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Jaimini’s Chara Dasha

My Approach
Part 4
An Observation & Research
K.N.Rao, India.

E ach astrologer has his set of

assumptions assimilated from his
childhood days and, later from the
surroundings which influenced him. The

K. N. Rao needs no introduction, he runs set of assumptions he has formulated

affects his way of viewing reality and
modifies his intellectual discipline. In the
the biggest school of astrology in the world,
interaction between the astrologer and
has produced the highest number of top
the persons coming to consult him, an
quality books which has cult following, and intellectual or a mammon worshipper or
is known for his outstanding predictive a politician for whom sadomasochism is
ability. History acknowledges his a necessary part of his living and
contribution in popularizing Vargas usage thinking, new meaning of planetary
in India & USA, Double Transit combinations emerge out repeatedly. A
phenomenon & Chara Dasha. He is realization dawns that Freudian theory of
considered as the one who displayed for the putting sexuality as most cherishable
first time in astrology what was termed spell value of life or Darwinian sexual
bounding writing styles in Jyotish, using selection do dominate their thinking
narratives with top class jyotish content, a along with the religious genes buried
style now adopted by many over the beneath these two. Somewhere there is a
decades. It is often found that what he writes desire to be an „achiever‟ in the society of
in one line is 15 page articles for others. For success worshippers but his life is sinking
his articles visit into unredeemable ordinary life like millions of people around him. He knows
English, is in the thrall of the values of
the post Christian West and its thinking,
though himself he is an Indian. The
question of his questions is will he become an “achiever”. How does an astrologer tackle
his question? A young Indian once asked me whether he could
become the Bill Gates of India and a young Pakistani whether he could be Mukesh
Ambani of Pakistan. A high ranking police officer with a wry sense of humour used to
say some years ago, when we discussed astrology, “young men these days want to become
millionaires by next Monday.”

And you have now to face the modern educated women who flirts with careers and
then with suitable lovers whom she changes at a pace slower than men. Her emotional
drive tells her that her catch must be a prized one and her biological urges that it should
not be too late in her journey to motherhood. At a later stage she faces the problem of
balancing motherhood with a career. Then she grows fat and asks the astrologer after
listening to television astrologers prescribing mantras for all problems, for a mantra to
reduce weight! But here let me confine to the young man of ambition.

I solve this problem to some extent by looking at the meanings of Jaimini karakas
combining or influencing each other. I replicate it if I find that I have arrived at a correct
conclusion. Here is one such example. If Matrikaraka and Putrakaraka form relationship in
the birth horoscope, not in navamsha, through conjunction or aspect and, come under the influence
of Mars or Rahu/Ketu such a person, if a ruler, becomes very assertive or even a dictator is a
question that needs to be observed on many horoscopes. The influence of Jupiter or even a benefic,
tones down the aggressiveness of malefics. Jupiter in this combination must not be the
Matrikaraka or Putrakaraka.

I observed this in the horoscopes of many Indian politicians and of course, in those
of both Hitler and Mussolini, among well known dictators, and of so many bureaucrats
during my service career.

Some of these bureaucrats were hated by their subordinates for their obdurate
decisions, their unreasonableness, their tactless behaviour and remarks. Success is what
they achieved because it became their sole aim in favourable periods.
My line of reasoning has been: Matrikaraka represents the seat of power while
Putrakaraka its dignity. Influence of Mars or RKA lends dictatorial tendency, rashness and even
Often, one of the karakas in this formation is Mars itself. Jupiter joining this combination,
not as Matrikaraka or Putrakaraka, makes it idealistic.

It is almost a repetition of the Parashari rajayoga of the combination of the fourth

and the fifth lord or kendra and trikona lords.
In the career of government officers, I found this observation unfailing. Even in a
democracy like India, politicians in power, I have seen, show this tendency even in the
brief period of their power holding.

More often than not, when this influences the partnership, marriage or friendship
or relationship area, the tendency to be fiercely possessive was also observed by me. If it
influences the fourth house, there can be the well known problem with mother and mother in law,
as is common in India. The ego of a possessive man when it gets hurt, do you know what it
is--- the hurt is rather deeper and unsettling.

Among sportsmen, I have seen this in the horoscope of Saurav Ganguly. We

know of his dominating presence on the cricket field when he was the captain of the
Indian Test side and had his famous brushes with Steve Waugh and later, coach Greig
A young Indian politician has this combination in his horoscope and he was in
news in a very controversial way in the last Indian general elections.
Such people are temperamentally not suited to be democrats. They are totally ill
adjusted till the demands of their ego are met fully or partly. If Mars joins this combination
there is violent expression of their feelings which produces tension. In the absence of Mars, it
continues still in subtler ways but never vanishes. Jupiter joining this combination gives
it sophistication and acceptability and even a tendency to be reconciliatory.

Apply these „At-A-Glance‟ rules

Based on my research I have formulated the following rules for predicting the
periods of good efforts and the periods of rise.

1.) When this occurs in 3/9 axis of a horoscope during the dasha operating, they make an effort
to make a career or achieve something notable.

2.) When it occurs in a dasha from where it is the third or fifth house which gets the effects of
MK and PK, it operates invariably is my observation.

3) When it operates on the 4th house which should have benefic planets or rajayogas of
Jaimini, and the fifth or the ninth or the tenth houses are supportive, it is a favourable period even
for leaders fighting democratic elections or dictators capturing power through democratic or
undemocratic methods.

4) If the eleventh house is strong, the achievement can be of a higher nature.

5) Taking a hint from the above at-a-glance analysis, astrologers must invariably go deeper to
analyse varga charts etc. and other dashas and not stop here.
Precautionary Note

hese are at-a-glance rules which should be applied initially but an important
prediction should not be based on it. There are many other rules which I am not
giving here not to make this at-a-glance approach cumbersome.

In the horoscopes of young men where I find this combination, I have seen them
pursue their careers aggressively, with enormous ambition and even, rashness. This is
both a source of their achievements and upsets. I am giving this combination after
observing it the horoscopes for many decades. Such people are, what we call these days,
“achievers”. They work hard to achieve their goals and become even overambitious.

Jaimini karakas and their influences in the vital areas of horoscope show the psychological
side of a personality through subtlest hints. The dasha shows the time of their appearance,
manifestation, fading and disappearance. In their lives come spells when they work hard to achieve
their goals and have some notable achievements in favourable periods.

This is being discussed in the context of the rise of extremism all over the world
after 11 September 2001 incident of New York.

Hate mongers like Winston Churchill, Herr Hitler, Benito Mussolini and ZA
Bhutto will always have a common and identical approach in their life and politics.
Themselves extremist and populist, they succeed in gathering madcap fringes of
imperialists, chauvinists, jingoists, racists and fundamentalists through their oratory,
demagogy mostly. It gathers momentum. They grow powerful enough to capture power.
A stage is ready for them generally after a disastrous war and the terrible problems and
humiliation a nation faces during and after a war. Discontentment, unemployment,
strikes and national humiliation is what they exploit with their gift of the gab and gather
committed admirers and large number of followers to capture power. In this game they
make sure that the army is with them.

It is a common history of the world that after a war or an incident like September
11 of 2001 in USA, these movements gather strength, grow popular, become formidable
forces in their countries.

The “white man’s burden” (Rudyard Kipling‟s poem) was the British imperialist
credo. Winston Churchill was its extreme symbol in his opposition to India‟s freedom
and Mahatma Gandhi. Indian patriots had deftly changed into “white man is a burden.”

Pure Aryan race and the right of Germans to rule for one hundred years was the
slogan of Hitler. Lebensraum ("habitat" or literally "living room") was one of the major political
ideas of Adolf Hitler, and an important component of Nazi ideology.” .... In Hitler's book Mein
Kampf, he detailed his belief that the German people needed Lebensraum ("living space", i.e. land
and raw materials), and that it should be found in the East.”

Revival of the ancient Roman Empire was Mussolini‟s slogan and cause for rise.
Unemployment, strikes and anarchical conditions in Italy of the twenties of the
twentieth century was exploitable and he did it adroitly. Mussolini's slogan "to believe, to
obey, to combat" symbolized the all-powerful dictatorship that defines a fascist state.”

Islamic socialism was Z.A.Bhutto‟s weapon in a country where Islamic

fundamentalism had its roots deep enough for it to appeal. The humiliation of the defeat
of Pakistan in the Indo-Pak war of 1971 opened out the opportunity for him to exploit
with disgraced Yahya Khan stepping down and handing over power to him.

Common to all of them was dramatic speaking style in their demagogy.

After the first world war, fascism and communism rose in Russia (communism in
1917) Italy (fascism in 1922) and Germany (fascism in 1933). Nations like England, France,
Spain and Portugal had their empires--all evil rules. Against them there had to be a
popular freedom movements, which were noble in the colonies they ruled over, leading to
rise of great men like Mahatma Gandhi.

The world is passing through a situation similar to post first world war. There is
rise of Eurocentric racism against immigrants, mainly targeting Muslims and in many
Muslim countries against non Muslims. Samuel Huntington‟s popularised theory of
clash of civilizations (or barbarisms ?) is threatening the world once again.

This should be kept in the mind in following the discussion of the horoscopes of:

1) Winston Churchill

2) Herr Hitler

3) Benito Mussolini

4) Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto

5) Pervez Musharraf and

6) Lal Bahadur Shastri

Winston Churchill:
the dogged war hero (30 Nov 1874 to 7 April 1954)

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in
every difficulty. Winston Churchill

he most overrated man of the twentieth century was Winston Churchill whose
claim to greatness lay only on his war speeches: the second world war was won
by the Soviet troops of Stalin which advanced towards Berlin leading to the
suicide of Hitler: it swung against Germany when USA entered the war after the Pearl
Harbour incident but it is Churchill on whom British history bestowed greatness and
immortality. That is a quirk of destiny and of whimsical history of the twentieth
century. The British electorate knew his worthlessness for peace time national effort for
rebuilding battered Britain and voted him out of power in 1945. Clement Atlee who
became the British prime minister in 1945 has been voted by some professors as the
greatest prime minister of UK of the twentieth century. Yet, it is Churchill who is
remembered and not Atlee by the later generations

Saturn the Matrikaraka of Churchill in the fifth house from the lagna is aspecting the
Putrakaraka Sun along with the Atmakaraka in the third house giving him his that doggedness and
inflexibility and courage to inspire England in the difficult days of second world war. And it is an
excellent Jaimini rajayoga.
The same doggedness led to his very unpleasant outbursts against Mahatma
Gandhi and India‟s freedom struggle. The immortal hero for England was also the most
hated figure for India‟s patriots in the days of liberation struggle. Generations Indians
remembered his outburst “India is a geographical term. It is no more a united nation than the

Though this obstinacy and heroism operated all through his life, three periods are
significant: the first in childhood Kanya (1874 to 1885), later during the second world war

(part of Karka mahadasha from 1940 to 1951 and last part of Simha dasha from 1951 to

Chara dasa of K.N.Rao (modified version of a phalita rasi dasa):

Maha Dasas:

Vi: 1874-11-30 - 1885-11-29

Li: 1885-11-29 - 1886-11-29
Sc: 1886-11-29 - 1897-11-29
Sg: 1897-11-29 - 1907-12-01
Cp: 1907-12-01 - 1919-11-30
Aq: 1919-11-30 - 1920-11-30
Pi: 1920-11-30 - 1925-11-30
Ar: 1925-11-30 - 1930-11-30
Ta: 1930-11-30 - 1936-11-30
Ge: 1936-11-30 - 1940-11-30
Cn: 1940-11-30 - 1951-11-30
Le: 1951-11-30 - 1960-11-29

Kanya ( 1874 to 1885) Childhood

It is clear that from his early childhood this doggedness made appearance in his
life, as here from the fifth house-third house mutual influences between matrikaraka and
Putrakaraka manifested.

From the Internet

“Winston's childhood was privileged but not particularly happy. Like many Victorian
parents, Lord and Lady Randolph Churchill were distant figures. Letters from his schooldays
reveal a wilful and somewhat rebellious little boy.”
The Churchill we in India of our generation in sub teens became aware of was the
Churchill of his Karka dasha. The full bloom and might of a disbalanced mind ignoring
history which shows lessons of vanished empires, were forgotten by him. “Leo Amery, his
long-suffering secretary of state for India, recorded many Churchillian moments in his diary. One
from September 1942 reads: "During my talk with Winston he burst out with, 'I hate Indians.
They are a beastly people ....'."

And we hated him as a beastly imperialist. He was opposed to Mahatma Gandhi,

to Indian independence movement in the 1930s and had disliked the Round Table

He wanted Mahatma Gandhi to die if he went on a hunger strike, was opposed to

granting even Dominion status to India and even said, "Gandhi-ism and everything it stands
for will have to be grappled with and crushed."

We remembered his famous utterance “I have not become the King's First Minister in
order to preside over the liquidation of the British Empire.”

War Hero Karaka mahadasha (1940-51)

“When the German armies conquered France and Britain faced the Blitz, Churchill
embodied his country's will to resist. His oratory proved an inspiration. When asked exactly what
Churchill did to win the war, Clement Atlee, the Labour leader who served in the coalition
government, replied: "Talk about it." Churchill talked incessantly, in private as well as in public -
to the astonishment of his private secretary, Jock Colville, he once spent an entire luncheon
addressing himself exclusively to the marmalade

From Karka it operates in the five-seven axis, mind and war.

There was the other greater side, the jingoist British imperialist thunder of
Churchill who decided to stem the spectacular advances of Hitler‟s armies all over
Europe and Egypt. The Royal Air Force was protecting England, particular the city of
London most gloriously and Churchill is remembered for those immortal words "never in
the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few"

And “The eddies swirl around us, but the tide bears us forward on its broad, resistless
flood. I have never promised anything but blood, tears, toil, and sweat.”

Defeat in election of 1945 In Makar Kumbha Dhanu period 5 July 1945 elections were
held and the MK PK operated in the two twelve houses, showing a loss.

From the internet

“Although Churchill's role in the Second World War had generated much support for him
amongst the British population, he was defeated in the 1945 election. Many reasons for this have
been given, key among them being that a desire for post-war reform was widespread amongst the
population and that the man who had led Britain in war was not seen as the man to lead the nation
in peace”

“The result of the election came as a major shock to the Conservatives, given the heroic
status of Winston Churchill, but reflected the voters' belief that the Labour Party were better able
to rebuild the country following the war than the Conservatives.

Fights back to become PM again (Simha dasha 1951 to 1960) October 26, 1951 - Churchill
wins general election

It was Karka Karka Simha on this day

From Karka this is happening in the fifth house and from Simha in the fourth
house of parliamentary entry and sixth house of fight.

The war hero was back in power at the ripe old age of seventy seven with his
health about to fail but he fought back.

From the internet

"His obstinacy was exhausting," Harold Macmillan, a former Prime Minister, said on a
television program tonight. But he went on to say that the other side of the coin was "undefeatable

“Winston Churchill rages against time and his own mortality in this tumultuous political
drama of his last ten years of public life. Here is Churchill at his most outrageous, maddening, and
devious—but also at his most human, courageous, and defiant.

"I am an obstinate pig." This was how Winston Churchill described himself.

At the end of July 1945, Winston Churchill was a defeated man—hurled from power by the
British people at the end of the war in which he had just saved his country.

..... Churchill fought his way back over the next six years to the center of great events—the
only place he ever wanted to be. In 1951, at last prime minister once more, he was ready to begin his
dash to win "the last prize I seek": the enduring peace that had eluded the world after Hitler's

A hint from Jaimini analysis should lead the astrologer into deeper probe through
other dashas and vargas invariably. What has been given here is only at-a-glance
Indians will perhaps agree with the following assessment of Churchill.

From the Internet

“The Spectator newspaper said of Churchill upon his appointment as First Lord of
the Admiralty in 1911: "We cannot detect in his career any principles or even any constant
outlook upon public affairs; his ear is always to the ground; he is the true demagogue. . . ."

The great English classical liberal John Morley, after working with Churchill,
passed a succinct appraisal of him, "Winston," he said, "has no principles."

A historian himself, Churchill had no sense of history and should have known that
all empires vanish into the limbo of history. He lived for eighteen years after India
became free and remained united and well governed. But what he had said with his
imperial immaturity was:

"----------Power will go to the hands of rascals, rogues, freebooters; all Indian leaders will be of
low caliber & men of straw. They will have sweet tongues & silly hearts. They will fight amongst
themselves for power & India will be lost in political squabbles. A day would come when even air
& water... would be taxed in India."

The combination of MK and PK influenced by GK made him so immature in his

judgements, his immature observations and rash pronouncements.

Hitler ( 1889-1945)
Chara Dasha

Lib 20-04-1889
Sco 20-04-1895
Sag 21-04-1900
Cap 20-04-1912
Aqu 21-04-1918
Pis 21-04-1926
Ari 21-04-1929
Tau 21-04-1941
Gem 21-04-1952

Three essential, historically tested elements go to compose a mass leader whether he

becomes a Mahatma like Gandhiji or a dictator like Hitler. There is a mass of ideas
which the nation accepts and sees glory in its implementation.

In the case of Hitler it was his claim of Germans being the purest Aryans who
should dominate the world for one hundred years. There is the second element, a leader
of implementing it and it was Hitler. There had to be the might to capture power and
there was the powerful German army.

In the case of Hitler Jupiter Matrikaraka and Moon Putrakaraka combine, in the third
house of valour with Ketu which is Mars like and the Jaimini rajayogas are in Mesha, in trikona
from Dhanu. Jupiter himself joins this combination and there is no benefic influence on this
combination to alleviate or tone down the doggedness visible here.

This blossomed out in the Dhanu dasha from 1900 to 1912 but its first impact was
known in the dasha of Kumbha (1918 to 1926) from where the PK MK combination
aspects the fifth house. He made an unsuccessful attempt to capture power during this
period but was arrested and sent to jail where he wrote his famous Mein Kampf - "My

From the internet

“A decorated veteran of World War I, Hitler joined the precursor of the Nazi Party
(DAP) in 1919 and became leader of NSDAP in 1921. He attempted a failed coup called the Beer
Hall Putsch in Munich in 1923, for which he was imprisoned. Following his imprisonment, in
which he wrote Mein Kampf, he gained support by promoting German nationalism, anti-semitism,
anti-capitalism, and anti-communism with charismatic oratory and propaganda.’

It was the mahadasha of Kumbha with Atmakaraka (Ven) and Amatyakaraka and
also Gnathikaraka (Sun) aspecting the tenth house showing his future rise after a spell of
punishment which had led him into a jail.
The Meena period (1926 to 1929)

It was in this period that Germany, forced to pay war reparations to France and
England imposed on it after the Treaty of Versailles, found itself unable to do so as the
American loans it was getting to pay it were stopped after the depression of 1929.
Germans wanted not a democracy but a strong dictatorship to help them overcome their
difficulties and the army was prepared to help.

In office 2 August 1934 – 30 April 1945

Himself Chancellor of Germany

Whole of Aries period from 1929 to 1941 was the period of his great rise, great
power and from Nazi point of view great glory whether western historians give him the
rightful credit or not. Aries contains both Atmakaraka (Venus) Amatyakaraka (Mars)
Gnathikaraka (Sun) and Darakaraka (Mercury).

The next dasha of Taurus from 1941 to 1952, saw the decline, fall and death of the
great dictator as it contains DKN about whose significance for both marriage and death
has been referred to earlier. From Vrisha both the Matrikaraka and Putrakaraka fall in the
eighth house showing his losses, even loss of courage as the Soviet troops defeating his
armies were advancing towards Berlin.

Death of Hitler and Braun

In the final days of the war, during the Battle of Berlin in 1945, Hitler married his long-
time mistress Eva Braun and, to avoid capture by Soviet forces less than two days later, the two
committed suicide on 30 April 1945.

It was Taurus-(which has DKN denoting both marriage and death) Sagittarius, the
rashi of rise and fall, sudden events, sickness and accidents etc and Cancer aspected by both
DKN and AK. He married Eva Braun and both committed suicide lest the Soviet troops
capture them.


Both AK and AmK are in Vrischika in the navamsha but if you put only KL in the
birth horoscope, from Vrischika, the sixth house shows that aggressive personality who
had shaken up the world. Saturn is aspecting KL here.

After analysing the life pattern through Chara dasha, make a further examination
of the horoscope from KL in the birth horoscope to get clarity.

1 Note the combination is in the 8H from MD creating downfall. - SA

No single factor can bring fame and no prediction or assessment should ever be done
without proper synthesis.

Now, what is the modern meaning of KL in Vrischika ? The textual implication is

trouble from water and reptiles and will not have milk from the mother.

See the entire horoscope, as if it was a birth horoscope with Vrischika lagna and, you see
that great historic personality called Hitler striking terror because of a brilliant sixth house here.

And from here, see Jupiter and Moon in his second house and remember his
mesmeric oratory. We should also remember, when we talk of Hitler in India, that all
that we know about him is from the Anglo American sources which can be prejudiced,

See Saturn, a malefic in the third house in the swamsha showing a fighter and
Jupiter and Moon in the tenth house. He had a cause to fight for and an idealism which
inspired is the story his Swamsha tells. But the imperialist version about him given by
the British then and now was that outside the imperial Britain, no virtue and scruple
existed anywhere in the world, including India over which they ruled.

Is there doubt that Hitler was a fanatical idealist? Then he was a painter, very
much like Churchill and like the poetry producing Prime Ministers of India. V.P.Singh
and Atal Behari Vajpai.

Mussolini July 29, 1883 – April 28, 19452

“Let us have a dagger between our teeth, a bomb in our hands, and an infinite scorn in our hearts.”
Benito Mussolini

“Socialism is a fraud, a comedy, a phantom, a blackmail.

Benito Mussolini

2KNRs article sent to us gives 18Li46 as Asc, Kala software gives the same, Jhora gives 5Li, the readers must adjust the
DST in Jhora to get KNRs Asc, the same they need to do for Hitler. Here it is mentioned but in many cases we do not
mention it, but see to it that the Asc degree used by the author is maintained by us. - SA
There is a clear difference in the Matrikaraka and Putrakaraka combination with
aspect of Mars in the case of Mussolini as it occurs here in the eighth house with Moon,
MK and Saturn PK being combined unlike Churchill and Hitler.

Matrikaraka Moon and Putrakaraka Saturn with Mars are in Vrisha and its effect was
known only in the dasha of Meena from where it aspects the fifth house. This dasha of Meena was
from 1920 to 1929.

Chara Dasha

Lib 29-07-1883
Sco 29-07-1891
Sag 28-07-1897
Cap 30-07-1903
Aqu 30-07-1911
Pis 29-07-1920
Ari 29-07-1929
Tau 29-07-1930
Gem 30-07-1931
Can 29-07-1932
Leo 29-07-1934
Vir 30-07-1935
Lib 29-07-1937-45

Some relevant facts of his life

In 1915 he married Rachele Guidi, with whom he had lived since 1909.
Started living together with Makara (DK in seventh and Mesha DKN in the seventh.

A question that must puzzle astrologers is whether to treat the time of living together when
two people begin to live together, as an act nearly of a sacramental or legal or marriage for the
purpose of timing. It is so in the case of hundreds of horoscopes I have seen and is so in the case of

In Vimshottari dasha, this period could be Rahu Venus Mars since the date of their decision to live
together is not known.

From a socialist to a fascist

ussolini starting his political career as a socialist where he got the platform to
distinguish himself as a journalist and a fiery orator with his dramatic
gestures as a rabble rouser had switched over to fascism. The rajayoga of the
Matrikaraka and Putrakaraka in the eight house aspecting the tenth house is clearly
indicative of what in democracies constitutes the combination for a turncoat. That
Mussolini was when he was expelled from the socialist party because of his differences
over whether Italy should join the first world war or not. He switched over the fascist
side and carved out his place in Italian and world history.

Like all those who rose from grass roots and established themselves in the forefront
of political life of their country here too there were three essential elements to succeed
There were the ideas of fascism which he spread through his writings in which Italians
were promised the revival of the “glorious empire” of ancient days: there he was
embodying these ideas in his persona and there was his party and an ideologically
committed army to help him capture power. Hitler of Germany had become his admirer.

“He founded the Fascist Party in 1919, used force and intimidation against political
opponents and took power in 1922.”

It happened in Meena Mithuna which have his excellent rajayoga producing

karakas, AK and Amk.

In the subsequent dashas of Mesha (1929-30) it aspects the tenth house and in
Vrisha period onwards it continued, till Mussolini reached the dasha of Tula (1937 to
1945) from where this fell in the eighth house of his fall, disgrace and death along with
his mistress as Darakaraka Mercury in Karka aspects this combination in the eighth

The result of good dashas from Meena to Tula was that Mussolini ruled Italy like a
dictator for twenty one years from 1922 to 1943 unlike the twelve years of Hitler.
Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto January 5, 1928 – April 4, 1979

t the beginning of his presidency, Bhutto had quoted Machiavelli to Oriana
Fallachi while analyzing Ayub‟s downfall: “Wrong political decisions are like
tuberculosis, difficult to detect in the beginning but easy to cure, and, with the
passage of time, easy to detect but difficult to cure.” Unknowingly, he had written his
own obituary. Driven by a sense of destiny, Bhutto considered himself a poet and a
revolutionary. But his prized collection of books was filled with volumes about Hitler,
Mussolini and Napoleon.

The Enigmatic Z. A. Bhutto By Dr Ahmad Faruqui Dansville, CA

The three elements to make up a dictator like personality were present in the case
of Bhutto also There was Islam accepted by masses and there he was to usher in Islamic
socialism and he had the electoral mandate to implement it.

In the case of ZA Bhutto the Putrakaraka (Mercury) and Matrikaraka (Sun) combination
occurs with the aspect of Jupiter which shows why he came in power through democratic elections
with no help of Mars.

Bhutto‟s rule was for a brief period of four years. He was Prime Minister of
Pakistan from August 14, 1973 – July 5, 1977

Chara Dasha
3 KNR uses 10Ge55 as Asc degree, Kala software gives the same, Jhora is giving something else due to DST difference,
readers may double check. Jhora gives 15/17 Asc with straight entry, whereas if we take KNRs Asc degree which
matches with Kala we get Cp Nav Asc, this Nav seems to match with Saptarishis Astrology’s previously revealed
technique of How Death Will Happen released in Vol 8 in ‘Thy Experiments with Truth’ series. See 8L is Saturn in 6H
of enemies closely conjoined with Ketu (beheading), this Saturn is in the 1H of Navamsa Lagna Cp, 1H is head and he
died due to hanging. This confirms the Asc degree. Rectification of birth time from significant known events is the most
solid method of BTR unlike formula methods.- SA
Mithuna 05-01-1928
Vrisha 05-01-1934
Mesha 05-01-1940
Meena 05-01-1947
Kumbha 05-01-1959
Makara 04-01-1962
Dhanu 05-01-1964
Vrischika 05-01-1967
Tula 05-01-1979
Kanya 05-01-1980

His rise to power: Vrischika-Mesha-Dhanu

August-September 1973

Vrischika has Mars, the Amatyakaraka. Mesha the sixth house in this dasha
receives the aspect of amatyakaraka and Saturn BK and Venus GK, the two karakas
favouring army rule and it was an army rule like situation then. The pratyantara dasha
was of Dhanu from where the fourth house is excellent. “He became prime minister in 1973,
and his government, retaining martial law, began a process of Islamization”

Historical background

The historically unwary may not be knowing that Zuliquar Ali Bhutto, highly
educated as he was, had the keenest desire to make Pakistan a socially and economically
advanced state and make it a strong military power after the humiliating surrender of
Pakistani troops to India on Dec.16, 1971 leading to the birth of Bangladesh. He took the
decision to arm Pakistan with atom bombs.

He came out with revolutionary solutions to what ailed Pakistan in a revolutionary

time. Disgraced Yahya Khan, a personal friend of Richard Nixon US president then,
transferred power to Bhutto who became the president, army commander in chief and
first civilian chief martial law administrator. All this happened in Vrischika Mithuna

Vrischika Dhanu

From here the fourth house is excellent forming two Jaimini rajayogas. But it is
Dhanu, the rashi of rise and fall.

B. Raman, India‟s intelligence expert, wrote somewhere that Bhutto had appointed
Zia-ul Huq as army chief superseding many military officers senior to him as Zia was
known as a sincere namazi, doing namaz five times a day. Once Bhutto also introduced Zia
to a foreign dignitary as one who was so obedient that he would get up when asked to get
up and sit down when asked to sit down. But what happened ?

“Bhutto's authoritarian government came to an end after he was deposed by the army chief
General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq. He was hanged in 1979.” There was an American journalist
Clark who served as President Lyndon Johnson‟s attorney general from 1967-1969 who

“As Americans, we must ask ourselves this: Is it possible that a rational military leader
under the circumstances in Pakistan could have overthrown a constitutional government,
without at least the tacit approval of the United States?”

Clark pointed to the CIA‟s activities in Iran as evidence of its willingness to

support dictators over democrats.

On July 5, 1977 Bhutto and members of his cabinet were arrested by troops under
the order of General Zia (Vrischika Dhanu and Dhanu is the rashi of rise and fall here

Bhutto was executed by hanging in the early hours of the morning of April 5. 1979

(Tula mahadasha from where AK is in the eighth house and Kumbha antardasha from where
Karakamsha is in the eighth house. )

“Bhutto was felled by his towering hubris, which caused him to overreach himself. Years of
learning in the west failed to subdue the eastern feudal lord inside of him. Underneath the polished
Saville Row exterior there remained the mailed fist of a Mughal emperor.” Dr Ahmad Faruqui
Dansville, CA

Those who followed many of his activities and read his speeches may agree with
an assessment made by a Muslim writer

4 Readers must take this clue and point out adverse dasas first which is the toughest part, then see from the MD if AK is
in the 8H and from which AD Karakamsha is in the 8H, how such periods went is to be tested and a research paper
produced. They should observe death charts of great personalities and see if a pattern is emerging in terms of AK &
KL. For example in chart of Indira Gandhi when she was assassinated, she was in Leo MD having Karakamsha Cp in
the 6H of enemies with GK Moon having the aspect of Mars. In Rajiv Gandhi’s chart, when he was assassinated he had
AK Mer in the 8th from Cp AD with GK Sun & Karakamsha in the 12 th from Cp AD. Mahatma Gandhi had Leo MD
with AK in the 12th & Karakamsha in the 8th & Cp AD had Pisces Karakamsha in the 3rd (death) with AK in the 7th
with Rahu- SA
Pervez Musharraf (1942......)

Chara Dasha
Vrisch 1942 to 1951
Tula 1951 to 1959
Kanya 1959 to 1960
Simha 1960 to 1961
Karka 1961 to 1973
Mith 1973 to 1975
Vrisha 1975 to 1976
Mesha 1976 1980
Meena 1980 to 1989
Kumb 1989 1995
Makar 1995 to 2003
Dhanu 2003 to 2009

It is only an extremely lucky astrologer that succeeds in getting a correct horoscope

of a Muslim dictator, ruler or even a billionaire for many reasons. The tradition of
keeping correct birth time with their horoscopes is neither there nor encouraged, or if
kept, it is not revealed easily as happened in the case of the Moghul kings which became
available much later from their namas like Akbarnama or Jehangirnama.

The search for the horoscope of Musharraf began after he became the military
dictator of Pakistan in October 1999 on the insistence of a woman journalist of Delhi who
requested me to write on him from an astrological angle. I told her that I did not have his
horoscope. She offered to get it for me from the haveli (mansion) in old Delhi where he
was born and got me one, she assured me, from authentic source and gave me his year of
birth as 1943 with a birth time which did not appeal to me and which I could not have
verified with his life events which I did not have. On her insistence I made some
readings in a vague sort of way with no self assurance. I wrote a non committal piece.

Some years later, when I got some events of his life I fixed his birth year as 11 August
1942 with 13/31 as his birth time and made four successful published predictions on four
occasions ending with a piece that he would not be able to stay in Pakistan...all in
different issues of the Star Teller and on my website.

Continuing the theme, here the MK Saturn aspects PK Moon and AmK which explained his
rise and usurpation of power in a bloodless coup in the dasha of Makara and the antardasha of
Mithuna and pratyantara dasha of Kumbha.

This happened after an eclipse and when Saturn Jupiter combined in Mesha, the
lagna of Pakistan, brought about this big change in Pakistan‟s politics. Such a development
is visible again at the end of 2011 or next year in Pakistan.

In 2007-08 in the dasha of Dhanu with his Amk falling in the eighth house 5, he took many
wrong decisions like suspending the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and action in the
case of Lal Masjid. He has been accused also of involvement in the assassination of
Benazir Bhutto. The return of democracy the formation of a coalition government nearly
would have led to his impeachment in the antardasha of Makara, eighth from Atmakaraka
but he escaped.

In such a combination if the aspect of Jupiter is absent, a sobering influence is missing. If

Ketu or Rahu or Mars joins it or aspects it there is a hurried and rash action which proves
detrimental to one‟s career, even life. Bhatrikaraka joining it can and does some rashness
and unpleasantness and also gives some courage..

Lal Bahadur Shastri--wrong birth date of a loved hero

5 Here is another clue.- SA

6 The AD is 8th from Amk, not just from AD the Amk is 8th. - SA
Chara Dasha
Dhanu 1904 to 1908
Vrischika 1908 to 1917
Tula 1917 to 1929
Kanya 1929 to 1941
Simha 1941 to 1952
Karka 1952 to 1962
Mithuna 1962 to 1965
Vrisha 1965 to 1970

Here also Matrikaraka Venus is aspecting the Putrakaraka Mars which however
receives the beneficent aspect of Jupiter and the boldness-lending Bhatrikaraka, Saturn.
He was an idealist but a very determined man who pursued his career in a dignified
purely Gandhian way.

But first the controversy about his correct horoscope since the nation has been misled
in celebrating his birth anniversary on 2 October instead of 9th.

Sri Suryanarain Shastri, Sri Hardeo Sharma Trivedi and Dr. B.V.Raman all three of
them were famous astrologers, distinguished and respected and contemporaries. They
shared one belief that Lal Bahadur Shastri was the ideal prime minister for India, a hero
sprung out of common clay in the great Gandhian era when we had heroes fighting for
the freedom of the country. Two of these astrologers were classmates in Ujjain steeped in
the quintessence of Varahamihira tradition, Hardeo Sharmaji whom I knew very well
and, Suryanarain Vyas who had a brief life of bright astrological dazzle. The third
internationally better known because he wrote in English, was Dr. B.V.Raman, whom
too I knew very intimately.

At different times at different places all the three wrote that the tenure of Lal
Bahadur Shastri as India‟s second prime minister would be brief. They based their
prediction both on his oath taking chart and birth chart. Some of them gave the birth
chart referring to the first week October 1904 showing Moon in Kanya !! See the
ephemeris and see if Moon was in Kanya on 2nd October 1904 when the birth anniversary of
Shastriji is celebrated.

Take some undisputed facts of his life:

1) He was the last child of his parents.

2) His father died one year after his birth in Mars Rahu in the Vimshottari both of
which are in the ninth house and in Chara Dasha it was Dhanu-Kanya or Dhanu Simha.
The exact date of his father‟s death is not available.
3) In 1925 he got the shastri degree. It was Tula Karka from where Jupiter aspects fifth
house. Jupiter represents a classical degree. Rahu Venus in Vimshottari and Venus is
aspecting the fifth house.

The karakatwa (signification) of a planet aspecting the fifth house helps one see what subject
one studied. Here it is Jupiter alone showing classical subjects, even history or literature etc.
Nothing ever has been heard of about the academic distinction of LBS or any extracurricular

4) He was married on 16 May 1928 in Tula mahadasha with DK Jupiter in the

seventh house antardasha of Kanya from where Mercury and Venus are in the seventh
house and pratyantara dasha of Vrisha which had DKN.

In Vimshottari it was Rahu mahadasha Moon antardasha which is conjoined with

Mercury the seventh lord and Mercury pratyantara dasha the seventh lord.

5) Prime Minister

He became the prime minister of India on 9th June 1964.

See the tenth house with AK and Amk with GK and remember that he had to
contest for the post of the prime ministership and that he had enemies when he became
prime minister and that his death in Tashkhent remains a mystery. The papers not being
disclosed by the government of India will uncover a sordid chapter of Indian politics,
someday---not in our lifetime.

It was the dasha of Mithuna from where the tenth house has good aspects of rajayoga
producing AK and Amk but with GK that he became the prime minister.

The antardasha was of Vrischika from where this falls in the eleventh house of
victory and the pratyantara dasha was of Meena which is aspected by these karakas and
from where the tenth house receives the aspect of all these karakas again.


6) He died on 11 January 1966 in Vrisha which has DKN and Mesha which has DK.

In Vimshottari it was Mercury-Mercury Moon the seventh and the eighth lord of
mystery in this case as is well known.

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July 14, 2009 PMO has a secret report on Lal Bahadur Shastri’s death but won’t release it

By koushikzworld

The Government of India seems to have a knack for fermenting unwarranted mysteries.
Nearly forty-five years after Lal Bahadur Shastri passed away in the erstwhile USSR, the Prime
Minister’s Office has refused to declassify a report throwing light on how its former boss died. If
that’s not enough, the Ministry of External Affairs office on the Raisina Hill has no record sent by
the Soviets offering details about the circumstances leading to the controversial death of a most
eminent guest.

An RTI application seeking details about the former Prime Minister’s death in Tashkhent
way back in 1966 has for the first time revealed that the PMO is holding one classified record on
the issue and that it cannot be declassified under the clause 8(I)(a) of the RTI act. The clause
essentially lets the government withhold information/records whose release could harm foreign
relations, cause disruption in the country, lead to incitement of an offence, etc.

Mercifully, no record connected to Lal Bahadur Shastri’s death has been destroyed by the
PMO or gone missing ...

The controversy

The major proponent of the conspiracy theory were/are from the family itself. Anil’s
mother Lalita Shastri was rather vocal that she did not think that her husband died a natural
death. She suspected that the water in his thermos flask kept at his bedside had been spiked. Her
younger son Sunil Shastri still holds that his father’s death was a mystery and has been raising
demands for an inquiry to clear doubts.


Who changed his date of birth ?

But who reduced one week from the real birthday of Lal Bahadur Shastri --- he
himself or someone in his family ? See the horoscope accepted by all astrologers. If it was
2 October 1904, Moon would be in Mithuna and if it was 9th October which all
astrologers used and which is given in the Memorial Volume, Moon will be in Kanya.

The horoscopes for both dates are here:

To Be Continued………..