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Bronical E Thames

6934 Buena Vista Rd Columbus, Georgia 31907

Phone: 706-573-4882 Email:
Accurate Reporting Threat Analysis - Strategic Operations - Crowd Control Proble
m - Resolution Conflict Management - Traffic Direction - Weapons Expert- Emergen
cy Response -Team Training -Document Control - Manpower Planning
Certified in post orders and procedures; detain and search; identification badge
system; safeguarding classified material; first aid; forms and report writing;
weapons proficiency training and qualification; Physical Agility Testing; Nuclea
r Biological and Chemical defense; environmental mitigation; fire fighting; Colo
ur Under Vehicle Surveillance System radio and telephone procedures; and traffic
Qualified in the use of the M9 (Beretta), M16, and M249 (SAW) in operated tactic
al and non tactical vehicles
CSA Kuwait (11/10/2008 - 10/04/2009) - Force Protection Officer
Camp Arifjan, Kuwait
Duties: Provided in-transit security for military personnel, supplies, and equip
ment. Searched all incoming vehicles for explosive devices and other unauthorize
d materials. Verified access media on all incoming personnel to ensure authoriza
tion. Performed over-watch duties for the entry gates. Reacted to emergency alar
ms in accordance with written procedures. Monitored force protection equipment a
nd reports suspicious activities to the appropriate personnel. Conducted access
at military installation gates to prevent unauthorized entries; Performed single
occupant vehicle; static surveillance from HMMWV vehicles or tower to observe e
ntry procedures at installation entry points.
Wackenhut (03/08/2008 - 10/12/2008) - Armed Force Protection Officer
Fort Benning, Georgia United States
Duties: Ensured compliance with orders, policies, and procedures with emphasis o
n safe conduct of operations. Completed monthly required training to ensure job
proficiency in all areas of security. Controlled entry/access to the facility an
d to restricted areas. Performed daily duties of enforcement of system of person
nel identification; package and vehicle inspections; performed both static and r
oving patrols; identified, corrected, secured, and arranged to correct security
violations and initiate necessary reports; performed traffic control as needed.
CSA Kuwait (01/16/2007 - 01/08/2008) a" Armed Force Protection Officer
Camp Arifjan, Kuwait
Duties: Checked for proper identification upon entry of military installation.
Conducted a complete interior and exterior search of all vehicles entering the m
ilitary installation. Detained and apprehended violators as needed. Documented
and reported daily findings to personnel in charge. Patrolled vehicles and over
watched positions in towers. Communicated with team using two - way radio. Main
tained excellent physical condition without limitations or defects in order to p
roduce top performance, because of Kuwait's harsh climate conditions.
Graduated High School - Diploma
Certification - Force Protection Officer (04/16/2007)
Award - Certificate of Achievement (09/21/1998) Army Commendation Medal (10/01/2
002) Exceptionally Meritorious Service.
Drivers Training Course (08/25/2002) Safety & Environmental (01/22/2007)
Good Conduct Medals; Numerous Army Achievement Medals; National Defense Service
Medal; Global war on Terrorism Service Medal; 2 Army Commendation Medals; Non Co
mmissioned Officer Professional Ribbon; Army Service Ribbon; Overseas Service Ri
bbon; Department Of The Army Certificates; Achievement Certificate