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The Chalice

A publication of First Christian Church of Edmond, OK

Vol. 3 No. 18 May 19, 2011

Come, Re:New just, whatever is pure, whatever is pleasing,

whatever is commendable, if there is any
Rev. Dr. Jerry Black, Associate Minister excellence and if there is anything worthy
Some years But, there is another way. Regardless of of praise, think about these things. Keep on
ago, my Uncle how real our flaws may be, there is much the doing the things you have learned, seen,
Doc gave me that we are doing for God that is making and heard…” (Philippians 4:8, 9a)
a Murphy’s a profound impact on and in the lives of While Chris and his family are away for
Law calendar. others. So, rather than focusing on what some much needed rest and renewal, we
On any given we are not doing, we can choose to think too can rest and renew. Join us in the June
day, I could about that which we are doing well. We table conversations—even if you just sit,
read some can choose to analyze the best of our life listen, and celebrate the stories of others.
pessimistically together and look at how we can have more If you are comfortable, share your own
humorous adage or epigram. My favorite of it! This is precisely the design of our stories, meaningful experiences, profound
was: “Most people deserve each other.” “Come, Re: New” process. discoveries, and grand moments in the
Well the truth is we all tend at times to see Two weeks ago, Robbi Kinnaird described life and ministry of First Christian Church,
things rather pessimistically, don’t we? It’s this process as “accentuating the positive.” Edmond.
just natural for us to see what’s wrong, Last week, Larry Ball described it as “Come, Re: New.” Be a part of this
expect the worst, and complain about it, “discerning what we do best and finding wonderful opportunity at 9:15 am each
including our church life; to see what we are ways to do (it) better.” Years ago, Paul and Sunday, June 5, 12, 19, and 26. Be blessed
not doing or the services we aren’t offering, Timothy presented it this way: “Whatever with us while be a blessing to us.
and grumble. is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is

The FCC History Committee

announces publishing of
2011 Golf Tournament Results
By Bob Stafford
The History of First Christian The 12th Annual First Christian Church Kickingbird Golf Course head pro. Johna
Church, Benefit Golf Tournament was a success and Dobson and Chris Stone won the long drive
The First Decade of the Second lots of fun for all of the participants. contests and Bobby Dobson won the closest
Century, 1999-2009. The May 13th Tournament was played at to the pin contest.
Samples are available in the the Kickingbird Golf Course. Forty golfers This tournament would not have been
rotunda, where you may teed it up under somewhat cloudy and successful without the donations from our
place your order. The beautifully windy skies. Everyone enjoyed the day of many sponsors and contributors. Please
rendered edition is only $5, payable good golf, food, and fellowship. be sure to thank them when you have the
when you order. Sign up for your The final numbers are being tabulated, opportunity for their valuable support.
copy, now through May 29. but we raised approximately $1,500.00. The Hole Sponsors: Howell Stone Insurance
funds will be used toward the updating of Merchandise and Services donated by:
the Rotunda. The Tournament Committee Academy Sports, Alvarado’s Mexican
would like to thank all of the contributors, Restaurant, Brian Soerensen (Kickingbird
participants, volunteers and the church staff; Golf Course), Flatire Burgers, Kickingbird
Shelley, Jennifer, Karla, and Jeff. Cinema, Simply Falafel, Slim Chickens and
The winners included the Championship WalMart Supercenter (Danforth & Santa Fe).
Flight winners: Jerry Black, Allen Clark, The Golf Committee members were Reta
Johna Dobson, and Bobby Dobson with Clopton, Duke Douthitt, Clint Stone, Mickey
a score of 59. The First Flight was won by Stufflebean, and Bob and Jackie Stafford.
Chris Stone, Brian Cain, Audra Stone, and Our thanks to Glo Rehrig, Tana Stufflebean,
Jennifer Cain with a score of 64. The putting and Mark Mades for volunteering their help
contest was won by Bob Stafford who on the day of the tournament.
received a golf lesson from Brian Sorensen,
Sabbatical Guide Available
By Loree Rice, Pastoral Relations Committee Chair
Dear Members and Friends, We trust that our own ministry to one another, already strong,
Following months of anticipation, our season for sabbatical has will flourish during this time under the leadership of our associate
arrived! After almost 9 years of service to our congregation, and 22 ministers, Rev. Jerry Black and Rev. Greg Bunton, who will
years in ministry, our senior minister, Chris Shorow, will take his first partner with our Board leaders and the Renewal Task Force. The
sabbatical from May 20 through September 5, 2011. congregation will benefit by Chris’s returning with renewed energy,
Pastors serve a variety of roles in their position at the center of ideas, and depth.
congregational life: preacher, teacher, spiritual guide, pastoral care- A responsibility list for sabbatical plans has been prepared
giver, counselor and confidant. The responsibilities are continual, and reviewed by the Personnel Committee and Chris’s Pastoral
and the pace and demands of parish life can be relentless, leaving Relations Committee, and the staff. Information from those plans has
even the most dedicated pastors recognizing the need to been included in a Sabbatical Guide which is now available online
replenish their own spiritual reservoirs to regain energy and renew at www. or in print at our Welcome
their spirits. Center. Portions of the Sabbatical Guide are printed below.
First Christian recognizes that effective ministry requires such The Personnel Committee and Chris’s Pastoral Relations
occasional extended periods for study, reflection, rest, and Committee wish Godspeed to the congregation and to Chris and
renewal. We provide our clergy with the opportunity for his family as they embark on this journey.
sabbatical leave following seven years of service.

A Guide to Rev. Chris Shorow’s Sabbatical

What Are The Components of Chris’s Sabbatical? Who Will Provide Worship Leadership?
Travel, Study, Rest, the Art of Play The congregational re:NEW experience will be held during the
Chris’s plans include first traveling to London where the family will month of June, with one unified worship service each week at
visit Beth’s sister. Then they will travel to Florence, Italy where they 10:45am. (full details online @ or in
will immerse themselves in the culture, language and Renaissance the re:NEW brochures found throughout the church).
art, during a month’s stay. After returning to the States, he will study
the works of Thomas Merton, a contemplative Trappist monk at the Guest and lay speakers will fill the pulpit on the following dates.
Abbey of Gethsenmani and The Merton Institute Retreat Center July 24 - Dr. Newell Williams, Brite Divinity School
near Louisville, Kentucky. He will conclude with a retreat at the July 31 – Rev. Noel Haley Gray, Refuge Fellowship Church, OKC
Benedictine Monastery in Pecos, New Mexico, near Santa Fe. August 21 – Dr. Gary Peluso-Verdand, Phillips Theological Seminary
September 4 — Laity Sunday, The Renewal Task Force
How Will We Stay In Touch With Chris?
To give us a small glimpse into his sabbatical experiences and Rev. Jerry Black and Rev. Greg Bunton will assume primary
the Shorow family travels, Chris will blog occassionally at worship leadership through August. and post some
photographs from his journey.
This sabbatical is time for Chris to have a complete break Sabbatical Plan Information Contacts
from his ministerial duties. He will not be available to the congrega-
tion, and will not access either email or voicemail until he returns Loree Rice,
in September. Chris’s Pastoral Relations Committee chair (405) 341-3710
Who Will Care for Our Community?
Our clergy, professional staff, elders and leadership are prepared to Frank Gresh,
deal with all the usual matters of congregational life, including emer- Moderator-Elect of the Board
gencies Rev. Jerry Black and Rev. Greg Bunton will provide primary (405) 417-1977
pastoral care, including hospital visits, counseling,
memorial services, funerals and weddings. Our elders will assist with
pastoral visits and support the clergy during funerals and worship A complete list of contact information and responsibilities can be
services. Additionally, Rev. Coy Parsley and Rev. Les Hastings will found in the full version of the Sabbatical Guide. The office staff
be available should an emergency arise. Our elders will assume also can help you get in touch with the appropriate leader, please
leadership of the weekly prayer breakfast, and will receive names for call 341-3544 to ask for information you need.
prayer joys and concerns from Iris Jordan, Jerry and Greg.
Happy Birthday!
Prayers of the People 5/22 Josh Anthony, Todd Anthony,
Carol Sterling and Justin Billbey (Kaci Taylor’s brother), Greysen Ernst, David Smith
Deaconess 5/23 Michelle Anderson, Cheryl Gibson,
George Gilbreath, Kylie Hunt,
THOSE IN NEED OF PRAYER Mary Lou Womble, Barbara Hall,
Bert Lindsay (Donna Clark’s dad), Ed Henthorn (Bob Henthorn’s brother), Debbie Gragg, Michael McGrew, Alice Woods
Cathy Justice, Dona Lee Denton (Carrie Akin’s sister), Bill Hamilton, Joe Samuels, Eric Koegel, 5/24 Robert Coleman, Madeline
Bart Rodr, Ann Douthitt (Duke Douthitt’s mom), Sharon Luton (Susan Black’s cousin), Ed Giddens, Armelda Linton, Shannon
Berry, Hank Thomas (Randy Thomas’ brother) Medley, Kiefer Mullins, Larry Scott
OUR SYMPATHY AND PRAYERS To the family of Otis Hornish who passed away May 15. A 5/25 Beth Shorow, Cody Spence
memorial service is scheduled in the FCC Chapel on May 27 at 3pm AND to Janna Huff in the 5/26 Suzanne McCall, Tekenari Tienabeso
recent passing of her grandmother, Mattie Mae Huff, on May 11. Services were held May 14 in 5/27 Hattie Baugh, Randy Huston
Tipton, OK. 5/28 Lee Christensen, Larry Hansen,
CELEBRATING THE GIFT OF A NEW LIFE Brogan Klaire Richardson born May 2 to Eric Eric Koegel, Shelly Mabry, Bob
Richardson & Kristen Hammet of Edmond AND Parker Montgomery Johnson born May 12 to Sterling
Perry & Lindsay Johnson of Waco, TX. Grandparents to both are Foster & Charlanne Johnson. 5/29 Bob Archer, Jonna Emmons, Clark

ConGRADulations College Graduates!

(still accepting submissions)

Seth Adams Audrey Hendricks

Grandson of Clella Adams Granddaughter of Kay Sullins
BS Athletic Training Pre-Professional BA Psychology
Oklahoma State University University of Central Oklahoma

Kayla Allison Chelsey Suzanne Moffatt Our Sunday Morning Schedule

Daughter of Steve & Charla Allison Daughter of Dyke & Geri Moffatt for June 5, 12, 19 and 26
BS Early Childhood BS Bus. Admin., major in Management
Oklahoma State University Oklahoma State University 9:15am: “Table Conversations”
Each Sunday morning at 9:15 we will gather
Addison Glenn Ball Megan Leigh O’Neal around round tables in Fellowship Hall to
Son of Larry & Diane Ball Granddaughter of Sid & Thadda Groom share our stories.
Bachelor of Music BA Political Science
University of Oklahoma Washington State University 10:45am: Unified Worship
Ryan Bowers Garrett Thomas Our “Table Conversations” experience
Son of Brad & Julie Bowers Son of Randy & Trish Thomas will be followed by a fellowship gather-
BS Chemical Engineering BS Management ing, hosted by Membership Ministries.
Washington University Oklahoma State University Children in 3rd through 5th grade will
take part in the June 5 and 12 “Table
Mr. and Mrs. Mack Mitchell Conversations.” 6th through 12th grade
request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter will join in all four weeks.
Alee Anne Mitchell
Adam Dean Gossen This Sunday
son of Mr. and Mrs. Alden Gossen May 22nd
Saturday, May 28 at 6:30pm, First Christian Church of Edmond
*Reception following, by invitation only
Casual Dress
We Have More TLC Cards! Contact Sherry Parks at 471-4354 Sunday!
at First Christian
8:15, 9 & 11am

May 22, 2011

Message: Rev. Dr. Jerry Black Ready for a Wild Experience:
• New friends on your Bamboo Crew
Scripture: Philippians 4:8-9 Adventure? • Amazing crafts • Wild games • God
sightings • Wild Bible adventures
May 29, 2011 Monday, June 13 - Thursday, June 16 • Incredible music • Fun mission work
Message: Rev. Greg Bunton Dinner is from 6:00 to 6:30pm and VBS though Operation Kid-to-Kid
Scripture: John 14:25-27 lasts until 8:45 PM
Children ages Preschool (must be diaper Registration
independent!) through 5th Grade is $10 and includes a CD and t-shirt
(while supplies last) at
Shelley Regan, Editor Supplies Needed! vbs through May 31.
If you would like to donate or loan After June 1, the fee increases to $15.
supplies for VBS, stop by the registration
Read News Online table in the rotunda and “Pick A Panda” Questions?
@ from our donation board. Contact Courtney Moeller
Submit Articles to If you already have supplies, please bring or Shannon Medley those materials to the church by June 3rd.

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