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Product Turning 60...
Lâg Tramontane
Better Than Ever
T300DCE Guitar
MAY/JUN 2011
Volume 16, Issue 3 Selective Hearing
05 Blessid Union of Souls • Jenny and Tyler • Brandon Bee
Stryper • Mavis Staples • Kemper Crabb • Eisley
74470 95962
Philmont • Songwriting with Dwayne Larring
0 5
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photos by Max Crace

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8 Bassic Communication
by Norm Stockton
36 The Fretboard Less Traveled
Intro to Solo Bass Arranging
by Rich Severson
(Part 5)
Inversions Continued
10 Guitar Workshop
An Editor’s Best friend… by John Standefer
38 Ask Joe
by Joe Riggio
Be Thou My Vision
It takes a lot of effort by a whole team to publish a magazine. My 44 Rehearsal, God Help Us
12 Drumming Dynamics
team starts with my wife Judy and her love and support of what we by Bryan Duncan
by David Owens
do (thanks yobo!). Then you have a whole array of talented writers Chris Coleman
who have a passion for teaching others and who keep providing
good content issue after issue. On the production side, there is Matt
14 Vocal Coach’s Corner
by Roger Beale
Kees bringing home the design and layout, Kevin Wilber and Toddie 20 Phil Keaggy
So Many Questions, So Little
Downs copyediting/proofing, and my dedicated printer bringing it Turning 60... Better Than Ever
to fruition. Now the free digital version of the magazine is on-line Time
16 Product Review by Bruce Adolph
accessible to anyone who wants to learn or be edified as a musician
- 24 hours a day. That is teamwork! Not to mention our advertisers by Bruce Adolph
who not only make good products for our musician readers (you), Lâg Tramontane
but who, for many of them, really have a desire to support what we T300DCE Guitar
all do because they “get it”… they have a heart for the things of the 18 Show Us Your Groove
Lord too. It is pretty amazing to see all of these pieces come together by Rick & Diana Cua
every issue. It is like an unscripted free-flowing jam session where Couples in Ministry: Double
everyone finds the big ending and ends on “one” all at the same time. Blessings or Double
Amazing… and God gets all the glory for it. I am grateful to get to Trouble, Part 2
have such a good seat in the house to watch it all happen right in 24 Guitar From A2Z
front of me. by Roger Zimish
Answering the Call
But the title of this article is “An Editor’s Best Friend…” so what gives?
Well, as I am sitting here writing this, the answer to that question is 26 Selective Hearing
right under my nose. Sitting on my lap actually. On Valentine’s Day by Shawn McLaughlin
Judy and I adopted a dog. Not just an ordinary dog, but a rescue Blessid Union of Souls
dog by the name of Winston. He is a Shee Poo (a mix of poodle Jenny and Tyler
and Shih-Tzu). He was supposed to be put down in a shelter on a Brandon Bee
Friday in California, and the workers were too busy to do it that day. Stryper 41 Philmont
On Monday morning a lady called the pound and found out about Mavis Staples by Bob Waller
Winston’s still pending execution and adopted him for one year, Kemper Crabb
bringing him up north to Washington. I found Winston on Craigslist, Eisley
and Judy and I have come to love this little dog like crazy. He follows 32 Songwriting with Dwayne
me around the house. If I go downstairs, he follows me; if I am working
in my home office - he is on my lap or by my feet; if I go to town to
get the mail, he is right there in the truck next to me. Judy calls him my 34 The Indie Mechanics
shadow (and she says we have the same hair… ha!). I have taken him by Keith Mohr
to meetings and on all kinds
of errands. He is very good-
natured and has become
quite a good companion
to me. I’ve never really
had a small dog like this
(mostly golden retrievers).
Winston doesn’t shed
and is hypo-allergenic – 4227 S. Meridian, Suite C PMB #275, Puyallup Washington 98373
how considerate of him! Phone: 253.445.1973 Fax: 253.655.5001
Anyway, Judy and I wanted Email:
you to meet the newest Website:
member of our magazine Editor & President: Bruce Adolph
Vice President: Judy Adolph,
team. He brings us a lot
Customer Service: Brian Felix,
of joy, and he truly is an
Street Team: Mike Adolph, Jesse Hill & Winston
editor’s best friend.
Design & Layout: Matt Kees Copyediting: Kevin Wilber, Toddie Downs
Accounting: Debi Davis
Lord Bless Ya!
Advertising Sales:
Published by the Adolph Agency Inc.
Bruce & Judy


Intro to Solo Bass Arranging (Part 5)
Greetings, O Purveyors of Groove! I The chorus progression in our arrangement I chord (E Major) is again voiced as the 2nd
hope this finds you well and enjoying our starts with I–VIm–IIm–V, played twice. As inversion, but is now a true E Major as it
exploration of solo bass arranging. in the verse section, the I chord (E Major) is includes the 3rd (G#) on top. Take note of
The journey continues with the ongoing played with the 5th (or B) as the lowest note the fact that the VIm chord (C# minor) this
understanding that we’re (obviously!) (technically it’s an E5 chord or “power chord” time is covered by just the root (ooooh…
extending beyond the scope of our as we’re not including the 3rd on this pass). cliff hanger! – again, stay tuned! ha). The IIm
fundamental role as part of the foundation of As a quick aside, this chord voicing is chord (F# minor) in bar 4 is played as F#5
a normal rhythm section. Yet there are huge referred to as the “2nd inversion”. You can this time, as is the V chord (B5) occurring in
dividends for our overall musicianship to be think of inversions as the “bass” (or low note the 2nd half of the measure.
found in this evaluation of melody, harmony of the chord) being a chord tone other than As you may recall, the “8va” indicates that
and rhythm – plus it’s also just a lot of fun! :^) the root note. The “1st inversion” would the notes are played an octave higher than
If you’re just joining us, we’ve been looking have been if we played the 3rd (G#) under written.
at the chord voicings and forms around which that E Major chord. Some very cool motion Once we dive into playing the tune, many
the melody will be played for our solo bass and voice leading can be found in exploring of the choices behind these chord voicings
arrangement of the traditional Christmas inversions…but always use your musical will become clear. Until next time, have fun
tune, Angels We Have Heard On High discernment and taste, as inversions are often in the woodshed!
(Gloria). Many of these chords might seem best used sparingly!
fragmented or harmonically “incomplete”, but Anyway, back to the chorus. The VIm chord
don’t worry – the melody will fill in many of (C# minor) is here voiced as a C#5 chord,
these harmonic “holes”, and there’s a method too, comprising the root, 5th and octave. The
to the madness – stay tuned! IIm chord (F# minor) again employs the 2nd
inversion voicing, with the 5th (C#) as the low (Adapted from curriculum in the Grooving
Last time, we focused on the verse section. for Heaven instructional DVDs)
Today, we’ll be looking at the first part of the note. The proceeding V chord (B or B7) is
chorus section (think “Glo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o- voiced as a B5.
o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ria!”). In bar 3, the chord progression repeats. The

Bassic Communication
Intro to Solo Bass Arranging (Part 5)
Solo Bass Arranging
Norm Stockton is a bassist/
Chord voicings around which melody was played Arr. Norm Stockton clinician/solo artist based in Orange
Chorus Section (1st Part) County, CA. He spends much of

"Angels We Have Heard on High" (Trad. Christmas Carol) his time touring and recording with
worship artist Lincoln Brewster,
but his 2nd solo project (“Tea In

    
E C#- F#- B (or B7) E C#- F#- B (or B7)
The Typhoon”) has been receiving
    widespread acclaim from media
       
around the world. Visit Norm at and on
Facebook & Twitter for much bass-
related info and fun. While there,

16 18 14 16 13 be sure to check out his blog (The
14 18 16 16 14 16 16
14 16 16 14 14 16 16 14 GrooveSpot) and register for his
e-newsletter (the groove update)
for tips, interviews, clinic invites,
© 2009 Stocktones Music exclusive discount prices, and more.


Spreading the Word
“Players at my clinics and concerts are
always floored by the tone, punch,
clarity and headroom of my GK.”

Norm Stockton
Lincoln Brewster

CMS@theChapel 2011

SESSION 1: Grooving for

Heaven, The Bassist and
Contemporary Worship

SESSION 2: Bassists and

the Art of Groove

SESSION 5: Grooving
Together - Bass & Drums
w/ David Owens


Pyrotechnics to Art
Be Thou My Vision

Over the years I’ve talked a Be Thou My Vision: Chord Chart

lot about ‘arranging’ music, q = 90
particularly hymns, to breathe
some fresh life into them. The Verse 1
magic primarily comes from Intro
the use of colorful chord C A‹7 D‹7 G7(“4) G7 C(„ˆˆ2) A‹7
substitutions, along with

specific chord voicings and
fingerings. The catch is that
 
when I write an arrangement
of a hymn, it generally adds up 7 F(„ˆˆ2)/A G/B C(„ˆˆ2) G(„ˆˆ2)/B G/B C E‹ F C/E G(“4) G
to 2 or 3 pages of TAB, plus
performance notes. And what
would even be better would

be to get an audio file too
where you could hear me play
the arrangement, right? The 13 A‹11 E‹7 E‹ A‹ G F G C(„ˆˆ2) A‹7
problem is that I can’t fit all of
this into a 1-page magazine 
article for CM. All I can give Verse 2
you is bits and pieces. Well,
maybe we can do something 19 D‹7 F/G C(„ˆˆ2) A‹9 E‹7 F6 G C
to change all of that. What
you have here is a chord 
chart arrangement for Be
Thou My Vision. If you know
these chords and can simply 25 G(„ˆˆ2)/B G A‹ C D‹ C A‹ G(“4) G A‹11 E‹7
read and play it, you’ll get
something out of the article 
just like it sits. But… if you’re
interested in getting into the
specifics of the particular 31 E‹ A‹ G F G A‹11 E‹7 F6 G(“4) C(„ˆˆ2)
voicings and fingerings I use
and the exact note-for-note
way that I play it, then here’s

an option for you. Let me
explain. Arrangement Copyright © 2011 John Standefer Music.
Over the past year I’ve been In this online collection I’ve done both a news, calendar events, etc.). When you sign
doing a lot of updating at www.johnstandefer. solo and an accompaniment arrangement up to be on my email list, you get these juicy
com. I’ve created several new products as of Be Thou My Vision (each is in the $3.95 little e-newsletters every other month, just like
well, including about 15 individual solo and price category) and the chord chart you your CM magazine subscription. Thanks, and
accompaniment TAB arrangements (and the see here exactly coincides with the online enjoy! - John
list is growing). These TAB arrangements vary accompaniment TAB arrangement. But in the
in terms of length and skill level. The prices arrangement on my website you also get all
are very reasonable. For $3.95 you get a the exact voicings, fingerings and a note-by- Have you seen John’s free ‘Praise
nice intermediate arrangement (2-pages or note 2-page TAB chart (plus the performance
so) with a page of performance notes and notes and the audio file). So… if you want to Guitar Lessons’ online yet? Go
an audio file of me playing the piece. For go further with Be Thou My Vision, here’s to CCLI TV and start the weekly
$7.95 you get an advanced arrangement like your chance. Just visit the ‘store’ page at my lessons today. And make sure to
what you might hear on one of my CDs and website. Oh, and I’ve also totally revamped look over John’s calendar at www.
the length averages 5 to 7 pages. The time it my every-other-month E-Newsletters to to find an event
takes to learn one of these TAB arrangements include lots of cool free stuff (‘Guitar Tips
could vary from a few days to a few weeks, And Tricks’ video clips, the ‘Ask John’ Forum, near you where you can hear
depending on the difficulty level. him live.
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All Genuine Cowboy All Genuine Mahogany
Don Edwards 50th Anniversary Commemorative
Cowboy Singer Model

2011 NAMM Editors Choice


Handmade, Handed Down. - 831.425.0999
Chris Coleman
If you have not heard of Chris Coleman, it is It’s amazing how much information we
David currently tours with
time to take a trip to YouTube and discover can pull out of a few seconds of this solo. I
his wonderful drumming skills. This guy has encourage you to find those little moments Fernando Ortega and has
everything. Great feel and time with tons of that interest you in a video or CD and really worked with Sara Groves, Bebo
power and chops. dissect it. Always make sure to play it slowly Norman, Crystal Lewis, Cheri
Type into YouTube: “Israel and Newbreed with a metronome, and then once you get Keaggy, Tommy Walker, Paul
drummer Chris Coleman drum solo”. At it under your hands, gradually pick up the Baloche among others. He has
one minute and eighteen seconds into the speed. I find it easiest to practice two bars played for Billy and Franklin Graham Crusades, Harvest
video you will hear him playing some very at a time and then put the two-bar phrases
Crusades, Maranatha Worship Leader Workshops and
fast 16th note triplet fills. Right after that he together. If you have a way to record the
audio off YouTube and slow it down with for over 2 years he was the house drummer for the
establishes this wonderful groove and then Los Angeles production of The Lion King. His home
he plays a metric modulation of sorts. Audacity (or some other application), it
makes it much easier to figure out. church is Plymouth Church in Whittier, California. www.
The transcription starts with the eight note
triplet crashes setting up the groove. Then
after four bars of the groove he breaks into Practice hard and have fun.
eighth note triplets on the high hat, but
is playing groups of two, giving it a faster David
two-beat vibe for a few bars. I love the way
he messes with the feel but his time stays

1:18 into the YouTube video: 3

isreal and newbreed drummer
chris coleman drum solo     

     
       
  
  
Crazy 16th note triplet fills
 
 

          
  
            
3 3 3 3 3 3 3
                     
     
3 3 3 3 3 3
              On to more crazy fast stuff

    
         


MOX6–semi-weighted 61-note MOX8–88-note graded hammer action

–The Mobile Motif

For the past decade, Motif synthesizers have been
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Motif music production to a whole new generation
• Extremely lightweight for mobility (MOX6 –15.4 lbs, MOX8–32.6 lbs)
of players and producers.

For detailed information scan

QR code or visit ©2011 Yamaha Corporation of America. All rights reserved.
So Many Questions, So Little Time
The spring semester is the time of the year breath by the singer. As a great voice teacher the vocal folds add resistance to increased
when I teach a collegiate course on vocal once said, “Breathe to satisfy the lungs, not to air pressure. A portion of the vocal fold will
pedagogy. I enjoy teaching the class and it is a overcrowd them.” actually cease to vibrate. As higher pitches
thrill to watch the students get excited about Question: During this course you have are sung, the back side (posterior) of the
the physical functions of the voice, different never mentioned the lip trill. Is there any vocal folds begins to dampen. In very high
voice training systems and developing a value to lip trilling or is it a gimmick? pitches, the front portion (anterior) of the
desire to help others sing in a more enjoyable vocal folds does the vibrating. The pitches
manner. To keep my classes from getting Answer: The lip trill or lip flutter has used in the female whistle register cannot be
bogged down with too many questions, I have become an omnipresent, one stop shop, one sung without heavy damping. Since this is not
the students write out questions during each trick pony cure-all for some voice teachers a conscious event, I would not waste much
class session. They are then discussed before in America. It may provide mental health time discussing this, if ever.
the mid-term exam and before the final. I benefits, but it is doubtful that the lip trill is
have chosen some of the students’ questions as important or as significant as some people Question: What do I need to do to get
for you to ponder. think. The lip trill does activate the breathing a vibrato?
muscles, which increases awareness of correct Answer: A vibrato is achieved when the
Question: What is the vocal tract? breathing techniques. But let us not place a airflow is regulated in an even manner.
Answer: The vocal tract extends from the major role on a minor device. Lesson time can Incorrect breathing techniques are the
vocal folds to the outside of the mouth. It is be put to much better use. main cause of a singer not having a vibrato.
a flexible system that reacts to the articulation Question: Our choir director tells us Attempts to imitate a scary ghost sound
that speaking and singing demand. In its we should take the three middle fingers while singing a glissando both up and down
reaction to a vibrating voice, it will have a of the hand and place them between our may help to jump start a vibrato. Alternating
direct influence on the tone of the singer, teeth. It is supposed to open the throat pitches in half steps starting slowly and then
hopefully a positive one. and increase space. It feels very tight and increasing the speed is a very popular way to
Question: I have seen teachers ask uncomfortable. attempt to start a vibrato. But I have never
students to raise the head in order to free known that approach to work. Vibrato is a
Answer: Placing three fingers upright result of a good breathing technique.
the voice. On the other hand, I have seen between the upper and lower teeth will
singers, mostly male, who sing with the produce a lowered jaw but this does not Now go sing well!
head very low all the time. Is there a head follow correct physical and acoustic function. Milestone: This is the 75th edition of
position that is too low? The Vowel /i/ uses a lateral mouth position, the Vocal Coach’s Corner. I am looking
Answer: There is no need for any head which produces a greater throat space than forward to 75 more. Bruce, thanks for
position that presses muscles down upon the does the vowel /ah/. The mouth is in its letting me teach.
larynx. A singer’s head should be neither high most open position when pronouncing /
nor low. It must remain in a position similar ah/. Forcing the jaw down creates unwanted
Roger Beale is one of the
to normal speech. The head must never rise tension and does not create more space in the
nation’s foremost vocal coaches.
on high pitches or lower on low pitches. To throat. Dropping the jaw actually narrows the He presently works with
eliminate this habit, work on your posture. throat and forces the muscles to press down professional singers in all areas
Question: I had a teacher that always on the larynx. This approach reminds me of a of musical performance. His
told me to “tank up” with air before long student who, while in junior high school, had teaching and coaching facility,
passages. When I do this I feel tight in the a choral director require them to place their The Voice House, is involved
chest and ribcage. Is there another way? entire fist in their mouth to create maximum in the management and care of
space for singing. Another device is placing the professional voice. Many
Answer: It is not uncommon to “tank corks between the singer’s molars in order to of his students have won
up” for heavy physical activity. But over keep the jaw open. None of these approaches prestigious vocal competitions
breathing does not work to the singer’s have a place in a vocal teaching studio. They and scholarships. In addition, he has worked with
advantage. Forced inhalation like this create tonal distortion and malfunction. Grammy and Dove award winners and nominees.
causes an overcrowding of the lungs and He also offers vocal clinics and seminars, as well as
causes the breath to expel at an even faster Question: Recently I attended a assistance in recording sessions. Roger is founder
rate. Singers who “tank up” also breathe workshop led by a vocal teaching “guru.” and host of the Christian Singers Workshop
with their shoulders and we all know that He made a big deal out of damping in the (, dedicated to
isn’t right. Singers who “tank up” are usually singing voice. What is it, how is it done, the teaching of contemporary and commercial vocal
noisy breathers. Quiet breathing eliminates and what does it accomplish? techniques.
Roger can be contacted at: The Voice House, PO Box
shoulder breathing. But the most effective Answer: Damping is not a conscious vocal 87136, College Park, GA 30337, (404) 822-5097
way to eliminate “tanking up” is to use short event. Damping does not produce a physical e-mail:,
exercises while eliminating any holding of the sensation in the larynx. It happens when web site:



Our awesome new line of stompbox beauties don’t only look

and sound the part, they also sport a super cool new technology
called TonePrint. TonePrint allows you to download custom
tunings made by your favourite guitarists, easy, fast and free
using a simple USB connection. A veritable who’s who in guitar
are on board and ready to give you their custom TonePrints.
Forget emulation, let’s talk collaboration!

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*Currently, five pedals support TonePrints: Flashback Delay, Hall of Fame Reverb, Corona Chorus, Vortex Flanger and Shaker Vibrato.
Lâg Tramontane T300DCE Guitar
by Bruce Adolph

At the NAMM Show I wandered into the this guitar the more appealing the price is to
Korg booth to look at some amps (Korg me. The narrow C-shape neck is thin enough
distributes some of my favorites…Vox and for electric players, but not so thin as to scare
Blackstar to the US) and right in front of me folks off. The action is low, and the neck plays
was a whole display of Lâg Guitars. better than fine.
Michel Lâg-Chavarria has been building The cedar and rosewood combination onboard preamp,
guitars in southern France for more than 25 of tone woods delivers a warm, balanced which features five
years now, but a new distribution deal with sound that you have come to expect from preset EQ curves
Korg has brought these guitars to our shores. a dreadnought, with less of the bass-side accessed via a rotary
Lâg guitars are unique and affordable. The boom. The sound is centered more in the selector: Natural Folk,
Tramontane T300DCE is French-designed lower midrange with clearly defined bass Mellow Mids, Studio Mid-
and built in China (thus keeping the retail notes, sweet midrange, and bright highs. The Cut, Fingerstyle, and Mellow
price down to a low $925.00, and a street clean midrange provided warm tones for my Jazz. You can further color the
price of just $699.00). But before you jump key of A, bluesy half-rhythm and half-lead sound with the treble and bass
ahead and think it is going to sound like an pentatonic playing style. controls. There is even a bypass
inexpensive import, just hold your horses For electronics, this model has a Shadow switch if you want to skip the pre-
because this well-designed guitar has a lot Nanoflex undersaddle pickup, shaped set EQ. Please keep in mind the
to offer, and a low price point is just one of by the proprietary StudioLâg Plus price point of this guitar – you get a
it’s merits. Lâg’s Tramontane line of guitars pretty versatile and hip pre-amp for
includes dreadnoughts, auditoriums, nylon- the money… way cool! Plus the built-in
strings, and 12-strings. There are cutaway, tuner gives you bright enough LED lights
acoustic-electric, and left-handed options to distract an airplane flying over.
in a variety of woods. But there are a few
distinctive features common to all models: With its warm midrange-based sounds
a flared headstock with bi-level overlay, a and a variety of amplified tones, the Lâg
pinless bridge, curved body bindings, a Tramontane T300DCE could appeal to a
compensated black graphite saddle, and an variety of players. Couple that with it’s
Occitan cross rosette. unique looks, cutaway body for easily
reaching the higher register, fast
We received the Lâg T300DCE action, and overall affordability, and
cutaway dreadnought for review. you have a winner on your hands
It sports a solid cedar top, here.
laminated Indonesian
rosewood back and sides, The Specs: 14-fret cutaway
and Lâg’s StudioLâg Plus dreadnought body size. Solid red cedar
electronics loaded with top. Indonesian rosewood back, sides,
five preset EQ curves. fingerboard, headstock overlay, and bridge.
Mahogany neck. X-bracing. Black graphite
This may be a nut and saddle. 253/4-inch scale. 111/16-
factory guitar, but it inch nut width. French satin lacquer finish.
has it’s own look to Proprietary tuners. Shadow Nanoflex pickup
it with it’s satin finish, and StudioLâg Plus preamp. Left-handed
black tuners, and models are available.
bi-level headstock.
The T300DCE has a One Pro: The French satin lacquer finish
dreadnought shape feels really smooth to the touch… it might get
with X-bracing (not a addicting.
traditional Martin-style One Con: Like all cedar tops, if you are a
dreadnought). heavy strummer, you might want to place a
The construction and clear pick guard on the guitar to protect the
craftsmanship on the Lâg is well done, soft solid wood. I’ve scratched cedar tops
and guitarists who like a skinny neck will before just by looking at them!
love the 111/16-inch nut width (it is actually Maker:
Lâg Guitar Co. (631) 390-6500; usa.
a bit narrower than that because the nut is cut
so that the E strings are set 1/8 inch in from the
side of the neck). The more I find out about


player s
S e ay
to n
ln bre
w st er
john m
ark mc
mil lan
phil w
D’ADDArio & CompAny inC. i FArmingDAle ny 11735 i D’ADDArio AnD the plAyer’s ChoiCe Are trADemArks oF D’ADDArio & CompAny, inC. or its AFFiliAtes in the Us AnD/or other CoUntries. © 2011 D’ADDArio & CompAny, inC. All rights reserveD.
Couples In Ministry: Double
Blessing or Double Trouble
Part 2 - by Rick & Diana Cua

gifts, according to the grace given to each of working and come to a peace about it, or
us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in you will lose your peace and gain anxiety as
accordance with your faith.” your partner. You both need to come to an
As ministry partners we often need to let go of understanding of how each of you works and
In the last issue we spoke about some of the then come to an agreement of what that means
wonderful benefits of working together as a the “I can do it” mentality when our spouse can
do a certain job better. God knew what He was in how you reach your work goals. As long as
couple in ministry. Things like having a lot of you are both pursuing the goal and working
time together, sharing many experiences and doing when he picked you out for each other.
We should celebrate the differences we possess. according to your mission statement, you
memories together, and sharing a common should have mercy and grace for one anther.
vision. Let’s get right back to some challenges After all, God did, when He put us together!
and guiding principles that will help us discover DON’T TAKE YOUR WORK TOO Now, I am NOT saying that one’s style should
God’s heart for working together. SERIOUSLY be an excuse to not meet deadlines, to avoid
setting appropriate meeting times, or to fail to
LEAD IN YOUR AREAS OF STRENGTH Now don’t misunderstand us on this one. Yes, get the job done. But, I am saying that there
All too often we want to take the reins in areas the work is important and we should strive to is more than one way to do things, and to
of ministry other than where our strength lies. do everything with excellence while utilizing our do them well. Please consider one another’s
Maybe it comes from pride, or thinking we are skills at their highest potential. But we have to differences.
being helpful by jumping in and trying to do remember that God is the one in control, and
He says His yoke is easy and His burden is light. KNOWING WHEN TO CALL IN OTHERS
everything. However, this can be stressful and
bring about conflict, so make sure you are well When we are walking in step with one another There will be things that neither of you like
acquainted with your partner’s strengths and we can give our all, accomplish the task, and to do, have the ability to do, or the time to
weaknesses. This is different from knowing each have joy in the process. If you are working with learn how to do. That’s when, together, you
other’s personality, which we touched on last a furrowed brow most of the time…relax! God’s must call on someone else’s expertise. Do not
issue. This is about knowing what you are great got it under control, and He’s equipped you default back to,” the ministry can’t afford it” or
at, versus simply what you can do. both to get the job done without losing a pound “I don’t know who to call” or any of a number
of flesh in the process. of other excuses. The price you pay will be
For example, you may be able to write out very steep if you do.
checks, but your spouse may be a bookkeeper. MAKE SURE YOU PLAY TOGETHER, NOT
Or, you may be able to plan a small gathering, JUST WORK TOGETHER [Diana speaking]
but your spouse is a wedding planner! Most of us are long on work and short on fun. The earlier in your working relationship you
In Romans 12:3-6 we read – “For by the grace One of the quickest ways to burn out is to get realize this the better. I remember when Rick
given me I say to every one of you: Do not think in the BAD habit of working too much. Balance thought I could do anything. He would ask me
of yourself more highly than you ought, but is what we all need in this area, and more of it. to do things I had never done before. I was
rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in I read a book several years ago about Winston stretched, with the outcome being that I grew
accordance with the faith God has distributed to Churchill. What stuck with me more than in areas I would have never thought of. That
each of you. For just as each of us has one body anything was the number of hobbies he had. It was the good part. The bad part was when
with many members, and these members do was a ridiculous number, but they were his means I repeatedly was not successful in a task, or
not all have the same function, so in Christ we, for relaxation. Find out what it is that allows the was overcome physically or emotionally, and
though many, form one body, and each member two of you to relax and enjoy something other he still thought I should continue. Not good.
belongs to all the others. We have different than work. Some hobbies may be special to one Praise God we are past that!
individual or the other. Allow time for Be a good listener. Really hear what your
each to enjoy their hobby. spouse is saying. Be observant. See how your
So, you need some play time spouse is behaving. Take it to heart and make
together, and some activities apart. changes as necessary.
But the bottom line is you must have Ministry is never to hold a place above your
down time. You will be healthier for it relationship with each other. And NEVER
and it will prepare you for a lifetime of should it be above your relationship with God.
fruitful ministry. Keep God’s order; there is a blessing in it.
ALTHOUGH YOU MAY HAVE “And you will love the Lord your God with
THE SAME PASSION, YOU MAY all your heart, with all your soul, with all your
BE DESIGNED TO ACHIEVE WORK mind, with all your strength.” And love your
DIFFERENTLY neighbor as yourself. “ Matt. 22:37-40. Your
I say potato, and you say po-tah-toe. wife or your husband is your neighbor.
I’m an early bird, you are a night owl. We hope this has been helpful for you. Enjoy
One takes mini-breaks all morning, each other’s company as you do God’s work
while the other blasts through and together, and enjoy His presence in everything
then takes a long lunch. Each partner you do!
must recognize the other’s style of

By Bruce Adolph
I first met Phil Keaggy in person back in the early 80’s. I already had a lot of respect for him, of course, from his records What a
Day, Master and the Musician and the epic How the West was Won with 2nd Chapter of Acts. Phil was doing a guitar seminar
for the retail music store I managed back in Lomita, CA. We held the seminar in a nearby church because the music store was
too small to hold the attendees. The people who came to it were so excited to get to see Phil play in person! Now fast forward
almost three decades, and in those 30 years I have seen Phil play live more times than any other artist in my lifetime (there are
some years like last year, where we had Phil booked at all four of our Christian Musician Summit conferences). What has amazed
me the most is that - just like last November when I heard him play “live” most recently - he keeps getting better and better. His
playing style is more adventurous than ever, his singing has never been better, and his entertaining/comic attitude towards his
performance mixed with a humble respect for the gospel is stellar. I have seen Phil blow peoples minds for years now but I have
to tell you, if you haven’t seen Phil “live” in a few years or listened to his latest recordings - you are missing out on something
truly special. He is not only growing old gracefully - he is better than ever.

Christian Musician: A few weekends musicians who just love wonderful covers and I just hope that my sense of humor can
back you celebrated your 60th birthday. old songs. They asked me to be a part of it. continue to grow as I get older, because aging
Tell us how you celebrated it. Gene and Chris and Carl have such strong is not for wimps.
Phil Keaggy: Bernadette threw a party for voices. Then I did a couple of songs that I CM: Last November at the Christian
me on the Sunday night before my birthday, sang lead to. But it was great to just be with Musician Summit in Overlake,
which was on a Wednesday. And I said, the group and play my guitar bits and play Washington, it was an honor to present
“Honey, are you sure you want to celebrate some electric with them. But, before we did you with the Roby Duke Creative Life
my 60th birthday three days before I that set, Glass Harp did a full forty-five minute award. Tell us about that evening for you.
actually turn 60? I mean... we don’t want set! People seemed to really like it. Most of
the people down here have never heard us PK: I was so blessed and humbled by that
to be presumptuous here!” (laughs) So we experience. I want to thank you, and all the
had a bunch of friends over; about fifteen play before. And they packed the place out,
which was really great! folks that gave that to me. I really admired
couples and some single friends all came to and respected Roby’s gift and talent, and his
celebrate. And then, Monday night, Daniel So that was the eve of my 60th birthday. And humanity. I think he was one of the greatest
and John from Glass Harp came down so then on Wednesday, when I turned 60, we musicians in our genre that has ever come
that they could spend my actual birthday had a nice meal with Daniel and John, and along. The thing that is so great about Roby,
with me on Wednesday. We messed around then they left to go back to Ohio on Thursday. is that he was such a great human being, you
and worked on some songs and just visited It was really a whole birthday week, because couldn’t box him in and define him by any
with each other and hung out in the studio. we celebrated Bernadette’s birthday, as well one thing. He was a human being that sought
Then Tuesday night, we played at the 3rd as Alicia’s, (our daughter). We’re all March after God, yet experienced his own frailty,
and Lindsey club in Nashville TN. I was babies within 10 days of each other. shortcomings, and sin as a human being (as
doing a gig there with Bobby Blazier, Chris we all do). But he plowed through. He went
Rodriguez, Gene Miller, Carl Hezzelberg CM: Well congratulations on hitting 60!
That’s really great! through the dark night of the soul, and he
and other players . We are a group of
PK: Thank you. I’m very grateful. It’s an odd
thing though. . . .I remember watching that
movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”,
and I remember thinking, “That’s me!” You
know, when he was in that stage before he
was turning younger and he was starting out
as an old dude. . . but he had this boyishness
about him. Sometimes I look in the mirror
and I feel like a young ‘Phil’, but I look a bit
like Benjamin Button. Gray hair. . .balding...
wearing glasses. . . But I’m grateful that I can
still play and still sing and still sound like Phil
Keaggy. . .I just look like a small version of my
Uncle Duke (laughter).
Phil and his Dad Philly Sandwich - Bruce and Judy squishing Phil after the
Roby Duke award presentation


Cover photo & this photo by Ian Keaggy


came out on the other side refined by the fire. you’re doing another one. There’s room prejudices about the message in the gospel,
His music, like his CD Relaxed Fits, and songs for that! if they can feel some sort of true honesty in
like “Bridge Divine”, and “Cathedral Walk”; So, you have the trio album that came the deliverance of it. I think people are really
those songs are actually on my desktop. That’s out. Then you said you had a second hungry today for hope, and for some answers.
how important those songs are to me. instrumental album? And I really believe that Jesus Christ is the
So to be given that plaque and to be given answer and the greatest news we could ever
PK: Yeah, it just came out. We did a limited hear in these times we live in.
that acknowledgement and that honor in the run for now. The album is called Numen, with
same pathway that Roby Duke was walking in Kyle Jones. Kyle is an amazing drummer and CM: Especially in light of what has been
was a great honor, and I cherish it. percussionist. In fact, he is on the road right happening in Japan, the Middle East, and
CM: It was an honor to give it to you. now with Fleetwood Mac, playing percussion the natural disasters in America recently;
And you were on fire that evening too! for them. He and I did an album that is even the casual observer would have to
Like a fine wine, you just keep getting primarily acoustic six-string guitar, and some say that the earth is being shaken up right
better and better with age Phil. acoustic baritone twelve-string guitar with his now.
I know that, even though you’re “getting percussion. Then I played bass and electric in PK: Yes, it sure does seem like that. Our
up there”; you’re not short on musical places along with some guest musicians. It’s daughter, Olivia, has been living in Hawaii,
ideas. Tell us what new projects may have really a very interesting album. Kind of: Asian and when the tsunami took place we were
just released, and then what you’ve got meets Middle-Eastern meets South American very concerned and felt stressed and really
coming around the corner. meets a little of Zydeco. Because of the places had to deal with how to put our faith in God
that Kyle likes to go (and he’s a believer too. for her safety. And in the past few days we’ve
PK: Okay. The thing is, even though He loves Jesus), he’s been trained in the music just had to deal with some of the most horrific
I’m prolifically involved of other cultures. He’s weather coming through our area. Last year
instrumentally, the emphasis brilliant. He really brought we had the incredibly bad flooding, which
that Bernadette really wants all these new things out of was literally the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.
me to concentrate on this year me, just jamming with him. But just recently, though they missed our
is getting back to writing some
new vocal music. I’ve got a CM: So on the new neighborhood, we had tornadoes all around
start with a couple of ideas that vocal album, you us bringing devastation to communities.
I think are strong. So, before I mentioned that you It does feel like the ‘last days’, with
even mention the fact that I’ve were thinking of co- earthquakes and wars and rumors of wars. I
done another instrumental, Christmas 1956 writing with some actually pulled out an old tune that I’d written
and then another instrumental people. Are there any eleven years ago called “Headlines” and
project . . .my heart really is to songwriters that you’ve thought maybe I should be singing this song
come back again, collaborate already begun working in concert. Some of the lyrics are “As it was in
with a few good writers, and with? the days of Noah, as it was in the days of Lot.
come up with a new vocal PK: I wrote a song with Will we refuse to remember, and then blame
album. I feel like I really need Tom Douglas that I want it on God? Earthquakes, famines, pestilence,
to do this. So, needless to say, to consider putting on disease; Wars and rumors of wars while
that’s something that is really the album. I’d also like to proclaiming peace. Unloving, unforgiving,
on the forefront of my mind at possibly put a couple of despising all that’s good. Lovers of their
the moment. covers on the album. I’m pleasure rather than lovers of God. Disregard
Christmas 2007 not sure right now. Really,
their mother, disregard their father, disregard
In the meantime, of course, the power of the Lord.”
John Sferra and Jack Giering have repeatedly the thing I’m wrestling with right now is: do
sent me new music to put guitar to. We I want to make an album with a real spiritual Those are words that mostly came right out
did release the album Inter-dimensional emphasis? Nostalgia can only take people of scripture. I feel that it’s time to lift up the
Traveler, for which I’d like to say ‘Thank you’ so far, and great music is great music, and I Word of God because that’s where we get
for the great review! We’ve got another one love covers! I’ve done “Good Vibrations” and our hope from, and that’s where the good
completely done already. John is finalizing the I’ve covered an Elvis tune here and there, news is found. Maybe what it means for me
mixing on 13 new tracks. It’s more of the same, as well as Dylan and The Beatles. But I just is to go out and find some good old gospel
but there are things about this new album that wonder if God may draw something out of songs, and then re-vamp them and work with
I like even more than the first one. It’s more me, because the gospel is the most important some musicians that can bring some soul out
adventurous, and it’s got more “rumpus” message. I don’t think people have the same of me.
going on, if it’s okay to say that (laughs.) CM: Thanks for that word Phil. As a
In fact, I think we might call it “Cosmic part of this interview, I want to focus
Rumpus”. It’s just fun music! It’s sounds on your many years being on the road.
a bit like Booker T and the MGs, with Perhaps you can share some of the good,
some jazz and interesting rock emphasis as well as the bad, and maybe share a
moments. There are definitely some God-filled moment as you chronicle
Michael Bloomfield guitar moments. your journey. How long have you been
CM: Yeah! Like I told you before on the road now?
about your first album, it really threw PK: Well, the first time I recall actually
me back to some of your moments on leaving for a weekend and doing a series
Zion where you really just kicked out of dates was June 1967. I was playing with
and played some blues/rock guitar. bands in 1965 and ’66, but it would be just
I love that about it and I’m glad that going out and playing one night and then
Phil in 1979 Continued on page 30


Storefront to mega-church, there’s always
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Baton Rouge USA •

Answering the Call
The phone rings and the voice on the other you will find what key the song is in and the morning services as well.
end says, “We need a guitar player for an time signature, for example: 3/4 or 4/4, etc. As a musician and a Christian we all have a
event next week. Can you do it?” So how do Look at the arrangement of the song. Is there call on our lives, and we all have something
you prepare for it? First, check your calendar an intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge to say vocally or instrumentally. It doesn’t
to make sure you’re not scheduled for or a solo section? Look at the chart’s map matter if you’re on a Praise and Worship
something else that day, and that you’ll have markings, such as repeat signs, numbered team at a mega-church, or a church that’s
time to rehearse the music before the event. endings, D.C., D.S. and Coda markings. Make meeting in a small storefront. You might
If you can’t do it, be upfront and tell them your own notes to help you navigate the not be playing at a church at all; you could
so you don’t take up their time and they can song, and for what settings you might need be playing in a cover band or coffee shops.
find someone else. Or, if you know someone to use on your pedal board. Now play along Maybe you’re just jamming with friends. You
else, recommend them for the gig. If you can with the track and do your best to memorize have something to say and God does speak
do it, be as prepared as possible for it. Ask the song. Then go back and use the chart as through you, even with your guitar, whether
questions; don’t wait until the last minute. a reference. you know it or not.
Ask for copies of any charts and mp3 files Prepare the sound
of the music. Email is the quickest way to get
these files. Then you can print out the charts Listen to the music for the tone of the
and add the music to your mp3 player. Get guitars and then figure out your gear. Does it Roger is an award
any pre-show rehearsal dates and write them call for an electric guitar with humbuckers, or winning guitarist from the
down in your calendar. single coil pickups? What effects and amps “Songwriter Showcase of
will you need? Check your strings and cables America” Roger is available
Charts and homework: and change them if you need to. There for private lessons and at
Print out your charts and grab your pen is nothing worse than having a bad cable The Covenant School of
first, not your guitar. Now, listen to the song in your pedal board and dead strings to the Arts in Lakeland Fl.
while making notes. Not all charts are the compromise your tone. Endorses Greg Bennett
same. You might have a simple chart with Example: Chart of Musical Map Symbols Design Guitars by Samick, G&L Guitars,
just words and chord names, or a lead sheet BBE Sound and PedalTrain Pedal Boards.
with rhythms and map markings, or a full By taking the time to go over your parts Email:, www.
score of the music. If the chart is written with you can attain the knowledge to play skillfully
standard rhythm and measure notation look with a level of excellence. Try the excercise
at the beginning of the first measure. There on this page as preparation for Sunday


Studio mic in yo ur g uitar?



"I have only dreamed that someday technology would allow this quality of sound
outside the walls of my recording studio." Louis Drapp - Recording Engineer
Experience for yourself at
selective hearing by Shawn McLaughlin
The Mission Field Tyler’s Chris Martin-esque vocal delivery on Christian radio, Bee gives audiophiles
Blessid Union of contrasted by Jenny’s floating, ethereal lines; a different and most welcome spin. His
Souls the music is largely anchored in folk tradition, production allows for differentiation of all the
Salvation Road but can carry an experimental pop vibe at instruments instead of the compressed mess
Records/Providence times. With influences that include Keane, that I usually hear when I (reluctantly) turn
Coldplay, The Civil Wars, and Mumford and on a Christian radio station. In other words...
Many of you may remember this band from Sons, the music alternates between bright/ Guitars sound like guitars, keyboards sound
such mid 90’s pop hits as “I Believe” and “Hey organic and darker/atmospheric depending like is wonderful to hear the
Leonardo”. Over the years, Blessid Union of on the tenor of the song. The title track serves articulation of each string when Bee strums
Souls has become, ostensibly, Elliot Sloan as the albums fulcrum. It speaks of believers a guitar. He also manages to mix different
and a handful of studio musicians. Always a retaining a spirit of endurance and expectancy moods and textures of instruments within the
man of Christian faith, Sloan makes that faith in the midst of heavy situations. The verses same mix, well displayed on “Stones on Bones”,
much more explicit on The Mission Field, his detail the circumstances of what our eyes see, a cut that combines delayed keys, crunchy
first intentional foray into the Contemporary while the choruses encourage us to hold tight power chords, and a smart little acoustic
Christian genre. The soulful blend of funk/ to what our heart knows to be true. It’s a rare guitar figure that wouldn’t sound out of place
adult rock of past releases has been modified and beautiful thing when a song can contrast on a straight folk record. However, the project
a bit here with a greater emphasis on piano the concepts of sin and holiness in such a stark, still sounds perfectly
and pop melodies. The lyrics poetically relate believable way, much like the psalmists of the current and in step with
equally accessible themes. On “Healing”, scriptures. “Dreaming of Peace,” “Through any modern worship
Sloan sings that he once prayed for personal Your Eyes”, and “Holding On To Hope” also project you’d care to
things and needs, but now his prayers carry echoes of this approach, while “Carry mention. As for the
are aimed at universal healing and peace. Me” (featuring the vocals of Mac Powell) material, Bee certainly
“Sweet Providence” is about God’s repeated encourages the believer with promises of knows the requirements
forgiveness, while the bouncy “Miracles” God’s eternal providence: to write songs that fit in
reminds us to remain aware of the simple a congregational structure, as “Bring Me To
miracles that surround us daily. One of the When I first met you I drew you in close to Me Life” and “Nailed to the Cross” are all in that
most interesting songs on the album is the Your weaknesses covered with strength and vein. Yet he is also adept at more personal
title track, whose lyrics and melody sound security fare, as in the winsome “Last Day”, the hook-
as though they could have been culled from I’ve never left you, nor will I ever leave filled, yearning “Helpless” and piano pop
an old shape-note hymnal. The song also child believe, child believe gem, “Weight of This Illusion”, which also
carries the album’s theme: the whole world features what sounds like pedal, or lap steel
is our mission field. “I Still Believe in Love” The penultimate cut of the album is the Carter guitar accents about 2/3rds of the way in. The
may be the album’s finest moment. It’s a big, family classic, “Anchored In Love”, lovingly album’s highlight may be the textured, slowly
bold, and stoutly sung testament to hope rendered amidst tender harmonies and a building “Whispers In Silence”, which assigns
in spite of the hopelessness surrounding traditional bluegrass combo of mandolin, value to staying still and listening for God’s
us. While The Mission Field is not gospel in stand-up bass, and sturdy acoustic guitar that voice. There is very little to criticize with this
the traditional sense, it definitely contains reinforces the lyric relating the simple truth release. Bee may not yet have the songwriting
the requisite depth of emotion and overt, of God’s love for his people. Jenny and Tyler chops to produce an album with zero filler,
hopeful message that propels some of are masters at singing about the need to keep (how many writers really do?) but his affinity
today’s finest spiritual pop music. Christ in the center of our lives, and they do for creative instrumental/textural alchemy
so honestly with a willingness to tackle the more than makes up for that small reservation.
Faint Not tough circumstances that add real depth to
Jenny and Tyler their experiences. The Covering
In their own words, Inside These Walls Big 3 records
Jenny and Tyler Brandon Bee
Sommers’ new Save the City Records With The Covering
release, Faint Not Stryper decided to
“chronicles our On his sophomore effort, Inside These Walls, create an homage
journey of faith over the past year and a half. artist/songwriter/producer Brandon Bee to all the bands that
It’s about not growing weary in seeking truth, continues to walk a line between the world of influenced their sound as a metal band coming
loving God, and loving people.” The thing that congregational worship and more personal, out of California in the early 80’s. While not a
is obvious right from the get go is this duos experimental, musical fare. What strikes me tip-of-the-hat to their faith, the album does
ability at writing songs that deal with both most about this release, aside from a batch contain an original song, “God”, that puts to
the beautiful and ugly aspects of life, framed of solid songs and Bee’s extremely appealing rest any question about their true allegiances,
in the light of redemption. That they do so vocals, is the mixing and engineering on the even as it points toward the future. The song
in a genuine and truthful way is the triumph record. In a world where about 4 different harkens back to Stryper’s heyday, while
of this beautiful, thoughtful disc. Featuring guys produce much of what is played including enough modern edge to keep the


sound fresh. The band chooses a really great totally works (“Creep Along Moses” is a little
line-up of songs, including “Heaven and Hell” You Are Not Alone too stuttery and off-the-wall for me, despite
- Black Sabbath, “Blackout” - Scorpions, “Lights Mavis Staples some awesome guitar work), the halfway
Out” - UFO, “Over the Mountain” by Ozzy, Anti track, “I Belong To the Band” epitomizes the
and “Breaking the Law” from Judas Priest. album: Mavis singing an old-timey standard
While being fairly faithful to the originals, You can’t really classify with all her heart and soul and creating a
the band gives the songs a yellow-and-black Mavis Staples--she’s less joyful, jumping house-party singalong with
overcoat. It should be noted that the band has a gospel singer or soul a fat bass-line and a killer guitar solo. This
chosen some very difficult songs (YOU try to singer, and more a piece of American history is Gospel that even an atheist could love.
approximate Randy Rhodes guitar shredding in musical form who uses her voice to channel
on “Over the Mountain”) and the band comes her unique experiences and special spirit. Reliquarium
out smelling like a rose. Especially Oz Fox, On this album she does sing quite a few Kemper Crabb
who’s playing is gritty and resonant. Michael gospel songs, and you can really hear how
Sweet sounds ageless and, while still able to vital her faith is to her life. But her band is
hit those high notes, has added a layer of a rocking, rootsy, bluesy trio. Her backup This album isn’t for everyone.
maturity to his voice. Timothy Gaines makes singers range from indie rockers (the Neko The instrumentation is
a welcome return to the original line-up, Case affiliated duo of Nora O’Connor amazing, from traditional
and Robert Sweet is as thunderous as ever, and Kelly Hogan) to 70’s-power ballad instruments like guitar, to
really giving the track “On Fire” (Van Halen) veterans (Donny Gerrard sang lead on a eclectic and ancient instruments I can’t even
a huge bottom end. Although this works Top Ten hit for Skylark that Tupac sampled). pronounce. If you know and love hymns,
to the bands disadvantage on the cover of Additionally, with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy (who the classic melodies are still there, but the
Kansas’ “Carry On My Wayward Son”, which produced the record) picking decidedly presentation is entirely new and creative.
loses a bit of thrust in the midst of Robert’s non-gospel songs by John Fogerty, Randy The sound is medieval, sounding like a mix of
heavy-handedness. The most “pop” track on Newman, Little Milton and Allen Touissant, Celtic and Middle Eastern musical forms with
the album, it could have used a lighter touch. plus writing two new ones for her to sing, an aggressiveness derived from more modern
However, this is just nit picking. Anyone who the record easily transcends the “gospel” tag. sources. Reliquarium opens with the hymn,
grew up, like I did, in the 70’s and early 80’s The result is a rollicking set of songs with the “This is Our Father’s World”, and at least three
will find much to howl about with this well common denominator being Mavis’ force-of- of the songs, “Holy, Holy, Holy”, “Just as I Am”,
chosen, well executed album celebrating nature voice soaring, celebrating, whispering, and “On Jordan’s Stormy Banks” embrace such
early Metal’s finest. and goading you into smiling and nodding levels of minor-chord fervor and dissonance
and singing along. While not every song


that many listeners may think they bitterness and resentment that come with a
accidentally put in the new Radiohead CD.
Accessible, yet endlessly artistic, Kemper
broken relationship, while showing the first
tentative steps toward recovery. Contrasting
You Live It.
Crabb offers up an album that stands toe-
to-toe with his classic release, The Vigil, while
the stark honesty and raw relatability of the
lyrics are songs that are fraught with melodic
Now Wear It.
exploring some new territory that threatens possibility. Airy, lush vocal harmonies
to inject real life into the moribund world of buttress the almost baroque arrangements,
hymn re-imagining. and cranky guitars make an occasional
appearance to lend earthiness to the frothy
pop atmosphere. The dichotomy of these
The Valley extremes serves to illuminate the process
Eisley of finding hope and light in the midst of
Equal Vision trials that point towards despair. The result
is very therapeutic and gives insight into
both the human condition, as well as the
After a 4 year break sometimes-distasteful machinations of the
in which the ups music industry.
and downs of the
music business, as well as personal peaks
and valleys, threatened to take the soul
Shawn McLaughlin is a hard
of the band, Eisley returns with the aptly
working dedicated, tireless
titled, The Valley. Never completely at ease
worshipper of Christ
with the concessions often required from a
major label deal, Eisley find themselves on
an independent label that lets the group
hone in on what they do best: create radio-
friendly pop songs infused with just-odd-
enough metaphors and orchestrated, mature
arrangements. Taking inspiration from the
Retail Orders Welcome
personal AND professional struggles of the 253.445.1973

past 4 years, many of the songs relate the
Find it at
The best capo for intonation for the past 30 years
is still the best today!
Like your fingertip...
Most capos use a material to press the
strings that is too hard. It bends the
string over the fret, stretching it sharp.
The thicker the string, especially wound
strings, the more drastic the effect.

We worked with a laboratory to scientifi-

cally formulate a special, custom rubber
material that behaves just like the flesh of
your fingertip. It allows the string to sink
into the rubber just enough for it to relax,
and not get stretched across the fret.

Result: the strings are

learn more at



September 16 & 17, 2011

Cornerstone Fellowship, Livermore, CA
October 14 & 15, 2011
featuring Brenton Brown & others...
Scottsdale Bible Church
Scottsdale, AZ, Roster TBA

ONE-DAY INTENSIVES October 8, 2011

November 11 & 12, 2011
held the Thursday Calvary Community Church
before each CMS Overlake Christian Church, Redmond, WA
Westlake Village, CA
featuring Peter Furler, Paul Baloche,
featuring Brenton Brown &
Christy & Nathan Nockels, The City Harmonic,
Zoro, Doyle Dykes, Jonathan Lee & others...
The Squires (1966)
Phil Keaggy (cont. page 22) paying any attention to my song “Little Ones”, a mother and a father
coming home. I had to go to him. But then he’d catch who have come up to me and introduced me
school the next morning! And my eye from across the to their 10 year-old child and said, “This is our
even in ’67, I was still in high room, through a dozen child, and your song is the reason why I had
school, but I remember on the people or more, and see this child.” And to know that those people
weekends, I was playing with me grinning at him and chose to bring a child into the world because
The Volumn IV and The New he would realize that he of the influence of that song is just amazing.
Hudson Exit. We were traveling wasn’t alone in his humor. CM: One question I was wondering
into central Pennsylvania from Glass Harp (1968)
I think the long trips about, is if your guitars have ever been
Ohio, and leaving mom and over to Europe have lost when you’ve been flying?
dad. That’s when I really started had some real challenges
going on the road. I remember PK: Oh yeah, sure. I’ve had to play a
due to the lack of sleep borrowed guitar for a concert before. But
the places in Pennsylvania: on those trips. Also,
DuBois, St. Mary’s, Ridgeway, I haven’t recently had a guitar stolen or lost
going up to Alaska and permanently. Now that I think about it, I guess
Williamsport. And from experiencing that whole
Youngstown we would go west I did have a few guitars stolen back in the
life up there, when it’s still ‘60’s due to our van being broken into. But
into Akron and up to Cleveland daylight but it’s 1:30 or
and down to Columbus. Then, I’m grateful for all that I have. I want to stay
2:00 in the morning. focused on the most precious things to me.
with Glass Harp, I started going Also one of the
on the road quite extensively My wife and the kids that we’ve raised; they
best tours ever was are my true treasures.
in 1970 and ’71. We toured the Invention tour
around the country in ’71. with Wes King and CM: We gave the opportunity for people
Especially the West Coast. So Scott Dente. Just to ask a few questions through Facebook,
you could say that I’ve been on a great time with so let me share a few with you. Rex
the road for 44 years now. lots of laughs—but asks, “Phil is so precious. How can fans
CM: Wow! That’s amazing! wonderful times specifically pray for him?”
In doing all of that traveling, musically and in PK: My prayer to God at this season in my life
what are some of the oddest, Phil live in 2005 photo by Randi Anglin fellowship! is that I’ll be faithful and courageous. That’s
or funniest things that happened to you Some of the things that I really enjoy and what’s in my mind and my heart. I believe that
out there? remember most are when people would the most important thing is to be faithful to
PK: Well, definitely the trips that were the come up to me and say, “This song really God, Jesus, and our
most fun for me were the ones where I had mattered to me. It meant something to me calling. And then
someone traveling with me. I remember back and brought me through a hard time in my to be courageous
in the days when Peter York and I used to life.” “Let Everything Else Go” was one of towards whatever
travel together. It wouldn’t take much to trip those songs. I met a couple once that actually may come. And I
us off and we’d be off into a laughing frenzy. met each other at a traffic light. She pulled up always pray that my
And then as we’d laugh we’d lose the ability alongside of him, and he was playing that song children will be filled
to hold on to our luggage and our guitar cases on his cassette player in his car. She listened to with His Spirit and
and everything. I remember one time we were the song for a few minutes (it was a long light), follow God.
in the Denver airport and we were just trying and then she said, “Excuse me, can I ask you I also pray that
to keep it together as we were negotiating the a question?” So they pulled off the road (he the light of the
sliding doors with our guitars under our arms thought she was lost and needed directions), Gospel will travel
and our suitcases. We both ended up falling but instead she said, “I just wanted to know . across the earth
over, and then the laughing started, and we Phil (1979) and that people will
could hardly manage to get up and pick up recognize how good and true Jesus is.
our gear because we were laughing so hard!
CM: Another Facebook question comes
I remember being on the road with Randy from Denny. He asks, “Do you have a gig
Stonehill, and we’d be in a room full of people emergency kit? And if so, what is in it?”
and he’d be doing his crazy antics, and then PK: Yes! I keep some Cayenne pepper,
he’d realize that nobody would actually be and now I’ve found a new kind called “Bird
pepper”, also called Pequin pepper. I keep
that pepper with me at all times. I also keep
my bible, my special capos, and a good book.
Randy Stonehill, Mike Pachelli and Phil I’m using some Kyser K-Lever capos, as well as
. . what were you playing? What was some from Shubb. I’ve written several songs
that song?” So he introduced her to with the K-Lever capos. It’s just so cool how
the song, and then introduced her to you can voice new chords and phrases with
where he went to church, which led those capos. I’ve got the white one and the
to him introducing her to Jesus . . .and red one. You put the capos in different places
eventually a marriage proposal! So on the fretboard and you can create some
they actually got married because of really nice sounds.
a song of mine! Which, of course, is CM: Are you using any new equipment?
really special for me to hear about. Are there any new guitars in your home
What A Day album cover original photo by Bob Combs (1973) And then I’ve also met, because of Continued on page 46.
Chris Tomlin
and Collings Guitars

Chris Tomlin and his 1999 Collings OM 42 SB

Serious Guitars | | (1) -

Songwriting with Dwayne Larring

I was in a writing session with an artist lyrics, try working with someone who like maybe a classic Rhodes, Wurlitzer,
recently, and we started talking about the excels more at coming up with interesting or even a cool pad or some crazy synth
process of songwriting. He began to voice his melodies and chord progressions…or sound. Try using Logic, Pro Tools, or even
frustrations, feeling that many of the ideas and vice versa. Garage Band, and start pulling up loops
songs seem to be similar in feel, tempo, chord • Constantly Document Idea and sounds to play with that pull you in a
progressions, and melodic structure. This got “Snippets” new direction. It’s amazing how inspiring
me thinking; by nature, most of us tend to be it can be just to hear some sounds other
creatures of habit. This, in and of itself, is not Keep a journal handy and write down than what you are used to when you are
necessarily a bad thing all the time. However, thoughts when they come. Write down a in the early stages of the writing process!
when it comes to being musically creative it word, a phrase, or maybe even a scripture
passage or a sermon title that grabs • Just start from a different angle
can truly be the enemy! than normal
you. Record a melodic hook or chord
How often do you sit down with your progression with a Dictaphone, or a voice I notice that a lot of people tend to
instrument and try to play something new, and note app on your phone; anything that start playing a chord progression that
before you know it you catch yourself playing is easily accessible and will capture a few feels cool, and then try to come up with a
and singing something (almost through seconds of audio. Start doing this, and melody that fits within that. The problem
muscle memory) that sounds and feels eerily you’ll have a well of ideas that you can go with that, like I mentioned earlier, is that
familiar? This has happened to me more through when you sit down to write. we tend to go to chord sequences that
times than I care to remember, and it usually we are comfortable with and that feel
leaves me feeling bored, uninspired, and even • Change Up Your Surroundings
“good” to us. Take a melody that gets
“creatively” depressed. How do so many Sometimes it can be refreshing and stuck in your head, or maybe that you
people write such interesting and diverse inspiring to simply try to write somewhere have documented in some form before,
songs? What’s the secret? After talking with other than your normal place and time of and try putting chords to that instead. I
many writers over the years, I’ve come to day. Try writing first-thing in the morning guarantee that sooner or later you will
realize that there is no magic secret or surefire when you are fresh, rested, and ready to start to see that your melodic and chord
method when it comes to songwriting. conquer the world. The mid-afternoon vocabulary will start to grow, and you will
I envision a song being like a house that has works for some people who don’t get see a progression in your writing!
multiple points of entry: the front door, the “going” as quickly in the day. Personally,
patio door, the garage, maybe a window, or my favorite time to write is later at night,
even the chimney for that matter! All I know is once the day has wrapped up for most These are some of the ideas that I have
that I have to get inside somehow so I can start people and the noise of the day is seen work for many people, including
to decorate and rearrange things until it feels quieted. There’s something great about myself! Hopefully, this will inspire you to
like a home I’d want to live in; a home that a warmly lit room where I can listen to shake up your normal routine and be more
describes who I am, what I’ve experienced, music and get inspired and not deal adventurous when you write. I encourage you
and is a place where people feel welcome and with the many distractions that can come to search and find new and multiple points of
can be open, honest, and vulnerable. After during the daytime. It could also be as entry to your songs!
all, isn’t that what we as Christian songwriters simple as going to a different room, or
should be trying to do; write songs about even outside in the fresh air. You’ll be
issues that people can relate to, that tell surprised at how much this can affect
stories that touch, that move, that motivate, your creativity. Dwayne Larring is an LA
and that give people hope? • Switch Up Your Instrument based producer/songwriter
Here are a few suggestions that may help you who was a founding member
Try picking up a different instrument. of SONICFLOOD and has
to find new entry points in your songwriting. Put down the guitar and plunk around produced artists such as
• Collaborate on a piano or keyboard. Pick up a bass, Matt Redman, Tim Hughes
or even bang around on the drums until and Ben Cantelon to name a
If you normally write by yourself, try something grabs you. This may feel a bit
getting together with another person or few. Dwayne is currently the
intimidating or daunting for some people Creative Partner in an exciting
two and bounce ideas off of each other at first. If you play acoustic guitar, try
and see what starts to stick. Sometimes new online worship music production service called
picking up an electric guitar and throw Modern Worship Producer. He is also involved
I’ll bring in a drummer to start jamming some overdrive, delay, or other effects
through an idea that I like. There’s nothing in developing worship teams and speaking at
on and play some riffs or melodies that conferences worldwide. Dwayne can be reached at
like being able to try out different you hear in your head. If you write from
grooves, feels, and tempos when working
the piano, try another keyboard sound,
out an idea. If you excel more at writing
Easy and accurate tuning. Now at any fret.

Tune in dark and noisy environments.

Clip on headstock or at any fret.
Light turns from red to green when in-tune.
Lifetime warranty.
By OnBoard Research Corp.
Every mechanic needs a good set of tools We understand the never-ending change that
before he even begins work on a vehicle. is happening in the music and media arena
This statement is what gave fuel to the idea and the need to implement a blend of both
of a weekly podcast show that would provide tried and true, along with new and innovative
a place for Independent Music Artists to ideas. We’ve just completed our 11th show
listen to and gather information on the who, and from all the correspondence that we have
what, where, when’s, why’s and how’s of received thus far, we realize we are making
building a successful music career. While some noise that has value.
sitting at the brainstorming table, the idea of
adding a unique element of a ‘he said, she “I learned so much of what you spoke about
said’ conversation between myself and one the hard way....through 24 yrs of trials and
of Nashville’s female music/small business tribulations......The info you guys spoke about
industry consultants began to take form. The would have been worth its weight in gold to

Christian Indie Mechanics Show was born.

My female co-host is none other than Sue

me 20 years ago.” ~ Mike Detrick

“I have listened to every show you and Sue

Owned and
Ross, founder and owner of The Inner Vizion, have produced. I have one complaint!! They and mother/prior only last one hour! I love what you guys are
manager of the band, EVERLIFE. Sue has doing!” ~Randy Norton
been providing innovative and individual
Operated creative consulting to small business and
music artists for the past 10 years. What
she brings to the table is her experience
Whether we are talking about how to Crank
it to 11 in 2011, discussing the importance
of creating and implementing a plan in your

Business. as a speaker, manager, consultant, author,

concert promoter, booking agent, publicist
and all around creative guru-ette who has
music mission, or Indie Zingers, talking about
our favorite one-liners that will help your
music mission grow, the tips just flow. You
helped artists “kick it up a notch” by finding see, we understand, firsthand, the need for
their inner vision. “Everyone has a vision continued education and also the importance
deep inside of them, but they’ve packed on of bouncing ideas off of another set of brains.

We ship
the layers that life brings and find it hard to We do it all the time in our own businesses.
define their vision. I help them dig deep
and bring out what is already there and then So, take a minute and come and visit us. Grab
work within their ‘box’ to create a successful, your computer and a cup of coffee or put
Nationwide! creative ministry/business.” states Sue. on your running shoes and take us with you
on your next run. With our quirky sense of
Sue and I have crossed paths many times humor and ‘off our cuff’ information, we
within the industry over the past 7 years. don’t promise to make you a rock star or a
Check out our EBay She had previously worked with me at Indie super hero. We just promise to deliver ‘real’
Heaven as a promotion consultant and has answers to questions we’ve asked and heard
store! also been a speaker at my conferences. The along the way.
key word that describes her input is definitely
“creative.” We’ve discovered that there is a And, from here on out, my column here in
bit of magic that takes place when we just sit Christian Musician will be known as “The
In our 10th year of down and talk about our passion and vision
for the success of independent artists across
Indie Mechanics,” I am looking forward to
continuing to serve independents and help
serving you! the table. With mic’s in hand, we choose a
theme and in the vein of a talk show, we just
them grow and go!

brainstorm out loud. That is the meat of The Keep up the excellent faith-work!
Indie Mechanics Show. Armed with our
knowledge and combined experience in the industry, from both sides of the fence, we Keith Mohr,
provide suggestions, real life stories, one- Indie Heaven
Manahawkin Music liners and much more for one whole hour.
We’ve made it free to the public and it is
297 Route 72 West currently available on I-Tunes for download
Manahawkin, NJ 08050 and also at We
give a money-back guarantee on all of our
free advice! Now that’s a deal you just can’t
pass up!


Summer NAMM
puts the world of music products and sound and lighting technology in front of you
and provides the information you need to take your services to the next level.

InvigoraTe your worship service wiTh

• Innovative products and new companies
• Ingenuous ways to incorporate sound and lighting technology to get your message heard
• Interaction with product manufacturers to develop purchasing plans
• Inspirational tips for bringing your music to life

Join us! For only $25 you can meet with exhibitors and attend
over 10 free house of worship sessions. To RSVP or for more
information, please contact us at

2011 Summer NAMM • Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville Convention Center
July 21–23, 2011

Badge is non-transferable and valid for all three days of the trade show,
Please register by the June 22 deadline to avoid an additional $25 late charge.
Last issue we looked at how each chord
can have its factors rearranged to create
chord inversions. Every inversion has
its own quality of sound depending on
the order of the notes and where they
are placed on the guitar. This can give
us an almost endless palette of chord
shapes to choose from, each with its
own unique sound.

Mastering inversions can bring new

life to old chord progressions, and
as a secondary guitarist you will have
an array of chord voicing sounds to
enhance the band. Now, achieving
a new sound is not limited only to
changing a guitar processing effect, but
can also be attained by playing different
inversions of the progression.

The following music shows some

possibilities of a I, IV, V progression in
the key of G.
Memorize each example. These voicings
flow together nicely when giving each
chord 2 beats. You can also link each
example together to make a solo piece.

Beside each chord grid the chord shape

of each voicing is given so you can label
each chord, (G, E shape, C, G shape).
Analyze the notes of each one and add
them to your chord vocabulary. They
will make you a better player!

Until next time, may God bless your


Rich Severson
offers over 600
download video
guitar lessons
available at All
levels, many styles, most featuring
fretboard close ups, demonstrated
slowly by measure and with PDFs in tab
and notation, only 99¢ to $4.99.


Ask Joe
by Joe Riggio

I own a Dillion DL
Extreme guitar, my
first and only electric
guitar. I run it through

a BOSS Metal Zone MT-2
pedal for my distortion
and lead tones. One thing I have always I’m trying to date my Father’s vintage Gibson guitar. It’s a hollow-
struggled with is getting enough gain out body electric, and the only number I can see does not line up with
of my sound. Even with my Metal Zone any Gibson serial number schemes. It is very faint, and starts with the
cranked, I have to press very hard on my letter “U”. Any ideas?
strings to do any tapping or fast finger-

work with hammer-ons and pull-offs; it’s
like the pickups aren’t hot enough.

Until 1977, Gibson changed preceded the FON. This system was put in
their serial number schemes place in 1952 and started with the letter “Z”.
I assume by “gain”, that we’re quite often and even had Letters followed years, in backward order,
talking about saturation and lengths of time when certain and continued through 1961. In some cases
sustain, when you’re in a models didn’t have any where both a serial number and a FON are
heavy distortion setting on the serial number marked on them at all. If the present, the serial number might date to
pedal/amp. The MT-2 pedal, number you have found does not jive with the year after the letter on the FON. All this
combined with the humbucking pickups in any of the older charts, you are probably means is that the manufacturing process was
your guitar, should be capable of getting looking at a “Factory Order Number” started late enough in the year (receiving
you into high-gain land with no problem. (FON). This is a number system used within its FON) and finished during the following
So, assuming the pedal and amp are working the manufacturing process and is not a serial year. When only the FON is present, it is
properly, I’m going to guess that the set-up number. However, the good news is that, in commonly accepted to date the instrument
on your guitar may not be as it should be. most cases, there is a date code attached to using the letter. Your father’s guitar was most
Having all adjustments fine-tuned, including the FON. Many hollow body electrics were likely made in 1957.
truss rod, nut slots, bridge height, saddle manufactured during the 1950’s and do
intonation placement, and pickup height not have a visible serial number. Through
is a commonly overlooked element in your this period, a letter that designated the
overall tone. This is crucial for getting great year that the manufacturing process started
tone and sustain. Joe Riggio is a professional guitar
repairman/technician and recording
engineer, based in Tacoma, WA. He
owns and operates “Service Guitar
Repair” and “House Of Sound
Recording Studio” He has a deep
love and knowledge of vintage guitars, as well as modern
and loves to share his passion with others. He can be
contacted at, website:


From their roots in southern France to
the streets of San Francisco, Lâg guitars
are inspiring a new breed of player all
across America.

Find your voice.

Featured in this ad is the Stage Range T300DCE Dreadnought cutaway, Electric 40
Philmont When asked about the
inspiration for Philmont
songs, Scott replied, “it’s
by Bob Waller usually just kind of what’s
going on in our lives. We
write about our faith a good
Good bands are not usually created bit, and about our struggles.
overnight. Instead, it takes time for a At the same time we try to
band to simmer and grow and find its write encouraging music for
way; perhaps even to find its purpose. people.”
Charlotte, North Carolina’s Philmont
is one of those bands, having started Philmont is a solid fixture in
nearly seven years ago. the Christian music market,
often playing festivals as well
Calling themselves a “pop punk as churches and other events.
rock” band, Philmont plays with a high
energy level, yet sustains a balance “When we started out it
with thoughtful lyrics, while delivering was a mix,” explained Josiah.
spiritual meaning to the music. “We played churches and we
played clubs, pretty much
“We were all in other local bands and anywhere. But we found
had known each other through the ourselves gravitating towards
local scene and kind of wanted to make the Christian market. It was
the same kind of music as each other, the Christian kids and the
so we started Philmont,” stated Josiah youth group crowd that really
Prince (lead guitar and keyboards). connected with our music
Current members include Scott and our songs. It was a great
Taube (lead vocals), Justin Sams “We took a few days and worked things fit, and where we felt called
(rhythm guitar), Josh Guion (bass guitar) and out,” added Scott. “Not like choreography, to be.
Jeremi Hough (drums). but, for example, when it’s a good time for “I know there are bands that feel called to
“Along the way it kept growing and molding all of us to do the same thing, and when it’s play bars and minister to those people in
and then we picked up Justin, and more a good time to do our own thing and move their way, but in the same way for us it has
recently Jeremy and Josh,” said Josiah. They around the stage.” been the youth group crowd.”
recorded their first full-length album back in “And give kids something that is visually cool Most members of the band played in
2009, called “Attention”, and more recently to watch,” continued Josiah. “It’s important, I worship bands before playing in other
followed that up with a new EP titled “The think, to always be connecting with the kids groups. “Doing that, growing up, it kind of
Transition”. in the audience and be interacting with all teaches you in a very natural way to learn
While the average age for members of the of them.” how to function as a group and with other
band is in the early 20’s, there is a certain Connecting with kids is not only an musicians, and kind of handle the dynamics
maturity that’s been gained from having important part of Philmont’s performances, between the instruments and other things,”
been active for so many years already. but the songwriting as well. commented Josiah. “It was very crucial for
“We’ve been trying to grow and mature me anyway.”
which is why the new EP is called ‘Transition’. “We all grew up in church, and were kind
of struggling with the same things that these According to Philmont, there are key
That is the phase we have been in,” explained differences between playing for the
Josiah. “The arrangements and musicality are kids do,” said Josiah. “They have a foundation
in their faith, but it is more about ‘what do I Christian market and the secular market.
more sophisticated on the EP.” One of those differences is the camaraderie
do with this, and how do I take it further?’
“On the last album it was a lot about And we naturally write songs about that, between bands.
complacency in Christianity and starting and those kids just connect with it.” “With the Christian market, there is not that
over and finding a foothold and taking faith competition aspect as much,” stated Scott.
further,” he continued. “Newer songs on the Any pop punk band worth its weight can
rock out, but can they write songs with “You don’t look at a successful Christian band
EP have themes about control and patience and think, ‘man, that should be us,’ or, ‘I wish
and God’s timing.” meaning?
they would do worse so we could do better.’
Scott chimed in, “A lot of bands write “I think we hear all these other bands, and There is a deeper meaning. When they are
songs about Christian struggles, but it’s very we don’t want our songs to be simple and reaching so many kids, it is awesome. You
passive. I think that we try to make it very bland. When we go into a writing session can really respect a band’s music. Maybe it
urgent and a little more active, so there is we try to go a little deeper. We challenge is something really weird, like acoustic funk,
always this very consistent feeling. There is ourselves because we want to make it and not us at all. But it reaches a completely
energy in the lyrics, as well as the music.” accessible. We try to find a balance between different crowd, and we need that in the
lyrical integrity and accessibility.” Christian market, so we feel good for them.”
Energy is a key aspect to Philmont’s live
show as well. “All of our first bands were pop punk bands “We all have a greater calling, and it is
emulating Relient K and Green Day,” added the same calling and we are all fighting for
“It grew from spontaneity,” explained Scott. “But after seven years of songwriting
Josiah. “In a song we learn that someone will that through music as a whole,” commented
it has to mature over time. So even our first Josiah.
be in certain spot and we won’t get whacked release had a lot of songwriting maturity
in the face by a guitar.” with us for that record.” Touring with bands in the Christian market
actually builds great relationships.


that first note. Then you play feelings for Philmont members.
for the people, and then leave. “When we are home we focus on spending
But the Christian Market should time with family and enjoying where we are,”
have a different kind of focus, said Scott. “When we get on the road we
and it should be consistent at are grateful we are on the road, but if we are
every level. If we were to be home we are grateful we are home, and we
the most successful band in the soak up time with friends and family while
world, we would still get to our we are there.”
merchandise table and hang out “Going out is really exciting,” said Josiah.
with kids because that is where “We love the road and love going to new
we really connect, and where we places. We feel we are the luckiest people in
are able to be something more the world. We try not to take it for granted.”
than just ‘rock stars’. So in the
Christian market, that is a big The gear selection for Philmont includes
difference.” Avenue drums, A Yamaha piano, and an
Ampeg FBT head for the bass with a Peavey
Still, attention is paid to the 8x10 cabinet. Guitars include Les Pauls, PRS,
other acts at all times. Fender Tele and Gibson SG, all with GHS
“With the bands we have gone out with,
“We are always taking notes,” commented Boomers strings for both guitar and bass.
you are on tour for a month and it makes
Scott. “I don’t go to a show or watch a live Josiah Prince uses an Egnater Renegade
you friends forever, even if you don’t see
band without asking ‘why are they doing head through an Avatar 2x12 cabinet and
them again for three years,” said Scott.
that? What works, and what could we do to his pedal selection includes Rocktron’s Mega
“There is a lot of respect when you see a adapt?’ Everything from what bands do on Booster, Guitar Silencer and Reaction Series
band and they are working so hard and they stage and how they get crowd response, to Octaver.
are living out their calling. You really respect how they connect with kids.”
them and kind of bond over that and that Watch for Philmont this summer at a festival
“It gets professional and personal,” added near you.
carries on forever,” added Josiah.
Josiah. “You look at what they are doing as a
What about that rock star status craved by band, and you look at the personalities and “We love doing festivals,” stated Josiah. “It is
so many in the music industry? what they do as a band offstage. You see awesome to spend the whole day interacting
who is truer to their message. Some bands and hanging out with the kids.”
“In the secular market there is always that
goal of rock star status,” answered Josiah. are more than others.” Some would call Philmont kids themselves,
“You do a lot of nothing until you play Preparing for a tour wakes up various but to be sure, these kids take a mature
approach to the music. l

The Capo Company

The G7TH Nashville Capo

designed for accuracy & speed
In Pursuit of Excellence 42
Rehearsal, God Help Us!
By Bryan Duncan

I follow Jesus because I’ve been to the play to sound impressive. You know the ones, a red “Recording” sign on over the door!
rehearsal! Personally, I’d rather chew tin foil it’s what you play when you’re in the music You might want to put one of those up in the
and shave my head with a cheese grater than store and you kind of want someone to be rehearsal studio just for fun in the future. It
rehearse songs. Just the writing process gives impressed by what you know. So checking helps musicians “dial down.” In layman’s terms,
me more time with a song than I spend with levels becomes a mini concert that sounds we like to call it “stupifying the articulates.”
my entire family. With enough repetition, any like an orchestra tuning up. And let’s not I get nervous at a rehearsal, because it’s
tune can start to sound as irritating as “The forget the part where a line in a song you’re a runthrough at half speed that hopefully
Candy Man” - “Who can make a sunrise?” - rehearsing sounds like another hit song, and will change when you go “live.” Right now, it
sung through clenched teeth. the band suddenly feels obligated to run sounds like dinner theater music, because the
These days, I’ll change the writing of songs hrough a Def Leppard remake.  drummers are using brushes on a tambourine
to accommodate a quicker rehearsal. If you I’m amazed at how many times we get lost for a snare, and kicking a Cajon, mostly so you
start putting complicated riffs at the end of a in the number of measures, even before I can hear the tinny acoustic guitar parts in the
turnaround, you’ll be rehearsing a train wreck come in singing. “When I start singing, you’ll intro.
in the making. Simple is better they say, and it know where I am,” I said the other day. Why? I have a local bass player with the face of a
takes a genius to come up with a three chord Because we’re repeating three chords in this curmudgeon; you can’t tell when he’s happy.
melody that has substance. and we’re depending on the drummer to And he never wants to play the same thing
Rehearsal is how you discover the defects make the groove interesting (He’s not here twice. “That’s why we call it pop music,” I told
of musicians generally, the first of which is yet, by the way). him. Get acquainted with whole lotta whole
the punctuality factor! Let’s admit it, we’ve I’m playing with a number of thrown- notes!  
earned our reputations. And let us not forget together bands these days. Flying a whole Finally the big crescendo comes, when it’s
to factor in the “dilly dally” time that it’s going band into a city is a deal breaker in concerts sounding pretty good, which means we’ve at
to take to set up the equipment while the that don’t come with a coffee shop attached. least reached the end of the song at the same
singers go to Starbucks. Now I know why “worship” songs are so time. And then someone brings up the fact
Every musician has that riff they just have to popular. The band can only get together for that I’m paying the sound man more than all
an hour before the church service in most the musicians! “I do that because I’ve heard
places. you play,” I laugh. But seriously, if the engineer
Count yourself lucky if doesn’t work some miracles, nobody’s is
you have the luxury of going to hear the guitar solo, where finally
paying for a sound stage there’s a break-free run to originality. A sound
in a downtown industrial man knows who to turn down in that part
park, where the dB level where a musician gets confused. In my band,
is not a problem. I have that’s usually me! I can’t sing AND play at the
my own rehearsal studio same time; I’m just not that good of a multi-
and I still get warning tasker, and on stage, I’m mostly trying to have
notices from the city! So a conversation with the audience.
now we’re huddled in a It’s a magic show really, mastering the art of
circle like Indians over a distraction to create the illusion that mistakes
campfire, trying to put disappear just because we rehearsed.
energy into a rockin’ tune Honestly, I’m convinced that “improvisational
at “retirement volume.” jazz” was born out of a lack of time to
And singing the high notes rehearse! Thank God for Christian musicians!
comes with a governor. We can at least pray before the gig. Prayer
Let me just say here that changes things, but can we all start in the same
the quality of a rehearsal key this time!
is directly affected by the
distance between now
and the performance.
I rehearse songs that Bryan Duncan... CCM artist for
we want to record thirty years. With the Sweet
eventually; trying to work Comfort Band, then solo and
out arrangements is not now with the Nehosoul band.
something that goes well Owner of Red Road Records and
when everyone’s waiting
Host of Radio Rehab at  www.
for their cue. Thank God
for Pro Tools. There’s a real inducted into the Christian music Hall of
lack of focus unless there’s Fame in 2007.


Phil Keaggy (cont. page 30) time the music was still under-funded and
studio? Or pedals, or amps? under-recorded, yet you were faithful to
PK: Well, a company named Flatline Guitars serve that genre for so many years. It’s
has put one in my hands. I’ve done some heartwarming to see you now getting
recording with it and I’ve played out live with some of the acknowledgement from some
it. It’s a very interesting sounding guitar. It has of the mainstream artists and producers.
almost a solid-body ‘Gretsch’ vibe to it. It’s They are recognizing you not only as a
lightweight, and very cool sounding. musician, but also as a Christian. Talk
about what that is like for you now at this
Over the last year, I’ve sold my Fender stage of your career.
Princeton amp and my silver-faced Fender
Deluxe Reverb amp. But I’ve still got the old PK: It really does blow my mind. I mean,
Vox AC-30, and I’ve got a Peavey classic 30 I’m not really rubbing shoulders with all that
which my sister and her husband gave to me. many people . . . but, for example, a couple
of years ago I got a call (out of the blue) from
A friend of mine has let me use a pedal of his, Peter Frampton saying, “I’m coming to town . .
made by Tonefreak. It’s a purple overdrive .let’s have dinner.” He and I used to hang out
pedal called the “Abunai 2”. It has some really a lot back in the early days when Glass Harp
Improving Musicianship | Inspiring Talent

good sounds! I’ve also tried some pedals like first got signed to Decca Records and we
through the
the Franklin ProDrive. I like that one. I’ve also were doing concerts. So after all these years,
tried the G-Tod, by Swell. It has a tube in it it meant a lot to me that he would think to
and it is very versatile! In fact, I use it in my call and want to have dinner. I would love to
acoustic sets. meet up with some of the other musicians that
Sometimes I record electric guitars direct I used to jam with, like Joe Walsh. I would love
Chrissy Shefts
The Passion of Playing

The Freedom and Restoration of Review:

through a series of different modeled sounds. to meet Eric Johnson face to face sometime.
Broken Walls PRS Sweet 16
Guitar Amp Head
An Interview with Kevin Young
Volume 9, Issue 2 JAN/FEB 2011
Selective Hearing:

I also record through the Peavey or Vox with a We’ve written notes to each other and I think
Volume 16, Issue 1
Record Reviews Product Review 01 Phil Keaggy Trio
Know Jesus Collective * Brenton Brown * Parachute Band Wickstrom Grand Theatre
Acoustic Guitar
John Francis • Third Day
0 74470 58440 7
Brandon Heath * Lakeside Live * Daniel Bashta
0 74470 95962 5
US $5.95 Can $6.95
Songchart: What a Savior • A Few Moments With… Lowering the Bar US $5.95 Can $6.95 Community: Life Blood for the Songwriter

Les Paul or a strat, or I’ll use the Zion. The Zion there is a mutual admiration, but it would be
has continued to be a great guitar for me. It’s a great to meet and play together sometime.
great studio guitar. I love the arrangement of Tommy Emmanuel is an example of another
the pickups and how the electronics are laid guy that is totally amazing. He needs nothing
out. but six strings and a box. Without any effects
CM: Tell us about the rest of 2011. Are or anything, he is so full of life! He is a brilliant
you going to be traveling several weekends musician whom I highly respect. In fact, when
per month this year and playing gigs? I do guitar clinics and people ask me all about
my pedals and my loop machines, I tell them
PK: Yes, that’s pretty much how the schedule “This is a lot of fun, and I have 9 fingers, so
goes. Traveling a few weekends a month, and I have a good excuse. But I’ll tell you that
then doing session work the rest of the time. I the guys I really admire are the guys that
recently played on David Huff’s new project. don’t need any effects or pedals.” Tommy
Remember David and the Giants? I love his Emmanuel is one of the guys that I cite. Doyle
songs! I also collaborated with Bryan Duncan Dykes is another one. I’m a big fan of both
on a new song that we worked on through Doyle and Tommy.
the Internet together. I sent him a couple of
acoustic guitar tracks and he wrote lyrics to it One more thing I wanted to share is about
and sent it back to me and had me do it as a my good friend Brian Mason. He will be
duet with him. doing his last show for Nashville’s “Mix 92.9”
FM radio station soon. On May 2nd, he will
I did a song recently for Billy Batstone and be celebrating 30 years of doing his Sunday
Bob Bennett. They’re making a new album morning radio show. There has never been
with a remake of an old song called “Presence a DJ more supportive of my music than Brian
of the Lord” by Blind Faith. That song has a lot Mason. I just wanted to acknowledge that
of significance for me. When I gave Jesus my with my thanks.
heart in February of 1970, I went home from
that church service and I played “Presence I also want to thank Christian Musician
of the Lord” over and over again. So, to be magazine, and you as the publisher Bruce, for
invited to play on that song with Billy and Bob always being such an encouragement and for
was a huge privilege for me. having me in your
magazine. There
CM: One final question has never been a
for you. You talk about publication that has
being with people like supported Christian
Mickey Dolenz and others musicians like you
like that. And you left have. It means a
a very promising career lot to me, and I just
in the mainstream music wanted to thank
industry to serve the Lord you personally. l
in Christian music. At that
Phil, Micky Dolenz and producer David Harris


Yamaha Silent Violins have served musicians admirably for
years. Never complacent, Yamaha has improved the tone, feel
and form to meet the specific needs of performing artists.
Introducing the Yamaha SV-250 and SV-255 professional
violins. Designed to thrive in the spotlight of live events, these
4- and 5-string instruments feature spruce and maple bodies,
direct PA connections and a pickup system enhanced for
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From all of us at PRS Guitars,
thank you for your support.

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