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Tapping the power of E-learning

Affordable, self-learning kits from Emblitz teach you Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems Design from scratch

For the past decade, India has been a hotbed of activity in Embedded Systems design, with many multi-national companies setting up their Research & Development centres in the country. Huge career opportunities were thus presented to students and professionals, who needed to learn and improve their knowledge of Microcontroller programming and their applications. Keeping this in mind, a group of young professionals, who had already carved a niche for themselves in the industry, decided to group together and created Emblitz, one of the leading brands in Embedded Development Starter kits and Development Boards in India. Emblitz also started providing classroom courses from its training facility in Bangalore, India and providing corporate training sessions for major companies at their premises. Since then, Emblitz has been training hundreds of students and professionals in various disciplines of Embedded Systems Design.

The explosion of the internet and the increasing affordability of computers and accessories gave birth to the concept of E-learning. This new medium of instruction has introduced the joy in learning through its highly innovative and interactive, self-paced nature and has been enthusiastically absorbed by instructors and students alike. Learning has always been more effective when it happens in a familiar ambience, especially at one’s own home. E-learning liberates learners from the shackles of geographical distance, discriminations and inhibitions. It also proves to be cost-effective for students from other cities, who can avoid travelling and living expenses.

To reach out to students and microcontroller enthusiasts from other cities, Emblitz started a unique E-learning programme, the Emblitz Varsity Associate Program (EVAT) in Embedded Systems Design. The course content is structured to learn Embedded Systems from scratch and presented in CDs and DVDs as classroom video sessions. It is supplemented with a course guide, reference books, a hardware kit with example programs and project ideas. Using these, anyone can master microcontroller programming at his own pace, though it is designed to be completed in approximately 70 hours. Many students and hobbyists from all over the world have procured this very affordable, self-learning kit and have benefited from its well-documented contents, which is presented in easy to understand lectures and demonstrations in English.

Following a huge demand from students to cater to other disciplines in Embedded Systems, Emblitz introduced a second EVAT course in VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) Design. This training course consists of 8 modules starting with the basics. The training is based on FPGA design using Xilinx Spartan 3E and programming using Verilog. Through carefully documented video sessions, reference books and instructional materials, the student is guided step-by-step from the basics to the advanced concepts and finally an 8-bit Picoblaze microprocessor is implemented using an FPGA. The necessary hardware and programs also form part of the kit.

ARM(Advanced RISC Machine) is now the one of the most popular architectures in Embedded Systems. Introduced by Acorn Computers, ARM has found its way into several SoC’s made by leading semiconductor companies around the world. There was a huge demand from students to provide a similar training course for ARM and so Emblitz introduced a third EVAT course, the ARM Online crash course. This training programme is designed in such a way that even students and professionals having minimal basic electronic knowledge can master ARM architecture and programming concepts in less than a week’s time. The course content is spread over 19 CDs with video classroom sessions, reference books, and example programs. An ARM kit, complete with an ARM7 development board, JTAG Wiggler and other accessories along with the required software form part of the kit and it is also supported with exhaustive documentation.

The special feature of the Emblitz EVAT programme is that the course content is developed by experts who have years of hands-on working experience in Embedded design and having a great reputation in Embedded systems’ training. Emblitz boasts of a team of expert engineers who are very knowledgeable, competent and experienced , who are available for live support over skype and email to students to assist any kind of enquiries and doubts that may come up while the student is pursuing the EVAT course. This facility, coupled with the advantage of learning from home at one’s own pace has attracted hundreds of students and hobbyists from all over the world to register for the courses and their testimonials demonstrate the effectiveness of the EVAT programme.

Emblitz also provides Evaluation Boards, Starter kits and development tools for various microcontrollers, microprocessors and their derivatives. Emblitz has also developed a Hard Real Time Operating System called Avxi, exclusively meant for small and medium-scale embedded applications. There are many future plans on the anvil as Embedded Technology is set to evolve by leaps and bounds in the days to come.

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