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Prepare Before Test

1. Check the site information the day before doing the test, confirm the cell
status within the test day with RAN or RNP engineer in RNC room.

Items need to check:

a) Check the site status from RNC with LMT

b) Confirm the test time with driver and SMART customer and other related
person. Such as when the test start, when the RAN engineer arrive the
RNC room, when the customer arrive the test location or RNC room.

c) Check all the tool and service before go out to do the test.

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Things need to do during the test

1. The test includes two carrier, block the first carrier. Make sure the DTI
frequency in Probe has already been changed.

2.For the HSDPA and HSUPA test ,we will use the NetPerSec to record the
result . All the windows location is fixed ,We should print screen as below:


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Ping Test
When do the HSDPA testing, do the ping test at the same time

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Things need to do After the test

1. After the test was done, record the issue that customer write down, reply
before they output these to their BOSS.

2: One carrier one test log file .after the test please come out the <Test data

3. Update the <<SSV Test Record.xls>> everyday, send to the project and
RNP team, make sure everyone knows the plan.

4:record the troubleshooting .If in the site you have the problem ,please
record the solution and how to solve it.

5. Output the SSV report within the day after the test, if the project has
already arrange other person output this, you can not do this.

6. SSV report Include the legends for the PSC, especially for the RSCP & EC/Io

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7.Make the engineering parameter visible per sector synchronized with the
color coding for accurate checking of proper sectorization

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If you meet problem during the test

1. If the problem during the test is not hardware problem, must solve durting
the test, can not do the test of the same site twice.

2:When you meet the problem during the test, you must know what is
emergency issue, and what you need to do when you meet the emergency
problem. If the problem is involve RNC or the whole network, and check with
the other test team. If the problem was confirmed, must escalate immediately.
Inform Keith Yang/Leo Berio and other project team members within 10

3: FTP problem - Discussed how FTP problem is identified and how to solve
this issue.

a. ADA/UCE has to contact Karlo for FTP Issues.

b. Use Remote Desktop to restart FTP Server.

3: If there is HSDPA&HSUPA issue in the testing, please see the file <How to
isolate the HSDPA&HSUPA issue>

Swap Sector Encounter

If you happen to meet a swapped sector site confirmed during the SSV

1. Temporarily correct the problem by swapping the CPRI cables at the

2. Then perform SSV,
3. After successfully completing the SSV, we need to put back the CPRI
cables in their original position
4. Inform RAN team of the swap sector problem for immediate
rectification cc copy the concern to Huawei RNP for follow up.

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