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J oni has been a practicing astrologer and

teacher for over 30 years, and founder of the “Galactic Center” in Dallas. She has been an online Vedic Instructor for the Online College, for the American College of Vedic Astrology’s Online program, is a faculty member for ACVA (American Council of Vedic Astrology), and served as the executive secretary for CVA (Council of Vedic Astrology), where she published and distributed the International CVA Journal. As a writer, she has published three books and many articles and research in Vedic astrology. Her book Eastern Astrology for Western Minds is a complete manual of Vedic astrology. Joni has organized international symposiums and is often a keynote speaker for national and international conferences. She has been on national television and radio programs as an authority on both Western and Vedic astrology. Her clientele includes the Who’s Who of America, including Hollywood celebrities. Her web site,, has a good deal of information for all students of astrology. She can be contacted at

Astrological Views on World News

May 2011 By Joni Patry, USA.

M ay is definitely a turning point astrologically. Finally Mars and the Sun are

beginning to separate from being in the same sign for the last four months. The heat and anger of Mars with the Sun has caused the social uprising and rebellion against the governments that controlled and limited the people of many nations around the world. Everyone seems to be angry about something.

May 8th Jupiter will enter into Aries where it will remain for a year. The entire temperament of the world will begin to be more progressive. The setbacks and delays that have angered and upset the world are changing and forward movement in all affairs brings completion and a sense of accomplishment.

April 11th is a very fortunate day for all three benefics Jupiter, Venus and Mercury will conjunct at 0 degrees of Aries. This creates Saraswati yoga when all three benefics are together. Saraswati yoga represents learning and art, for Saraswati was the goddess of wisdom, learning and the arts. Which means there

will a new interest in the areas of the arts. There will be an opening to the mind which can open awareness and consciousness. It seems there has been ignorance prevailing throughout this dark period of economic crises and magnified fear. Fear will block creativity and forward movement in ideas and progress.

Although Aries is the sign which begins the zodiac representing new beginnings it is still at the eve and many new beginnings can have false starts when one is impulsive and impatient. Aries are known to begin and not complete projects due to over excitement and zeal that fizzles out before the end.

Recovery time with the economy doesn’t come easy when Jupiter is in Aries forming a 6/8 relationship (quincunx) with Saturn. The 6/8 relationship will be in effect till Saturn moves into Libra around next November which will shift to a balancing period in the economy.

As the planets (Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus) revert into Aries with the Sun, the sign of new beginnings, there will a shift of energy. The planet of practicality Saturn is still not in a good place with the planets in Aries. This seems to create a place of incompleteness.

Rahu and Ketu will change signs May 2 nd where they will remain for the next 18 months. Rahu moves into Scorpio and Ketu into Taurus. This shift of energy will put the focus on money and finances even more than before. Taurus is the sign of banks and money while Scorpio rules power and big money.

The change of planetary signs give hope in the right direction, but it is going to take patience and persistence to get to a better place. This will occur when Saturn shifts to a sign that positively aspects Jupiter. When Saturn shifts to Libra and Jupiter is in Aries (November 2011-May 2012), there will be a balancing act. In 2012 when Jupiter is in Taurus and Saturn still in Libra there will be a crisis for they are in a 6/8 relationship once again. In 2013-2014 when Jupiter is in Gemini and Saturn in Libra a great prosperous period will be born. We are all evolving through the cycles of change and our actions now will promote a prosperous world ahead. These cycles are defined in detail in my

recent book How

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May New Moon 05/03/11 02:51 Washington, DC 18:29 Aries, Nakshatra Bharani

New Moon Chart:

New Moon trine Pluto, quincunx Saturn

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Important Features:  Mars conjunct Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus (wide orb)  Jupiter changes

Important Features:

Mars conjunct Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus (wide orb)

Jupiter changes signs May 8th into Aries

Rahu and Ketu change signs May 2nd into Scorpio/Taurus

Rahu 29 degrees Scorpio, Gandanta

Mars conjunct Jupiter 29 degrees Pisces, Ghandanta

Rahu trine Jupiter/Mars

Early in the month Jupiter is conjunct Venus, Mercury, and Mars behind the Sun.

Venus and Mercury stay together conjoint throughout the month.

Venus, Mercury and Mars conjunct and travel together towards the end of the month all casting a trine to Pluto.

towards the end of the month all casting a trine to Pluto. 2 n d May

2 nd May Rahu enters Scorpio and Ketu enters Taurus: Scorpio and Taurus are the signs that pertain to the global economy. Taurus rules banks and personal finances while

Scorpio rules big money and the powers that control the world. During this next 18 month period many world powers will change the direction of global finances. The American Presidential elections will transpire during this time, November 2012. There will be a definite curve ball coming our way that will change the world economy with Rahu and Ketu in these powerful money signs. But a powerful disaster will require radical assistance that will change everything. Now is the beginning of a powerful shift in the world economy.

3 rd May Mars enters Aries: Mars will join forces with the Sun in the sign Aries where the Sun is exalted and the Mars is in its sign of rulership. This will activate their power. The Sun rules leaders and Mars gives energy, leaders gain power to fight for their rights. This can cause more social uprisings and escalate the fighting worldwide. The Sun will be in Aries for another ten days where the fire will cool down after the Sun enters Taurus. The Sun and Mars are separating further apart indicating a cool down in the war and fighting.

8 th May Jupiter enters Aries: This long awaited change will bring optimism and forward movement in the many affairs that have been stuck in our personal lives and global affairs. There is a clearing in the air for new thought and ideas that have a progressive mindset. Drive, energy and expansion fill the air with hope.

5 th May Mercury conjunct Venus, 10 th May Venus enters Aries, 10 th May Mercury enters Aries, 11 th May Mercury conjunct Jupiter, 10 th May Venus conjunct Jupiter:

The next five days spark creative thought and development that open world trade and globalization this spurs financial trade and economic flow of money worldwide. The arts begin to get the support they need to thrive and help make the world a better place. Financial woes have consumed the consciousness limiting creativity and artistic expression. Great wisdom flows and many can individually tap into this very fortunate and lucky period. Plan your important events, parties and business proposals now, for the planetary energy is uniquely strong and positive. Venus is a very social planet and loves entertaining. It is a time to meet new people.

These three benefics (Jupiter, Mercury and Venus) together can produce love and romance and is a great time to start a new romantic relationship. Many astrologers believe that these planets conjoining on the very beginning of a sign (0 Aries degrees) can be very weak because they haven’t got their footing yet into this sign, but in this case the first 3 degrees and 30 minutes of a cardinal sign is in the same navamsha which is called vargottoma, meaning these early degrees have power. Use this powerful time accordingly in your life, it will mark a new, productive and fun time. These auspicious places are far and few between in the zodiac. Mercury with Jupiter will spark new vision and is a great time to make future plans and travel.

11 th May Venus trine Rahu, 12 th May Mercury trine Rahu, 13 th May Jupiter trine Rahu:

For the next three days and the entire month, the planets are grouped in the early degrees of Aries in a trine from transiting Rahu. Rahu is vacillating back and forth between the early degree of Sagittarius and the last degree of Scorpio. The nodes travel backwards and around the time close to the eclipses they remain around the same degree for 3-4 months. This is occurring now around the area of 0 degrees of Sagittarius and 29 Scorpio. There is indecision between these two signs. As Rahu trines the planets in Aries there is intense focus on change, but indecision causes instability towards a new direction of progress. Old ideals are being replaced with new ideas of progressive change.

14 th May Sun enters Taurus: Fighting and anger of this past year will begin to recede with the surrender of many world nations of political dominance. This will transpire during the month of June as the eclipses occur when the Sun conjoins Ketu.

16 th May Mercury conjunct Venus: Mercury and Venus are traveling close together forming a conjunction throughout this month. In Aries and in the nakshatra Ashwini the world is opening up for more globalization and free trade. Ashwini is a nakshatra that promotes fast travel; therefore the travel industry will begin to prosper. There will be new ways to instigate travel in a better more efficient way. New Fuel and energy sources are a hot topic, with new positive ideas and developments in this area.

20 th May Mercury trine Pluto, 20 th May Mars trine Pluto, 20 th May Mercury conjunct Mars, 21 st May Venus trine Pluto: When it rains, it pours! This month has so many planets grouped together there is an onslaught of aspects all at once, Mercury and Venus conjunct Mars in Aries, and trine to Pluto. The faster moving planets here are still in Ashwini trine Pluto in Mula. These two nakshatras are ruled by Ketu instigating a spiritual direction. This is a much needed opening during the turbulence of the past four months. A deeper spiritual force will inspire the masses to find a deeper meaning and purpose in life. Furthermore, the nakshatra Ashwini concerns medicine and healing which during this time indicates great strides in medical discoveries. This will be activated through the spiritual flow of energy coming forth. People are coming out of the dark ages into a brighter awareness with the innovative and progressive power of these planets in Aries trine Pluto, which will activate the deep resources of power for transformation.

22 nd May Sun square Neptune: Neptune rules deception and the Sun rules leaders and Presidents. The world is being lead by illusions set into place by those who control the world and Neptune usually represents oil. Unfortunately with all the progressive and positive ideas surfacing now this aspect with Neptune means the oil prices will rise putting a damper on the recent positive energy.

05/23 Venus conjunct Mars: Mars is all powerful in Aries and strangles poor Venus in Aries. This can be a time of contention which can dampen the positive forces that Venus

has initiated. Relationships suffer for Mars is a tyrant, inconsiderate of other’s peaceful plans. Be prepared for a changing of the guard. The idealistic views taken earlier in the month will be put under constraint. The sign Aries is great for initiating new progressive ideas but persistence, diligence and discipline is what is needed here to sustain the new starts begun in this time frame. The summer months look hard and stressful and may extinguish the optimism initiated this month. The question is can these new projects withstand the troubling months ahead? Discipline and diligence are required to see things through. Saturn is the planet that will pull us through these troubling times ahead. Saturn will go into Libra next November, which work hard to balance the next two years before a time of ease and prosperity that will resume around 2014.

30 th May Mercury enters Taurus: The Sun and Mercury in Taurus will begin to set into place the solid plans to bring forth security. This will be a long road to recovery. Get ready for the eclipses in June, another period of earth changes, earth quakes, and volcanic eruptions.

to recovery. Get ready for the eclipses in June, another period of earth changes, earth quakes,