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PRATER." skPreweTa yo . 3.28 a + This Book deals with the Magical Meaning of the Nane you ate have chosen as a Brother in the Outer College of the ¢.' Never under any circumstances disclose this sccret significance to another Member or Troglodyte: ‘ + Sihas the Atu numbered XIV which signifies the Woub preserving Life, Pregnant. This may be Plotured by the figure of Diana,” Hunteess. Her breasts are three, but she pours fron teo cups into ‘ her mouth, flame for the Eagle & water for the Lion. A serpent Winds about her in three & one half colls & sucks oné Of how breasts. 1 She has a crom of twelve rays & a girdle with the mumber or the sun yoon it & a name. The force is that of Sagittarius. It connects the Moon with the sun. 2 A has the Atu numbered 0 which signifies the HOLY GHOS? or Pervading Spirit; cognate symbole are The Babe in the Ege on the Lotus, Bacchus Diphues, the Svastika, & the Virgin's Womb. Its force je that of Air or Free'Breath. It links the Yang with the Tao. 3+ F has the Atu numbered XVI which signifies the Twins,i.e. the - Cromed & Conquering Child Horus with Harpocrates within Him, : [eerging from the fortress of the Womb. Its force is that of Mars & it connects Air with Earth. 4, [has the Atu numbered IX which signifies the Virgin Man, the Secret Seed of All. Hermes with Lamp,Winga,Wand,Gloak & Serpent. fhe Spernatozoon, Its force is that of Virgoo ft Linke me Sun with Water. . 5: Eohas the Atu numbered XVII. Herein‘is a mystery for this was formerly IV. But Tzaddi is not the Shar, ‘for Aquarius & Avion ST on pnterchanged revolving on the pivot of Pisces, Just as VITL & Lor Leo & Libra do about Virgo. It signifies the other ie fou7asrammaton. The force is that of Aries. It connects the Sun with the Yang. 6. Nhas the Atu numbered XIII, which significa Putrefaction in the 7. T has the Atu numbered XI,which signifies Kadoschi im (Gelebrants) , the formila of the Beast. & Babalon conjoined. The force Lo coe of Leo, which connects the Fire with the Waters Le -. In traversing these paths which link the Grades you on familiar ground except in two instances, namely thosé of the pletters I& A, which will be quite new, & therefore aust be © by, travelling in one direction,1-e. up, since you went down on these paths in former incarnations, +. Your secret symbol is - aed 10. Your dream of 25 August '30 e.v. is very significant. The two books which you held in your hand represent the two Leen oO. a (0. Grades 1 = 10 & 8 =.3, to which your Magical Name contains no Path. You have omitted in your description on which side lay the ‘lake, & also what kind of illumination, whether that. of sun or - moon or some other light. You must not be satisfied with the two,but must get the other eight, the insects on the hedge being * the key, especially. the bees. You will not find the other eight “among the books (second-hand) which fence the path. You mist * climb this fence to. get to the water,carrying the two: books with you, & disregarding the insects which seem:dangerous because you ot the third & SES 5 reiey oe Shot