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Muhammad Yousaf

603 Causley Avenue, Apt 45, Arlington, TX, 76010

Phone: (425)922-5112 Email:
A graduate student perusing a Master's Degree in Computer Science and Engineerin
g and possess 1+ years of experience with a variety of programming including bot
h Desktop, Robot programming and System programming and well versed with Softwar
e Development Life Cycle process and Software Testing methodologies
University of Texas at Arlington 2009-2010
Masters in Computer Science
CGPA 3.889/4.0
National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST-NU) 2003
Bachelor of Science (Honors), Computer Science
CS-GPA 3.38/4.0
Work Experience
Dell: (Austin, USA) 2010
Position: Software Engineer, Intern
Project: Dell BIOS Utility Library for Linux
* Implementing an library with Linux low level operations
* I/O Port Calls: Read and write data to an (Indexed)I/O port
* Memory Mapped I/O: Read and write data directly from a flat address to a buffe
* SMI Calls: Initiate a SMI using a byte/word/dword I/O command
* Contiguous Memory Calls: Allocate, read, write and free contiguous memory
Techlogix Private Limited: (Lahore, Pakistan) 2008
Position: Software Engineer
Project: Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) project for Mobilink:
* Analyzing requirements and creating business processes as per requirements inv
olving most of the palettes mainly related to database transactions, http/Soap r
equest, JMS request/response, filing etc
* Deployed business processes and controlled their execution using Administrator
* Controlled load balancing on server using Administrator tool
Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS): (Lahore, Pakistan) 2008
Position: Research Assistant
Project: Robotics Imitation using Shared Circuit Architecture and Hierarchical C
* Interfacing of learning model for sequential data for training and testing
* Implemented an API for Bioloid and Trilobot to control its actuators in real-t
ime while reading its values simultaneously
* Research Assistant at Vision Machine Learning Lab
University of Texas at Arlington 2010
* Teacher's Assistant of Programming for Engineers and Scientists
University of Texas at Arlington 2009
* Teacher's Assistant of Computer Network's
National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences 2007
* Fire Detecting Robot (
Role: Team Lead
Came up with a creative design for the robot and implemented an algorithm that w
ill make robot wander around while avoid hitting any obstacle. It is also intell
igent enough not to get stuck in tight paths and also finds a way out of closed
loops. It will stop and sound an alarm when it will detect the bomb spot
* Cleaning Robot (
Role: Team Lead
Initially, trained a robot on some specific color of a block. Then, implemented
an algorithm that will make the robot wander around in search of that block whil
e avoid hitting the obstacles. When it will find one, it will move towards it, p
ick it up using its gripper and bring it back to its start position
* Bug Management Database using Design Patterns
Role: Team Lead
Using test driven development and pair programming, we designed and implemented
the project using design patterns. We used JUnit to test the java implementatio
n and HttpUnit to test the web interface
* Data Access Layer Manager Design Using Design Patterns
Role: Team Lead
Designed and implemented Data Access Layer Manager using Design Patterns while c
onsidering its required functionalities and maintenance issues
* Online Advising Simulation using RPC and Message Queuing
Simulated an online advising system similar to student registering for classes u
sing RPC on Linux server through message queuing server
Technical Skills:
Language C++, C, C#, Java, JUnit, HttpUnit
Software Visual Studio .NET, NetBean, Eclipse, Matlab
Database MySQL, SQL Server
Operating System Windows, Linux (Ubuntu)
Other Skills UML, Object Oriented Design and Analysis, Software Testing techniqu
es and methodologies
* Recipient of Deputy TechNext Softec award. 2006
* Recipient of "Best student of the School, 1999" 1999
Creating applications using different programming language, Running, Tr
avel, Cooking