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Thomas V.


* Retired National Guard with more than 20 years of experience in the testing fi
* Solid ability to read and understand blueprints.
* Excellent interpersonal skills, able to share data with any member of a team.
* Strong knowledge of industrial equipment, machine tools, and measuring instrum
* Understands systems performance as an integral unit and each of its aggregates
* Outstanding proficiency in working in a supervisory, independent, or support r
Nov 1991 to Jul 2009
Michigan Air National Guard Battle Creek ANGB, Michigan
Electronic Integrated Systems Mechanic
* Federal Grade WG-12/ Military Grade Master Sergeant
* Full-Time Technician: Craftsman, knowledge and skill of such level that others
of his peers seek his advice on solving problems with the digital electronic sy
* Central figure in the work centers that all looked to, to achieve success and
had the answers to whatever issues were at hand.
Dec 1983 to Nov 1991
Michigan Air National Guard Selfridge ANGB, Michigan
Electronic Integrated Systems Mechanic
* Federal Grade WG-12/Military Grade Staff Sergeant
* Full-Time Technician: Journeyman performs all necessary flight line and bench
shop functions with skill and understanding to maintain a high state of readines
s of the digital electronic systems.
* Initiates and supervise comprehensive training program for the Traditional Gua
rdsmen plus assigned additional duties.
Oct 1980 to Dec 1983
Michigan Air National Guard Selfridge ANGB, Michigan
Electronic Warfare System Specialist
* Military Grade Airman First Class
* Traditional Guardsman: Apprentice digital avionic electronic warfare system sp
* Performs flight line on-aircraft maintenance using specialize support equipmen
t with close supervision; achieving the goal of self reliance with little or no
May 1976 to May 1983
Metropolitan Insurance Company Detroit, Michigan
Group Claims Consultant
* Consulting with and training General Motors personnel in the administration an
d cost containment of the Sickness and Accident Insurance Program of the UAW and
General Motors.
Thomas V. Charron
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Sept 1965 to June 1969
* Osborn High School Detroit, Michigan-High School Diploma
Sept 1971 to June 1975
* Wayne State University Detroit, Michigan-Baccalaureate-Major: Economic-Minor:
Nov 1981
* Air Force Specialize Training-Electronic Warfare System Specialist
May 1984
* Air Force Specialize Training-Data IO PROM Programmer Maintenance
Sept 1984
* Air Force Specialize Training-AN/ALQ-119 Electronic Attack Pod Maintenance
Sept 1989
* Air Force Specialize Training-Introduction Advance Digital Techniques
Oct 1989
* Air Force Specialize Training-Advance Digital Techniques
Feb 1990
* Air Force Specialize Training-Electronic Countermeasure System (AN/ALR-69)
Mar 1990
* Air Force Specialize Training-F-16 Avionics System Specialist
July 1993
* Air Force Specialize Training-AN/ALQ-131 Electronic Attack Pod Familiarization
May 1994
* Air Force Specialize Training-Training the Trainer
May 1994
* Air Force Specialize Training-Task Certifier
Sept 1995
* Air Force Specialize Training-Team, Tools and Techniques (Phase 1)
* Air Force Specialize Training-Team, Tools and Techniques (Phase 2)
Aug 1996
* Air Force Specialize Training-AN/ALQ-184 Electronic Attack Pod Maintenance
Jan 2005
* Air Force Specialize Training-AN/USM-670 Electronic System Test Set
* Maintain, repair, overhaul, modify and troubleshoot avionic, Skills-integrated
digital electronic systems
* Radar Warning Receiver, Chaff/Flare Dispenser and Electronic Attack Pods - on
three fighter aircraft with computer controlled diagnostic and specialized suppo
rt equipment, both on aircraft and in shop environments.

Thomas V. Charron
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* Received numerous awards and recognitions for superior performance.
* Received Sustain Superior Performance Award in 1987, 1989, 1991 and 1993; Time
-Off Awards 1997, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2005 and 2007 for superior performance.
* Received "Total Force Excellence Award" for superior performance during 1998 O
perational Readiness Inspection (ORI).
* Special recognition for the outstanding readiness rate of Electronic Attack
* Pods in 2006 and 2007 by the "Combat Shield" inspection team.
* Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran, Iraq Campaign Medal
* MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point and Adobe Acrobat
* RF Power Meter, Pulse Generator, RF Microwave Counter, RF Signal Generator, RF
Spectrum Analyzer, RF System Network Analyzer
* Universal Counter, Digitized Multimeter, Digitized Oscilloscope, Time Domain R
eflectometer, Frequency Domain Reflectometer, RF Transmission Line Test Set, IEE
E-488 Digital Data Acquisition System, IEEE-1553 Digital Data Acquisition and Lo
gic Analyzer.
* AN/ALE-40/47 (Digital/Analog Chaff/Flare Dispenser Systems)
* AN/ALR-46/69 (RWR Digitalized RF Radar Receiver Systems)
* AN/ALQ-213 (Electronic Countermeasures Management System)
* AN/ALQ-119/131/184 (Digital/Analog Electronic Attack Pods)
* Computer Controlled Support Equipment:
* AN/ALM-126C SASE (Semi-Automated Support Equipment) Test Console Set [AN/ALQ-1
* AN/ALM-186B Test Console Set (AN/ALQ-131)
* AN/ALM-191 Test Console Set (AN/ALR-69)
* AN/ALM-233D ASE (Automated Support Equipment) Test Console Set [AN/ALQ-184]
* AN/APM-379 RWR Signal Processor Bench Test Set (AN/ALR-46/69)
* AN/ALM-177B Flight Line Test Set (AN/ALE-40)
* AN/ALM-197 RWR Compass Sail Amplifier Detector Bench Test Set.
* AN/APM-380 RWR Amplifier Detector Bench Test Set. (AN/ALR-46/69)
* AN/APM- 427 Flight Line Radar Simulator Test Set (AN/ALR-46/69)
* AN/USM- 460 Flight Line RF Transmission Line Test Set. (AN/ALR-46/69