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Rezart Karavidha

2819 winter dr
Troy, MI
248-635-8935 cell phone
248-835-1590 home phone
To join a health care team as a Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT) by ARDMS
and contribute to providing a positive experience for a diverse population of pa
Carnegie Institute, Troy, MI
Vascular Technology Program-18 months
CAANEP-IRC accredited
Graduation March 2010
1,614 contact hours,95.5 credit hours
Including 750 hours externship
Dean's List
Oakland County Community College
January 2006-July 2007
Prerequisite classes of Ultrasound program( English, Math, American history, Gen
eral medicine)
University of Tirana Medicine Faculty Tirana. Albania.
January 1996-September 1999
Gastroenterologist doctor
University of Tirana Medicine Faculty Tirana. Albania
September 1988- July 1993
General Physician
U.S. Equivalence :
Completion of five years of study in a medicine program
Total semester hours of graduate credit : 172.50
Completion of graduate study in Gastro-Enterology
Grade Average : 3.94
Total semester hours of graduate credit : 51.00
Demonstrate understanding of vascular, carotid, cerebral, and cardiac anatomy an
d physiology, pathology and hemodynamics
Perform accurate Doppler scanning techniques; arterial and venous
Perform accurate Doppler scanning technique; carotid
Perform accurate imaging scanning techniques; arterial and venous
Perform accurate imaging scanning techniques; carotid
Perform interpretation of pulsed volume recording, Ankle Brachial Index(ABI) seg
mental pressures, arterial waveform, venous Doppler, and imaging
Demonstrate thorough understanding of ECG and related medical terminology
Perform electrocardiogram and recognize ECG wave pattern and their significance
Perform Nuclear and Pharmacological Stress Test
Perform I.V. Administration and vital sign measurement
Recognize and interpret normal vs. abnormal wave pattern on ECG
Recognize electrocardiographic changes which occur in chamber enlargment and myo
cardial ischemia/infarction
Demonstrate understanding of pharmacology and drugs which effect vascular and ca
rdiac function
Demonstrate knowledge of instrumentation of vascular equipment
Demonstrate understanding of basic physics and basic ultrasound physics
Demonstrate knowledge of cardiopulmonary resuscitation through American Heart As
Adhere to the principles of medical ethics as applied to the role of the Vascula
r Technologist
August 2009- July 2010 "VA" hospital Detroit
Vascular technologist (externship)
October 2007-June 2009
Cardiovascular Technician(Stress test tech) , at "Advanced Diagnostic Service" c
ompany Ferndale, MI.
Maintain compliance procedures and protocols updated with CCT commission.
September 2000-October 2006
Gastroenterologist doctor.
Hospital of Kucove, Albania
September 1993-January 1996
Physician: Medical Center of Kucove, Albania