiting to greet you at
the door – only $10 a ticket! What a bargain!
We are also looking for a display What a night!
cabinet, (glass fronted) if anyone
Enquiries – Kate Jackson ph:56688276.
96 on Ridgway has one that we could borrow to
use over the weekend. We would
take great care of it and all the
Fish and Chips items on display within it. Again,
Hamburgers ring Di. And a huge THANKS in
Hot and Cold Drinks
Great Food and Friendly Service The collector of the Toby Jugs, is
Mr Peter Leach from Morwell who
has over 2,000 Toby Jugs, of which
Open 7 Days he is just bringing a selection of
most interest. He will be available
8am to 8pm to talk to people about his collection
98 Ridgway, Mirboo North and can do valuations of Toby Jugs
Ph: 5668 2400 if you have a special one that you
would like valued.

On Wattts circa 1890
An expertly restored and extended period residence in the heart of prime South Gippsland farmland on Watts
Creek, yet only 3klm from the township of Mirboo North.
The Homestead on 2.63acres comprises 4 bedrooms with ensuite to the main and an open study – rumpus
area upstairs. A formal Dining room with open fire place and pressed metal ceilings is separate to an elegant
large open living lounge – family area and adjoins an equally spacious, modern Country Style kitchen, all
serviced by ducted gas heating.
At the fore front of the home, taking advantage of a sunny Northerly aspect sits the heated In Ground Pool.
Aside from the Homestead is a further self contained one bedroom Cottage with an open living plan that
would be an appropriate Granny Flat or over night accommodation with bathroom and toilet facilities. Further
outbuildings include a three bay machinery shed and workshop with additional large wood shed.
A Unique, Exceptional Property.

Inspections by appointment with Richard Taylor 0407 081 957

Stockdale & Leggo Mirboo North 5668 1300


Throughout event Mirboo North Art Show, Lego Competition Judging 1:30
Shire Hall and Live Music Face Painting 2:00-3:00
Fri 7.30 - 11 Sat 12 - 5 Sun 10 - 3.30
Park Activities
Exhibition of 2010 Arty Gras photos and Food and Craft Market 9 - 3pm
information, Bullock Dray Café Bonni Bouncers Jumping Castle 9 - 3pm
All week before, Sat and Sun Abseiling Tower 9-3 pm
Awakenings Children’s Activities 9 - 3pm
Quirky Collections Uniting Church all week-
end Youth activities :
Sumo Racing airbrush tattooing 1-5 PM
Nana’s Cupboard Quilting Exhibition Nana’s Koala Corner
Cupboard all weekend Landcare,
Rotary barbeque,
Friday Mirboo North Art Show - official Sound Sculpture,
opening: Shire Hall Friends of the Koala,
Gippsland Waste Management, We have exhibitions absolutely
Fri 7.30pm bJack Jones ( ex southern Sons) Transition Towns, everywhere: Cowwarr Art Space, Arc
Commercial Hotel / Artshow Fri 9.30 -1am Buskers, Yinnar, Gippsland Art Gallery (Sale),
Gippsland Solar, Stratford Courthouse Gallery, Meeniyan
The Big Parade with over 30 floats and Baths Rd Reserve Walking Tours, Art Gallery, Gecko Studio Gallery (Fish
activities 11am Lifeline Jewelry exhibition Sat 9-4 Creek), Yarram Courthouse Gallery,
(Assemble at Baromi Park from 10.00am) Model Railway Exhibition Old Gym Sat 9-4
Mangowood Gallery (Warragul), Sandy
Chook Competition Old gym Sat 9-4
Point Gallery, The Big Gallery (Briagolong);
Skatepark Soundshell Stage Book Sale / Crafty creations Library Sat 9am
Insignia 1:15-1:30, 2:30-2:45 - 1pm Coal Creek Art Gallery (Korumburra);
Tearaway 4:00-4:30 Rock’n’roll dancers RSL HallSat afternoon Manna Gum (Inverloch) and Galleria del
A Dream Come Shoes Mare (Rhyll), Mingara Gallery (Cowes),
Baromi Park Stage Studio 21 (Cape Woolamai). And
Family Tree 10-11 am Arty Bras and ShowyShoes more - just browse the listings at www.
Watbalimba:Language of song story and Exhibition Community Centre Sat and Sun 10am
dance 11:45- 12:15
Simpletones 12:15-1:15 The Big Sing Think about planning your Open Studio
MNSC guitar ensemble / rock bands Vocal Nosh Artspit, Brewery Sat 3pm tours. In the Latrobe City region, Sunday
CabarArty Artspit, Brewery
8 May is the day to discover your local
1:30-2:30 Kate Jackson – singer/songwriter 8:00 PM
artists - Carolyn Henry, Sue Coppock,
Salubrious 2:45-4:00 Yvette Stubbs – performance poet
Yelka Ichmakovich – singer/songwriter Tracy Roberts, Ursula Theinert and
Bullock Dray Stage - *Arty Gras Central* Danny Burton Blues/ Accoustic Wayne Milner all open their doors.
Triple Threat 10-11 AM In West Gippsland 15 May is the day to take the tour - there are 18 studios to visit
Nigella and the Celtic Rythms11:45-12:45 Sunday Mothers Day Lunch so start early! Get online and plan your route. This is a rare chance to see Gippsland
Harmonious 12:45 -1:45 Brewery Restaurant Sun 12 - 2pm artists in their natural habitat!
The Pearlers 1:45-2:45 Mothers Day Lunch and Music
Commercial Hotel Sun 12 - 4pm Freestone Press features original linocuts, etchings and woodcuts at their beautiful
Art Show Stage Mothers Day afternoon tea and live acous- studio in (very arty) Briagolong 7 & 8 May. Take a drive and discover a hidden
School Concert Band 12-00-1.00 tic music Shire Hall Sun 2pm gem.
No Detour 2:00-5:00 pm
Brewery Film Festival , Youth Short Films
Meanwhile the Arty Farty Latte Party continues in cafes around West Gippsland for
Art Show Marquee Premiere “ Crank Them Out”
Koko The Clown 12:00-1:00 Sunday night 7.30pm the entire month of May. Visit Drouin Gourmet Cafe, The French Pear Cafe, Cafe
Obsession, Red Parrot Cafe, Swaffields Store, Neerim South and sip a latte among
the art.

Who could resist a Light Murder Mystery with a Light Dinner? Enjoy a little theatre
with your meal at Phillip Island Winery, Ventnor.

Or try your hand at jewellery making at the Goldsmiths Gallery. There are workshops
running all through May in Painting with Enamels, Lampworked Beads, Jewellery
Skills and Enamelling on PMC Clay - in stunning San Remo.

Fancy a fabulous afternoon in the Sale Botanic Gardens on Mothers’ Day? Relaxing
as the sun goes down, waiting for Gippsland’s latest glowing artform to be revealed?
With big, bouncy inflatable art, mingling among friends and other art lovers? Then
Reveal is the event for you. Don’t miss it. (4pm start, for a dusk launch).

Don’t forget the Art Kiosk running in heart of Warragul all through May. Chat to the
artists, watch them work, pick up a brochure and find out what’s on nearby.

And don’t wait! Book now to be a part of the Festival Finale in Lakes Entrance on
28 May. Featuring the locally crafted animation Iddeus, this closing party at the
Lakes Entrance Surf Club is a celebration of a big month. Iddeus is a fun take on
East Gippsland culture created
by local artists John McKenzie,
Gary Yelen and Amelie Boucher
- in shadow puppetry. Come
cheer the Iddeussy, enjoy the
moment, relax at this surfside
venue immersed in the sights
and sounds of Suitcase Royale
and enjoy the company of your
arts community. It’s free - but
bookings are essential!
Deb Milligan (Wellington Shire-
based RADO for Regional
Arts Victoria) with Artist Mark
Cuthbertson, creator of the Be
Inspired Art Festival’s Inflatable
Caravan that will be travelling
around Gippsland throughout
WOW What’s On When

Open 7 days
• Deli • Produce • Meat • Liquor
• Wide Range of Groceries
67 Tyers Street, Stratford. Ph 5145 6788

Wa-De-Lock CellarDoor
Open 7 Days
for Breakfast
& Lunch
76 Tyers St, Stratford Ph 5145 7050

For all your Real Estate enquiries
Contact LJ Hooker Stratford.
Due to recent sales
we are in need of new listings
McFarlane Street SO

Raymond Street SO

Tyers Street SO

For a FREE market Appraisal contact

Tony Kiss - 0419 526 637
Tony Baillie - 0412 244 442

Lj Hooker Stratford
59 Tyers Street, Stratford
5145 6066

Turkish Magic sHAWS

tURKISH Ticklish Turtle
Specialising in handmade carpets, hand
painted ceramics and tiles, glassware and
gifts, Turkish Magic in Stratford offers a
complete range of unique stock.

Owned by Adem and Kim Babuc, all

products are individually selected by
Adem in Turkey and imported
directly in July each year. • HIRE VANS
Adem grew up in the carpet business as
well as working with tourists.
Living in Australia for the
past seven years, he is
now using his skills to
take customers on personal
guided tours to Turkey each year.
Award Winning DEALER FOR
Turkish Magic customers are treated
as guests, and offer quality products,
quality service and free delivery
Ticklish Turtle Cafe, down near the roundabout
Turkish Magic is Princes Highway, Stratford. Warm food, warm fire, and delicious coffee
Open seven days
9am to 5:30pm. Proudly Phone 5145 7188 Come in and let us look after you....
Mobile 0409 512 825
33 Tyers Street, Stratford.
Phone 5145 6423
Supporting Stratford email: Tyers Street, Stratford. Phone 5145 7134
What’s On When WOW
Take the time to get to know Stratford. Visit local
FESTIVAL DATES FOR 2011 eating spots and taste local wines. Indulge your
sweet tooth or browse trough many treasures at
our variety of local businesses.
Thursday 5th May to

Sunday 15th May 2011.

Please note that dates this year vary slightly to previ-

ous years due to Easter/school holidays.

Opening Night Celebrations
(incl. Premier of Cymbeline)
Thursday 5th May Stay at our local accommodation and enjoy
Doors Open 6.30pm with bubbles. warm, country hosptiality. Go for a walk at the Good Food
Knob Resenve, 3km South east of Stratford. Great Service
at The Courthouse Theatre At the crest of the hill a lookout platform has Plenty of Parking
been constucted enabling views down upon the
Avon River. The reserve is ideal for a picnic 62 Tyers Street
Cymbeline and has bbq’s, tables and chairs, playground,
Directed by Darren McCubbin oval, toilets and shelter. The Avon River which
Phone 5145 7185
at The Courthouse Theatre runs through the town is the fastest rising and
receding river in the Southern Hemisphere.
Sat 7th, Fri 13th 8pm
Sat 14th May 5pm The Knob Reserve is an important indigenous
site and a destination on the Batuluk Trail that
Matinee Sun 15th May, 3pm traverses Eastern Gippsland.

Saturday 14th May - The Banquet Visit local attractions such as the Blue Pool,
Quarry Reserve and fossick around old
at the Mechanics Hall goldmining points along Freestone Creek near
Sunday 15th May - Faire Day & Market Drive though the Lush Lindenow Valley and visit
in Hobson street and The Village Mitchell River National park - the Den of Nargan. Tyers St, Stratford 5145 6888
Green. Only a half hour drive away.
• Dutch giftware • Dutch croquettes • Aussie Take
Away • Sit Down Meals • Functions • Fully Licensed
Childrens Play - Macbeth
Directed by Rachel Nicholls
at the Mechanics Hall
Wed 4th May 2pm, Thurs 5th May
12noon, and Friday 6th May 7pm

Bookings for all events can be made

Located in the centre of town and within walking distance of the Avon River,
we offer country hospitality and accommodation at reasonable prices.
through • All units with ensuite, TV, ceiling fans etc
• Deluxe fully S/C suite with Air Conditioning
The Courthouse Theatre • Family Unit sleeps up to 8 people
• Free BBQ area in the spacious gardens
PH 51456790 • Country style Breakfasts a speciality

Princes Hwy, Stratford. Ph 5145 5500 E:


“Your Local Baker”

Childrens Clothes,Wall Art, Forklift, Dogging, Rigging, Scaffold,
Hair Accessories, Bags Cranes, Construction Induction, And More
Bibs, Cushions Etc. FREECALL: 1800 456 094
Kidz Tea, Tin Linz Aprons and
Sewing Classes


9:30 am - 4:30 pm LICENCE
Open 7 Days Saturday and Sunday
10am - 4:30pm
FREECALL: 1800 193 611
35 Tyers St, Stratford
Contact Leanne - 5145 6656
Tyers Street, Stratford STRATFORD*
Don’t miss this popular market
with over 175 stall expected
to line the streets of Bright this
year from 9am to 2pm
Bright Autumn festival is Australia’s longest running
Find a bargain and lose
community festival and this year, for the first time,
yourself in the festive atmosphere during the
annual autumn monster market, proudly incorporates the rather unique Wandiligong Nut
organised by the Bright Rotary Club. Please Festival.
call Sue on 5750 1016 for more details
Now in its 49th year, this popular festival where people
are drawn to the area for the spectacular autumn
colours, now offers even more – in fact a feast for all
Bright Art Gallery senses.
& Cultural Centre
Presents the Opening with the Wandiligong Nut Festival which,
49th Annual Autumn
naturally, focuses on chestnuts, hazelnuts and walnuts
Art Exhibition & Sale of Paintings
grown in the area. With cooking demonstrations,
7 April to 20 May a largest nut competition raising money for Prostate
10:30am - 4:30pm Daily Cancer Research, a Nut Expo, art and music
28 Mountbatten Ave, Bright activities.
Ph 03 5750 1660
The following 10 days offer a variety of activities and
1000 Quality Paintings entertainment including open gardens, farm, winery,
The Largest Exhibition in Country Victoria country pubs & mystery tours. Craft and photography
demonstrations and workshops. Historical talks and
Visit Bright Brewery tours by local historians will be as popular as ever
and try the full range of as will the evening entertainment with plays, singers,
award-winning beers trivia nights, movies and lots of music.
plus local wines,
meals and coffee.
The kids won’t have time to be bored, story telling,
Live Music Sundays
face painting, jumping castles and a childrens only art
Tour-and-Tasting competition. Who knows, we may discover a budding
3pm Fridays Monet.
Open Daily
12 noon till evening There is a gymkhana on Sunday May 8 and on the
121 Great Alpine Road, same day after the RAAF Band performance in the
Bright Park, Bright’s Got Talent will give you the opportunity to strut your stuff and a chance to win prizes.

Gala Day on Saturday May 7th

is the highlight when the main
streets are closed off for all the
fun of the festival. Brass and
Highland Bands, the Police
Show Band and the ever popular
Air Force Band, street stalls,
craft displays and more street
entertainment than has ever
been seen before. This whole
day always culminates with the
“Autumn Festival Parade”, this
year’s theme being “The Good
Life” - Come and share it with
the great community of Bright.

Love Living
The Importance of Breakfast
Overnight the body’s motor slows down so you can sleep. KIDS
Breakfast gets it going again. By not eating breakfast, you run Missing breakfast affects their concentration during the late
your motor on empty, because you haven’t switched on the morning hours. It also means during the growing spurts, that
motor correctly. The body trying to conserve the energy it has two meals a day has to provide enough E for the day. Smaller
- and as far as the body knows, it is entering starvation mode, children do not have the stomach capacity to hold enough food
and needs to conserve all the spare energy it has in store. to provide enough food to provide the E. Children need to see
It doesn’t have the mechanism to understand that you chose their parents eating breakfast, and the process of organisation
to start your engines without topping up the fuel tank. By not for them to be comfortable, and have the time for eating this
eating breakfast regularly, the reduction in metabolism can meal. SALE
cause an increase of 3kg / year. Making up with a larger serve 298 York Street
at lunch time means you’ll only gain 2.5kg / year. Think of the 5143 1146
progressive total, from skipping breakfast. You should try and Unique blend of Pure Essential Oils and
eat SOMETHING, but not just coffee or juice. all natural base products. MOE
12 - 14 Fowler Street
DEET free 5126 2022
Safe for all ages
Refreshing aroma 197 Princes Drive
Great for repelling nasty bugs including 5133 8002
Mozzies, Flies & Sandflies.

Hand Made in East Gippsland

Available at selected retail outlets, markets, or mail order to maintain bone density. You can
help keep your bones by eating foods
Pink Pepper Aromatics
that contain vitamin D. This vitamin
Ph: 03 5190 2104 is needed to help the absorption of calcium. Food includes breakfast
and breakfast cereals are fortified
with vitamin D and egg yolk. Also, try
increasing your intake of foods containing vitamin K (which
At Go Vita Sale, also helps the absorption of calcium), such as spinach,
broccoli and cabbage.
GO BACK TO Food, Drink, Healthy Living we are here to help
Lots of fruit, vegetables, breads and cereals are great. They’re Preliminary findings of researchers from the United States
easy to prepare, easy to eat, easy to digest. A breakfast high our customers with
indicated that postmenopausal women who eat broccoli at
in fat takes longer to digest, and therefore to get the motor their health and least three times a week for one-year risk 80 percent lower
started. bone fractures than those who consumed broccoli less than
nutritional needs. once a week.
Best choices include cereals - made from oats, rice, flakes, or
mixtures of grains and add dried fruit as a sweetener instead Organic Meat Beware of broken bones in the 30s
Fruit and Vegetables Young women should not suffer a fracture due to an accident
of sugar. But be careful of toasted mueslis as they use fat
Supplements unless or fall from high places. If you suffer a fracture due
as part of the toasting process and it is wsually the bad fat.
Protein Supplements to sliding or just for no apparent reason, it is worth asking
The one that clogs the arteries. With dietary fibre, be careful. Skincare / Haircare your doctor to do a bone density test. Research shows that
Choose the large flakes. Small flakes can cause constipation, Bulk Foods - nuts/fruits/flours women and men who had broken / fractured bones of the
or make it worse. foot for no apparent reason, have low bone density. “Rift
In Store: Naturopath, Kinesiologist bone increases the risk of further fractures in other parts of
Spread on the bread - can you see the bread through the and Massage Therapist the body,” explained Dr. Beatrice Edwards, a director of the
spread? If you are using a spread, do you need butter or osteoporosis program at Chicago .
margarine as well. Jam only contribute 250kj (60C), so have 360 Raymond Street, Sale
the jam with no butter underneath. If you find this difficult, Phone 5144 5548 Gum disease is not just a problem of the mouth
reduce the amount of fat between the toast and the jam - it’s
a cultural habit we have, and one that causes lots of health Go enjoy Life! Preliminary studies show that elderly women with dental
disease are also at risk of osteoporosis. If you’ve been
problems and maintains weight we may not need Go get healthy Go stay healthy through the menopause and suffering from dental problems,
honest health service it’s good for osteoporosis testing.
Don’t let the body go hungry. Listen to it. Hunger pangs mean extensive product range
best value for money Osteoporosis is derived in the family
it needs more fuel. By not answering the call, the body’s exceptional customer service “Genetics is an important factor and can be derived from the
conservation system kicks in. Keep feeding it, it will become
very inefficient at using the fuel we keep feeding it, and the father and mother,” explained Dr. Felicia Cosman, clinical
director of the National Osteoporosis Foundations of the
excess food will end up in the toilet bowl instead of adding to United States. In addition, study results showed that the
the auxiliary tanks. Facts on Osteoporosis relationship is usually stronger descent in certain areas such
as hip and wrist.
BREAKFAST ON THE RUN Prevention of osteoporosis should begin
Pack the night before and snack on the way out the door, or at an early age. Because the bones Bone density test may not reveal your risk
on the way to work; become increasingly fragile as the aging Maybe you’ve never tried an ultrasound machine to detect
and decline in the early stages of bone signs of bone thinning in the fingers and ankles. But, this way
density is often not visible. probably can not describe exactly bone health.
Pack healthy stuff for morning tea so you don’t have a severe
snack attack at 10am. According to data cited womenfitness. The decrease in bone density is not the same in all parts
com sites, one in two women over the of the body. You may have lost more bone density in one
Breakfast Shake: age of 50 will suffer a fracture related area than any
Combine 1/2 cup milk (reduced fat) - skim milk powder with to osteoporosis. At the age of 20 until other body part. At Ulandra Cottage we can help
3 tblsp yoghurt, 1 piece soft fruit (or 3 tblsp canned fruit), 1 the 30′s, you build bone as fast as you Parts that need you let the outside world drift
tblsp oat bran and a touch of honey if you need it. Blend till remove it. But when he reached the age to be measured is away...indulge in a relaxing,
of 35, decreased bone density more the hip and spine, rejuvenating massage.
smooth. We endeavour to offer an
rapidly than bone formation. As a result, the area most individual approach that suits
the framework will experience erosion often experienced you. Weekend & evening bookings
slowly. serious fractures. available.
Contact 0418542772 or
To help you maintain bone density, One of the most
following some disturbing facts about recommended test
the bones that can be your guide: is a special x-ray
Calcium supplements alone is not known as DEXA
enough (dual energy x-ray
Calcium is essential for maintaining absorptiometry).
healthy bones but can not guarantee the This method can
health of your bones completely. Many measure bone
studies show that certain foods are density in the hip
more effective than the pill supplements bones.
Lion Quality Products Traralgon Cup

The 2011 Lion Quality Traralgon Cup is set down DIFFERENT KIND?
for June 2011.

The Cup heats will be held on Friday night, 17th

June 2011, with the final on Friday night, 24th June
Leading Victorian trainer Graeme Bate will lead the CLUB…
charge with recent Traralgon track record breakers
in Allen Elroy and Radley Bale.

Allen Elroy recently won the Top Cat Video

Moe Racing Club Traralgon Puppy Classic final and ran a track record
in his heat win (29.19 secs). Radley Bale was the
The Moe Racing Club like many local residents bore the brunt of previous Traralgon track record holder (29.26 sec),
a huge storm on 23rd March which dumped over 150mm of rain in and recently won the rich $250,000 to the winner
less than two hours. The sudden rain caused flooding in several Golden Easter Egg at Wentworth Park in Sydney.
areas of Moe and at the Race Club, the sheer force and volume
of the water caused significant damage both above and below The Lion Quality Traralgon Cup carries excellent RACING TUESDAY NIGHTS AND
the ground. The floods washed away a good part of the sand prize money with the final worth a cool $28,000 NOW ALSO RACING THURSDAYS
training track affecting the facilities available for our local trainers. to the winner. The prize money for the Cup will WITH A 1PM START
Racing Victioria sent out engineers to inspect the damage done to continue to rise with the 2012 event worth $40,000
the drainage in areas of the course. The engineers put cameras to the winner of the final. A complete package for $30 per
through all the drains and used ground penetrating radar to detect head includes:
any other potential problems. The end result of all this technology The Club will conduct some on course activities for * entry
* race book
and investigation was that they found four main drains that had patrons during the cup series, and the event will
* reserved table
been in place for over 20 years had need pushed apart by the force again be a big occasion for Traralgon. * 2 course meal
of the water flowing through them and determined these needed * 3 standard drinks
replacing. Racing Victoria acted quickly in putting the work out for
tender and awarded the contract to a local drainage expert who Or packages can be tailored to suit
will start work next week. your needs – booking essential

Moe Racing Club CEO David Mckinnon said “It’s very disappointing For more information contact the
to lose the ANZAC Day Races as a result of the weather, however Club on 56231867 or visit the
it’s important for the safety of racing and the benefit of the club that Next Meet website at
we fix these issues properly. The drainage problems caused by Saturday 29th May - Lakes Entrance Cup
the flood, if left untreated could cause sink holes that are extremely
dangerous and have recently caused enormous problems at some
other country clubs jeopardizing their future and their place in the Sale Turf Club
industry” Mr. Mckinnon applauded the quick action of Racing There have been plenty of things happening at for the rest of the year so take advantage of our
Victoria in assessing the damage and noted the help the club had the Sale Turf Club these past couple of months great offer to come and enjoy great racing at one
received from the industry after the flood. “We are very fortunate and it looks to continue. Our next meeting is on of the premier country race tracks.
that the industry took proactive action and got on the front foot and Mothers Day May 8 with full fields of top quality
this will ensure we are back racing sooner rather than later and races. Bring your mother a long to have a great Our next major meeting after Mothers Day is the
we’ll have a bigger and better spring carnival then ever before” Mr day out at the races. All race goers are welcome Maffra Cup Day which has been moved forward
Mckinnon said. The drainage work is expected to take two to three to enjoy a nice lunch in the to Sunday June 5. This is
weeks and then allowing time for the ground to settle and the grass grandstand for only $20 per always a great day to get
to re-grow, Moe is hoping to be back racing in time for its annual person catered by Duart. everyone from Maffra to
Super Jumps Day on Saturday 16th July. celebrate what a great town
The Sale Turf Club also Maffra is.
In other news around the club, Mr James Morgan, a stalwart of has another race in May on
racing in the Gippsland region finally retired from his position as Thursday the 26th which is We have a special offer to
the morning track work supervisor at the age of 87. Mr Morgan has a midweek race meeting anyone that mentions this
been involved in racing all his life finishing with many years in his so it is free entry. All our article to Janet or Perri in
role at Moe. Mr Morgan retires as a life member of the Moe Racing midweek race meetings the office you will receive a
Club and valued member of the Gippsland racing fraternity. are now free admission free race book.

Sale Greyhound News Owner, trainer and breeder of El Grand Senor, Carolyn Hero trained at Tanjil South by Peter Giles. Hagans
Sale Derby Renamed Jones, has made the decision to retire her champion Hero has been a model of consistency and great
The upcoming Sale Derby and Oaks series will be to stud and he is standing at Carolyns Sale property at money spinner at Sale for owner Peter Alcock.
conducted in May on the 22nd and 29th of the month. a fee of $2,000.
The race is restricted to the younger greyhounds Relay For Life
and both races have Honour Rolls that show the To acknowledge to feats of this black speedster the Congratulations to the Staff and Committee of the Sale
races to be very good stepping stones to the Group Sale Greyhound Club have renamed the Derby “ The Greyhound Racing Club for their contribution to the
Races later in the year. The Derby in particular has El Grand Senor Derby “ in his honour. 2011 Relay For Life. Apart from hosting the event at
as winners to greyhounds that have gone to success the Complex, the Sale Greyhound’s “ Team Unleashed
in the Melbourne and Australian Cups. Blackjack Tom Locals Prominent at Warrnambool May Carnival “ were able to raise $16,000 in their own right.
won the Australian Cup after winning the Derby and One of the great weeks of racing in Victoria is the
later went on to a successful stud career in Ireland. Warrnambool May Carnival. Most people know of the Trackstar Challenge
Local champion, El Grand Senor, was last years jumps racing, but in the greyhound world Warrnambool The popular Trackstar Challenge, a concept that
winner and it is well documented that he went on to runs 2 rich sprint finals during this week. is unique to the Sale Club, has been revamped and
win the Melbourne Cup, Topgun, Maturity Classic and The first of the rich finals is the Warrnambool Classic will now be run a biannual basis in July and January.
Warragul Cup as well as being named the Victorian which is worth $60,000 to the winner. Former Sale The races will both carry $6,000 in prizemoney and
and Australian Greyhound of the Year. resident, Judy Risk, is somewhat of a greyhound nomad the conditions will vary only slightly. The race is by
who has prepared Compacto from her temporary Sale Invitation only to the dogs with the best performances
base. This year Compacto has successfully raced in on the Sale track during the preceding 6 months.
Northern NSW and across the state of Victoria and will
go into Wednesdays final as the likely favourite. New Trainers Successful
Some of greyhound racings newer trainers have
The other of the twin features is the Warrnambool been fortunate enough to store their fist success at
Cup in which Aston Galilee will be one of the favoured Sale during April. Warren Stevens of Sale scored
runners. Aston Galilee commenced his winning career with Goomby in a graded race which followed an
at Sale in October last year and was highlighted in this unlucky placing the run prior. Newly licensed Brendan
column as a young up and comer to follow. Whelan of Swan Reach has a very smart youngster
in his care which races under the very apt moniker of
2011 Easter Cup Whelan. Having his second start in a maiden event
The $5,000 to the winner Easter Cup series has just last Monday, Whelan speared straight to front and won
been completed at Sale with the winner being Hagans impressively.
TRIMMERS Classic And Fast – Every Motoring Enthusiast’s Dream
Specialist insurance provider Shannons Billed as ‘the biggest and best historic winner will round out their stopov
Boat Canopies / Vinyl Roofs has put together the opportunity of a motor racing party of the year’, with a Sundowner Dune Safari acro
Vehicle Upholstery lifetime for motoring enthusiasts – a Goodwood is one of the world’s most sand dunes deep into the Dubai Dese
Carpets trip to the United Kingdom to attend prestigious and popular motor events Conservation Reserve.
All canvas Goods the world’s most popular historic motor and the Revival is the only event of its
Tents car event, the Goodwood Revival and, kind that celebrates period era cars, “We always strive to deliv
Household Furniture on a stopover in Abu Dhabi, a visit to motorcycles and fashion. promotions that are truly tailored to th
Ferrari World. motoring enthusiast and we believ
Tonneau Covers
On offer are two return economy this combination of classic and fa
Truck tarps “This is definitely the ultimate dream class airfares from Sydney to captures everything that appeals
Caravan annexes package for any motoring enthusiast”, London via Abu Dhabi, three night’s car and racing enthusiasts alike”, sa
Horse Rugs said Shannons Marketing Manager accommodation in Abu Dhabi, six Shannons Marketing Manager Ma
12 Union St, Sale. Ph 5144 4228 Mark Behr. “Goodwood celebrates nights accommodation in London and Behr.
the golden era of motor racing and two night’s accommodation in the
during the three days of the Revival Goodwood region. To go into the draw for this incredib
Gilmour Motors there is an opportunity to see some of
the most beautifully restored cars and The lucky winner will receive private
prize, all participants need to do
either jump online or call Shannon
& Tyre Service motorcycles, vehicles that would have
competed during the racing circuit’s
return airport transfers, three days
care hire in London in a Mercedes-
on 13 46 46 to get a car, bike
home and contents quote before th
Service all Makes golden era from the 1940s to the
1960s,” said Mr Behr.
Benz E200 or similar, two day Roving
Grandstand passes to the Goodwood
promotion ends on 30 June 201
Every quote and new policy obtaine
and Models “Our own racing legends, (Sir) Jack
Revival and a £500 Harrods shopping
voucher. The prize also caters to the
gives participants an extra chance
win this fabulous prize. And if you’
Brabham, Peter Brock and Wayne Formula 1 enthusiast with a stopover already fully insured with Shannon
Ph 5127 3362 Gardner competed on the Goodwood in Abu Dhabi and a Premium Ferrari (including your Home), then just refer
track, so there is some special historical World pass. Located on Yas Island friend who gets a quote online and yo
2 Monash Road, significance for any Australian motoring near Abu Dhabi’s Formula 1 track, can also enter the draw. Full terms an
Newborough enthusiast who is lucky enough to Ferrari World is 200,000 square conditions of the promotion availab
attend this event,” said Mr Behr. metres of pure Ferrari magic. The at

Crawford Marine
PRE-AMP. VERY TIDY.$33,500.00 OVERNIGHTER!! MUST GO. MAKE AN OFFER!!! $18,5000 TIDY. $13,990.00

OWNER, VERY TIDY. $ 39,990 $22,990.00 OWNER. $14,990.00 $14,990.00

75 -79 Chickerell St, Morwell
Ph 5134 6522
Live the D rea m !
1995 Toyota Landcruiser Holden VX Toyota Camry Holden Astra Classic
tray,6cyl diesel,aircond,5 speed 2002 Commodore, 174,000km, V6 auto, 1999 model, aircond, 3.0ltr V6, auto,cd 2004,80,000km, 3 mth dealer warran-
manual,very clean and tidy,12 mths power windows and mirrors, aircond, cd player, 185,000km’s, good tyres, ty, aircond, cd player, 1.8 4cyl, 5 spd
rego,RWC,$12,990. player,12 mths reg, XET-111,$8,490 RWC,VGC,rego till Feb,TIK-161,$5,990 man,12mths reg, XGZ-301, $10,490

Daewoo Kalos Holden Astra CDX Subaru Liberty Toyota Landcruiser,

2003 model, auto, aircond, 93,000km’s, 2006, 71,000km, cd player, dual air- 1992, 217,000km, aircond, power win- 1990, 254,000kms, auto, dual fuel, tow-
elec windows, 4cyl engine, 3mth bags,16” alloys, aircond, auto,1.8ltr dows, 1.8ltr 4 cyl, roof racks, cruise bar, aircond, alloy bullbar, driving lights
warranty, 12mths rego XHJ-396,$8,250 4 cyl, , UFQ-120 $14,490 control, 12 mths rego ,RWC ,$3,490 .SXQ-398 $10,990

351 Princes Highway, Traralgon LMCT 10597 - ALL PRICES DRIVEAWAY PH 5176 5019
VACC Calls For A Cooperative Approach To Vehicle Safety
KING AVENUE AUTOS VACC notes the reports today on
VicRoads’ heavy vehicle safety checks.
cooperated and worked together. We
should be pooling resources, knowledge

th A W N W ar ra n ty & Road Assist, and information but when we have put

FREE 12m icle Sold in April
VicRoads checked 249 trucks over five this proposal forward, the reception has

worth $ 2 5 0 on an y V eh days in March during ‘Operation Hazard’

in the north-western suburbs. 198 vehicles
been lukewarm.
Local Extra customers only
were found to be defective. In addition, “Maybe they think our Vehicle Safety
WorkSafe issued 732 warrants and, as a Campaign is a publicity stunt to scare
result, 92 WorkSafe investigations have motorists into the arms of our members.
been launched. If they do, they are wrong. VACC’s
Vehicle Safety Campaign is a genuine
VACC runs a voluntary Vehicle Safety attempt to highlight the fact that too many
campaign and welcomes the initiative, unsafe cars, utes, vans and trucks, on
supporting any measures to improve the our roads, are not well maintained. We
safety of vehicles on our roads. believe this is an important message. We
will continue with our program and will
2003 Commodore $9,990Driveaway 2000 Ford AUII Forte $5,990Driveaway However, there are inconsistencies here. continue to report our findings, with or
Locally owned, Alloy Wheels, Cruise Control, Dual Air Bags, As recently as last week, VACC published without their support,” Mr Purchase said.
Tow Bar, CD Player TBX 148 Tow Bar, long Rego. QQF 812
results from its Five Point Safety Check
survey. VACC repairers checked 746 The Five Point Safety Check is provided
vehicles over three months, from January to motorists free of charge by participating
to March, across the entire state. 266 VACC repairers. It is an additional check
vehicles (35 per cent) were found to be of a vehicle’s brakes, tyres, lights, steering
defective. In addition, VACC promotes a and restraints – the basic safety features
WorkSafe publication called ‘The Guide - at the point of service.
to Safe Work Related Driving’, which
informs employers and employees that For more details, visit
their work vehicle is a work place, and,
1993 Hilux DualCab $10,990 Driveaway 1996 Subaru Sports $6,490 Driveaway
as such, health and safety regulations
4 x 4, Air Conditioning, Bull Bar, Power Steering, Air Conditioning, apply.

Tow Bar, Wide Wheel pack. TJM 515 All Wheel Drive. PJG 600

“VicRoads, the Government and

WorkSafe seem to be unmoved by our PTY.LTD.
vehicle safety efforts,” VACC Executive
Director, David Purchase, said. NEW
“They are more than aware of our Vehicle & USED
Safety Campaign and our supply of CARAVANS
quarterly statistics, through our Five Point
Safety Check program. We promote this Caravan Sales, Hire, Repairs and
1998 Diahatsu Charade $5,990Driveaway 2009 Toyota Hilux $20,990Driveaway information, as well as the Guide to Safe
Auto, Air Conditioning, Power Dual Cab, Manual, CD player, Air Con, Work Related Driving, to motorists and to Accessories, Insurance.
Steering, Good Economy PNU 230 Tradies Rack, Tow Bar, Low K’s WCM 322 regulators through the media, and print Agents for Royal Flair and
and broadcast advertising. They know Grant Tourer Caravans
our work and yet, seem to be indifferent
Phone 5143 2422 to it all. Tel: 51741381 / 51748976
LMCT 10704
“It would be better if we, VicRoads,
Mobile: 0408 598 905
MARK 0409 442 532 Government and their instrumentalities
After hours: 51272457
Wayne Collins WAYNE 0408 328 160 Mark Hurst www.iangrantscaravans
Community Club Scene
Good Friday Appeal
The Traralgon Bowls Club recently held its
Good Friday Appeal bowls day. This event
which is held annually continues to raise great
awareness and support for a very worthwhile
cause. This year’s event was well supported
by club members and was able to raise $1500
for the Royal Children’s Hospital Appeal. We
all take our hats off to those bowls members
who volunteer their time to make events of
this nature run smoothly.

Members Benefits Galore

Now in its 2nd month the new $1000 members
Traralgon Bowls Club…… draw and monthly major raffles continues
more than just a bowls club to be a great success. Each week 1 lucky
member is drawn out for the chance to win $1000 worth of prizes.

In addition to the weekly draw the new

Dining monthly major raffle gives every patron
For Bookings Phone who spends over $15 in one transaction an
03 5174 2156 opportunity to select a major prize valued at
over $500. Picture below is April’s winner Greg
McRonald. Greg now has the opportunity to
With a selection of great value head to Harvey Norman and select an item of
meals there is sure to be his choice. Congratulations Greg!
something for everybody

Open 7 Days
Lunch 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Dinner 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Bistro & Alfresco Area

Members Lounge

Come and experience for The Traralgon Bowls Club continues to

make regular donations to other community
yourself why Traralgon Bowls based organisations within the Traralgon and
Club is more than just a surrounding areas. For a list of past donations
please check out the Traralgon Bowls Club
bowls club. website:

The Moe RSL

has recently
held our
services for
both Dawn
and main.
Your entertainment
We served
Venue , right in the
over 350 breakfasts to the
heart of town! community of Moe and more
Members Lounge than 200 lunches. There was
Bingo Every Tuesday an exceptional turnout from the
Eyes Down 7:30pm community, and we wish to thank
Free every Friday night each and every person who
Live Bands from 8:30pm attended. Mainly I would like to
Regular Raffles and Happy Hours thank all volunteers who put this
day together without them the
Restaurant day would not be possible. Proud Sponsors of Local Sport
Open 7 days The Sporting Legends Club aims to for calculation of a share of the annual
Lunch 12pm - 2pm
assist in providing recreational and pool.
Dinner 6pm - late The Moe RSL is always seeking
sporting facilities for junior sports and These Clubzpool points are allocated
Regular Seniors,
the support of the community allied local sporting clubs of local sports on Dollars spent in our Bistro, Bar and
Lunch Express and appreciates any spare time and their members, in the Wellington at any organised local sporting club’s
Buffet &
anyone can offer, if you feel you Shire area. function held at Sporting Legends.
Special Menu’s
can help us in anyway please
This is provided for in several ways. This method of allocation of points will
Function Room
see the Reception desk. ensure local sporting clubs’ that use
Weddings, Seminars, Wakes or Sporting Legends Clubzpool System Sporting Legends facilities will deserve
Celebrations. Over a 12-month period members of the greatest benefit.
Regular Live Shows After ANZAC Day we have an
Sporting Legends who have nominated
influx of persons looking to
Support the Club the Supports your local their club in the Clubzpool System For any information regarding Wellington
community. chase Service records and join will have their Loyalty Points counted Sports Awards or Junior Sports Grants
Information for members, guests and bonafide visitors
as an affiliate member; the Moe towards their club’s pool (clubzpool) please contact Sporting Legends
RSL can help in any way to help
63 - 67 Albert street, Moe.
you find details on your family 233 York Street, Sale Phone 5143 2345
Ph 5127 1007
Website: members, again please just see BISTRO • SPORTS BAR • FUNCTIONS
the Reception desk….
Community Club Scene

BISTRO NOW - Fri. nite

- Sat lunch
OPEN Joker Poker-
Wed & Fri nite
The RSL & Sale club’s
bistro is up and running
with well known locals
Thursday nite 7.30
‘Jo and Lou’ providing
first class meals at very
Members Draw -
affordable prices. The
Fri 6pm, 7pm,
lunch time specials are
already a big hit, and
at $9.50 and on your
Bistro open 6days
table within 15 minutes
Tuesday – Sunday
its not hard to see why.
12-2pm lunch,
The dinner menu has
6pm- 8pm (8.30pm
something for everyone
from prime steak cuts,
parma’s, fish & chips, kids
meals and the full range
of Chinese dishes. Call in
143 York St Sale.
or book a table now.
Ph. 51442538
Raffles –Wed nite

Lakeside Bistro:

Open for Dinner Tuesday to


Tuesday –
Kids under 10 eat FREE

Wednesday and Saturday –

$13.95 Schnitzel and Pot Night

(All Schnitzels are hand-made on

Open 7 days a week from

Full A-La-Carte Menu with Chefs AF T 10am at

Special Board M 122-126 Johnson St

Maffra,Ph 51411566
Budget Meal Selection Available
$12 --$14 including Seafood
Meat Raffles
Thursday and Friday Nights Enjoy a delicious meal in our
club bistro main menu/snacks/
specials/coffee and sweets
Bars/Tabaret/Sky Channel/TAB
51444 000 OR
to Book Sit back and relax in our lounge
area and enjoy watching your
favourite sports on the big screen
Community Club Scene
Great Venue
Great Menu
Great Club

This month sees the Sale Greyhound Club assisting a wonderful group called “Andrew’s Little Friends”.
If you haven’t heard of them by now, you soon will. Andrew’s Little Friends” was set up to assist the Th e F u n P l a c e t o b e
local La Porta family who are currently facing a tough battle with Andrew La Porta a self-employed local
builder fighting for his life after suffering Heart failure. Andrew and his wife have two 19 month old twins
Great Function Facilities
who have had to be cared for by family over the last few months as Andrew has to stay in Melbourne Available
to continue medical treatment.
A wonderful friend of the La Porta Family, Wendy
Reeves, has taken on the challenge of raising much
needed funds to assist the family and is hosting a Open for Lunch 12 -2pm
couple of race nights at the Sale Greyhound Club, one
on Sunday the 1st of May and another on Sunday the
Sunday to Friday
22nd of May. Dinner is available in the bistro and it is a Open for Dinner
family club so the kids are more than welcome to come
along and watch the doggies race for a great cause.
7 days 6 - 8 pm
You could also win a fantastic prize by purchasing a Bar - Coffee Lounge
few Andrew’s Little Friends raffle tickets. The raffle will
be drawn on the night. For more info contact Wendy
Reeves 0488 586 330.
To find out more about this amazing story and how you Andrew & Jo with their twin boys
can help, visit Ashley & Josh.
Bingo – Monday, Charity Bingo 7.30, Tuesday, Free Bingo from 11am, Wednesday,
Jackpot Bingo 7.30pm, Thursday Night, 100% giveback Bingo from 7.30pm. Friday
Bingo, 1pm.

Trackside Bar & Grill Open 7 days for lunch and dinner.

Friday night monster raffles + pot draw kicks off from 5.30pm and now includes the new
Mega Number Give away, a free entry given with every raffle ticket sold.

Free hire on all our function and conference facilities – present this add to receive a
10% discount off your next function. Come and See for yourself!
Free hire on all our function and
conference facilites – present
52 Hazelwood Road, Morwell
this add to receive a 10%
discount off your next function.
Ph 5134 3449

OUTSTANDING SALES Latest News On Local Extra Newspaper

OPPORTUNITY The website is now providing readers wish to have the latest community and customer service where they deal with the
with not only the current edition as a free tourism news delivered to your home via person responsible.
SALES / ENTREPRENEURIAL online read but also contains the previous 6 the internet, then subscribe to our email
contract months editions as well. newsletter which will notify you of the latest · Providing local communities with an
edition. opportunity to promote themselves to the
This enables our customers / readers wider Gippsland area.
Local extra newspaper requires to chase up that special story or great The LOCAL EXTRA is an independent
a self motivated, enthusiastic, advertising offer months after the hard newspaper which believes in: Local Extra Newspaper takes pride in its
result orientated and business copies of the paper have gone. wide Distribution. Our valued stockists
minded person to subcontract · Providing readers with quality local begin at Drouin on the Princes Hwy, east
Sales and Marketing Services Subscriptions content, community information, ‘a good of Melbourne, through to Lakes Entrance
Now more choices as to how you can read’, tourism news and information. in far East Gippsland. Totalling over 385
receive your copy of the LOCALEXTRA. · Providing advertisers with an affordable distribution points in between, we cover
AGENCY 1 within the South
If hard copies have sold out or you simply advertising medium and personalised West, South and East Gippsland.
Gippsland and Bass Coast
Shires AND AGENCY 2 within the
Baw Baw and Latrobe Shires

Email your resume to
By 25/4/2011

Local Extra Newspaper

Head Office
Suite C,
173 Raymond Street, Sale
Phone (03) 5143 0370

P.O.Box 385, Sale Vic 3853

Mark Watson 0408 057 772
Liz Stevens 0432 128 445
O The study reveals that 85%
of Australians are hanging on to at
least one superfluous item, with an average
household hoarding 15, equating to $785 worth of
unused items per home. During National Alpaca Week, May 2011, alpaca farms
Cash “With $5 billion worth of goods sitting in houses
around the nation, now has never been a better
all over the country will be opening their gates to the
public. The perfect opportunity for anyone considering

In on time to make some extra cash to boost income,

battle future interest rate rises and supplement
owning alpacas, or just wanting to learn more, to get up
close and personal with these extraordinary animals.

weekly food and energy bills,” explains Jenny
Thomas, eBay spokesperson. To find a farm in your area go to the Alpaca Association
web site – and click on National

Cleaning. Those living in regional areas and higher income

households have the most money to make with an
Alpaca Week. Gippsland is in Vic. Eastern Region
. There are 2 farms open is this area this weekend –
average 17 unwanted valuables per household. Truleen Downs at Gormandale and Merungle at Maffra.
Australian households are hoarding If you can’t go to your farms of choice on the ‘Open Day’
120 million unwanted items worth The nation’s biggest potential money makers times, please ring, and make a suitable time for a visit.
more than $5 billion, according to new include:
eBay research.
• Electronics: 47% of Australians say they
have mobile phones they no longer use, 36%
have redundant audio equipment, 35% have
superfluous movie players or recorders, and 33%
have televisions they no longer need.

• Household Goods: 42% have unwanted kitchen

items, 43% have unwanted home décor, 37% have
unwanted appliances, 34% have unused furniture,
and 35% would like to shed some bedding.

Sitting on a potential fortune of unused and

unwanted items, 48% of Aussies say that they like
to stash their potential money makers in the living
areas of their homes; hallways, rooms, laundry
and the kitchen are the most popular storage

People interested in finding out how much their

unwanted items could be worth can visit www. You can
view different rooms online, discover the range of
items that are available on and see
how much items that you may have around your
home are selling for.

House and land packages in Gippsland from $198,000 - Multiple areas and estates - now available

Gippsland’s Premier Builder

Land is running out - get
in quick before sold out!
We can build the house of
your dreams -
either our plan or yours
Call Adrian Hanchard 0438 008 757 or 5633 1859
Club Financial,
Services to you:
Rob Egan, Managing Director, together managed funds, unit trusts, Separately
with Josh Egan, Joe Cicala and Staff Managed Accounts & Investment
at Club Financial Services Gippsland Directed Portfolio Services
would like to advise that our Financial
Planning Arm, Club Money Management Investment & Funeral Bonds
– Gippsland will begin operations on the
2nd May 2011. Deposit Products -(eg term deposits,
savings accounts
We are also delighted to announce
the appointment of our own in-house Government debentures, stocks and
Financial Planner Michael Geekie. bonds
Michael will operate under the Club Money
Management -Gippsland Branding. Personal & Business Risk Insurance (eg
income protection, total and permanent
Michael will be available for appointments disability, trauma, life cover, business
from the week beginning the 2nd of overheads insurance, and group life
May, he will discuss your wealth & asset insurance)
protection needs as this is the next
important step in securing your financial Superannuation - (eg rollovers, account
future. based pensions and annuities)

The purpose of the meeting will be to Retirement Savings Account

gather information which can then be
used to determine what areas Michael Michael will look forward to meeting with
can help you with and to decide what the you.
next steps are moving forward.

Please ring 51750411 to book a suitable

appointment time.

Product types that Club Money

Management – Gippsland offer but are
not limited to:

Managed investment Schemes-(eg

Native Plants In Your Garden

Australian Native plants are perfectly suited the harsh Wattles – silvery foliage, scented yellow blooms. There belief, natives do need fertilizer – fertilize about
climate, but have an image problem based on myths are over 1,000 species of wattle including Australia’s twice a year, using a native specific fertilizer, low in
and misconceptions. national flower, Golden Wattle phosphorus. You can also use organic fertilizers like
blood and bone, or pelletised chicken manure.
Natives are hardy, low in maintenance and have great Several other gums are not too big for the average
flowers. Even small pockets of Australian plants in a garden, and have colourful foliage that lasts all year
garden will encourage native birds and wildlife. round.

Myth 1 – Natives Aren’t Pretty Myth 3 – Natives Don’t Need Pruning

Natives can be perceived as dull and colourless. Start pruning natives early. Prune just above a leave
But they come in all shapes, sizes and colours, with node, where the leaf comes out from the stem. Pruning
amazing variety. It’s even possible to create a cottage helps natives look lush and contained, and stops them
garden feel with natives. becoming “leggy”. Don’t be afraid to cut them back by
about one third.
Myth 2 – Natives Grow Too Tall and Leggy
Eucaplytus Summer Red, covered in beautiful red Grevillea Moonlight, with yellow flowers throughout the
cerise balloons of flowers, stands a manageable 5 winter months, is a beautiful flowering native but still
metres high. needs pruning every so often.

Myth 4
– Natives
Don’t Like
to popular

Hastings Hardware Gifts Galore


1 Burke Rd, Warragul Ph: 5623 2419

Balinese home Decor

GOURMET Gifts for all occasions

CARPET COURT FLOORING CENTRE KCR FOOD “buying or selling property?

Make sure you band
21a Princes Way
Ph 5625 5123

see us”

CONVEYANCING PTY. LTD. together any unused timber,

especially during the warm
At their new home on the Highway Buying or selling Property? months to prevent twisting
and bowing
You need to speak to us.
If you are buying or selling a property Hastings Sell a comprehensive
either through an agent or privately, let range of sleepers, that can be HOMES
us handle the paperwork for you. utilised in a variety of applications to BY

SHOP - AT - HOME SERVICE Rosemary LeStrange

create a professional finish to your
landscaping including retaining walls, steps, paving, Multi Award Winning Builders
Karen Manning and garden edging. Treated to Australian Standards
Phone 5143 0266 Mobile 0408 598519 266 RAYMOND ST SALE
PH: 5143 1456 FAX: 5143 1347
and finished with a smooth precision processor, you
won’t get a better sleeper for the job.
RMB 6835 Copelands Road, Warragul
Ph: 5622 6777 Fax 5622 0266
All things Coffee
•Commercial & Domestic Machines
•Trade ins taken on new commercial
•Mobile Unit available for large events
•Great Range of Coffee Beans
•Indonesian & Balinese Coffee now in
Our dedicated staff are trained to
ensure you have the best
coffee you can buy!
Shop 17, Warragul Shopping Plaza, Victoria Street, Warragul. Ph 5623 3350

Coffee is the world’s most inexpensive


A mixture of coffee grounds and sugar, fed

to a pot plant and watered regularly, will revive
houseplants that have turned yellow in winter.

Did you know there are around 8,000

coffee beans in one kilogram of coffee?
Coffee is the only product where the fruit is
discarded, and we consume the seeds, which
Interesting Coffee Facts: are the coffee beans.

Each coffee cherry has two

Coffee is the largest coffee beans, when there is only
commodity in world one, it is called a pea berry.
trade, after petroleum.
Each kilogram of coffee
Coffee is produced makes around 120 cups of
in around 50 countries, the delicious brew.
most of which are in the “
Third World .” Sprinkle spent coffee grounds
around the base of your garden plants
When shopping for perfume, and it will stop snails and slugs from
take some coffee with you in your bag munching them!
and have a good sniff in between smelling each
perfume to refresh your nose! A mixture of coffee grounds and sugar, fed
to a pot plant and watered regularly, will revive
The finest coffee is of the Arabica species. houseplants that have turned yellow in winter

Split System & Ducted

Brazil and Colombia grows over 72% of the
world’s supply of Arabica coffee beans. The world’s second most popular drink after water

Licence no 21433 ABN 19320416038
Certificate II in engineering - Production (Air conditioning)

Russell Thomas
0407 505 567

“stay cool in summer & warm in winter”

Howdy Folks! Actually, they are not fussy about much at

Merry May to y’all - all....quite polite really. In summer, when
the leaves are looking ragged, loosen the
It’s that last month of Autumn and we’ve soil with a fork and pull the whole plant.
been frantically planting bulbs-one of Trim roots and leave to dry for about two
these is that regal member of the onion weeks out of rain, but in sunlight. Trim
family, garlic. it’s interesting to know stems to approximately 25cm. Then
that it is propagated only vegetively as it plait and hang or store in shed to finish
no longer sets fertile seed; yet there are drying. They are delightful hanging in
numerous varieties from which to choose, the kitchen. Depending on your variety
each adapted to an area’s climate and day and timing, maturity is reached in 150 to
length so try to pick cloves compatible this herb (vegie?) and current studies say 220 days.
with your area. it may lower cholesterol and the incidence
of some cancers when used in the daily Have fun! Happy Gardening
Many of the imported varieties in your diet (more lasagne please, Maria) Cheers Nancy
grocery have been fumigated with “methyl
bromide.” Unfortunately this renders the Garlic is easy to grow. Separate the
cloves sterile. So purchase from a nursery,
organic shop or even better yet, visit an
cloves and plant before the cool weather
in a reasonably prepared bed. Some
Italian or Greek friend....he or she will
have a very tasty variety that has been
handed on from family to family.
folks like to give a side dressing of
nitrogen in August, but I find a monthly
dose of seaweed is fine, as they are light
For old world charm to contemporary gardens
We’ve all heard tales of the advantages of feeders. 7 RAGLAN STREET, SALE PH: (03) 5144 4493