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In looking at where we might extend our activity, and holding in our

mind the question that was raised about impact at the last
Reference Group meeting, we looked back at where we feel we’ve
see our strengths and successes. We want to take a quick tour
through these organised around the 5 C’s: capacity, confidence,
critical mass, creativity and collaboration. This exercise will help us
set the best direction of travel for the next six months of AmbITion
Scotland activity.

Taigh Chearsabhagh is a classic AmbITion story

– strengths in some areas, but real weaknesses in others and
was focused around only one team member.
– through the programme they got support to bring all
members of the organisation on board with digital
– they got training in a range of digital tools – social media,
rich media, cloud computing from their Specialist Advisor as
well as through attending AmbITion Scotland knowledge
and learning events
– improved their basic IT infrastructure
– undertook a significant website redevelopment (pictured)
o to showcase the collection
o open up more opportunities to connect with the
organisation better
– has raised the overall capacity of the entire organisation
See also

AmbITion Scotland Impacts presentation 12 May 2011 p 1 of 7

Giant started out as one of the associates with very basic IT needs
but as an organisation have grasped every potential opportunity
with both hands
-Initially their 1 day of support helped them with improved
office infrastructure & set up a CRM
-Took advantage of the intern offer from Culture Sparks
-Attended AmbITion Scotland Spring Trainings/Webinars
-Hosted their own training on building a digital marketing
-Will be spending some more time with their Specialist
Advisor to pursue more ambitious plans, CRAZY WORLD
-Example of a small organisation who have experienced a
tremendous overall organisational change. Giant have a
significant online presence and a willingness to experiment
with new technology.
Please see also short video to hear the story in their own words

Impact in Scotland being driven significantly through our events

– Chart shows pattern of little and often
– 16 months of AmbITion Scotland
– Total number of events: 20 (to date) + 7 Host your Owns
– Total number of attendees: just over 1000
– Number of live webcasts: 14 (orange bars in chart)
– Approx. no. live webcast viewers: 500
– Views of AmbITion Scotland events OD: more than 8,500
– Total visits since launch: more than 19,000
– Membership of Ning: 731
o The latter two spike after each event

AmbITion Scotland Impacts presentation 12 May 2011 p 2 of 7

Survey results in – report is on basecamp
– More than 400 people in attendance over the two days.
– Attendees came from a range of sectors – creative, cultural
and digital. 1/3 said their business operated online.
– All survey respondents said that the conference completely
or partly met their objectives and expectations
– 85% of respondents thought the speakers and workshops
were ‘interesting and relevant’
– See chart re: Q Would you be interested in attending Digital
Connections 2012? Attendees hungry for more.

We love unsolicited praise. Especially in the public domain. These

were recently on Twitter.

Third Sector Lab supports digital development in the third sector in

Scotland. “@thirdsectorlab have you seen the partnership between
@creativescots & @getambition? They get what you get re: social
media etc.” from @sammyecclescake

International attention from Harry van Haren in Holland: (Translated

from the Dutch) “Scotland tries to help the cultural sector get along
in a digital world: useful for us!

AmbITion Scotland Impacts presentation 12 May 2011 p 3 of 7

How To Get the Best from Open Source: A Beginners Guide, a
AmbITion Scotland How To… guide, launched on 9/4/11.
117 total clicks on the link in our tweet. Someone of influence in
India tweeted about it and drove a lot of traffic to our resource:
•India 36
•UK 28
•USA 12
•Mauritius 3
•Australia 3

The same person added additional commentary and suggestions to

the interactive guide.

See the original at


Culture Hack Day - £20k worth of developer’s time, 30 hacks, 24 hrs

– 50 developers and designers
– 40 cultural professionals
– 20 cultural orgs & publishers provided data
– Culture Hack Express - design/innovation workshop for non-
technical participants
Project examples (
– an iPhone game to play with National Museums of Scotland
– a dating service wrapped around festival shows
– FOUR beautiful visualisations of listings and city-wide footfall
– a visual interface for EIF 2011 programme (beautiful!)
– Book Festival app w author info, bibliography & facility to get
– a voice-recognition voice service to find festival shows
Offers from STV, Guardian & Interactive Scotland to help take
projects forward - as well as festivalslab-supported routes

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The project is a collaboration between ATT Fife, Wee Stories
(AmbITion Scotland Associate) & Solus – technology provider

Creativity in terms of business model & creation of new products

and markets

ATT Fife not only working with the NHS, but also schools in 21 local
authorities building a niche for themselves as a content provider for
those who don’t have access to cultural events because of they are
unwell (hospitals), geographically distant (schools), or haven’t got
the budget to access a live arts event for a large group (both). Plus
the timing is somewhat flexible so it can be fit in around fixed
learning or care schedules.

The power of this collaboration in their own words:

Partnership between AmbITion Scotland, Interactive Scotland & SCET

– Sold out 3 weeks before the event – clear demonstration of
perceived value from sector.
– 1000+ tweets from 200+ contributors – public conversation
using the hashtag #digiconx
– post event blogs
– 4 videos on Caledonian Mercury
– 160 unique webcast viewers, 30 mins average
– In kind support was tremendous & what you can’t see on
this slide
– Significant mix of private sector, education and publically
funded orgs
– CEO Breakfast connecting high level digital and creative
companies – focus on new partnerships.

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Capacity, Confidence, Critical Mass, Creativity, Collaboration
suggests the best direction of travel for our extended work.
Proposed activities for the next six months

Skills building activities (Capacity)

– Spring Training series, small group hands on trainings
– Webinar skills links – topical, small group, linked to

Webinars – 3 more (Confidence & Critical Mass):

– 6 July, Edinburgh – Webinar 8 on IP issues
– 23-26 August, Edinburgh – Webinar 9 hopes to partner with
the British Council Showcase during the Edinburgh Festivals
– October, TBD, Webinar 10

Networking – AmbITion Scotland Names and Faces (Collaboration)

– first Wednesday of each month starting in June.

Partnership – (Capacity & Collaboration)

– 6-7 May, Edinburgh, Festivals Innovation Lab – Culture
Hack Scotland.
– 20-21 July, Glasgow, AMA –webcasting content from the
organisation’s annual conference
– 23-26 August, Edinburgh – Webinar 9 hopes to partner
with the British Council Showcase (as above).
– Technology in the Arts –content partnership with this
American organisation (based in Pittsburgh,

AmbITion Scotland Impacts presentation 12 May 2011 p 6 of 7


AmbITion Scotland Impacts presentation 12 May 2011 p 7 of 7