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Joni has been a practicing astrologer and

teacher for over 30 years, and founder of the “Galactic Center” in Dallas. She has been an online Vedic Instructor for the Online College, for the American College of Vedic Astrology’s Online program, is a faculty member for ACVA (American Council of Vedic Astrology), and served as the executive secretary for CVA (Council of Vedic Astrology), where she published and distributed the International CVA Journal. As a writer, she has published three books and many articles and research in Vedic astrology. Her book Eastern Astrology for Western Minds is a complete manual of Vedic astrology. Joni has organized international symposiums and is often a keynote speaker for national and international conferences. She has been on national television and radio programs as an authority on both Western and Vedic astrology. Her clientele includes the Who’s Who of America, including Hollywood celebrities. Her web site,, has a good deal of information for all students of astrology. She can be contacted at

The Royal Wedding of Prince William & Kate Middleton

By Joni Patry, USA

T he royal wedding has the media and public mesmerized by the fairy tale idea of a commoner

becoming a queen. Everyone wants to believe in fairy tales and living happily ever after. I believe this is a part of the intrigue of this royal wedding. If you believe in fairy tales read my Spiritual Insights, for my story of a real life fairy tale.

Kate Middleton’s Chart

Since we do not have a time of birth for Kate Middleton in Vedic astrology we use the Moon as the ascendant. The Moon was in Gemini the entire day she was born so we will take the Moon at mid-day and make it her ascendant. This is called Chandra lagna (Moon ascendant). In India the transits are always viewed from the Moon because this gives us an idea of what a person is feeling. Kate Middleton’s chart is not as easy as you might expect.

This places the Moon, Sun, Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Saturn in angles. Planets in the

angles produce a powerful position in life with changing events. She is young, beautiful and in love, marrying a prince. Sounds pretty ideal, but her chart tells a different story.

In this chart she has Saturn and Mars in Virgo in her 4th house of home, residence, mother and security. Neither of these planets gives a sense of security. She never really knows where she stands because there was no real affection given in her early life. Her parents worked and could not have been around much in the early years (both parents were flight attendants for British Airways). Mars and Saturn in the sign Virgo in the 4th house represent criticism from the mother with passive aggressive behavior. Living with the royal family she will be expected to be stoic, and strong without emotion. This indicates a cold and detached emotional environment at home.

be expected to be stoic, and strong without emotion. This indicates a cold and detached emotional
be expected to be stoic, and strong without emotion. This indicates a cold and detached emotional

Jupiter in her 5th house gives a creative mind with grace and poise in the sign Libra. It does indicate children but as Jupiter is the karaka for children it can actually limit and disrupt the area around children in this house. Kate is expected to have children to carry on this royal legacy. This is a very serious responsibility to fill and will weigh heavy on her for her chart does indicate difficulty in this area mainly because Venus rules the 5th house of children and it is in the 8th house of obstacles and death. This could mean she has problems having the children. Venus is retrograde which could indicate delays in having them. Kate is a very complex individual with profound and deep thoughts. She will feel isolated with no one to share her emotional feelings.

The paparazzi will hound and hunt them which may be exciting at first but will get very old and confining in the end. The lack of freedom will wear on their relationship.

Kate’s parents have a hard path to follow from her chart. Ketu is with the Sun, and the Moon is with Rahu. This means she was born on a lunar eclipse. The Sun and Moon symbolize the father (Sun) and mother (Moon) representing the parents. The father is withdrawn and the mother is very emotional and all consuming. There is an addictive quality to the parents. Since the Moon symbolizes our mind and emotions this means Kate can be very emotional with extreme responses to events in her life. The Sun with Ketu can give a lack of self esteem which is attributed to the relationship she had with her father. This usually reflects further in the married life, for she feels a certain amount of inadequacy in herself through her marriage. Ketu with the Sun represents a partner who is gone a lot and has difficulty in self expression and communications. Her husband, the prince, will become more detached in their relationship over time.

Her Mercury and Venus in her 8th house indicate her mystery and intrigue, for the 8th house represents charisma. She will fascinate the public for years to come. But she will have great difficulty dealing with the fame and notoriety. She has a fascination for the past and does have hidden fears concerning her past. This involves her family of origin, for Saturn ruler of the 8th house is in the 4th house, and Mercury rules the 4th house and Saturn rules the 8th house. Mercury and Saturn are in each other’s signs, Mercury in Capricorn and Saturn in Virgo, they are in mutual reception. This empowers and connects these two planets and their house placements.

When there are planets in the 8th house this represents the spouse’s money for it is the 2nd house from the 7th house. Powerful planets here usually represent a wealthy partner. As Kate has both Mercury and Venus here, her spouse is very wealthy. But the 8th house is also the house of power and control, and many times the spouse will hold a certain amount of control through money and power over the partner with powerful planets here.

Kate Middleton has enormous expectations in her life from others, and her destiny is a very stressful and difficult path to follow. She has a T-square with her Moon opposed the Sun with Rahu and Ketu (lunar eclipse) and the Saturn and Mars square the Sun and Moon.

Venus rules the love received and given in a lifetime. Her Venus is retrograde meaning she never really gets the love and attention she desires or feels she needs.

Kate’s and William’s charts are strikingly alike! You may think at first glance you are seeing the same chart. Right after Kate’s birth Mars and Saturn turned retrograde then turned direct right before William’s birth so they have them both in the same sign, Virgo. And they both have Jupiter in the same sign Libra. They are born about six months apart so their Suns are in opposition, she was born on a full moon lunar eclipse, and he was born at the new moon solar eclipse. This is extremely significant, and now during the beginning of their life together they marry when there are solar and lunar eclipses on their Sun and Moon this year. There are no coincidences as eclipses are a powerful indication of fate and destiny.

Prince William’s Chart

indication of fate and destiny. Prince William’s Chart N ow let’s look at Prince William’s chart

N ow let’s look at Prince William’s chart which reveals he has a definite destiny being born on a solar eclipse. This is a very intriguing solar eclipse, for those who have studied eclipse patterns know this eclipse is the very ending eclipse

of a Saros Series. This represents the end of a cycle. This is very symbolic and rare. Many believed at the time when Diana had him this represented the end of the

Monarchy, but it was also symbolic of the ending of his mother’s life and the divorce between his parents, which was unheard of prior to this event.

Prince William has the Solar Eclipse (Sun, Moon, Rahu) in his 7th house of marriage

Prince William has the Solar Eclipse (Sun, Moon, Rahu) in his 7th house of marriage indicating a very powerful woman with whom he marries. Because the Moon represents the mother, he will marry a woman who does remind him of his mother. But also like his mother, Kate will cause much disruption and change amongst the royal family. Actually, with Rahu in the 7th house he will begin to feel invisible because Rahu demands attention, and the 7th house is his spouse. Ketu in the 1st house produces an air of mystery and makes one invisible to others. Obviously, this means the attention will surround Kate and not him. Kate will be the darling of the people just like Diana because the people feel they can relate to her coming from an ordinary background. It is that fairy tale people love to identify with.

Jupiter’s trine to his Sun and Moon (exact degree to Sun) gives confidence, and because the Sun is the karaka of the father and rules the 9th house of the father, he honors and respects his father who gives him his position as royalty.

His Moon and Sun in Gemini gives him great communication skills and a good sense of humor, which Kate shares with her Moon in Gemini. But William’s Moon is in the nakshatra Ardra in which the symbol is a tear drop. The Moon in Ardra brings sadness especially around the mother since the Moon represents the mother in a chart, and the Moon rules the 8th house of death indicating the sadness around his mother and her untimely death. Kate’s Moon in Gemini is in Punarvasu, it means the “return of the light.” Where Ardra symbolizes the winds and rains of a storm, Rudra the storm god rules Ardra, and Punarvasu is the nakshatra that follows Ardra just as the sunny day follows the most intense storms, the return of the light. William has had an intense emotional storm in his life and Kate has a sunny personality that brings cheer to his life. But because he does have his Moon in Ardra in his 7th house of marriage his wife will bear the storms as well in their life together.

Mars and Saturn in Virgo in the 10th house of career and social standing will put the Prince in a very powerful and difficult situation. The public will view him as overly scrutinizing, critical and bit of a tyrant.

The Prince’s Saturn is Stationary Direct meaning that Saturn was turning from retrograde to direct at the time of his birth. This means his Saturn is an immensely powerful planet and the qualities of Saturn will be extremely pronounced throughout his life. Saturn rules discipline, order, focus, endings, fear and death. His life experience has been one of loss due to his parent’s divorce and his mother’s death. The thing he will never escape (the media) he blames for his mother’s loss. He will grow in fear of the media as the years progress. The problems will manifest around his children. His Mars which rules children is conjunct his Saturn indicating a fear and obstruction around children in his life.

The Prince as well as Kate will have an extremely challenging life together in the microscope of public scrutiny. Their charts are very compatible. They are well suited for each other, but their position in the public eye will be challenging and extraordinarily hard.

Both Prince William and Kate are going through their Saturn return meaning transiting Saturn is conjoining their natal Saturn. This means it is time to grow up and be responsible in the real world. Their life is about to change in a very serious way. They will have responsibilities and expectations as they take their positions.

The world has become a very dangerous place and the royal couple does need a great deal of protection during this much celebrated event. As beautiful and exciting as a wedding may be, it is also very stressful and this can be seen from both of their charts, with the transits of Mars and Saturn aspecting both of their natal Mars and Saturn in Virgo. Transiting Mars in Pisces is opposed transiting Saturn in Virgo. Transiting Jupiter is aspecting their Mars and Saturn as well giving them the protection they need.

Transiting Saturn will station on Kate’s and William’s natal Mars this summer, then late summer square Kate’s Moon. This can indicate an emotional loss. There may be a problem for them both around the issue of children. Transiting Jupiter will be in Prince William’s 5th house of children. As transiting Jupiter also aspects his natal Jupiter, karaka for children in June, conception for children becomes very strong. Kate may feel forced into her new role to bear children, while Saturn squares her natal Moon.

Wedding Chart

T he wedding chart is one of purpose, teaching and leadership. Most of the contents for this chart are in the 9th house (Moon, Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter). It is a chart for high-minded nobility. Of course this doesn’t

say too much for love and romance but as the honeymoon wears off the royal couple will

begin their roles to represent the next coming generation in the Royal Parliament. They will be active in implementing positive change and serve and give as they are expected in their powerful roles.

serve and give as they are expected in their powerful roles. They are to become servants
serve and give as they are expected in their powerful roles. They are to become servants

They are to become servants of their country. Saturn is the planet that rules the 7th house of marriage and receives the aspects of all the planets in the 9th house. Venus the karaka of love and marriage is exalted in the sign of Pisces in the 9th house, but is stifled by the aspect of Saturn. This represents the confines, restrictions and responsibilities of this marriage.

The Sun is exalted in the 10th house of social standing representing power and status. But all the more this chart of marriage looks more like the chart for a king to take power and rulership. It indicates growth through learning and higher education. Education will be

one of the royal couple’s highest quests to empower knowledge in the world in their ruling days.

Mars is the planet that rules the 5th house of children in this chart and is conjunct Jupiter, a great indicator for children in this marriage. They will focus on education through the activities of their children, funding money and wealth to universities and colleges, for the 9th house represents higher educational institutions.

As to love and romance, duty will be of more value and importance in this chart, but I do appreciate Venus in its exaltation sign, and they actually chose a Friday to marry. Friday is the best day to marry for it is the day of the week ruled by Venus the planet of love.

It appears Prince William and Kate Middleton were destined to be together to fulfill a certain fate and destiny. As the public eye projects their fairy tale image on to them, they will live their life under the magnifying camera lens giving us the show of our life.

fairy tale image on to them, they will live their life under the magnifying camera lens