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Mel Sparacino

7625 Colony Lake Drive - Boynton Beach, Florida 33436

561.964.0686 (Home) 561.715.8444 (Cell) -
Executive Vice President IT
20 years of IT experience including 11 years of broad-based management in IT arc
hitecture, design and implementation and support. Strategically utilize technol
ogy in alignment with goals set and maintain these goals within a cost associate
d budget. Continue to manage and improve SLA's and mange ways to reduce cost.
Strategically plan projects with cost association, manage teams that are high pe
rformers and continue to find ways for them to strive, and use best practices fo
r projects such as ITIL and Six Sigma. Proven areas of expertise include the fo
llowing, but are not limited to:
* Strategic and Business Planning VoIP Budget Maintenance
* Contract / Vendor Negotiations Manage Costs Project Management
* Large Scale Deployments Facilities Management System Architecture
* Data Center Management Team Building Employee Retention
Professional Experience
Executive Vice President Information Technology 2004 - Present
Medical Staffing Network - Boca Raton, Florida
Provider of temporary Health Care Staffing
Reporting to the President / CFO, challenged to improve productivity and reduce
costs through improved methods of technology. Utilize the ITIL and Six Sigma me
thodology to help guide with help from the department managers to document and g
ather requirements for system workflows.
Developed and manage a $4M budget. Continue to align the IT team with all busin
ess units to become experts in the field and to help improve quality and respons
iveness in support of 1500 to 2000 support issues per month. Help lead and dire
ct architectural direction strategies promoting VB, development in a SQL
2005 environment.
Developed and implemented a BCP / Disaster Recovery plan that would help MSN man
age to any type of disaster across the US with issues like Fire, Tornadoes, Hurr
icanes and etc. This plan was a regulation and requirement of the HIPPA regulat
ions and part of the 404 requirements for Sarbane-Oxley. BCP includes a fully t
echnically engineered data center in Atlanta in an N+2 building.
Continue being instrumental in helping to continue to grow the business through
state of the art technology. Continue to increase department performance while
reducing cost and increasing the companies technology ROI. Part of this has bee
n through the implementation of 100 branch private IP network with a single exte
rnal carrier that holds core redundancy to increase performance and reduce cost,
and creating a virtualized call center within our corporate offices. General r
esponsibilities include ensuring internal branch "customers" satisfaction on all
IT initiatives with development of maintenance and budgets.

Notable accomplishments include the following:

* Manage 40 people spread across the US consisting of Developers, engineers, and
support people.
* Successful return of an outsourced operation that was in India without error o
r downtime to streamline processes and reduce cost.
* Implemented 2 "Web" based centralized applications to eliminate the need for a
"server" in every location.
* Manage multiple Data Centers to support the MSN business. Primary location is
in Atlanta for BCP purposes and the secondary is in Boca Raton Florida.
* Eliminated thick client by going to a Citrix based environment as well as a Wi
ndows based Terminal Service environment.
* Reduced staff by 15% while continuing to support increased business requiremen
* Centralized payroll functionality of centralized application across the US to
our Boca Raton facility
* Increased first call resolution to 88% from 62% and increased customer satisfa
ction from 41% to 92%.
Manager International E-Commerce 2001 - 2004
Office Depot
Provider of business supplies
Reporting to the Director of E-Commerce, primary responsibilities were to manage
web site enhancements by working with internal MIS teams and vendors to develop
site design with enhanced security, data architecture, system flow, workflow pr
ocesses and maintenance procedures. Managed to a staff of developers who strive
d on detail oriented assignments and multiple project plans.
The continued strive on new technology by utilizing state of the art equipment a
cross these multiple countries with a higher return was something that OD always
utilized as a platform for success.

Notable accomplishments include the following:

* Manage ongoing enhancements for Corporate International Websites generating $8
00 million of the $3.2 Billion in annual revenue.
* Managed an international staff of 30 people across 6 countries and 40 client s
ervers including 3 IBM AS/400 back office devices.
* Implemented multiple international web site migrations and upgrades to include
a secure hosting environment.
* Guided the migration of web sites from IIS over to IBM Apache and Websphere us
ing Linux and Solaris.
* Guided the successful implementation of Akamai image caching for all the inter
national sites across 6 countries.

Chief Technology Officer 1998 - 2001

Home Source Capital Mortgage
Provider of Home Mortgage Loans
As Chief Technology Officer, I reported directly to the CEO with primary respons
ibilities to create a manageable call center environment utilizing technology to
streamline processes and ensure that all HSC customers were handled in a timely
manner without having to wait on a CSR. Developed and maintained a $4M budget
utilizing the newest tools for the mortgage industry. Help expand the business
by increasing the call center to a 200 person environment with backup strategies
to ensure no loss of data.

Notable accomplishments include the following:

* Managed a staff of 9 people including DBA's, Business Analysts, Help Desk and
other IT personnel.
* Helped establish an annual operating budget of $4M to support 250 users across
the US in 3 offices.
* Developed and implemented a Disaster Recovery plan that would help HSC manage
to any type of disaster across the US by using a real time replication to a data
center that was equipped with N+ 1 operational area.
* Guided the development of a Windows NT / Oracle environment including Windows
2000 strategies.
* Managed a complete cable restructure to get the call center to a category 5 pl
atform and have the ability to use technology within the call center using newer
, stronger telecom equipment.
EDUCATION ______________________________________________________________________
Suffolk Community College
Six Sigma Certification Black Belt 2007