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“The process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and
distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy
individual and organizational objectives”.

Therefore a marketing manager or who is in the field of marketing they should

have to focus on the Marketing Mix we have 4P’s they are as follows:-

 Product
 Price
 Place and
 Promotion

All these factors are most important tools and techniques in the marketing
management but if we consider the wide area which makes profit and achieve
organizational objectives and goals by making sales i.e., promotion of the
product or service.

Effectiveness of Promotion Mix:-

The promotion mix is the utmost important factor for the marketing challenges.
The main promotional mix and its importance and need can be derived in the
following ways they are as follows:-

 Advertising
 Sales promotion
 Personal selling and salesmanship
 Publicity
 And other promotional activities

Marketing communications or promotion helps marketers communicate
information to potential customers about the product’s existence, value and the
benefits that can be accrued from it. It comprises one of the four elements of the
marketing mix. Designing an effective marketing communication mix helps
marketers to attract, persuade, urge and remind customers of the company’s

Compared with the communication options available to marketers in the

past, there are now a larger number and greater diversity of communication
options available. Thus, the design, implementation and evaluation of
communication programs in the current business scenario pose a significant
challenge to marketers.

The marketer has to integrate these various communication options to

derive the maximum benefit for the company. Designing and integration of these
communication options can be compared to how a composer combines various
musical instruments in an orchestra. Even though the use of a single instrument
may suffice, the use of a combination of instruments improves the quality of the
rendition. Thus, by integrating the various communication options, a marketer
develops an integrated marketing communication program.


In the marketing communication process, a sender sends the encoded message

through a medium for a receiver to receive and decode. Normally, the marketing
communication process has some form of feedback. We all know that advertising
is a form of marketing communication. In advertising, the source of the
communication process is the company or its representative, which is an
advertising agency. The medium through which this message is communicated
can be a newspaper or the television and so on. The receiver is the reader of that
newspaper or the person watching the television. Feedback from these receivers
will be in the form of their response to the products.

Coming to the marketing communication process, the words promotion and
advertising, both of which are extensively used in the marketing communication
mix, have originated from Latin. In Latin 'pro' means forward and 'movere' means
to push. Thus, promotion means to push forward. Similarly, advertising means 'to
turn towards.' So, these two terms stand for pushing forward the product and
turning towards the customers. But it is important to note that the marketing
communication mix has evolved over the years. It encompasses various other
elements besides advertising and promotion, like public relations, personal
selling, direct marketing, etc.

Objectives of the study:

The main objectives of this study are as follows:-

 To examine the traditional and modern promotional activities and its


 To study the availability resources to adopt promotional strategies.

 To offer suggestions which are helpful to face the challenges and to make
effectiveness of promotional mix to the organization.

 To get some practical knowledge in depth where theories and definitions

reading books are not enough to predict the market.

 To find out whether respondent of its services.

 To get the knowledge about the market environment.

Research methodology

This survey is conducted to study and test promotional mix by which effective
tool makes a sale. For this purpose we have selected 50 respondents from
Warangal district. To collect primary data from respondents we designed a
schedule. The schedule contains questions which are as follows:

a) Personal identification

b) Social background.

c) About the study.

The collected information is edited, classified tabulated the data is analyzed &
interpreted. Finally conclusions are drawn and suggestions are being offered.

Sample of the study: - Fifty respondents selected who are existing customers
of ANIKA BAJAJ show room to measure the effectiveness of promotion mix.

Sources of data

The following are the main sources of data collection.

Primary data

It is collected through – Personal discussions – schedules served –with the


Secondary data

The data is collected through literature published in various articles relating to

Effectiveness of promotional mix by Bajaj motors. The information also
gathered from various media – print and electronic, news papers, magazines,
Pamphlets & Catalogues Television channels and Internet.

Limitations of the study

The following are the limitations of the study

♦ As the sample is only fifty, the study and findings cannot be considered
as exhaustive.

♦ The sample is insignificant to total population and thus the findings

cannot be generalized.

♦ In certain cases the data is collected through observation. Such data

may not be accurate and therefore the findings of the study can be called
as near to accuracy only.

♦ This study is biased upon only existing customers because we cannot

take others who don’t know about the company and product concept to
say about his satisfaction and by which promotional tool did they inspired
to buy the product.

Chapterisation of the Study
The report of the study consists of these chapters. They are as follows:

1. About the study: It deals with the following

a) Introduction
b) Objectives of the study
c) Research methodology
d) Sources of data
e) Limitations of the study

2. Company Profile: It deals with the following

a) About the company & Management profile.
b) Board of Directors.
c) Key Policies.
d) Milestones & Presence.

3. Theoretical Aspects: Effectiveness of Promotional Mix by Anika Bajaj.

a) Advertising.
b) Sales Promotion.
c) Personal selling.
d) Publicity.
e) Direct Marketing.

4. Analysis of Effectiveness of Promotional Mix: This chapter deals with

the data collection, analysis and interpretations of sample respondents
selected from different areas of Warangal District.

5. Conclusions and Suggestions

6. Bibliography

7. Appendix



About Bajaj:- The Bajaj Group is amongst the top 10 business houses in
India. Its footprint stretches over a wide range of industries, spanning
automobiles (two-wheelers and three-wheelers), home appliances, lighting, iron
and steel, insurance, travel and finance.

The group’s flagship company, Bajaj Auto, is ranked as the world’s fourth
largest two- and three- wheeler manufacturer and the Bajaj brand is well-known
in over a dozen countries in Europe, Latin America, the US and Asia.

Founded in 1926, at the height of India's movement for independence

from the British, the group has an illustrious history. The integrity, dedication,
resourcefulness and determination to succeed which are characteristic of the
group today, are often traced back to its birth during those days of relentless
devotion to a common cause. Jamnalal Bajaj, founder of the group, was a close
confidant and disciple of Mahatma Gandhi. In fact, Gandhiji had adopted him as
his son. This close relationship and his deep involvement in the independence
movement did not leave Jamnalal Bajaj with much time to spend on his newly
launched business venture. His son, Kamalnayan Bajaj, then 27, took over the
reins of business in 1942. He too was close to Gandhiji and it was only after
Independence in 1947, that he was able to give his full attention to the business.
Kamalnayan Bajaj not only consolidated the group, but also diversified into
various manufacturing activities.

The present Chairman of the group, Rahul Bajaj, took charge of the
business in 1965. Under his leadership, the turnover of the Bajaj Auto the
flagship company has gone up from Rs.72 million to Rs.100.76 billion (USD 2.3
billion), its product portfolio has expanded from one to and the brand has found
a global market. He is one of India’s most distinguished business leaders and
internationally respected for his business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit.

Bajaj Auto limited is one of the largest two wheeler manufacturing company in
India apart from producing two wheelers they also manufacture three wheelers.
The company had started way back in 1945. Initially it used to import the two
wheelers from outside, but from 1959 it started manufacturing of two wheelers in
the country. By the year 1970 Bajaj Auto had rolled out their 100,000th vehicle.
Bajaj vehicles have become an integral part of the Indian milieu and over the
years have come to represent the aspirations of modern India.

Bajaj Auto tie up with Kawasaki

Bajaj Auto also has a technical tie up with Kawasaki heavy industries of Japan to
produce the latest motorcycles in India which are of world class quality.
The Bajaj Kawasaki eliminator has emerged straight out of the drawing board of
Kawasaki heavy industries. The core brand values of Bajaj Auto limited includes
Learning, Innovation, Perfection, Speed and Transparency.

Bajaj Chetak in 1980’s. This was around the time when the waiting list of Bajaj
had slowly evaporated and Indian consumers could buy the scooters ex-
showroom. It was with great pride did I buy a Bajaj scooter and was thrilled that it
was available off-the-shelf.

Bajaj Auto manufacturing units (1990’s) Bajaj Auto has three manufacturing
units in the country at Akurdi, Waluj and Chakan in Maharashtra, western India,
which produced 1,814,799 vehicles in 1990’s. The sales are backed by a network
of after sales service and maintenance work shops all over the country.

Bajaj Auto (2000’s) it has launch products which cater to every segment of the
Indian two wheeler market Bajaj CT 100 Dlx offers a great value for money at the
entry level. Similarly Bajaj Discover 125 offers the consumer a great performance
without making a big hole in the pocket.
Bajaj Auto also has a marked presence in the premium segment with
models like the Bajaj Pulsar creating a ripple on the Indian roads. The general
trend of the two wheeler industry has not left Bajaj Auto unscathed. Scooters

which were once the main source of revenue for the company have given way to
Bajaj Auto: In collaboration with Kawasaki Heavy Industries of Japan, this
company is the largest exporter of two and three wheelers in India. It was
established in the year 1926 by Jamnalal Bajaj. The popular brands of this
company are Pulsar and Discover DTSi. In 2005 the Discover DTS-i was chosen
as Bike of the Year for its superb design by Overdrive Awards. In the same year
Bajaj Avenger and Bajaj Wave launched. And XCD new version also segment in
moped blade in 2008 – 2009

After I stopped riding scooters over the last ten years, my interest in two-
wheelers came down and I lost touch with the two-wheeler market. I did notice
the shift from scooters to motorcycles and the gradual overtake of Bajaj by Hero
Honda. But, I thought that it was a close fight between Hero Honda and Bajaj,
with Hero Honda being the leader and Bajaj being the challenger.

Company flash back

'Inspiring Confidence,' the tagline, has build up confidence, through excitement

engineering, not only to domestic consumers but also internationally. Established
just eight decades back in 1926 by Jamnalal Bajaj, the company has been
vested with India's largest exporter of two and three wheelers, 196,710 units in
2005-06, a great 26 per cent jump over the previous year.

Bajaj Auto Ltd. sales have increased by approximately 21 per cent in the year
2007-08, which exceeds Rs 65.4 billion, a record in the history of the company.
The gross operating profit stands at Rs. 9.3 billion, again a record. The profits
after tax of the BAL are close to Rs. 7.7 billion, and the pre-tax return on
operating capital is at an impressive 80 per cent.

Management Profile:-
Board of Directors
Rahul Bajaj Chairman
Madhur Bajaj Vice Chairman
Rajiv Bajaj Managing Director
Sanjiv Bajaj Executive Director
D.S. Mehta Director
Kantikumar R. Podar Director
Shekhar Bajaj Director
D.J. Balaji Rao Director
J.N. Godrej Director
S.H. Khan Director
Mrs. Suman Kirloskar Director
Naresh Chandra Director
Nanoo Pamnani Director
Manish Kejriwal Director
P Murari Director
Niraj Bajaj Director

Committees of the Board

Audit Committee
S.H. Khan Chairman
D.J. Balaji Rao
J.N. Godrej
Naresh Chandra
Nanoo Pamnani

Shareholders’ & Investors’ Grievance committee
D.J. Balaji Rao Chairman
J.N. Godrej
Naresh Chandra
S. H. Khan

Remuneration committee
D.J. Balaji Rao Chairman
S.H. Khan
Naresh Chandra

Registered under the Companies Act, 1956

REGISTERED OFFICE Akurdi, Pune 411 035
WORKS Akurdi, Pune 411 035
Bajaj Nagar, Waluj Aurangabad 431
Chakan Industrial Area, Chakan,
Pune 411 501
Plot No. 2, Sectoe 10, Pant Nagar,

Key Policies:-
Environmental Policy:- Towards creating and preserving a cleaner
environment Bajaj Auto Ltd., manufacturer of two and three wheeler vehicles is
committed to prevention of pollution, continual improvement of our
environmental performance and compliance with all applicable environmental
legislation and regulations. Towards this, we shall strive to:
• create a proactive environment management system that addresses all
environmentally significant aspects related to our products and processes,
• Minimize the generation of waste and conserve resources through better
technology and practices, and promote environmental awareness amongst our
employees and motivate them to fulfill our commitments. We, at Bajaj Auto,
pledge ourselves towards creating and preserving a cleaner environment.

Quality Policy: - We at Bajaj Auto continue to firmly believe in providing the

customer value for money, for years, through our products and services. This we
shall maintain and improve,
In our decision making, quality, safety and service will be given as much
consideration as productivity, cost and delivery.
Quality shall be built into every aspect of our work life and business
operations. Quality improvements and customer satisfaction shall be the
responsible of every employee.

TPM Policy: - We at Bajaj Auto Total Productivity Maintenance as a means of

creating a safe and participative work environment in which all employees target
the elimination of losses in order to continuously enhance the capacity, flexibility,
reliability and capability of its processes, leading to higher employee morale and
greater organizational profitability.

September Launch of XCD DTS-Si
June National Launch of 220 cc Pulsar DTS-Fi.
April Bajaj Auto Commissions New Plant at Pantnagar, Uttarakhand
February 200 cc Pulsar DTS-i launched
January Bajaj Kristal DTS-i launched
April Bajaj Platina launched
December Bajaj Discover launched
June Bajaj Avenger DTS-i launched
February Bajaj Wave DTS-i launched
October Bajaj Discover DTS-i launched
August New Bajaj Chetak 4 stroke with Wonder Gear launched
May Bajaj CT100 Launched
January Bajaj unveils new brand identity, dons new symbol, logo and brandline
October Pulsar DTS-i is launched.
October 107,115 Motorcycles sold in a month.
July Bajaj Wind 125,The World Bike, is launched in India.
Bajaj Auto launched its Caliber115 "Hoodibabaa!" in the executive
motorcycle segment.
Bajaj Auto launches its latest offering in the premium bike segment
January The Eliminator is launched.
The Bajaj Saffire is introduced.
Caliber motorcycle notches up 100,000 sales in record time of 12
Production commences at Chakan plant.
June 7th Kawasaki Bajaj Caliber rolls out of Waluj.
July 25th Legend, India’s first four-stroke scooter rolls out of Akurdi.
October Spirit launched.

The Kawasaki Bajaj Boxer and the RE diesel Autorickshaw are
Bajaj Auto is 50.
Agreements signed with Kubota of Japan for the development of diesel
engines for three-wheelers and with Tokyo R&D for ungeared Scooter
and moped development.
The Bajaj Super Excel is introduced while Bajaj celebrates its ten
millionth vehicle.
One million vehicles were produced and sold in this financial year.
The Bajaj Classic is introduced.
The Kawasaki Bajaj 4S Champion is introduced.
The Bajaj Sunny is introduced.
The Bajaj M-80 and the Kawasaki Bajaj KB100 motorcycles are
500,000 vehicles produced and sold in a single financial year.
The Waluj plant inaugurated by the erstwhile President of India, Shri
November 5
Giani Zail Singh.
Production commences at Waluj, Aurangabad in a record time of 16
January 19 Foundation stone laid for the new Plant at Waluj, Aurangabad.
The Bajaj M-50 is introduced.
The Rear Engine Autorickshaw is introduced.
Bajaj Auto achieves production and sales of 100,000 vehicles in a
single financial year.
The Bajaj Super is introduced.
BAL & Maharashtra Scooters Ltd. joint venture.

The Bajaj Chetak is introduced.
The three-wheeler goods carrier is introduced.
Bajaj Auto rolls out its 100,000th vehicle.
Bajaj Auto becomes a public limited company. Bhoomi Poojan of
Akurdi Plant.
Bajaj Auto obtains licence from the Government of India to
manufacture two- and three-wheelers.
Sales in India commence by importing two- and three-wheelers.
November Bajaj Auto comes into existence as M/s Bachraj Trading Corporation
29 Private Limited.

• Distribution network covers 50 countries
• 250,204 units exported in 2005-06
• Dominant presence in Sri Lanka, Colombia, Bangladesh, Mexico, Central
America, Peru and Egypt
• Largest exporter of three-wheelers; over 75,297 units exported in 2005-06
• All products customized as per market needs
• 27 per cent growth in total exports over 2004-05

In countries where we perceive a good market potential, we seek a tie up with

one of the major industrial establishments, which would be in a position to invest
in the project and which would also entail manufacturing activities apart from
marketing, distribution and after sales services through a well-established nation-
wide network.

We offer a full range of services to such business partners:

• Training in sales, service and spare parts management based on the Bajaj
distribution system.
• Active support for setting up manufacturing facilities overseas including
transfer of technical know how.
• Assistance in setting up an assembly plant for assembly of vehicles from
complete knocked down (CKD) kits.
• Select machinery and equipment, training of technical personnel, all in a
phased manner as required

For Overseas enquiries contact
For Africa
Mr. Sandeep Kumar Singh
For North Africa & Middle East
Mr. Guruprasad R
For Central & South America
Mr. Sameer Deshpande
For All Other regions and balance International Marketing queries
Mr. D.K.Banerjee

Products of Bajaj Two – Wheelers:-

The different products of BAJAJ – MOTOR can be given categories,
Models Stroke Displacement

Spirits 2 70CC

Wave- DTSi 4 100CC

CT-100 ORD 4 100CC

CT-100 DLX 4 100CC

Discover 112 4 100CC

Discover 125 DTSi – KS 4 112CC

Discover 125 DTSi – ES 4 125CC

Pulsar 150 DTS – KS 4 150CC

Pulsar 180 DTS – ES 4 180CC

Pulsar 220 DTS– ES 4 220CC

Bajaj XCD – 125 4 125CC

Bajaj Kristal 4 125CC

Bajaj Blade 4 125CC

What is DTS-i ,DTS-Si and DTS-Fi

Conventional Engine-
A conventional 4 Stroke engine has a Single Spark Plug located at one end of
the combustion chamber and hence the combustion is inefficient leading to sub
optimal mileage and sub optimal performance.
DTS-i Engine
DIGITAL TWIN SPARK ignition engine has two Spark plugs located at
opposite ends of the combustion chamber and hence fast and efficient
combustion is obtained. The benefits of this efficient combustion process can be
felt in terms of better fuel efficiency and lower emissions.
DTS-i Engine can be further tuned to deliver exhilarating performance or
exceptional mileage

DTS-Si Engine -

Like DTS-i (which is the mother technology) the engine has 2 spark plugs, but,
instead of conventionally positioned straight ports, the offset positioning of the
ports generate high swirl and turbulence of the air fuel mixture in the combustion
chamber. This results in highly efficient combustion that further results in
exceptional mileage. Like the mother DTS-i technology, the DTS-Si technology
is a patented technology developed by Bajaj Auto R&D.
We are launching our first bike with 125 cc DTS-Si engine and best in class
mileage of 109 kmpl in September 07. The mileage and performance of this bike
is sure to delight you.

DTS-Fi stands for "Digital Twin Spark Fuel Injection", a ‘Bajaj Patented
Technology’. In fuel injection the conventional carburettor has been replaced by
injector which injects fuel in to the engine in a spray form based on the
instructions of the Engine Control Unit (ECU) which is a part of the Engine
Management System EMS. The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is microprocessor
based and is the brain of the fuel injection system. It processes information sent
by various sensors and instantly determines optimum fueling and spark timing
for various engine operating conditions. The ECU contains detailed information
of the engine's characteristics from which it picks the necessary data for
commanding both fueling & sparks timing.
The main advantages of Fuel Injection are:
a. increased power output for same cc.
b. better low end torque. c. Lower fuel delivery & optimization of spark timing.

d. Improved cold start, quick warm-up and excellent response to sudden

e. Lower emission levels.
f. Self detection and communication of fuel system malfunctioning if any.

Congratulations on having acquired your new Bajaj vehicle. Now, let us help you
to look after it so that you continue to own it proudly for several years of faithful,
trouble-free performance. Browse this section for our simple maintenance tips
and recommended service schedules.
Create your own service chart; locate the Bajaj service station closest to you…
We will help you get the maximum value for your money through our
troubleshooting tips.
In the unlikely event of encountering an unusual problem, you can consult our
engineers by posting your queries through this section.

Product Awards Year By
Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi - Bike of the Year 2008 CNBC-TV18 Autocar Auto
Bajaj Platina 100cc - Bike of the Year 2007 NDTV Profit Bike India
Mr. Rajiv Bajaj - Man of the year 2006 2006 Autocar Professional
Mr. Rajiv Bajaj - Automotive Man of the 2005 Bike India & NDTV India
year 2005
Bajaj CT 100 - Motorcycle Total 2005 TNS Automotive
Customer Satisfaction Study 2005
Bajaj Discover DTS-i - Bike of the Year 2005 OVERDRIVE Awards 2005
Bajaj Discover DTS-i - Indigenous 2005 OVERDRIVE Awards 2005
Design of the Year 2005
BAJAJ AUTO - Bike Maker of the Year 2004 ICICI Bank OVERDRIVE Awards
2004 2004
DTS-i Technology - Auto Tech of the 2004 ICICI Bank OVERDRIVE Awards
Year 2004 2004
Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i Bike of the Year 2004 ICICI Bank OVERDRIVE Awards
2004 2004
Wind 125 Two Wheeler of the Year 2004 CNBC AUTOCAR Awards 2004
Wind 125 Bike of the Year 2004 2004 Business Standard Motoring
Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-i BBC World 2003 BBC World Wheels Award 2003
Wheels Viewers Choice Two Wheeler
of Year 2003
Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-i BBC World 2003 BBC World Wheels Award 2003
Wheels Award for Best Two Wheeler
between Rs 55,000 to Rs 70,000
Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-i BBC World 2003 BBC World Wheels Award 2003
Wheels Award for Best Two Wheeler
between Rs 45,000 to Rs 55,000
Bajaj Boxer AT KTEC BBC World 2003 BBC World Wheels Award 2003
Wheels Award for Best Two Wheeler
under Rs 30,000
Bajaj Pulsar - Motorcycle Total 2003 NFO Automotive
Customer Satisfaction Study
Bajaj Pulsar - Bike of the year 2003 ICICI Bank OVERDRIVE Awards
Bajaj Pulsar - Most exciting bike of the 2002 OVERDRIVE Awards

Bajaj Eliminator - Bike of the year 2002 OVERDRIVE Awards
Bajaj Eliminator - Most exciting bike of 2001 OVERDRIVE Awards
the year

Awards Year By
Chakan Plant Super Platinum Award for 2006-07 Frost and Sullivan
Manufacturing Excellence
Chakan & Waluj Plants Audit Passed for 2006-07 TPM
TPM Excellence Award
Bikemaker of the Year 2006-07 Overdrive Awards
Bike Manufacturer of the Year 2007 2006-07 NDTV Profit Bike India
All India Trophy for Highest Exporter 1998-99 EEPC
Focus LAC Award for Outstanding 1998-99 India Trade Promotion
Performance Organisation
Export Excellence 1998-99 EEPC
Certificate of Merit 1998-99 India Trade Promotion
Award for Export Excellence 1997-98 EEPC
Export Excellence 1997-98 MCCIIA
All India Trophy for Highest Exporter 1997-98 EEPC
Top Exporter Shield - Western Region 1996-97 EEPC
Export Excellence 1996-97 MCCIA
Regional Top Exporter - Large Scale 1995-96 EEPC
Highest Export Performance 1995-96 EEPC
Outstanding Export Performance 1995-96 Government of India,
Ministry of Commerce
Export Excellence Award 1995-96 MCCIA
Top Exporter Shield - Western Region 1995-96 EEPC
Certificate of Merit 1995-96 Government of India,
Ministry of Commerce
Award for Export Excellence 1994-95 EEPC
Regional Top Exporter - Large Scale 1994-95 EEPC
All India Special Shield - Consumer Durables 1994-95 EEPC
National Export award for Outstanding 1994-95 Government of India,
Performance Ministry of Commerce
Western Region Top Export Award 1994-95 EEPC

All India Special Shield - Consumer Durables 1994-95 EEPC
Regional Special Shield - Capital Goods 1993-94 EEPC
Award for Export Excellence 1993-94 EEPC
Capital Goods Export 1992-93 EEPC
Regional Special Shield - Capital Goods 1990-91 EEPC
Certificate of Export Excellence 1986-87 EEPC
Certificate of Export Recognition 1980-81 EEPC
Certificate of Export Recognition 1979-80 EEPC
Award for Export Excellence 1979-80 EEPC
Certificate of Merit 1978-79 Government of India,
Ministry of Commerce
Certificate of Export Recognition 1978-79 EEPC
Award for Export Excellence 1977-78 EEPC
Certificate of Export Recognition 1977-78 EEPC
Export Promotion 1976 FICCI
Golden Jubilee Export Year Award 1976 FICCI
Export Excellence 1975-76 EEPC

Other awards:-

Safety Award Year By

Meritorious Performance in 2001 National Safety Council
Industrial Safety
for three consecutive years
Certificate of Excellence 2001 National Safety Council
Achieving Lowest Average 2001 National Safety Award
Frequency Rate
Achieving Lowest Average 2000 National Safety Award
Frequency Rate
Meritorious Performance in 2000 National Safety Council
Industrial Safety
for three consecutive years
Achieving Longest Accident-free 1999 National Safety Council
Period under Heavy Engineering
Industries Group
Meritorious Performance in 1999 National Safety Council
Industrial Safety
for three consecutive years
Achieving Longest Accident-free 1998 Council of Industrial Safety
Period under Heavy Engineering
Industries Group
Achieving Lowest Average 1998 National Safety Award
Frequency Rate
Meritorious Performance in 1998 National Safety Council
Industrial Safety
for three consecutive years
Achieving Lowest Frequency 1997 Council of Industrial Safety
Rate under Heavy Engineering
Industries Group
Achieving Longest Accident-free 1997 Council of Industrial Safety
Period under Heavy Engineering
Industries Group
Longest Accident-free Period 1992 Council of Industries, Mumbai
Best Safety Performance 1989 CII
Longest Accident-free Period 1987 National Safety Council

Profile of the Organization:-


“ANIKA BAJAJAUTO AGENCY” has established on jan-05 of 2005. The

business of this firm is dealership type. This dealership is mainly for two-
wheelers of BAJAJ-MOTOR. In addition to this firm provides a sub-dealership to
different Mandals of Warangal district.
By nature it is a partnership firm consisting of three partners, whose names are:
1) V. Surendher
2) M. Praveen
Among this Mr.V.Surendher is the managing partner, who is actively
participating in the management of the firm and looking after day-to-day affairs
of the business.


WARANGAL – 506002.
Phone Nos 2422299 , 2433399

S.Giridhar who is a General Manager of Anika Auto Agency, Warangal is

not a manufacturing unit, it’s showroom for the different products of BAJAJ-
MOTOR. Hence it is desirable to choose a location for the sale of finished
products which is certainly located and accessible to the consumers.
The host organization is located at Nakkalagutta water tank,
Hanamkonda and Mulugu road – Warangal. Situating on the main route of
Warangal – Kazipet. This present location is highly beneficial to the host
organization for being accessible not only to the existing consumers but also to
potential consumers who will be attracted towards the organization when they
are passing on through that route.


Managing Partners:-
Managing partners who is elected by the member partner will be the chief
of the organization the other partner will be solely and jointly responsible for the
activities undertaken by one partner, the managing partner will take all policy
decisions as needed from time to time actively participating in the affairs and
management of the organization.
Manager is the Head of the administrative wing of the organization.
Obliging and implementing the instructions give by partners in general and
managing partner in particular by there facility the smooth functions of the day-
to-day administration are the main duties of the manager.

He will have to control all the different Department and its staff viz..,
Salesman, Accountant, Clerks, Cashier, Mechanics, Workers etc., Each such
staff member is accountable to the manager who in turn in accountable to the
managing partner or partners.

Objectives of the Organization:-

The organization is partnership firm in nature and selling BAJAJ –
MOTOR products through their showroom is the basic objective. Earning profits
is the objective based on a partnership deed executed between them, the
provisions of which are as follows:

• That the business of the partnership shall be of purchase and sale of

BAJAJ – MOTOR vehicles, spare parts and accessories.

• That all the partners shall be the whole time partners and each of them
shall be entitled to claim remuneration on equal proportions out of the amount
qualified for exemption under income tax act.

• That the capital of the firm is not fixed but shall contributed according to
their mutual convenience and respective capacities.

• That the profit and losses of the firm shall be shred by the partners in
equal proportions.

• That the durations of the partnership shall be “AT-WILL” any partner

desiring to leave the firm can do so by at least three months notice in writing to
the others partners of his intension to do so.

• That on the death (or) desire of any partners the firm shall not stand
dissolved but shall be carried on by the remaining partners with legal heirs.

• That all the necessary and proper books of accounts shall be kept and
maintained by the main place at liberty to inspect them.

• That all the books of accounts shall be closed once in every year i.e., 31 st
march and net profit / net losses as reflected by them shall be adjusted in the
personal accounts of the personal accounts of the parties this deed.

• That the firms raise loans the markets or form any other sources, interest
and other charges there on shall be borne it.


Since the BAJAJ – MOTOR has three types of products






Effectiveness of Promotional Mix:-

Among the 4P’s of Marketing Mix product, price, place and promotion in that
promotion is a wide area the very fact that promotion was for quite a long time
considered to be synonymous with marketing communications is a pointer to its
pre-eminent role in marketing communication. As already mentioned, promotion
itself consists of four different components, namely:

 Advertising

 Sales Promotion

 Personal Selling

 Publicity


“Advertising is paid form of non-personal promotion presentation and

promotion of ideas, goods and services by an identified sponsor”

- American Marking Association.

“It consists of non-personal forms of communication conducted through paid

media under clear sponsorship”. - Philip Kotler.

The term advertising originates from the Latin ‘adverto’, which means to turn
round. Advertising is telling and selling. Though advertising is but one of the
several functions of marketing, it has reached the status of an independent
discipline in itself. And advertising creates sales by the way of
communicating about the product and attracting the customer to buy the
product by revealing the features and advantage of the product.

Benefits of Advertising
Some important benefits of advertising are:
• Advertisements create awareness, interest and desire for
products and services in customers to buy them.

• The message can be repeated several times, thereby creating an

impact on the mind of a customer.

• Advertising a product in a certain way can add to its value.

• Advertising helps to boost the sales of a company.

• Advertising also helps in reducing post purchase dissonance by

reassuring the customer about purchase decision made.

• Advertising helps in changing the customer's perception of a


• It supports the activities of the distribution network of the firm by

creating demand and encouraging purchase through pull strategy.

• Advertisements also help in building a strong image of a product

or brand, apart from increasing its sales.

Developing an Advertising Program by Bajaj two – wheelers and its

dealers for Bajaj vehicles

Developing an advertising program involves different steps.

Steps involved in an advertisement program, broadly classified as:

(a) Identifying the target audience,

(b) Specifying advertising objectives,
(c) Setting the advertising budget,
(d) Developing the advertising message,
(e) Selecting the right media,
(f) Scheduling the advertisement and
(g) Measuring advertising effectiveness

Sales Promotion
Sales promotion is another important component of the marketing
communications mix. It is essentially a direct and immediate inducement. It
adds extra value to the product and hence prompts the dealer / consumer to
buy the product.

The Committee on Definitions of the American Marketing Association defines

Sales promotion as follows:-

‘In a specific sense, sales promotion includes those sales activities that
supplement both personal selling and advertising, and coordinate them and
make them effective, such as displays, shows, demonstrations and other non-
recurrent selling efforts not in the ordinary routine.’

Sales promotion is a combination of activities like running advertising

campaigns, offering free gifts, distributing free samples, conducting trade fairs
and exhibitions, offering temporary price discounts, door-to-door campaigning,
telemarketing, etc., all of which are aimed at increasing the sales of the

Purpose of Sales Promotion

The main purpose of sales promotion is to boost the sales of a product by

creating demand, i.e., both consumer demands as well as trade demand. It
improves the performance of middlemen and acts as a supplement to
advertising and personal selling.
Sales promotion also helps in achieving following purposes.
• Encourage the customers to try a new product.
• Attract new customers.
• Encourage the customers to use the product or service and make them
brand loyal.
• Counter competitors’ promotional activities.

Importance of Sales Promotion

Sales promotion plays a crucial role while new products or new brands are
introduced into the market. When the economy is in a recessionary phase,
marketers can keep up sales using sales promotion activities like offering free
gifts, discount coupons, organizing contests, etc.

Tools and Techniques of sales promotion

For a marketer resorting to sales promotion, a variety of tools and techniques

are available. Point of purchase displays, product demonstrations, trade fairs
and exhibitions, premiums, free offers, coupons, discounts, free product
samples, gifts, contest, sweepstakes, product exchanges, easy financing
schemes, etc., are the commonly resorted methods of sales promotion.

Commonly Used Tools and Techniques of Sales Promotion by Bajaj two –

wheelers and its dealers for Bajaj vehicles:-

• Demonstrations (Test – Riding / Trail).

• Trade Fairs and Exhibitions. (Road Stalls).
• Coupons, Premiums, Free offers, Price-offs, etc.
• Free Gifts.
• Joint promotion.
• Contests - Consumer contests, Dealer contests.
• Merchandising/Display.
• Sales promotion on the internet.


Sales management is a sub-system of marketing management. It is sales

management that translates the marketing plan into marketing performance.
That is why sales management is sometimes described as the muscle behind
marketing management. Actually, sales management does much more than
serving as the muscle behind marketing management. Sales managers in
modern organizations are required to be customer –oriented and profit –
directed and perform several tasks besides setting and achieving personal
selling goals of the firm.

American Marketing Association defines Personal selling as “an oral

presentation in a conversation with one or more prospective purchasers for the
purpose of making sales”.

Importance of personal selling

Personal selling is important for the sales and revenue growth of an

organization. It can be described as a handy tool in the hands of marketers for
the following reasons:

• Personal selling gives marketers the freedom to make adjustments in the

promotional message to satisfy the information needs of customers.

• Unlike advertising, publicity and sales promotion, it allows the marketers to

target their promotional message with utmost precision at the most promising

• It provides the marketer with more information about customer preferences

and also serves as a means of obtaining feedback about the company and its

• Personal selling facilitates a two way flow of information and improves

interaction between the customer and the company.

• The interaction between salespersons and customers helps the company
identify the strengths and weaknesses of their new products. It helps the
company take necessary corrective action.

• Personal selling helps marketers obtain necessary feedback to improve their

new product development and customize the product to suit the requirements of
individual customers.

• Effective sales force also helps a company build and improve relationship
with customers

The following are the different types of salespersons which are available
at Bajaj two – wheelers and its dealers for Bajaj vehicles:-

i) Order Takers: These personnel are entrusted with the duty of handling
routine sales orders and repeat orders. They have to perform functions such
as restocking the products, arranging product displays, answering phone calls,
and taking orders, etc. Order takers can be of two types. They are:
a) Inside Order Takers: Sales people who function from within the store and
do not make field calls are called as inside order takers. Eg. Check-out
counter clerks, telemarketing personnel.
b) Field Order Takers: They make field calls, interact with the customers
and take orders.
ii) Order Getters: The order getters are responsible for improving the
present sales and more importantly get new sales orders for the company.
Therefore, the task of order getters is more complicated than order takers.
Hence, organizations continuously enhance their skills through training.

iii) Support Personnel: The duty of support sales personnel is to facilitate the
selling function. They do this in the form of providing after sales support,
building goodwill for the company, etc. Support personnel are not involved in
actual sales of the product.

Public Relations (PR)
According to the Institute of Public Relations (UK), public relations are “the
planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual
understanding between an organization and its public”. A firm’s public includes its
employees, stakeholders, trade unions, general public, customers (past, present
and future), charities, media, government and politicians, etc.

An organization needs to communicate with the public both internally as well as

externally. As the attitude of the public influences the sales of an organization,
enhanced public relations work to enhance the overall image and create
goodwill for the company. Hence, organizations need to communicate with one
or all members of its public regularly.

The role of public relations is adopted by Bajaj two – wheelers and its
dealers for Bajaj vehicles:-

• Identify the relevant public

• Influence the opinions of the public by

a) Reinforcing the favorable opinions

b) Transforming neutral opinions of the public into positive opinions
c) Changing or neutralizing hostile opinions

Publicity, a function of PR, is a communication about an organization and/or its

products to the public. It is usually carried out in the form of a news item, a press
release, or a TV interview, etc.

Marketing and PR

In small firms, the marketing manager might assume the advertising, sales
promotion, sales, and public relations responsibilities. Large firms that offer
numerous products nationally or even globally have different managers to handle
different activities like advertising, promotions, marketing, sales, and public

relations. In such big firms, the role of a marketing manager and PR manager are
totally different.

Techniques for PR

There are many techniques available to influence public opinion. Some

techniques are more appropriate in certain circumstances than others. Let us
see how a firm can communicate with some of its important targets.

Consumer communication: Companies use a variety of communication tools

like customer press releases, promotional videos, consumer exhibitions,
competitions and prizes, product launch events, celebrity endorsements, web
sites, etc.

Business communication: A company can communicate to its business

associates and other publics through a) Company and product videos, b) Direct
mailings, c) Trade press releases, d) Web sites, e) Trade exhibitions, f) Articles.
It can also use a host of other external corporate communication channels like
a) Company literature like annual reports, brochures, videos, etc., b)
Community involvement programs, c) local, national and international media
relations, d) shareholder meetings (including the annual general meeting) and
e) meetings with stock market analysts, fund managers, etc.

Employee communication: Employee morale is strengthened if the firm is

perceived favorably by the public. Hence, firms use various techniques to
communicate with its employees like a) in-house newsletters and magazines, b)
internal/employee communication channels, c) Intranet and email, d) notice
boards, e) company get-togethers and picnics, f) employee conferences etc.

Other promotional activities: - The other promotional activities such as Direct
Marketing Apart from Advertising, Sales promotion, Personal selling and
Direct Marketing
Nature and Scope of Direct Marketing

The UK Direct Marketing Association defines direct marketing as,

“Communications where data are used systematically to achieve quantifiable
marketing objectives, and where direct contact is invited or made between a
company and its customers.”

In direct marketing, companies directly reach out to their customers without

the use of any intermediary. Companies use communication channels such as
the Internet, telephone, mail, etc., to interact directly with customers.

Direct marketing is similar to traditional marketing activities except that it has

three additional features which are following by Bajaj – two Wheelers and its

1. In direct marketing, marketers invite customers to respond to their marketing

efforts through the telephone, email, etc.

2. The effectiveness of direct marketing can be measured easily because direct

feedback is available to marketers from customers.

3. In direct marketing, generally, a database of customers is maintained. This

helps marketers understand customers and serve them better.


The various forms of direct marketing include catalog marketing, telemarketing,

kiosk marketing, and home shopping, and marketing using other media.



This chapter deals with the Measurement and analysis about the effectiveness
of promotional mix which so far adopted by BAJAJ - MOTOR. And how much
it’s helpful in the terms of increasing sale because promotional activities by the
company and the dealer to acquired the local market. For the purpose of this
analysis in depth studying public attitudes towards which promotional tool is
attracted them to purchase a vehicle with this measurement a marketing
manager can allocate proper budget on the promotional activities for future
forecasting. The data divided into two sections:-

1. About the sample

2. The details of the study

About the sample

In this chapter the views of respondents about the Effectiveness of promotional

mix by Anika Bajaj are presented by conducting a survey study. For the
purpose of this study we have selected 50 respondents by using convenient
sampling technique. Their views are elicited by administering well designed
questionnaire. Some of the noteworthy characteristics of the sample selected
are as follows:-

• Questionnaire designed in such a way that the needed survey can

gathered with its all circumstances. For example the data required only
about the “ANIKA BAJAJ” Effectiveness of promotional mix but in data
collection also considered the other brands such as Hero Honda, TVS,
Yamaha, and Honda etc. Because the existing customer may satisfy
with their own brands and they will not reveal negative aspects of their
own brand.

• Promotional mix consists of Advertising, Sales promotion, Personal
selling, and Publicity. In the questionnaire I have highlighted these four
aspects to measure near to accuracy.

• The questionnaire mainly focused on existing customers and other

general data collected with well known respondents this made because
not to create any dispute and competition analysis with other brands
just to know about their perspective how Bajaj has doing well in
promotional activities. For Example: - In generally if we ask to an
individual how many products do you know? If he answers frequently
then up to that much extent the awareness of the product influenced.
So in the collection of data also considered some personal observation

• Personal data of respondents consists in first two questions.

• Gender of female considered because in hierarchy of product we

also have Female segmented product mopeds.

Hence the questionnaire used to collected, tabulated, and interpretation

for the findings drawback with suggestions.

Age wise distribution: Table – 1
As per age group, we Age wise distribution
concentrated more on
25 to 40 because they SL. Age No. of %
no Respondents
are the responsible
1. 20-29 24 48
employees, business 2. 30-39 20 40
3. 40-49 6 12
mans and needful of two
Total 50 100
wheelers for traveling.
The details of age wise
distribution presented in
table – 1.

Analysis &

According to the data of

the table – 1. 48% of the
respondents belong to
the group 20-29 years
40% of the respondents
belong to the group 30-
39 years. And very few
percent of respondents
belongs to 40-49 i.e.,

Gender wise

In this sample we have

included respondents on
the basis of their sex.
The collected data
Age wise distribution regarding gender wise
distribution is presented
in table – 2.
20 - 29 24
Age group

30 - 39 20

40 - 49 6
Analysis &

50 respondentsInterpretation

According to table -2, 92

percent of the
respondents are males
and 8 percent of the
respondents are

Table – 2 composition:

Gender wise
composition plays a vital
role in the context of
selecting a social class
SL. Gender No. of
to know which category
no Respondents
customer all about
1. Male 46 purchasing power of a
vehicle lies in their
2. Female 4
status. The occupational
Total 50 composition of the
respondents is
presented in table -3.
Fig – 2

Gender wise distribution

Analysis &
9% According to the data of
the table – 3 30 percent
of respondent are doing
business. 24 percent of
Male, the respondents are
professionals. 16
percent are employees.
18 percent of
respondents are govt.
employees. And 12
percent of the

respondents are Table – 3
Students. All the above
categories are essential Occupational
user of the product. composition

SL. Occupational Respondents %


1. Business 15 30

2. Profession 12 24
3. Employees 08 16

4. Govt. 09 18

5. Students 06 12

Total 50 100

Fig. 3

Occupational composition
35 30
20 16
15 12




Rural / Urban wise compared to urban
distribution: people.

The collected data .

regarding rural/urban
wise distribution of the
respondents is
presented in the table-4
which is given aside.

Analysis &

According to the data of

table- 4 all the
respondents are from
urban only few i.e., 6 %
from rural.

. The idea behind taking

both samples in order to
know how a rural person
will interacts regarding
promotional activities of
products effect as

Table – 4

Rural/Urban wise


SL. Area No. of

no Respondents

1. Urban 47

2. Rural 3

Total 50

Fig. 4

Rural/ Urban wise distribution

Rural 6%

Urban 94%

The details of the study

From the respondents an attempt is made to
ascertain the information regarding.

a) Prefer two – wheeler vehicle comforts for


b) Which brand?

c) If Bajaj then its sub-brands.

d) Purchase details.

e) Promoted to purchase Bajaj Brand.

f) Factor influenced to purchase.

g) Mode of purchase Bajaj two – wheeler.

h) Satisfaction in rendering service.

i) Repairing details.

j) Feature of the vehicle.

k) Mileage details.

l) Sales Promotion Tools & Techniques.

m) Advertising Effectiveness.

n) Personal Selling Effectiveness.

o) Product and Service improvement – opinion of


p) Cost of spare parts.

The view regarding each of the above aspects

are collected from the respondents and presented

in this section.

a) Prefer two – wheeler vehicle comforts for


To know the using and requirement capacity of a

respondents and comfortability in riding a two-
wheeler the question designed such as:-

Did you prefer two wheeler vehicle comforts for


Table – 1

SL. no Opinion No of Respondents %

1. YES 49 98
2. NO 01 02
Total 50 100

Fig – 1



Analysis & Interpretation: - Hence all the

respondents preferring two- wheeler vehicle as a
comforts for traveling. Only 2% of the respondents
express negatively because means of
transportation are available it is not a compulsory
but for useful. However we have a great advantage
to expand our promotional activity of Bajaj Two –
wheeler Automobile industry.

b) Which brand?

In the present scenario competitive trend so it is

most important factor to be considered that which
brand is leading with number one position in the
local market. For this purpose the question is
mentioned as follows:-

If yes which brand?

a) Yamaha b) Bajaj c) Hero Honda d) If any

other specify______

Table – 2

SL. Brand names Respondents %


1. Yamaha 01 2

2. Bajaj 40 80
3. Hero Honda 04 8

4. Honda 02 4

5. TVS 03 6

Total 50 100

Fig – 2

80 80

8 4 6
Yam aha Bajaj Hero Honda TVS


Analysis & Interpretation: - From the table-2 and

graphical statement represent that Bajaj as a scope

of 80% but it is not an accuracy data because
almost selected respondent i.e., from Bajaj brand to
get appropriate data about the promotional
activities adopted by Bajaj. But to focus other
brands because how much extend it can promote
the products.

c) If Bajaj then its sub-brands

The respondents who are selected Bajaj has a brand
for them this question is applicable. The question is
designed to know the familiarity of the different
products of its brand. Respondents also supported
their choice with appropriate explanation:
If Bajaj Please name the sub-brand which you
a) CT-100 b) DISCOVER c) PULSAR d)
XCD-125 e) PLATINA-125 f) AVENGER g)
Table – 3
SL. no Sub-Brands names Respondents %
1. CT-100 04 8
2. DISCOVER 08 16
3. PULSAR 10 20
4. XCD-125 08 16
5. PLATINA -125 08 16
6. AVENGER 00 0
7. KRISTAL 02 4
8. OTHERS 10 20
Total 50 100
Fig – 3:-

10 10 10

8 8 8 8

4 4

2 2

0 0


Analysis & Interpretation: - In the above table -3 and

graphical statement reveals that in Bajaj sub-brands
largest selling bike is pulsar around 20% and discover,
Platina, XCD having similar position in sales around
16% each where as product segment kristal for ladies
also having opportunities and Bajaj avenger is not
having supply to warangal dealer there is a market for
stylish bikes and others which belong to different
brands are also placing only 20%.

d) Purchase details.

In the study this question is asked to get the

views of the respondents regarding where they
purchase their vehicle from which Dealer and
year to know the particular of the sales in a profit
ratio in which year.
When and where did you purchase?
As per the limitation regarding we have target the
dealer as Anika Bajaj so that respondent are from
the Anika Bajaj dealer. And the years in the table-
8 mentioned to know increase of sales with that
we can adopt those years’ sales promotion
Table – 4

SL. Years No. of %

no Respondents
1. 2005 08 16
2. 2006 06 12
3. 2007 24 48
4. 2008 08 16
5. 2009 04 08
Total 50 100

Fig – 4

No. of respondents
20 16 16
12 8
2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

Analysis & Interpretation: - As per the table-4

and graph-4 it represent that the sales increased
in the year 2007 around 48%. So as per the
statement of the market scenario is down but
present situation we can adopt those promotional
activities of 2007.

e) Promoted to purchase Bajaj Brand

The question is asked to know whether what

particular factor attracted the customer or promoted
to purchase Bajaj Brand:
How promoted you to purchase Bajaj Brand of
above choice?
a) Low Price b) Brand Image c) Any Offer
d) Fuel Efficiency
Table – 5

SL. Advantages Respondents %


1. Low Price 03 6

2. Brand Image 34 68
3. Any offer 02 4

4. Fuel Efficiency 11 22

Total 50 100

Fig – 5

30 22
10 6 4
Low Price Brand Im age Any offer Fuel efficiency

Analysis & Interpretation: - According to the

data of table – 5. 68 percent of the respondents
are significantly revealed that Bajaj is a branded
company. 22 percent of the respondents are feels

that Bajaj having fuel efficiency product. And
remaining express about offers and low price.
Further, the data represent that Bajaj having its
own brand image.

f) Factor influenced to purchase

The factor which are influenced the respondents

to purchase the product it means how customer
attracted to buy the product.
Who/What influenced you purchase for the above
mentioned brand?
a) Self-decision b) Advertisement c) Test-ride
d) Friends e) Style
Table – 6

SL. Factors Respondents %


1. Self decision 07 14

2. Advertisement 34 68
3. Test-ride 02 04

4. Friends 04 08
5. Style 03 06
Total 50 100

Fig – 6

70 68
20 14
10 8 6
self Ad test ride friends style

Analysis & Interpretation: - From the table – 6.

The attraction towards product is advertisement
around 68% has been influenced to purchase the
product and also self decision taken by the

respondents around 14%. And the friends who
also know as reference group around 8% and
only few for the style and test-ride. Hence the
Bajaj advertising expenditure is not in category

g) Mode of purchase Bajaj two – wheeler.

This is a question which to know respondent

attitudes regarding at the time of purchase what
convenient did the respondents see such as cash
payment, bank loans, or hire purchase system.
Such as down payment and installments.
How did you purchase the Bajaj two-wheeler?
a) By cash payment b) Bank Loan c)
Hire Purchase System
Table – 7

SL. Mode of purchase Respondents %


1. By cash payment 23 46

2. Bank Loan 15 30
3. Hire Purchase system 12 24

Total 50 100

Fig – 7

50 46



Cash paym ent Bank Loan Hire Purchase

Analysis & Interpretation: - According to table-7

and graph-7 the respondent’s likes purchase the
vehicle by cash payment which reduces interest
and other risk such as 46% around. Bank loan
around 30% and hire purchase adopted by only
few 24% around. Further, it reveals that

customers aggressive to purchase the vehicles
not worry about the cost even mode of purchase
which is not so difficulty to them.

h) Satisfaction in rendering service.

In the study this question is asked to get the

views of the respondents regarding how they feel
about the service after sales by the dealer or its
service centers:
Are you satisfied with the service rendered by the
a) Yes b) No
Table – 8

SL. no Satisfaction No of Respondents %

1. YES 47 94
2. NO 03 06
Total 50 100

Fig – 8
NO 6

YES 94

Analysis & Interpretation: - According to the
data table – 8 and graph. It reveals that the
dealer and the service center of Bajaj are
providing their excellence duties and
responsibilities towards its customer the
satisfaction level is around 94%. So Anika Bajaj
will desire for the long term in market because
customer satisfaction also create another
customer to the organisation by their reference
and non satisfaction it may become threat to the

i) Repairing details.

Apart from service how many times the vehicle

did go for repair in the year. This question is
created to reactive the customer that their vehicle
efficiency and usage period comparison.
How many times your motor cycle has been
repaired in one year?
a) Zero b) 1-3 c) 3-6 d) Above -6
Table – 9

SL. Repairs Respondents %


1. Zero 29 58

2. 1-3 20 40
3. 3-6 01 02

4. Above – 6 00 00

Total 50 100

Fig – 9

60 58


2 0
zero 1 to 3 3 to 6 Above 6

Analysis & Interpretation: - The above table &

graphical statement 9. The data reveals that the
vehicle will not having major problems through
out the year around 58% of respondents reveals
that no repair only servicing, 40% claim 1 to 3
times repair in the year and very few i.e., 02% for

3 to 6. As per this respondents opinion the Bajaj
two wheelers are good in it efficiencies.

j) Feature of the vehicle.

After satisfaction and repair the most advantage

feature in their bike to know this the question
designed in the following way:

Tick the most important future of your bike?

a) Excellentb) Technology (Style) c) Power

(Pick-up) d) Fuel Efficiency

Table – 10

SL. Features Respondents %


1. Excellent 02 04

2. Technology 28 56
3. Power (pick up) 10 20

4. Fuel Efficiency 10 20

Total 50 100
Fig – 10

60 56

20 20
10 4
excellent stylish pick up fuel efficiency

Analysis & Interpretation: - According to the table

and graph 10. Moreover attract with the product
because of stylish technology around 56%, and
pickup, fuel efficiency in the bike slightly 20%
equally and 4% of the respondents selected

excellent. As per this data analysis Bajaj two –
wheeler is stylish, good pick – up, fuel efficiency
and excellent features so promotional activities can
adopt easily.

k) Mileage details.

In this survey an attempt is made to ascertain the

views of respondents regarding mileage of the
bike is satisfied or normal compare to kilometers
per liter:

What’s your motor cycle mileage in long drive?

a) 40-45 KMPL b) 45-55 KMPL c) 55-65

KMPL d) Above -65 KMPL

Table – 11

SL. Mileage Respondents %


1. 40-45 KMPL 04 08

2. 45-55 KMPL 20 40
3. 55-65 KMPL 22 44

4. Above 65KMPL 04 08

Total 50 100
FIG – 11




10 8 8

40-45 45-55 55-65 ABOVE 65

Analysis & Interpretation: - According to the

data of the table – 11. We got that 44% of the
respondents strongly viewed that mileage of
vehicle around 55 to 65 KMPL. 40 % of the

respondents view that mileage is 45 to 55 KMPL.
And above 65KMPL around 8%. So the Bajaj two
– wheelers are having economical safe with good

l) Sales Promotion Tools & Techniques.

Now it is a very most factor to know the

effectiveness of promotional mix till now the
questions regarding product, service and brand
To measure the effectiveness of promotional mix
few tools & techniques mentioned in the
questionnaire to know in general what respondents
feels regarding the tools of sales promotion.
Q) In this list which one did you like?
a) Offers b) Discount, Price-off c) Exhibitions (Road
stalls) d) Gifts/ Prize coupons e) Demonstration
(Test – drive) f) Money refund offer / Exchange
Schemes g) Installment offers h) Contests.
Table – 12
SL. Sales Promotion Respondents %
1. Offers 07 14
2. Discount 07 14
3. Exhibitions 11 22
4. Gifts 03 06
5. Demonstration 13 26
6. Money refund 01 02
7. Installment 07 14
8. Contests 01 02
Total 50 100
Fig – 12

15 14 14 14

2 2
Offers Exhibit Dem o Instal

Analysis & Interpretation: - According to the table

-12 and graph 12. The data reveals that their a
chance of making sales promotion in a effective
manner such as people likes demonstrations 26%
and exhibitions (road stalls) 22% and other tools
offers, discounts, installment offers, gifts/prize off,
money refunds offer, and contests.

m) Advertising Effectiveness.

The question is made to know how much extent

thus the advertising plays a role and which media is
effective for the response of the customers:-

The question is lengthier so the tabulation and

graphical statement will be representing for each
media. For adequate information.

Which media you will prefer to Enquiry / known about the

Print Media Electronic Media Outdoor
a) Newspapers a) Radio a)
b) Magazines b) Television b)
Traveling Displays
c) Trade Journals c) Internet c)
Painted signs
d) Direct Mails d) Cinema d)
Electric Signs

Table – 13A

SL. Print Media Respondents %


1. Newspapers 40 80

2. Magazines 02 04
3. Trade Journals 07 14

4. Direct Mails 01 02

Total 50 100
Fig – 13A

20 14
4 2
New spaper Magazines Trade Direct Mails

Analysis & Interpretation: - The respondents

selected newspaper as 80% and trade journals
around 14% so that the effectiveness of
promotional mix can be generate with the
newspaper print media and also is a opportunity to
cover the magazines and direct mails.

Table – 13B

SL. Electronic Media Respondents %


1. Radio 03 06

2. Television 42 84
3. Internet 03 06

4. Cinema 02 04

Total 50 100
Fig – 13B

20 6 6 4
Radio Television Internet cinem a

Analysis & Interpretation: - As per the table –

13B the electronic media also plays a vital role
around 84% are interested with TV Ad’s so that
Anika Bajaj can enroll their ad’s into TV media such
as IN Cable, LOCAL TV, and other few local
channel such as TV 5, and there is an opportunity
to cover internet, cinema – adlabs, and radio
93.S.Fm.with as a sponsor for the favourable

Table – 13C

SL. Outdoor Media Respondents %


1. Posters 10 20

2. Traveling Displays 30 60
3. Painted Signs 05 10

4. Electric Signs 05 10

Total 50 100

Fig – 13C


10 10

Posters Traveling painted Electric signs

Analysis & Interpretation: - According to table –

13C. The advertising in the media plays a crucial
role in each type of media as 60% covers in the
traveling hoardings in outdoor media, and posters
will cover around 20% and slightly painted &
Electric Signs will cover 20%.

Conclusion: - Media is the main tool for advertising

so the media divided into three parts print media,
electronic media, and outdoor media, in this main
scope and resources are available with local
newspapers daily. Local TV channels, and traveling
hoardings signs etc.

n) Personal Selling Effectiveness.

This question is made to know how much a

respondent will give time salesman so that we
designed this question as :-

Did you Response Salesman?

a) Yes b) No c) Some times

Table – 14

SL. Response Respondents %


1. Yes 10 20

2. No 06 12
3. Some times 34 68

Total 50 100

Fig – 14

20 12
Yes No Some tim es

Analysis & Interpretation: - According to the table

– 14. The data reveals that there is a scope for
salesman – personal selling. The respondents
response salesman 68% some times, 20% strongly
response and only 12% respondents will avoid
them. Further, salesmanship can also become
effectively in the promotion mix.

o) Product and Service improvement –

opinion of respondents.

In the study this question made to know for the

better product and service assessment to be
improved. Open ended technique adopted with the
own suggestions and opinion of the respondents so
the data also to know the psychology perspective
of an individual and this psychometric test give us
following results:-

Q) Offers Suggestion for the Improvement in the

Product and Service?

1) 20% of the respondents views that they

need improvement in the product with some
modification colors.

2) 10% of the respondents views that low

weight mopeds for girls and with stylish model,
color and also convenient in handling.

3) 5% of the respondents reveal that service

centers to be increased in Warangal District.

4) 5% of the respondents reveal that Quick

response should be adopted at the time of
booking a vehicle the delivery efficiency
should be in a just in time.

5) 10% of the respondents reveal that there is

a scope and opportunity to adopt the
promotional activities for Bajaj two – wheeler
brand as compare to Hero Honda and other

Analysis & Interpretation: - According to the data
the respondents strongly recommends that the
modification in the product and service for the
benefit of the company and society. Such as few
respondents expressed that modification regarding
color, model, and some features of the product
which is lacking in the existing models. And few
other respondents express that promotional activity
there is an opportunity in the district Warangal.

p) Cost of spare parts.

This question is ask to know whether they are

satisfied after purchase of the vehicle any repairs or
service did they getting spare parts frequently or
not and if getting then it is costly or reasonable
rates of the spare parts:-

How do you feel about the spare parts in monetary


a) Very Costly b) Costly c) Reasonable d)

Very reasonable

Table – 15

SL. Spare Parts Respondents %


1. Very Costly 00 00

2. Costly 05 10
3. Reasonable 44 88

4. Very Reasonable 01 02

Total 50 100
Fig – 15

100 88
20 10
0 2
v.costly costly reasonable v.reasonable

Analysis & Interpretation: - According to the table

– 15 and graphical statement 15. The Bajaj spare
parts are reasonable around 88% and 10%
expressed that costly as they feel remaining feels

that very reasonable. Further, the data analysis
interpret that the cost of spare parts of Bajaj two-
wheeler brand is nor high nor too low it is an
average cost which satisfy for every user of this




The purpose of this chapter is to bring out the

conclusions that have emerged from the study and
offer suggestions to improve the performance of the
Anika Bajaj dealer of Bajaj two – wheelers and the
effectiveness of promotional mix to increase the
sales, to promote the product as per local

1. For this purpose in

our study 50 respondents are selected by using
convenient sampling technique.

2. In the study the

personal factors of the respondents such as Age,
Gender, Area, and occupational composition also
included to known the particulars of users who
are consumer for Bajaj two wheelers. For this
purpose also considered product segmentation
with few techniques and question in the

3. Respondents who
feel comfort for traveling with two – wheeler also
mentioned to know the need is essential or non –
essential in the routine life. Generally in tier-1
cities lot of scope for four wheelers so that it has

4. Mainly the survey is
taken upon the existing customers of the Bajaj
but there is a need to know other negative
aspects for this purpose not entered in deep with
the other brands customer just with the nearest
relations respondents taken the data about their
perspective regarding Bajaj to know how much
extent they Bajaj two – wheeler has awareness in
the present market. Moreover 40% of the
respondents are selected Bajaj brand as their
owned and interest to it.

5. After knowing the
Bajaj as their owned brand then also gathered
information regarding which sub-brand of Bajaj
did they are using and response to all the sub-
brand is good but pulsar as more scope in the
market 20% around, where Discover, XCD,
Platina and other products also having slightly
equal position. And there is an opportunity for
stylish bikes so Bajaj Avenger can familiarity in
the Warangal market.

6. Largest selling year

by Anika Bajaj is 2007 around 48% of profit ratio
showing as per respondents purchase the
vehicle and by this we can adopt those years’
promotional tools to increase the sales.

7. By what factors did

the respondents purchase a Bajaj brand to
known this we enlighten few options such as low
price, brand image, offers, and fuel efficiency so
respondents around 68% strongly appeal that
because of brand image.

8. Factor influenced and

attract to purchase the mentioned brand around
68% of the respondents reveal that through
advertisement, 14% of the respondents by self
decision and 8% of the respondents through
friends reference group which is the belongs to
publicity and very few attracted by test-drive and
style of the model.

9. The mode of
purchase is likely by the respondents through
cash payment around 46% of the respondents
feel that if cash payment made then they can
reduce interest rates and risk regenerate. Bank
loan obtaining around 44% of the respondents
and down payment with Installment in hire
purchase system is adopted by 10%.

10. Opinion regarding

satisfaction by the dealer and service rendering
by the service center is around 80% of
respondents it means good in servicing by the
dealer and service centers.

11. About product
advantage regarding times of repaired in one
year and other feature such as excellent,
technology style, power (pick up) and fuel
efficient in this respondents reveals that 40%
non-repaired and remaining says repairs as per
rarely in the year apart from servicing 56% of
respondents feels it is a technology stylish bike
and remain concentrated on fuel efficiency bike.

12. Mileage of the bike is

good around 44% 45 to 55 KMPL and remaining
55 to 65 KMPL liters. So it has one more
advantage i.e., economically good in mileage.

13. sales promotion

activities like by respondents in different tools &
techniques few like exhibitions (road stalls),
demonstration, offers, discounts, gifts, installment
offers, and contests also few reveal that if money
refund offer/exchange schemes is good motive
them to purchase.

14. In advertising
respondents with strongly approach for Print
media: with news papers, Trade –journals,
Electronic media with Television Ad’s and other
radio internet & cinema. Outdoor media: they are
internet with traveling displays, posters, electric
signs, and hoardings.

15. In personal selling
respondents some times response to salesman
to known the advantage about the product, so
there is chance of personal selling promotional
activity to adopt in Warangal district.

16. About the suggestion

and improvement of the product and services
respondents reveals their own attitudes with
different future expectations in the product

17. The spare parts in

monetary terms Bajaj two-wheeler brand neither
has nor high nor too low with reasonable rates.


Anika Bajaj has good efficiency products with lot of

enhanced technology one they can increase their
sales by concentrating on promotional activities such

• Advertising in Local TV Media, like IN Cable,

Local TV, TV 5, and other local Telugu news
and entertainment channels, and also they
have print media Ad’s in newspapers like
Sakshi, Vartha, Enadu, and Deccan
Chronicle. Outdoor media like divider
traveling displays and posters.

• Sales promotion – they can adopt exhibitions

(road stalls), demons-tration, for test rides,
offers like mobile free, discount like 1000/- Rs
off, installment offer by the financers, and can
provide contests with favorable events.

• Personal selling they can cover rural market

of Warangal district such as mulugu zonal
areas and with in the city by their marketing

• Publicity – Almost the dealer and service

centers are having good service providing so
that publicity can be easily built by the
customer satisfaction and their influences in
the market.

• Apart from the above four promotional mix

they can also concentrate on Direct
Marketing, Telemarketing, Teleshopping

/Home shopping, door delivery, and Web
marketing part of E-commerce which deals
with less expenditure for promotion of the

  


This is a questionnaire on your opinion about promotion

mix. By which source of you awareness about the
product, we mean a steady to know performance &
promotional strategies.

1. Name:_________________________________

2. Age:-_______ Gender:- Male / Female

Occupational:- ___________

Area: Urban/ Rural.

3. Did you prefer two wheeler vehicle comforts

for traveling? [ ]

a) Yes b) No

3. If yes which brand? [ ]

a) Yamaha b) Bajaj c) Hero Honda d) If any

other specify__________

4. i) If Bajaj Please name the sub-brand which you

own? [ ]

a) CT-100 b) DISCOVER c) PULSAR d)

XCD-125 e) PLATINA-125 f) AVENGER g)

ii) Support your choice

5. When and where did you purchase?


6. How promoted you to purchase Bajaj Brand

of above choice? [ ]

a) Low Price b) Brand Image c) Any Offer d)

Fuel Efficiency


7. Who/What influenced you purchase for the above
mentioned brand? [ ]

a) Self-decision b) Advertisement c) Test-ride d)

Friends e) Style

8. i) How did you purchase the Bajaj two-wheeler?

[ ]

a) By cash payment b) Bank Loan c)

Hire Purchase System.

ii) Price paid towards the selected vehicle you have

purchase Rs:___________

9. Are you satisfied with the service rendered by the

dealer? [ ]

a) Yes b) No

10. How many times your motor cycle has been repaired
in one year? [ ]

a) Zero b) 1-3 c) 3-6 d) Above -6

11. Tick the most important future of your bike?

[ ]

a) Excellent b) Technology (Style) c) Power (Pick-

up) d) Fuel Efficiency

12. What’s your motor cycle mileage in long drive?

[ ]

a) 40-45 KMPL b) 45-55 KMPL c) 55-65 KMPL

d) Above -65 KMPL

13. In this list which one did you like?
[ ]

a) Offers e) Demonstration
(Test – drive)
b) Discount, Price-off f) Money refund
offer / Exchange Schemes
c) Exhibitions (Road stalls) g) Installment
d) Gifts/ Prize coupons h) Contests


14. Which media you will prefer to Enquiry / known
about the product? [ ]
Print Media Electronic Media Outdoor
a) Newspapers a) Radio a)
b) Magazines b) Television b)
Traveling Displays
c) Trade Journals c) Internet c)
Painted signs
d) Direct Mails d) Cinema d)
Electric Signs

15. Did you Response Salesman?

[ ]

a) Yes b) No c) Some times

16. Offers Suggestion for the Improvement in the

Product and Service?


17. How do you feel about the spare parts in monetary

terms? [ ]

a) Very Costly b) Costly c) Reasonable d)

Very reasonable

Thank you…


Effectiveness of Promotional Mix:-

1) Company profile:-



2) Theoretical

Marketing Management –

(Planning, Implementation & Control).

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