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Graduate nurse with the knowledge and skills of patient care skills with the exceptionally
good knowledge of the advance technologies and medicines. Confident and positive
attitude makes a responsible and decision maker professional.


Maryland Medical College

University of New York, New York
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Major: Emergency Nursing


• In-depth knowledge of advance and high tech equipments and devices used.
• Responsible and great communication skills with the understanding of the
medical terminology.
• Very effective demonstration and leadership qualities.
• Have computer skills such as word, outlook, excel, access etc.
• Strong ability to adapt the new environment very soon.
• Can handle queries very well with the nice interpersonal skills.


Maryland Medical College, University of New York, NY

• Responsible for the handling the cases of the emergency department.

• Responsible for the 30-bed unit in the day shift.
• Gained knowledge of the emergency nursing.
• Also worked with the surgery and physician department.
• Developed a keen interest in the surgery nursing and wants to specialize in it.

Part-time Job-Waitress
New Garden Resort, Dryden, NY

• Responsible for greeting and the reservations of the rooms.

• Provided the services to the customers like massage, food, exercise etc.
• Handle the queries of the customers.
• Ensure the customer satisfaction and enjoyment.

Want a challenging and responsible position as a nurse in a clinic or hospital to enhance

my knowledge and skills.


• Deep knowledge of computer skills such as word, power point, excel, outlook etc.
• Strong ability to read heart beat, blood pressure, all basic examination and
• In-depth knowledge of the medical terminology.
• Know the working of all basic medical instrument.
• Able to handle the people very calmly and effectively.
• Exceptionally good in interpersonal and communication skills.
• Handle the queries and problems very efficiently and resolve them.

Career Profile:
A skilled and accomplished nursing student with voluminous knowledge of patient care,
diagnosis and treatment of chronic, acute and long-term health issues. Looking for a
position as student nurse to enhance my nursing knowledge and skills in a reputed health

Professional strengths:

• Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills

• In-depth knowledge of medical equipments and pharmaceuticals
• Knowledge of basic operating systems like Microsoft Word, Excel and
• Ability to obtain accurate patient history, chart and documentation
• Possess good skills in handling patients with care
• Ability to handle multiple tasks within limited time period
• In-depth knowledge of disease and infection control procedures
• Familiar with guidelines and instructions of health care
• Possess good decision making and patient service skills

Professional Experience:

Paradise View Hospital, Georgina

20XX till date
Student Nurse

• Attended patients in different wards and performed tasks like feeding, oral care
and shaving of patients
• Assisted surgeons in controlling infection and disease control procedures
• Recorded patient health status and updated the same to the concerned doctor
• Handled the tasks of collecting various samples like blood and urine of the patient
• Observed, collected and reviewed data for assigned patients
• Maintained confidential information of patient and hospital
• Handled the tasks of observing and reporting significant changes in patient status
to the registered nurse
• Responsible for reporting any problems to supervisor or charge nurse

Health Care Centre, Georgina

20XX to 20XX
Student Nurse

• Assisted doctors, senior nurse and registered nurse in attending patients

• Collaborated with registered nurse to clarify new observations, incomplete data,
abnormal or unusual patient responses
• Handled the tasks of identifying significant changes in patient status and reporting
it to the registered nurse
• Planned and reviewed care maps for assigned patients
• Responsible for reporting on issues like injuries, unsafe environment and
equipments to supervisor
• Maintained healthy relationship with patients, families and staff members

Georgina Health and care Hospital, Georgina

19XX to 20XX
Student Nurse

• Responsible for interpreting and analyzing data for different patients

• Communicated with patients' families about serious problems of patients
• Observed and assisted with admissions, transfer and discharge of patients
• Assisted physicians and other health team members as per instructions from the
higher authority
• Responsible for monitoring test results of assigned patients and updated the report
to the concerned person
• Assisted with the review, development and evaluation of the Interdisciplinary
Plan of Care for each patient

Educational Summary:

• Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Nursing College , Georgina 19XX

• Certification course in Nursing, Nursing School, Georgina, 19XX

Personal Details:

• Name: Aeryn Smith

• Date of Birth: XX/XX/19XX
• Employment Status: Full time
• Relationship status: Single