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PROPHECY: Earthquake & Tsunami Coming to Philippines

13 October 2010 (Dream of Tsunami in Butuan City)

I was walking with several other people when I noticed a white or off-white sign,
standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper size, posted on a wall.  It read, precisely:
I told the man next to me “I’ve got to get to a computer to check this out” (I’m a geologist) . 

I knew this event had happened somewhere in Asia, and that a tsunami was likely with such a
massive quake, if centered offshore and at a certain depth range.  But, instead of finding a computer
I was suddenly in Butuan City itself, observing tsunami damage and witnessing people fleeing to
higher ground, into the hills (I was traveling in a car).  Main roads closer to the ocean were entirely
flooded.  I saw an old style car, blue and white, pass us quickly, heading inland (slightly south of
east).  I clearly saw the face of one of the passengers, he was Asian.  The radio was playing in the
car I was in, and the news was this:

“a tsunami alert was issued within two minutes”

“trees fell down out of fear”

“whole towns leveled”

The devastation I observed in Butuan City itself was significant, but not massive.  The ocean to the
West had encroached somewhat into the city and there was damage.  I saw a major road
completely submerged toward the coast.  What I heard on the radio, however, suggested that
villages surrounding Butuan City, or on other islands or even countries, were much more strongly
impacted since “whole towns (were) leveled”.

The relationship of the city of Butuan to the sea and to the inland, hilly areas regions were
precisely as I visualized them in my dream, which is confirmation as to the accuracy of the
night vision.  Therefore, I am confident that this future event will “come to pass”
as prophetically revealed within this dream unless there is massive repentance.

Just a “heads-up” on a near-future event.  Please pray for the lost of Butuan City,
surrounding villages, the Philippines in general, and the entire general area of Southeast
Asia, as a 9.2 Mag. earthquake is of epic power and has the potential to be incredibly

With Love in Christ,



21 January 2011 (Dream of Tsunami in Philippines)

“I was somewhere on the islands along the Philippines.  I remembered running for my life along
with everyone else as the water was crashing down the road but eventually I made it to higher
ground. As I was standing there, I looked at the water levels and suddenly it started to climb very,
very fast. The next thing I knew I saw an enormous tsunami coming from behind a five story
building…if you’re wondering, I didn’t make it.”
25 March 2011 (Prophecy of Dr Owuor)
I was in Kenya planning to come, praying for this nation.
Then the LORD showed me what is coming to this nation.

I see a lot of people digging together on the hills, planting their rice on the hills. But I see a horrific
earthquake coming to Philippines. I see the land, the land has some hills.. hills.. hills. But the
earthquake that is coming brings a tsunami to this country. Let me explain to you what is coming. I
see the tsunami coming.. and now when the tsunami came.. it covered the land.. and now I can see
the hills.. the water.. and another hill.. water and another hill. Tremendous tsunami is coming to the
Philippines. There is a historic earthquake coming to Philippines. Because now I have stepped
here, now it must take place.

And I see people in the Philippines running, I see you running and the tall building.. and I see
parking lots.. parking.. parking.. cars.. with car sheds next to building.. There’s a tall building and
down there, there’s cars sheds.. where cars enter.. park under the shed. I see a lot of people
running from the tall buildings.. and the buildings are collapsing.. and the walls are falling.. and the
people running to take shelter on the car sheds.

Let me now give you the prophecy of what is coming to your country. Because I have come here,
the LORD must now shake this country violently.. very violently. That you may know, that this
man came from the LORD. That you may know that time is over. That you may know that the
Messiah is coming. That you may know that the church must now repent. That you may know,
that the LORD.. He is HOLY.. HOLY.. HOLY!

I see an earthquake hit this country, a historic earthquake; but the tsunami that comes is what will
struck you. Because I see people run to the hills, and the tsunami covered the land.. and now only
the hill.. and water.. another hill & water.. people, only the hills I can see now. I can see only the
hills. The water has covered the land.

26 March 2011 (Prophecy of Dr Owuor)

Look what happened to many places where the LORD has sent me. Haiti.. Chile.. Even now, I
share yesterday with the pastors, I see an earthquake & tsunami coming to the Philippines. I see a
horrific earthquake coming here; and I see people running to the hills. Somehow the LORD
showed me in the dream, up the hills people are digging.. digging on the hills.. There is an
earthquake coming and the LORD is asking for repentance. That the nation of Philippines may
prepare for the KING of kings and the LORD of lords, for the MESSIAH.

27 March 2011 (Prophecy of Dr Owuor)

The LORD has sent me here tremendous power to the extent that I have even pronounce a massive
earthquake and tsunami coming to Philippines. I have seen it. Yes, because my feet has stepped
here, it must take place. That you may know that this man was a prophet from the LORD.

But there is a way out, by repenting, by national repentance!

By talking to the president, the leadership, the church leadership also, and telling them..
“We have been visited.. and the LORD says He loves us so much,
He has come to tells us, to prepare for He is coming. He has not come to tell many nation,
but to us He has sent His messenger with a letter. He arrived & delivered a letter;
LET US NOW RETURN TO HOLINESS. On many nations He has not sent a letter.”

Tell to all the leaders of the church, cities, municipalities,

“Can we observe three days of prayer & fasting & repenting?”


The calculus, the formula for GOD.. is 1 + 1 is always equal to two.
You can predict the LORD. If you repent, you can always be blessed more as a special nation.

I see that you have been blessed with a special heart.

But now, why should you go to hell with that special heart?
The special heart He gave you, is a gift from GOD; that your heart may be repentant to His
WORD.. receptive. That you may prepare & enter the kingdom of GOD.
That is the blessing of this nation.

Prophecy video compilation: March 25, 26, 27

Judgment on Philippines Playlist:

4 May 2011 (The LORD is shaking the nations with His ROD)
Your prophecy of this 9.2 Mag. earthquake confirms my fear of God’s upcoming judgment on the
nations including my own country. I am also a watchman for these last days according to God’s
call, but unlike you, I have just started receiving revelations of national or global significance from
the Lord since February of this year.

God revealed to me in a dream how the Church needs to pray for Israel.
In that dream, the instruction was repeated twice, so I believe it is highly important
and urgent instruction from the Lord. Israel is God’s time clock
if we want to understand where we are now in Biblical Prophecy.

Two days after that revelation, the Lord showed me in a dream how the Church is walking on
filthy ground- that there is worldliness, indecency and immorality in the Church. God used the
symbolism of a bride. Since then I had the burden to tell believers to repent and return to the Lord
with all their heart and soul, to restore holiness in the Church for the Lord is coming very very
soon. He is not returning to a blemished and filthy bride.

6 March 2011 (Vision of the ROD)

When God gives me dreams, He does it in successive number of days, at least 7 to almost two
weeks. The most significant, recent dream I had was more like a vision. In this vision the Lord put
something in my scooped hands. I asked Him, “What’s this Lord?”. He said, “ROD”.
Then I said, “I want to see and feel it.” I saw the rod, a foot long.
To test it’s reality in my hand, I tilted the bedside lamp with it and it indeed tilted.
Then I saw in front of me a wide screen with a slide show of several images of people.
The most striking I saw was a bride, and another, a homosexual guy.
On the left side of the screen was a man lying as if dead, then he sat up.
Behind the man was a big You Tube screen also with images in them.
As the images change, I kept asking the Lord, “what’s that, what are those, what are they?”
The Lord simply said, “Just watch”.

Returning to the rod, I saw my right hand moving rapidly as if whipping my left hand with it.
I exclaimed, “Wow, what’s this!” Then I asked the Lord what am I to do with the Rod.
He said, “Put it in your pocket.” I said, “but how?.” “Just do it”, the Lord replied. So I obeyed.
When I did, the Rod softened and coiled in my hand, thus I put it in my pocket.
I woke up, it was 2:30a.m.

I searched for the Rod in the Scriptures and found out that it is a symbol of His authority.
Rod is also used for discipline, correction or punishment.
There’s this thought, however, that kept ringing in my mind.
“The Lord is shaking the nations with His rod.”

11 March 2011 (Japan Earthquake & Tsunami)

When the great quake and tsunami in Japan hit the news I had a chilling sensation all over,
remembering my dream of His rod. More than a week later, I dreamed that while I was talking to
my husband over the phone, I felt that flood was about to hit us. In a split second I felt our house
moved and immediately filled with flood waters. I told my children to stay in bed. I went to the
door and saw that our house moved because a 2-story house fell down and pushed us over. I saw
all around us houses crushed by flood waters. As I was watching the scene, I said,

“Truly the Lord is shaking the nations with His rod.”

End of April (Vision of Flood Waters)

Last week in my visit to Davao City, one intercessor I met also talked of her cousin’s dream of
landslide and flood waters in Davao, people in chaotic frenzy, running for their lives.
Then she saw written in the clouds, “This is the day that the Lord has made”.
By the way, Butuan City is about 4 hours from Davao.

End of April (Dream of Earthquake & Tsunami)

This afternoon, I called up Ptra. Pili in Davao to share your prophetic dream. I was amazed how
God confirms and connects one revelation among His watchmen. She had the same revelation as
you have. According to her, two weeks before I went to visit them, she had a terrifying dream of
earthquake and flood or tsunami waters in Agusan del Sur area. She saw people running for safety.

What could all these revelations mean? I strongly believe that I have the responsibility as
you do, to wake the believers up to get out of our comfort zones and pray, reach out and
sound the alarm. I have been telling the Christians to intercede for our nation. If God does
not spare the Philippines from His judgment, He will at least spare every believer from this
upcoming catastrophes.
I found these verses timely and most relevant:
“Therefore let everyone who is Godly pray to You while You may be found;
surely when the mighty waters rise, they will not reach him.” Psalm 32:6

“The Lord sits enthroned over the floods.

The Lord is enthroned as King forever.” Psalm 29:10

For His Glory,


Amen! Cynthia, thanks so much for sharing, great comment!

I found your “rod” vision to be absolutely amazing and confirms a “rod” dream I had back in early
December of 2009. Praise God that He is giving you these dreams and visions now, that you might
share with other Filipinos and they might repent. For, as you said, those who believe with be
spared, Praise Him! One more interpretation about your rod vision, Cynthia. The fact that He
commanded you to put it into your pocket was a giving to you of authority. Of course, all believers
have authority, but it seems that you have a special authority and higher, extremely important and
urgent calling! An annointing, without question.

Truly, He is reaching the intercessors and watchmen now with these confirming dreams and
visions as this day is rapidly approaching. And, you are absolutely correct about Israel being
God’s clock to watch, and we must pray for the nation daily, constantly.

I just praise Him that He has already opened the eyes of so many in the Philippines, and that all of
you are interceding and spreading the word, and the Word! You know, this blog is so limited,
Cynthia, I realize that this prophecy is not reaching the poor, yet Filipinos like you are doing the
“footwork”, actually going out into the villages and sharing the revelations God has given to many
of us about the Philippines. Cynthia, I also know a lady in Metro Manila who is interceding much
as you are, so the intercession and spiritual preparation have already begun. This means that He has
determined this event, and time is of the essence to reach as many as possible. Bless you for all that
you do, and may He empower you in your daily walk with Him among the people of your
beautiful country. May we work together in this most important endeavor.

In Christ Jesus,
5 May 2011 (Butuan City & the Philippines)
I am also from Butuan City. I was born and raised here. I am already 24 and I have seen and
witnessed the coming and the going of this place. Butuan is very close to my heart for this is my
home. The word of the Lord in Rev. 3:1-6 is specific for the church here in Butuan and the


Butuan is known for its laid-back and sleepy kind of attitude/atmosphere. It is always a known
saying here that “Before there was the Philippines, there was already Butuan.”
According to archaeological and historical records Butuan was a very rich ancient trading post in
ca. 12th century AD. When Ferdinand Magellan arrived in the shores of Butuan, Christianity came
in the form of Catholicism. It was said that the catholic missionaries did not have any difficulty in
converting the Chieftains to christianity because they already believed in one God which the
chieftains called Abba (this came from a Hebrew word entering into the local language, according
to historians, they have also pointed this influence from Nestorian Christians who came from
Persia and arrived here in Butuan during the time of persecution in Persian churches.) I believe that
Butuan is a firstborn. That is why there must be a waking up from the slumber so that God could
fulfill the prophetic destiny of Butuan and the Philippines. Cindy Jacobs and Abu Baku prophesied
that the Philippines will become a launching pad of missionaries for Asia. So it is indeed timely to
write to you these things in order to edify the church and make it prepared in the coming of Christ.

Just today 5 May 2011, an earthquake just struck before lunch, although a minor one but not to be
taken lightly in the spiritual sense. I heard this rumbling noise followed by a very rapid vibration
on the ground before one could feel the house swaying. I took it as a hint from the Lord that He
wanted me to do something.

For instance, last 11 May 2010 the day after the National Presidential Election was held an
earthquake of this same type I have described above struck on the same hour. At that time the Lord
impressed in my heart to go into a deep intercession for the Philippines. And so a few of us who
youth volunteers who helped in the election poll-watching/campaign gathered together in our
church to intercede. From what just happened today, and from what I have learned I took this as
another signal from the Lord. I believe He wanted me to communicate with you for I can sense
that this is an appointed time given by the Lord. I rarely do this and I don’t have any other agenda.
It is only that I do not want to disobey the Lord from what He wants me to accomplish today. So
allow me to share with you the things that the Holy Spirit has been speaking and doing in the
church here in Butuan.

11 March 2011
Prophecy: Japan Earthquake & Tsunami
will happen in the Philippines
Let me begin with the prophecy given to you by the Lord concerning Butuan and the Philippines.
Immediately after I have seen the news happening in Japan just an hour after the calamity struck on
11 March 2011, I have received a vision from the Lord concerning..
What happened to Japan will also happen in Butuan and in the
Philippines unless the church will repent and awake from its slumber.
In that vision, there happened a great earthquake and a tsunami followed sweeping villages and
towns along the coast of Butuan Bay. The ensuing tsunami swept-in very fast inland. The city
downtown which is in fact 8km. from the coast was inundated by the waters. The worst is that the
city’s business district which sits adjacent to a major river and is 2ft. below sea level will be
forever submerged. I interceded on that day that the Lord will spare us. It was only last April 26,
2011 that I first heard about your prophecy concerning Butuan from an elder intercessor in our
church who shared it to me.
So I praised the Lord that day for I found out I was not alone and that God spoke and revealed it to
someone else. That day, our church actually held a Regional Camp (believers coming from all
provinces in Caraga Region surrounding Butuan) and it was very very timely indeed. My pastor
shared in her message the prophecies concerning Butuan and the Philippines. That afternoon the
Spirit of God moved mightily and gave the church in Caraga Region a task from the Lord which is
to stand in the gap and pray. The spirit of intercession was poured out on all 650 believers present
that time and we prayed in repentance from the sin of idolatry in the land and interceded in tears
and in groaning.
There is really an urgent call from the Lord for the Philippines
to really fall down on its knees and repent.
I have also shared Dr. Owuors prophecies in the church. My heart really goes out for this nation.
Thank you very much Bro. Carlos for heeding the call and sharing to us what God is telling you.

In Christ,

Dear Brother in Christ, Randolph-

You may be leaving for the airport shortly, in anticipation of your flight to Manila. You are in my
prayers, and may the Lord grant you and your family a safe and joyous trip. As you look out over
your beautiful country, remember that my prayers and the prayers of many intercessors will be
there for the entire Philippines at this critical time in the country’s history. Critical, for time is very
short now.

Your amazing comment was actually the answer to my prayers, Bro. Randolph. I have been asking
God to show me what is going on spiritually in the Philippines, but especially in Butuan, and you
have revealed the specific happenings and spiritual condition of your city! Let me address your
comment in order now. First, thank-you Bro. for everything you have written here.

History of Butuan — You have shared Butuan’s amazing history, and your words confirm what
the Holy Spirit told me; essentially that Butuan is representative, spiritually, of the entire country.
As you said, the firstborn! I had already begun research into the spiritual origins of Butuan, and the
information you have provided is not only confirming but extremely helpful. God bless you for
this! So, the awakening of the entire country of the Philippines must begin in Butuan, and this is
why He gave us each a vision of what is coming if there is no repentance.

Warning Earthquake — Amazing, Bro. Randolph, about the quake that struck yesterday. I
located the USGS report, and it states that the epicenter was only 27 km. NW of Butuan, and that it
was a 4.6 Mag. There was also a 4.6 Mag. on 24 October, 2010 near Butuan, and I believe
strongly that this is a message and confirmation from God (4.6 + 4.6 = 9.2). Incredible that after
this quake the Lord asked you to write to me and share all of these things! I agree, Bro. Randolph,
that this is an appointed time given by the Lord Himself. Thank-you for sharing about the 11 May,
2010 earthquake as well. What strikes me about this date is that 11 May, 2010 is 359 days before 5
May, 2011 (the election, therefore, was precisely 360 days earlier).
360 degrees represents a “full circle”; this is the equivalent of “just before midnight”, in other
words time is very short and the Lord is urgently calling intercessors now! And the people
to repentance!

Confirmation of Upcoming Event — Your vision is strikingly similar to my own, Bro.

Randolph. You mentioned the business district being so low. Yes, I have viewed maps of Butuan
and, although it is somewhat sheltered within a bay, the actual topography of the city makes it
extremely vulnerable to large waves. Besides, the city is built on an alluvial plain which is very
unstable. It is, geologically, the equivalent of a “house built on sand” instead of a “house built on
rock”. Bless you, Bro. for your intercession and that of your church, and may intercessors the
world over stand in the gap for Butuan, thereby the city might be spared this upcoming event.
It is amazing, too, that you had a Regional Camp on the day you heard of the prophecy which God
revealed to me! Isn’t He amazing! All 650 of you were then able to immediately intercede directly
before Him. Praise God!

Thank you, Bro. Randolph, and rest assured that the Lord is keeping me pointed towards the
Philippines, and I will continue to spread the word through this blog, intercede with fervent prayer
and, God willing, eventually travel to your city. This would be in order to intercede directly and
meet the wonderful brothers and sisters of your church who are standing in the gap on a daily basis
for your beloved city and beautiful country. May the people of the Philippines turn their hearts
back to the Lord Jesus Christ, and they will never again thirst nor go hungry.

God bless you, Brother Randolph, for all you are doing and may He continue to use you in such a
mighty way, as well.

In Christ Jesus,
Brother Carlos

P.S.: In a dream, the Lord gave me a vision of a small airplane which stopped in front of me. It
landed on an “island” between two lanes of traffic, on what we call a “median” here in the USA.
The small airplane represents a small ministry; the island represents the Philippines. The Lord will
surely reveal when/if it is time for me to enter the plane and make the journey to your city and
country. In the meantime, I am there with you spiritually . . .


Hello Carlos,

Yes, I believe that the Rod is His authority vested in me. But I believe the gesture of putting it in
my pocket is for me to not forget such authority - that I will not be distracted with doubts,
weaknesses, failures or anything that may keep me from moving ahead and doing the tasks He
assigned to me.

Truly I am amazed at what God is doing. He is literally pouring out His Spirit upon all flesh as we
desperately need such anointing. The task is huge and enormous but praise God, He is much
bigger than anything.
I am truly grateful that God has touched and spoken to His children regarding the things that are
coming. What a merciful God we have, not wanting anyone to perish! I thank God that this
revelation of an impending disaster coming to Butuan and the Philippines has already reached the
believers in Butuan.

Randolph, you are blessed. God is at work in your city. Praise God, He has raised up an army in
the very place where this prophecy is centered. Our Intercessors’ Group in Manila will continue to
intercede and pray with you that God’s call for repentance be heard and obeyed so that this
calamity will not come to pass. We have to pray against idolatry in our country for that is one
major sin our people are committing against the one and only true God.

There’s got to be a national repentance. Let’s pray that the Lord in His mercy, will open the
eyes of all Filipinos worshiping idols and false gods, and let them see God and God alone.

Thank you Carlos, for your big for our great and mighty God.

In Him,
Amen, sister Cynthia! God is merciful indeed! It is so gratifying to see the call for repentance
starting in Butuan City and Manila, and spreading out across the entire country. You are right that
this repentance must be national, and this prophecy is for the entire country. Bless you, Cynthia,
for all that you are doing there in Manila, and of course also thanks to my dear friend Nyxie for her
selfless and tireless work as well. Also to Randolph, Ruben, Ichthus and all of the others- bless
you brothers and sisters, you are all warriors for Christ.

Please let me know what I can do across this great distance to assist your “hands on” work with
the Filipino people. I will continue to warn and intercede to the level which God empowers me, but
you all are the true warriors who are now taking this prophecy to the next level, which is the level
of the cities, barangays, and streets of your vast country. Bless you and your work, and as you
said, Cynthia, may the eyes of the Filipino people be opened that they may discard their idols and
follow only the one true God.

In Christ Jesus,
May 19 2011 (Vision of Demonic Figure in the Government)
Ms. Cynthia, Yes, I thank the Lord for His grace! You are warriors in prayer. I pray for God to
anoint you with His strength and clothe you with His power. Ms. Cynthia I have long wanted to
share to an intercessor residing in Luzon about this vision I have received during our regional camp
here in Mindanao.


It concerns about Luzon, it was covered with very thick darkness and there was this terrible
demonic figure, very dark, its head was like that of a carabao with very thick horns and with very
red eyes wicked and evil, its body is like that of a very muscular man but with a skin so black
like charcoal and on its right hand was a very long thick black whip that extends and reaches
towards both ends of the breadth and width of the Philippines, its thighs were like that of a goat
with hooves covered with mud.

What terrified me was that it was seated on the seat of the government. Its mouth was full
of mockery and it was whipping the islands all over the Philippines. Islands fade away
everytime the whip hits it. I believe that this concerns about our government now.

Please share this to your intercessors group in Manila for I am very concerned about this for this
affects the whole nation. Your prayer and intercession will be most powerful there as you unite
together in intercession. We will continue to back you up in our dawn prayer here in Butuan! We
are praying for all of you there in Luzon. To Him be all the glory!

In Christ,
19 May 2011 (Sin of Idol Worship)
I have shared with the intercessors in our dawn prayer at 4 o’ clock this morning about your reply
and they were deeply moved by your message especially on what you have said about a “house
built on sand.” It actually echoed the spiritual condition in our city today.

It is May 19, Butuan City is reveling and merrymaking in its “Fiesta” which is as we know a sin
of idolatry cloaked in religion. We really cried out this morning before the Lord to have mercy
for this city, we asked God to give the church clean hands and a pure heart. It crushes the heart
of God to see people in the streets of this city offering sacrifices to dead wooden idols (in the
form of saints) instead of giving true worship to the One True Living God. Right now, the
weather here in Butuan is very gloomy and cold, with dark rain clouds, it reflects the city’s spiritual
condition. One of our intercessors during our intercession this morning saw a vision of a big
dark beastly evil figure hovering above the city like a bull. It troubles my heart, yet this makes
my heart all out to pray for mercy and intercede and just worship the Lord in my room. Lord, have
mercy for this city.. — Randolph

“..It is May 19, Butuan City is reveling and merrymaking in its “Fiesta” which is as we know a
sin of idolatry cloaked in religion. We really cried out this morning before the Lord to have mercy
for this city, we asked God to give the church clean hands and a pure heart. It crushes the heart of
God to see people in the streets of this city offering sacrifices to dead wooden idols (in the form of
saints) instead of giving true worship to the One True Living God..”

Hello Randolph, you are absolutely right! This is what the LORD had impressed upon me.. about
IDOL WORSHIP that provokes the GOD of ISRAEL to anger. I have pending videos & articles
to make about idol worship in this country. But, I want to ask for your help to tell me more about
your city.. most especially the things that you see, that is an abomination in the eyes of God. It
would be very helpful in my pending works.. and I would really appreciate your help. Just please
email me at
We know that God has a reason why He plans to bring this disaster in your city. The LORD had
revealed it to me last March, and it is the next topic in my pending works. But I do believe that the
LORD will not continue to bring this evil in your city. As we are seeing how He has touched many
hearts to repent, fast & pray because of this coming disaster.

However, we still do not know the LORD’s mind.. so we should continue to intercede…
But most important, is that He will allow the Truth of idol worship to be known in this
country. For this nation, is blindly deceived because of ignorance from the tradition that has just
been passed down to us. We should intercede, but we must also tell this nation that what
they are doing is an abomination in the eyes of God.

Just as Moses, told the Israelites their sin.. and he interceded.. ..

So we, who know the truth, should also reveal this sin of idolatry to them..
and intercede at the same time.

I have done a research about your city last March, but it wasn’t the LORD’s timing to reveal it yet.
I would be waiting for your response in my email and looking forward for your help as well.
Thank you very much.

May the LORD’s power manifest through you, giving you courage to witness to others &
boldness to speak the truth about idol worship. Most especially, that your city is currently the
epicenter of this disaster. But still, it is not only for Butuan but for the entire nation. God’s
abundant blessings & peace to you.

With Love in Christ,


PS. It’s interesting that the LORD used Moses as an example.. Moses, who was given the Rod of
God (Exodus 4) Now I remember Cynthia having a vision that the Rod was put inside her pocket.
Could this mean something deeper? Just a thought.
Comment thread can be read at:


Here are just some of what the LORD has revealed to His watchmen in this nation:

- Confirmation of historic earthquake & tsunami coming in Butuan City

- Major sin of idol worship that provokes the God of ISRAEL to anger
- Truth about idol worship to be revealed & brought to light
- Philippine Government (demonic figure in the seat of the government)
- ROD of GOD (to shake & wake this nation, to repent & cast away all their idols)
- Touch more repentant hearts, Call more believers, Send more workers, Great REVIVAL!

- President Aquino to stand with ISRAEL & not to favor in creating a Palestinian state.

Dear Praying Friends,

A devastating tornado hit Missouri? You surely have seen the story at Yahoo News and on
televisions. If not, see the link below. This catastrophe happened shortly after President
Obama's anti-Israel speech. Could this be a coincidence? I don't think so.

I am sharing this with you all because we, the Filipino believers need to intercede not only
for the nation of Israel and the Jewish people, but, for our very own President Noynoy
who will be representing the country in the UN to vote on the issue
of creating a Palestinian state which in effect divides the land of Israel.
The Lord will judge the nations according to how they treat Israel and the Jews. 

Joel 3:2 "I will gather all nations and bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will
enter into judgment against them concerning my inheritance, my people Israel, for they scattered
my people among the nations and divided up my land."

Let's pray that our President will make the right decision so that our nation will not fall under
judgment by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Take into consideration the prophecy of
catastrophic earthquake coming to the Philippines. We surely don't want that to happen, thus,
let's be vigilant in prayer. Share the burden to every Christian you know all around you.
Let's all be God's watchmen for Israel, the Philippines and all the nations of the world.

Sincerely in Christ,

Monday May 23

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