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Office of the Superintendent

Donald Gill, Ed.D.

Interim Superintendent

excellence • equity • accountability

July 26, 2010

Contact: Donald Gill, Superintendent (925) 776-2020
Fal Asrani, Administrator, High School Reform (925) 776-2060
For Immediate Release

Antioch Unified School District ushers in a College-going Culture

In 1970 the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education predicted that Colleges and Universities would be
accessible to all minority students by 2000, although the reality is very different. Even though the number of
people attending a postsecondary institution today is higher than at any other time throughout the century, not all
high school graduates are academically prepared for success in college. Large discrepancies determined by
income and race/ethnicity, continue to persist.

Antioch Unified School District has recently adopted its mission statement: Preparing Students for Success in
College, Career, and Life. Superintendent Dr. Donald Gill has stated “The only goal for the Antioch Unified
School District Board of Education is improved student achievement. While this Country sends 60% of our high
school graduates off to college, only about half of these students are well prepared educationally. For students of
color access to higher education is even more profound.”

The district has embarked on the largest reform initiative, giving all students access to University of California
a-g list and thereby ensuring that all students have the opportunity to attend a four year college after graduation.

A large amount of time has been spent in reviewing content and standards and aligning course titles to the UC a-g
list. This task was completed this year, and all core courses are aligned. Reform Administrator, Fal Asrani stated
“this initiative addresses the possibility that all our students will be college ready after graduation; should they
choose to go to a four year college, they will have no regrets because all their courses were UC approved”.

Parents Connected, a group of Antioch parents have been providing ACT and SAT test prep courses during the
weekend to students in the district. They have partnered with the district in this college-going initiative and hope
to prepare more students to succeed in these tests. Asrani added, “The graduation rate and the college application
rate need a focused effort; working with these wonderful parents and having access to their resources will be an
additional bonus for our students who are seriously planning for colleges and universities”.

District, partnering with Connect Ed, is introducing another academy at Antioch High School. Engineering for a
Green Environment (EDGE) joins the three existing and highly successful academies; Dozier-Libbey Medical
High School, and the DELTA Performing Arts and the Law Academy at Deer Valley High School. Each of these
schools are focused on getting students ready for options after high school. Robin Schmitt, Executive Director for
Linked Learning states that “quote…”

510 G Street, Antioch, California 94509-1259 (925) 776-2020 - FAX. (925) 757-2937