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Living the Lectionary

Fourth Sunday of Easter

Season: Easter
Week of May 15th

“Sheep Life”

About the Season: We are in the season of Easter.

Easter is a 7 week long season, one week longer than
Lent. In this season, we celebrate the Resurrection
of our Lord and consider ourselves as a part of the
church which is promised a Resurrection like His.

About this Sunday: This Sunday is often called

“Good Shepherd Sunday”, because all of the
readings point to our “Good Shepherd”, who is Jesus
– the Shepherd who lays down His life for the sheep.

Reflecting on the Readings:

• Acts 2:42-47 – Life In the Sheepfold – Luke’s
recording of the early church reveals how the
early Christians lived out their understanding of
being God’s beloved sheep. How do you live
out your understanding of your relationship to
• Psalm 23 – Trusting the Shepherd – David
points to God as His shepherd and the trust
that the sheep have in their shepherd. What
do you trust God will do for you?
• I Peter 2:19-25 – The Suffering Shepherd –
Peter points out that Jesus suffered for you
because you have gone astray. When have you
gone astray from your Shepherd?
• John 10:1-10 – The Sheep Life – Jesus, the
Good Shepherd, gives abundant life to His
sheep. What is “abundant life” and do you
believe Jesus has given it to you?
Law and Gospel:
• Law: Sheep are easily confused and
frightened. When they are confused and
frightened, they go astray and put themselves
in dangerous situations. If we’re honest, we
can begin to see why Jesus refers to us as
• Gospel: Jesus comes to give abundant life to
His sheep who know His voice. Abundant life is
God’s gift to you, not only in the Resurrection,
but today. We wouldn’t want an eternal life if
it weren’t abundant, but since we know life’s
abundance, we are excited about eternity.
Living the Lectionary Ideas:
• Learn: Jesus warns us of “false shepherds”
whose intent is to do harm. Learn 5 teachings
Lutheran Christians believe to false and why
we believe they are false.
• Do: Share a meal with fellow believers like the
early disciples did and consider what it would
be like to live in the community of Acts chapter
• Live: Trying to increase your trust of God and
trusting that He will make you “lie down in
green pastures,” and will lead you “by still