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COPY. oF A LETTER TO A/PROSPECTIVE MEMBER WRITTEN BY GF RUSSELL SECY CHGRONZON CLUB PO BOX 181 CHICAGO FRIEND..---.---- Your contact with THE.'.ORDER by this letter is not an accident, but: the direct effect of Karma Our door is open to you at thie very time & place because you were formerly a Wember of our Body. in a previous life Now you have the opportunity. ot restablish this LINK £ materialise what already supersensibly exists.No one ever applies to us by Chance = or in vain! No alien thing ean invade or profane the Holy of Holies woere your EGO dwells.No other person can call you, "I". Every impulse that truly belongs to your eternal. person proceeds from within your "I"-Hence the WILL to becoine an INITIATE must always come from within the Candidate. No ex, ternal influence can possibly induce you to aapire to ADEPT~ SHIF. Therefore, we ‘publish no propaganda.No deserspbion of. the beatitude & vliss of ATTAINMENT can determine yous yoli- tion unless 1t speaks through the still,stall vouce of you" own conscience which alone has absolute authority to govern your destiny. There you hear the voice of your owa HOLY.', GUARDIAN." ANGEL." when you are ready to accomplish the GREAT FORK. At that identical moment the gate of the Temple opens smoothly, swiftly, silently But if you hesitate the golden opportunity us gone; tne palace gate closes automati~ cally hiding from tinidity's gaze the ineffable splendor of the interior Sun;the black wings of a long night drop & en fold a desolate soul dooming 1f to obscurity & mediocrity, Genius or GODHEAD sleeps in every human brain. The potential. MASTER hag an inherent self-reliance & presence of mind to meet an emergency.He or she has that divine in#tinct which recognises the handwriting of the.'.DAIMON "TH! HEART GIRT With A SERPENT IS MY NAME". te .' ORDER kmoeks but once on any single door! DO WHAT THOU WILT SHALL Be THE WIOLE OF THE LAW, In the vast field of esoteric study & cryptic practice which Occult Science surveys-Yoga, Myst icisn, As tro-Theosomy, Ceremonial Magick, Metaphysical New Thought, Divination; Tarot, Spiritien, Rosi crucianisn,Hermetiem,Qabalah,ete.-nothing what-. ever pertains to genuine INITIATION except what leads you to. °°. experience certain crucial events, called CRISES; three in number; no more & no less. The TRUE PATH from beginning to ead 1s clear- ‘ly marked.The method adopted by the genuine School of INITIATION contains nothing vague, visionary, fanciful,fantastic.Here you are taught to handle & deal-with real,not symvolic,or imaginary. forces.This School must have three departments,an Oute> College, an Inner & an Inmost, respectively equipped to carry the Candi- ; date through the FIRST, SECOND « THIRD CRISIS,As a whole this ~ course is naturally divided into Twelve Grades or, Degrees which embody & synthesise the SEPHIROTH & PATHS of the TREE OF LIFE, The first five Grades which comprise the Outer College prepare & conduct you through the FIRST CRISIS Until this is accomplished it 18 the main aim & any discussion of what lies beyond Ss, for- * bidden, premature, futile & would only perplex the Aspirant’. There is only one genuine Fraternity of ADEPIS,to wiich every INITIATE in the whole world belongs We refer to this as THE.".. ORDER, Those. who would publish in the market Blace an ostensible history of the.',CRDER stoop to promulgate an absurdity which they, thenselves,can never appreciate.For history deals with» jective. point “which can be no- 3 elentific standpoint involves the sut jective side as well. A really scientific grarh of evolution o the earth 4 humanity cannot be made by mathematical methods fo sich are intrinsically ore than ideal or imaginary. What e seen of a human being by the physic#1 senses is, only th crust, like the top of an iceberggor more aptly the crose section ‘of a tree-trink.The whole man is a seven-fold organian extended in time as well as ‘space, with parts which reach ‘tack to previous lives on earth &-another part which reaches into the future & extends beyond the farthest of the fixed stars. ither geologists nor astronomers today possess or can find the whole concrete truth about this cosmic being & the hypo- theses they & the physicists create are full of faults & fal- lacies.A successful Investigation of history iaplies an organo: with structure adapted at every point to the formative princip of its object.The modern nind cannot wideratand even mediaeval records;its interpretation of afctent history 1s still more nythical.For eanple:we are told of the existence in the middle ages of a famous fraternity of Illuminates founded by the re: incarnated personalities of the Bodih! ttvas - Mans Zarathus: tra,Gautama Buddhe & Skythianos & in modern times the name of this society has been stolen & appropriated by cherlatens.But the true society exists & you can distinguish it from the false by the fact that never under any circumstances does it advertii itself to the public by the ancient name.You can recognise the true soclety only when you are adaitted to its ranks.Then rio e2 terns] proofs will de needed for it will be inpossible for you to doubt.Indeed,as long as you have in your mind a single doubt as to the status & authority of any soglety to whieh you may nc belong you can be absolutely certain of this:it is not the gen- uutne Le actaated of ADEPIS whereof we speak,no matter what may t s claina, No one can belong to the genuine Fraternity of ADEPTS who has not yet experienced the FIRST CRISIS. For the SUPREME SECRET OF aLL PRACTICAL MAGICK ts knom to every true MASTER; it 1s in the custody of the original & true Fraternity é it eannot under any circunstances be communicated to one rho hé not yet experienced the FIRST CRISIS.Hence,no occult school car jbe an Outer College of the.' ORDER which does not provide in 4t systen an infallible wey to reach. the FIRST CRISIS, which 1s kn as the Attainment of the KNOWLEDGE & CONVERSATION of the HOLY, ' _GUARDIAN.' ,ANGEL.’. or .',DAIMON.In Alcheny this 18 ealled'the GREAT WORK or MAGNUM OPUS « he who accomplishes 1% posi jes tt PHILOSOPHER'S STONE & knows how to make the TRUE GOLD. But the occult guardians know how to guard. An ORDEAL accompanies each CRISIS; that which attends the FIRST is the MEETING, faee to face with the DWELLER ON THE THRESHOLD, when one penetrates the VEIL FAROKETH which separates the Outer College from the Inner Colle of ADEPIS, This Threshold 1s not an imaginary line;1t is the si whieh divides waking from sleeping & life from death. ADEPISHIT is not conferred by diplomas! The ADEPT acquires consciousness waleh is ordinarily dormant,he unfolds new senses ‘by waich he ean see & follow the soul when it leaves the body after death 4 he 1s avake & aware while his physical body @ mind ave asleep. Initiate consciousness is graded & 1s of different sorte wnich correspond to the development of the different organs of the Cosnic-Man, which are definitely connected with the sveral organe of the physical man.Ortental doctrine describes these as Lotus Flowers oy Wheels. The FIRST CRISIS oscurs mhen t! ab loo- ated in the Heart-Center comes under conseious eontrel. Then