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Professional Profile:

A qualified Electrical Engineer with more than 4 years experience in Telec

ommunications. Very good Knowledge of Ericsson Equipment specifically Ericsson I
ntelligent Network CS3.0/CS4.0.Good exposure and interaction with other nodes li
ke MSC,HLR,OSS,SGSN together with other vendors like HP and Tekelec.System Suppo
rt, Troubleshooting, Managed services, Operation&Maintenace, Implementation, Sys
tem Integration, Verification and Testing.GSM and prepaid experience.MS in Elect
rical Engineering (Halmstad, Sweden) with focus on Wireless Communications.
Personal Information
o Nationality USA
o DOB 4th November 1977
o Gender Male
o Marital Status Single
* University of Halmstad Halmstad,Sweden
Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering, February 200
Major in Telecommunications, Thesis: Collaborative Vehicles for Increased Traffi
c Safety
* University of Khartoum Khartoum, Sudan
B.S.C in Electrical Engineering June 2002
Major in Telecommunications, Thesis: Network Programming using Java (Chat room d
English (fluent), Arabic (native), Urdu (fluent), Italian (good), F
rench (basic), Spanish (good)
Technical Highlights:
* GSM Knowledge
* Strong hands on and knowledge of Ericsson IN/CS3.0&CS4.0 nodes
* Very good knowledge of Telecom Server Platform(TSP),CCN ,and PSL
* Good knowledge of SS7 ,SIGTRAN, LDAP, INAP, CAP ,and DIAMETER protocols
* Performing O&M tasks, health checks, monitoring alarms, and doing preventive m
* Performing System Installation, Configuration, and Integration.
* General: Win 95/98/2000/XP/2003,Unix,Solaris
* Databases: Oracle,SQL
* Networking:TCP/IP,CCNA Preparation
* Programming Skills: C++, Shell scripting.
* Others: MS Office, Matlab
Professional Experience:
Charging Engineer, ERICSSON Caribbean Inc, Puerto Rico, USA
o Operation &Maintenance , troubleshooting and support for Ericsson CS3.0 & CS4
.0 nodes
o Dealing with mediation and DWS (HP) billing problems.
o Acceptance test for CS4.0
o Integration of CS with 3PPs.
o CSR handling
o Tariff & SC creation and handling
o Business configuration
Services Engineer, ERICSSON AB, Branch Office Sudan
o Troubleshooting, Support, and Operation &Maintenance for Ericsson IN/CS3.0 nod
o Handling CSRs and emergencies
o Preparing implementation binders, DIG reports ,and MOPs for activities
o Performing software upgrades for the nodes; installation of EC's, patches and
when required maintaining the servers and attaining the faults and change reques
o Working with Tariff structures and promotion plans, Service class creation, an
d Subscriber Administration.
o Capturing, decoding and analyzing applications' traces and SS7 trace.
o Implementation of new features like community charging and Family and Friends
o Decoding and analyzing CDRs.
o Replacing and repairing malfunctioning hardware
o Installation, Configuration, and Integration of new charging nodes.
o Integration of Core Network nodes with the charging system e.g. MSC integratio
n with PSL, SDP, CCN and HLR integration with SDP as well as integration with OS
o Performed Acceptance tests with customer
o Provided Onsite Customer Training
o File Systems Maintenance and carrying backup procedures for nodes
o CS3.0 migration project ,March 2007
* The project involved the migration from a Non-Ericsson in-house developed solu
tion system to Ericsson IN
o Currency change project in CS3.0, June2007
* The project required changing the currency in all charging nodes. Tariffs, Thr
esholds and limits linked to currency were changed also according to the currenc
y exchange provided. Due to its sensitivity, the task was carried in two phases.
First there was the verification phase on the lab environment of GSDC Australia
and second there was the direct implementation on the customer network.
o Prepaid Roaming project, September 2007
* The project implemented CAPv2 feature to enable prepaid roaming for voice serv
o Multihoming Project, November 2007
* Implementing Multihoming for the SDPs for redundancy issues
o Real Time Charging for All(RTCfA) project ,January 2008
* The project involved several phases first step being the installation and inte
gration of a new CCN 5.1 node that has got functionality of real time charging w
ith CS1+ for voice and SMS as well as Camel Ph1 and Camel Ph2.Then the migration
of two PSL nodes into CCN.The next phase was to use ERTC protocol.
o CCN Installation and Integration project , GSDC Sweden, Container based soluti
ons center,Katrineholm ,Sweden, 05-06/08- Juba, South Sudan,09-12/08
* The project involved complete installation and integration for two CCN 5.1 min
i nodes included in the CP6 container solution for Vivacell (NOW Sudan) for Juba
South Sudan. The first phase of the project, the installation and part of the i
ntegration was carried in Sweden at Ericsson main containers' center .The second
phase was completed on-site at Juba including finishing the integration with al
l nodes ,doing the acceptance ,loading the upgrade ICPs and then supporting the
CCN as well as the other charging nodes. This included:
* Integration with MPBN through SIGTRAN
* Configuring voice real time charging based on CAPv2
* Configuring SMS real time charging based on CAPv3
* Integration with SGSN to configure GPRS real time charging based on Camel Phas
e 3
* Configuring content and event real time charging based on SCAP/Diameter.
* Integration with Ericsson Multi Mediation (EMM) for CDRs processing.
o SDP installation and integration project, November 2008
* Installing SFV480 hardware, installing Solaris OS, RSC, SDP software, Sun MC a
gent, support tools etc and integrating it with other nodes
o Performed some leadership roles in the organization like acting SDM and acting
CNS at certain periods
Research Intern, Volvo Technology Corporation (VTEC), Gothenburg, Sweden
o Carried research within the Transport, Information, and Communications Dept in
the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). The outcome of this rese
arch was an important report that provided a wireless strategy for future Telema
tics applications included in the EU projects (CVIS, PReVENT, SAFESPOT) time spa
nned 2006-2010. Parts of this report were published as a paper on the 15th World
Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems in NY, USA, November 2008.
Network Engineer, Professionals Computer Company, Khartoum, Sudan
o Installed ,configured, and supported customers' computer networks
ITS Scholarship Award for the best Master's thesis in the field of Intelligent T
ransportation Systems by Triona AB and WSP Sverige AB in Sweden
Technical Training:
o TSP Troubshooting1,Stockholm,Sweden,06/08
o TSP Troubleshooting 2,SS7 and NetRed,Stockholm,Sweden,06;/08
o Charging Control Node(CCN) Installation and Configuration,GSDC Sweden,Karlskro
o Delta Tariff Handling,Ericsson Education Ireland, Dublin, 04/07
o MINSAT Customer Care,Ericsson Education Ireland, Dublin,04/07
o Charging System 3.0 Overview,Ericsson Education Ireland, Dublin,04/07
o Charging System 3.0 administration workshop,Ericsson Education Ireland, Dublin
o TSP Operation and Maintenance,Ericsson Education Ireland, Dublin,01/07
o CCN Operation,Ericsson Education Ireland, Dublin,01/07
o GSM Signaling in the Core Network,Ericsson, Khartoum, 12/06
o Digital Design and Microprocessors Applications,IDDC, Cairo 06/01
o Electronic Circuits Design and Programmable Logic Controllers,IDDC, Cairo,06/0
Other Training:
o Customer Care Professionalism,Ericsson,Khartoum,05/07
o Customer Care,Ericsson,Khartoum,09/08
Professional Affiliations:
o Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) member
o Telematics Valley
o Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE) member
o Cofounder and vice-chairman of IEEE Branch at University of Khartoum
07/01 - 01/02
o Founder and chairman of SSEEE (Students Society of Electrical and Electronics
Engineering) at the University of Khartoum 01/02 - 12/03