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What's new
==========, 06 Jul 2002
- Release version Beta RC2, 03 Jul 2002
- Repaired and restored the "Start minimized" option.
- A new option "Minimize on Close".
- Clicking the icon in the tray restores minimized program and minimizes
restored program. Beta RC1, 28 Jun 2002

- A new color picker tool.
- More sound effects: confirmations, clipboard actions
- Preview panel can be hatched to improve the image visibility.
- A new configuration option - restore MWSnap after snapping.
- A new configuration option - always show program icon in tray.
- All dialog boxes save and restore their last screen positions.
- Updated program documentation.
- An error with the preview window appearing on the captured images removed.
- Repaired errors with minimizing and restoring.
- Repaired bug with repeating the last capture.
- Minor bugs removed.
- The option "Start minimized" has been temporarily removed! Beta, 18 Jun 2002

- An option for automatic checking if a new version of the program
is available.
- A new version of the ruler tool, featuring higher accuracy,
dynamic readings, and a bi-directional scale.
- Accept files dropped on the program window.
- Many minor bugs and translation problems removed.
- Adding mouse cursor pointers to snapped images.
- Adding configurable frames to snapped images.
- Multilevel configurable undo and redo.
- Improved capturing engine.
- Color picker - F4 key opens a dialog box with color details
and several popular color notations (RGB, HTML, Delphi, and System).
- A new Window info tool, showing dynamically details of a window
below the cursor.
- Ruler, Zoom and Window info tools are available in the local menu
of the program's icon in the system tray.
- Ruler, Zoom and Window info tools can be invoked using
system-wide hotkeys.
- Repaired bug in saving transparent GIFs.
- The ruler tool no longer causes MWSnap window to minimize.
- Dialog windows restore their last positions on the screen.
- Reorganized menus and toolbars.
- Minor bugs removed. Beta, 23 May 2002

- Auto-printing (shortcut: <Ctrl+Alt+P>).
- Opening picture files, with support for gif, png, jpg, bmp, ico,
emf and wmf formats.
- Picture Viewer panel, with options for opening, starting, renaming
and deleting pictures.
- Pasting images from the clipboard.
- New Zoom in/out tools.
- Zoom step menu.
- Numeric pad '+' and '-' keys perform zooming in/out.
- Ruler tool - right-clicking the ruler pops up a local menu.
- Auto-saving shortcut remapped to <Ctrl+Alt+S>.
- Removed the obsolete 'stretch preview' option.
- Repaired bug with repeating the last capture.
- Other minor bugs removed. Beta, 04.04.2002

- Support for PNG images format.
- Improved color reduction algorithms in saved .bmp and .gif images.
- Repaired bug that could cause the marking rectangle to go into
the snapped image.
- Support for multiple versions of the same language.
- Many minor improvements. Beta, 27 Mar 2002

- Possibility to translate the user interface to any number of languages.
- Window snapping - possibility to capture child windows.
- Configurable sounds.
- Configurable displaying of the snap preview window.
- Printing - possibility to specify the count of copies.
- Windows XP Themes Manager compatibility.
- Enhanced visibility of the selection window.
- Improved error handling.
- Repaired bug causing settings not to be saved.
- Repaired bug with rotating snapped images.
- Corrected snapping of maximized windows.
v., 27 Nov 2001
- a bug removed causing MWSnap in some cases to crash
at startup.
v., 18 Nov 2001
- Auto-saving after making a snap.
- Printing with optional scaling.
- Basic transformations: flipping and rotating.
- Show/hide preview window (F6 while making a capture).
- Preview box, zoom tool - an additional marker showing an exact
cursor location.
- Minimize to system tray.
- Auto start with Windows.
- Start in minimized mode.
- Program documentation.
- Ruler with scale markings on both sides.
- Application title bar shows the name of the last saved image.
- Other minor improvements.
v. 1.10, 01 Oct 2001
- First public version.
v. 1.00, 12 Feb 2000
- Initial version, for internal use only.