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George M.

Business: 904-282-2225 778 Mosswood Chase Home: 904-291-7742
E-mail: Orange Park, Fl 32065 Cell: 904-334-2465


Business Development * Project Development *
Strategic Planning * Capital Expenditure & Asset Planning * Operational Analysi
s/Process Improvement
15 years of success delivering outstanding revenue growth, operational and cost
efficiency, marketplace positioning, and , start-up, high growth, and financiall
y or operationally challenged organizations. Skilled in operational and manageme
nt of domestic operations, up to $20M. Intelligent and articulate speaker, team
builder, change catalyst, and crisis manager who readily builds trust among all
internal and external stakeholders, including vendors, customers.. Extensive exp
osure to challenging business environments is complemented by years of experienc
e focused on organizational development and special abilities to identify "next
level" and chart course to propel organizations there. Very respected by peers,
has a winning can-do attitude and strong leadership, very effective in communic
ating,organizing and getting a positive result.

Representative Highlights
* Tapped market opportunity to build company from inception, grow revenues to $
10M+, and profitable in less than a year..
* Delivered industry-leading safety performance improvement placing company in w
orld-class category.
* Led acquisition, restructuring,negotiation and relocation to a bigger facilit
y to accompany new growth.

Tecta America. 2006- Present
President, Jacksonville, Fl (2006 - Present)
Developed and set course that took an office with loss and grew it into
a $7M+ business. Leadership in all Key aspects of Management while growing cus
tomer base and revenue. 2M+ was accomplished in the first 6 months.
* Implemented a program that upgraded and enforced exsisting policies and improv
ed operational efficeiency through heightened employee accountability and evalua
tion of personnel.
* Conducted ongoing operational review and analysis and executed strategies that
took processing efficiency to a new level.
* Enhanced safety program to yield company safety record of 238 days without rec
ordable injury group-wide, with 50%+ Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) impro
vement per year .
* Maintained facility and Fleet to comply with OSHA requirements
* Oversaw all contracts and negotiations to increase profit margin and prevent
loss of revenue.
Director of Operations - A.W. Farrell Co. , Suwanee, Ga (2004 - 2006)
Selected due to proven operations management ability to establish new office as
part of company-wide reorganization. Reporting directly to Owner, led team of 6
Market Area Managers and 8 indirect reports in replacing corporate framework wit
h new group organizational and management structure.$8M operating.
* Optimized growth in sales and profit within the branch location through acti
ve and energetic development of customer
relationships as well as aggressive leadership of all branch activities and empl
* Monitored financial and accounting performance of the branch and responded app
ropriately in areas such as expense/receivable and recommended necessary budget
* Conferred with customers and employees to evaluate and promote improved operat
ions service with in it's service area.
* Maintained outstanding commit to safety and worked with department managers to
go accident free for 288 days.
* Partcipated in regular meetings with owner to execute plans and business oppo
rtunities as conditions appeared.
Managing Supervisor - Centimark, Duluth, Ga (1997 - 2004)
Managed 15 employees making sure they stayed with in the budgets of each project
, Responsible for recruitment, hiring, assessment, training of new operational s
* Devised operating plan enabling delivery of product at lowest possible cost, t
o overcome inherent flaws in financial structure of existing contracts that thre
atened success of 3 projects.
* Coordinated warehouse to make sure the correct items were delivered to the opp
ropriate customers on time and with in the specified budget of the project.
* Broke record for billing the most in one month and having the best customer s
ervice for anyemployee
* Worked with Sales to win early renewal of key contract generating $2M in annua
l revenues.


Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, University of Phoenix 2010-
Associates Degree in IT/Networking University of Phoenix 2008-2010
A+ Certification

Currently working on a 70 chevelle, I have done all the body work paying attent
ion to detail and making sure all of the body parts line up to match. I have don
e some custom interior and exterior work. I have installed automatic ignition sy
stem and alarm system. I really enjoy the fine details of this project and am cl
ose to finishing.
Volunteered at the Gainesville Racetrack to promote awareness to the importance
of recycling and the impact it has on our future.
Volunteered at the local high school mentoring students on the importance of sta
ying in school and going to college or technical school.
Volunteered at the neighborhood athlectic association to coach youth basketball.
I am interested in classic car customization, helping our local community in rec
ycle awareness, I am very passionate about all aspects of life from my family to
my community and my work.