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Learn about innovative

foundation designs and
installation concepts!

International conference

Offshore Foundations
for Wind Turbines

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Assessing next generation foundation designs and
installation processes for cost effective offshore solutions
4 – 6 July 2011 | Swissôtel Bremen | Germany

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Conference advisors: • Assess the latest developments and future concepts for offshore foundation design –
Ole Stobbe, and for deep water wind farm development
Mainstream Renewable • Understand how to minimise the cost factor of foundations and installation for
offshore wind farms
Sigurd Weise, • Hear about the latest advances in installation techniques for offshore foundations
WeserWind GmbH
including reductions in time and costs
Offshore Construction
Georgsmarienhütte • Understand the requirements of spezialised vessels for foundation transport and
Don’t miss presentations from these 17 leading
• Learn about geotechnical assessment tools and seabed analysis to ensure your
foundation will comply with specific site conditions
• Carbon Trust
• Vestavind Offshore A/S
Learn from these experts amongst others:
• Mainstream Renewable Power
• Leibniz University of Hannover Jan Matthiesen, Offshore Renewables Tore Engevik, President,
• SPT Offshore Technology Acceleration Manager, Vestavind Offshore A/S, Norway
Carbon Trust, United Kingdom
• WeserWind GmbH
• Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar Søren A. Nielsen, CPO, Kaj Lindvig, CSO,
Universal Foundation A/S, Denmark A2SEA A/S, Denmark
and Marine Science and IMARE
• Universal Foundation A/S
• Fraunhofer Institute for Wind
Come and join our adjacent interactivity day
Energy and Energy System
A Site Visit: Strabag Offshore Wind GmbH: Experience the trial gravity foundation
Technology (IWES)
B Workshop: Grouted connection in wind turbine foundations
C Site Visit: "Tour de Wind" in Bremerhaven: Visit the German centre of wind
• Bilfinger Berger Ingenieurbau
power excellence
• Strabag Offshore Wind GmbH D Workshop: Improving cost and time efficiency of offshore
• University of Oxford
foundations for wind turbines
• Risø DTU
Sponsor Media Partners Researched and developed by
• Ramboll Offshore Wind
• Ulstein Sea of Solutions
• Principle Power Inc.

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International conference

Offshore Foundations for Wind Turbines

4 – 6 July 2011 | Swissôtel Bremen | Germany

International conference Who will you meet?

Offshore Foundations INDUSTRIES:

for Wind Turbines

• Offshore investors and operators
• Offshore wind farm developers
• Foundation design and
• Offshore construction companies
4 – 6 July 2011 | Swissôtel Bremen | Germany • Specialised vessel suppliers
• Geotechnical services and
According to the EWEA The European offshore wind power demonstrated a record growth of 51% in 2010. • Offshore installation companies
However, the economic feasibility of offshore wind farms depends on a number of technical issues. With
the costs of offshore wind energy currently significantly higher than those of onshore wind energy.
• Research & Development –
Offshore wind power
A significant contributor to this higher cost is the foundation structure. Therefore, significant resources and
• Offshore technology –
expertise are being invested in future concepts for offshore foundations.
• Geotechnical engineering
It is key to identify the optimum foundation design and to link this to construction and installation. A range of
• Operations and installation
innovative concepts are under development aimed at improving cost effectiveness per installed megawatt.
• Project management
• Business development

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