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Operations Manager - Consumer & Commercial Credit, Recovery, & Customer Care

Talented and enthusiastic professional with strong research, writing, analytical
, and problem-solving abilities. Exposure to diverse areas of credit and collect
ions both in consumer and commercial settings. Astute learner and loyal, dedicat
ed worker. Always prepared and able to work well under pressure and in a fast-pa
ced environment. Highly effective interpersonal skills and talent for maintainin
g successful communication.

Summary of Qualifications
Top-performing credit, collections, receivables, and customer service manager wi
th an accomplished Fortune 500 background and captured unprecedented results in
recovery percentage, aging, and write-offs through leadership of a 50+-person de
partment and recovery of $95M+ in 2009.
Established first-time infrastructures from startup through consolidation of exi
sting departments and optimized results with hands-on management, hiring and tra
ining of dedicated teams, and mentorship of individual contributors to assume a
leadership role.
Cultivated sustainable partnerships with peers, customers, and vendors, driving
achievement of mutually agreeable outcomes to drive long-term business relations
hips and modeled best-in-class customer service techniques while working with in
ternal and external stakeholders.
Core skills include:
* Department Leadership/Consolidation
* Performance Management/Reporting
* Fiscal/Budget Accountability
* Relationship Management
* SOP/SLA Compliance
* Collection, Subrogation, & Liquidation
* Lean/Six Sigma Project Management
* Vendor Negotiations/RFP Processes
* Consumer Lending/Credit Review
* Dispute Resolution
Professional Experience
Operations Manager, Credit/Recovery Department
Instrumental in building, refining, and managing a top-performing Central Credit
/Recovery Department, spearheading a centralization effort to streamline operati
ons through consolidation of two sites. Created the entire operating infrastruct
ure, from the ground up, including recruiting and training a new team, working w
ith an initial group of 7 employees and growing to a peak of 90 team members. St
rategically steer team of 5 supervisors and 5 analysts while providing indirect
leadership to the entire department. Oversee the recovery process lifecycle from
initial billing/claim to Osecond-lookO vendor-based collections systems, tracki
ng an average of 60,000 files with outside vendors.
* Secured year-over-year gains, outperforming key metrics by at least 15%-20% fr
om day one of the consolidation; never had a year in which performance backtrack
ed. Results includedE
* Recovered $95M in O09 for the Damages, Rental, and Heavy Equipment departments
* Cut write-offs from 13.5% to 5.8% and +180-day receivables from 12% to 4.9%;
* Improved collections results 39% despite net billings being down 5.2%.
* Captured $2.7M+ in cost savings by identifying inefficient business practices
and securing management buy-in for key operational changes, includingE
* Transitioned legal services to contingency vs. fixed costs, generating $2M in
* Reduced commissions to outside vendors by maximizing internal performance;
* Deployed strategic staffing and unit reductions to optimize efficiencies.
* Facilitated a philosophy of process excellence, infusing corporate objectives
and result achievement from the top down, aligning resources to achieve common g
* Fostered extensive customer interactions, communicating directly with private
and commercial clients in the resolution of outstanding account balances.
* Negotiated contractual agreements with attorneys, collections agencies, and ve
ndors, implementing a quarterly audit system to ensure SLA compliance.
* Recruited and mentored associates who were ultimately promoted to management-l
evel roles within the organization; served as a hands-on manager eager to share
successes with the team.
* Received promotions every 12-18 months, serving in collections and supervisory
roles before transitioning into Gold Customer Service Credit Supervisor and Int
ernational Liaison positions; received current position of Sr. Supervisor and Op
eration Manager, Credit/Recovery Department in 1997.
* As an International Liaison: Managed the chargeback dispute resolution process
, working with customers and European counterparts to secure mutually beneficial
* As a Gold Customer Service Credit Supervisor: Approved profile applications fo
r this prestige level of service, working with clients to set up and monitor the
ir Gold accounts.
Additional experience gained in the consumer lending industry with Transamerica
Corporation, serving as the foundation to my credit and collections knowledge re
fined through tenure with Hertz.
Academic Background
B.S. in Business Management
LaSalle University
Naval Communications/Intelligence School
Naval Training Center
Community Involvement
Habitat for Humanity Volunteer
Boys and Girls Club of America Volunteer
Walk for Cure Volunteer
Boys Club Tutoring and Mentoring program
Corporate Challenge Volunteer
Various civic and church activities
*** a detailed URL or "Microsoft Word Resume Available on Request"