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Janez Jeraj

Pronunciation: Yanez Yeray

Contact Information
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone: (650) 440-3xxx
E-mail: jeraj4 ATT gmail ... com
A challenging Ph.D.-level electrical engineering position that utilizes my exper
tise in digital signal processing (DSP) and wireless communications.
Six years of professional experience in research & design of DSP, communication
systems (for PHY layer), including C++, Matlab modeling & simulation of fixed-po
int DSP systems
Signal processing and feedback systems (with solid knowledge of related VLSI arc
Adaptive filters (Wiener, LMS, TDLMS, RLS)
Nonlinear signal processing (polynomial signal processing, Volterra filters etc.
Equalization of linear and nonlinear systems: pre- and post-distortion compensat
ion of solid-state circuits (power amplifiers, A/D converters)
Multirate signal processing
Background in basic control theory concepts combined with hands on experience
Communications (wireless)
Experience in designing baseband transmitters and receivers (synchronizers, filt
ers, DDCs)
Familiarity with 3G & 4G beyond cellular standards (LTE, WiMAX), OFDM, WiFi, sof
tware radio
Hands-on experience with channel error correction coding
Versed in lab equipment: oscilloscopes, spectrum and logic analyzers, signal gen
Strong analytical, problem solving & debugging, verbal/written communication, pr
esentation and technical documentation skills
University of Utah
............ . Salt Lake City, UT
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering May 2005
Dissertation: Adaptive Estimation and Equalization of Nonlinear Systems. Emphasi
s on nonlinear signal processing: Developed algorithms for identification of non
linear systems in a non-stationary environment, Inversion of nonlinear systems.
Applied the developed theory to correction of real-world channels.
University of Ljubljana
............. .. Ljubljana, Slovenia
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering February 1999
University of Ljubljana
................ Ljubljana, Slovenia
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering September 1996
Employment History
Company Witheld. ..........
....... ................Current
Wireless communications, channel equalizers, channel coding (puncturing, interl
Optichron, Inc.... .....
............ ......Fremont, CA 2006 - 2009
Systems engineering: Responsible for specification, architecture/design and real
ization of baseband system for predistortion linearization of power amplifiers i
n base stations
DSP performance and cost analysis
Designed and implemented several subsystems:
Carrier synchronizer (phase detector, loop filter, NCO, downconverter), sin gene
ration, adaptive equalizers, interpolation filters, Hilbert filter, sub-LSB DC r
emoval, timing recovery, Farrow filter, IQ imbalance compensation, Automatic Gai
n Control (AGC), Peak-to-Average Ratio (PAR) measurement block, power/gain meter
s, CORDIC,...
Fixed-point models for above subsystems in C++ and Matlab to (1) perform block a
nd system level simulations, (2) deliver bit-exact test vectors for IC engineers
to match with Verilog
Chip/Subsystems designed and verified to work as a modulation agnostic system th
at can be used in base stations for GSM, provisional 3GPP multicarrier GSM, WiMA
X, WCDMA, TD-SDCMA, EDGE etc. networks
Channel modeling (complete RF channels including nonlinearities and analog imper
Crest Factor Reduction (CFR) for broadband communication signals
Debugged both DSP algorithms and DSP implementation - Implemented solutions
System upbring and debug on Xilinx FPGA board level
Silicon testing including mixed-signal issues
Agilent Technologies, Agilent Labs .............
Palo Alto, CA
June 2005 â December 2005
Signal processing distortion correction in high speed, high precision time-inter
leaved A/D converters. Increased SFDR from -35 dBc to better than -72 dBc in a 1
2-bit time-interleaved ADC using DSP techniques (significantly outperforming Ana
log Devices/Vcorp system). Two patents pending
University of Utah ..........
.. . Salt Lake City, UT
August 1999 - May 2005
Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant (Digital Signal Processing)
Jozef Stefan Institute
.............. .. Ljubljana, Slovenia
Researcher September 1996 - August 1999
Designed electrical stimulator and successfully employed new methods and experim
ents involving Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES), Digital Signal Processin
Politecnico di Milano
............. . Milano, Italy
Visiting researcher September - November 1997
Optoelectronic measurements, DSP
Complete list available upon request.
Journal Publications
1. J. Jeraj, V.J. Mathews. Stochastic mean-square performance analysis of an ada
ptive Hammerstein filter. IEEE Trans. Sig. Process., vol. 54, no. 6, June 2006.
2. J. Jeraj, V.J. Mathews. A stable adaptive Hammerstein filter employing partia
l orthogonalization of the input signals. IEEE Trans. Sig. Process., vol. 54, no
. 4, April 2006, pp. 1412- 1420.
3. F. Kandare, G. Exner, J. Jeraj, A. Aliverti, R. Dellaca, U. Stanic, A. Pedott
i, R. Jaeger. Breathing induced by abdominal muscle stimulation in individuals w
ithout spontaneous ventilation. Neuromodulation (Malden Mass.), vol. 5, pp. 180-
185, 2002.
Refereed Conferences
1. J. Jeraj, V.J. Mathews. Identification of Nonlinear, Memoryless Systems Using
Chebyshev Nodes. IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal
Processing. Proc. ICASSP 2005, Philadelphia, PA, USA., March 2005.
2. J. Jeraj, V.J. Mathews. Stochastic mean-square performance analysis of an ada
ptive Hammerstein filter. IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, an
d Signal Processing. Proc. ICASSP 2004, Montreal, Canada, vol. II, pp.725-8, May
3. J. Jeraj, V.J. Mathews, J. Dubow. A stable adaptive Hammerstein filter employ
ing partial orthogonalization of the input signals. IEEE International Conferenc
e on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing. Proc. ICASSP 2002, Orlando, FL, v
ol. II, pp. 1349-52, May 2002.
4. G. Bodily, V.J. Mathews, J. Jeraj, J. Dubow. Test protocol and algorithm deve
lopment. Proc. Of First Joint Conference on Point Detectors for Chemical and Bio
logical Defense. Williamsburg, Virginia, pp. 309-17, October, 2000.
5. J. Jeraj, U. Stanic, F. Kandare, R.J. Jaeger. Four-channel stimulator for exp
iratory supported ventilation. Proc. Sixth Vienna International Workshop on Func
tional Electrostimulation Basics, Technology, Clinical Application, Vienna, Aust
ria, pp. 239-42, September 1998.
6. M. Leonardi, J. Jeraj, B. Nemec. A new approach for testing sports shoes usin
g industrial robots. Proc. RAAD'97, Cassino, Italy, pp. 553-8, 1997.
7. J. Dolzan, A. Leben, J. Jeraj, V. Prodnik, Z. Matjacic. Robot teaching. IEEE
ERK'95, Portoroz, Slovenia, pp. 191-4, 1995.
Available on request.