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Format & Submission

The thesis is a research document. It reports on evidence gathered to support an argument
or answer a question. In almost all instances, it is largely a written document, though it
often includes tabular and graphic presentations. The exact form each thesis will take is to
be determined by the student, in consultation with his or her advisor.

All theses submitted to GSAPP must conform to the following requirements:

• One original, unbound, boxed copy of the thesis is to be submitted to the Urban
Planning Program (Leigh Brown). This copy will then be submitted to Avery Library for
binding and will become part of the Library’s permanent archives. (Electronic
submission will not be available until May 2012)

• Paper: ACID FREE, white, 8-1/2” x 11”, at least 20 lb. weight.

• Borders: At least 1” on top, right side and bottom margins; 1-1/2” ON LEFT

• Spacing: All text double-spaced. Footnotes, endnotes and bibliography are

singled spaced with double spaces between citations. Quotations of more than 8
lines are indented 10 spaces and single-spaced in block form.

• Illustrations: Graphs and other diagrams will be drawn in black ink; other
illustrations may be black and white or color photographic prints printed using the
highest quality resolution possible. Illustrations may be interspersed in the text or
put in an appendix. Glossy photographic paper may be used if it is certified acid-

• Page Numbering: Must be consecutive from first page of text. Prefatory material
that precedes the text, such as title page, abstract page of acknowledgements,
preface, etc., are numbered in lowercase Roman numerals (i, ii, iii, etc.), with the
number omitted from the title page.

• General form for footnotes, bibliography and other elements may vary from thesis
to thesis, but must be consistent within any one thesis. For standard form, consult a
recognized manual such as Kate Turabian’s Manual for Writers of Term Papers,
Theses and Dissertations.

• Photocopying: Typed material, line illustrations and, where permitted, copies of

photographs, if copied onto at least 20 lb. bond as specified above.
• Color Copying: Copies should be made on acid-free 20 only.

• An abstract of the thesis, a short summary of its contents (not to exceed 150
words) along with author, title, submission date, and advisor name is required in the
front matter. It is also to be transferred electronically to the Urban Planning office
for inclusion on the website.

For example:

Marguerite Aileen Grady, “The FreshDirect Effect: How Does Food Choice
Affect a Neighborhood’s Appeal?” Submitted May, 2008. Advisor: Dr. Stacey

E-grocery stores, like FreshDirect in New York City, have altered the urban food
landscape by providing better food access to neighborhoods underserved by
bricks-and mortar grocery stores. Empirical accounts suggest that this sudden
increase in food choice has fueled gentrification in these neighborhoods. While
urban food access has been widely analyzed in relation to race, class, and public
health, few studies have examined it in relation to gentrification. This study helps
fill this gap by spatially analyzing FreshDirect’s deliveries by zip code from
2002-2007 in relation to the variables of income, rent, property value, and number
of supermarkets, as well as by surveying FreshDirect customers.

• A “Permission to Copy,” so that the librarians can permit other scholars to make
photocopies of portions of your thesis.

Permission to Copy

Each thesis should have bound within it, preferably after the title page, the following
permission to copy statement, if you wish to have other researchers make copies of
portions of their thesis for private use.

Copyright 2008, [ student’s name].

For information about this work, please contact [name, address]. Permission is hereby
granted to reproduce and distribute copies of this work for nonprofit educational
purposes, provided that copies are distributed at or below cost, and that the author,
source, and copyright notice are included on each copy. This permission is in addition to
rights of reproduction granted under Sections 107, 108, and other provisions of the U.S.
Copyright Act. Before making any distribution of this work, please contact the copyright
owner to ascertain whether you have the current version.

Your signature and the date

The title page will carry the following information, in the format shown:


(in capital letters)

Your Full Name

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree

Master of Science in Urban Planning

Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

Columbia University

(month and year of degree)