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Objective To obtain a position of management, project management, or supervision

and the opportunity to advance my professional career.

Education Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ
Bachelor of Science in Construction Management, May 2007
Minor: Business
Experience 2008-2010 Pine Canyon Master Builders, LLC
Flagstaff, AZ Construction Manager
Worked with the Director of Construction Operations in the start up, implementat
ion, and daily functions of Pine Canyon Master Builders, LLC. Responsibilities
* Primary management of Mark Systems Construction Software integration & daily e
* OSHA certified with officer duties & responsibilities.
* Administrative management of multimillion dollar budgets, schedules, & resourc
e allocation.
* Field superintendent & project management duties including management of trade
partner bids, contracts, & contract execution per job specifications.
* Purchasing & procurement management of all materials, supplies, & equipment fo
r high end luxury homes.
* Building/customer coordinator - meet with owners to review options, upgrades,
custom request & processing of such specifications.
* Oversight of infrastructure & vertical development as well as future developer
2007-2008 Pine Canyon Golf / Lone Tree Investments, LLC
Flagstaff, AZ
Owners Representative - Residential & Commercial
Worked with General Contractor on day to day construction operations which inclu
* Review & audit of bank draws & related schedule of values on million dollar pl
us builds.
* Owner approvals as it pertained to scheduling, budget, logistics, procurement,
and resource allocation.
* Meet with owners for design & option selections as well as processed & approv
ed changes orders.
* Field inspections for quality control, specifications, sub trade execution, &
punch walks.
* Coordinate with architect on design changes, RFI's, & implementation.

Experience 2006-2007 Pine Canyon Golf, LLC

Flagstaff, AZ
Building Maintenance & Assistant Property Engineer
Managed a small crew in general property maintenance, light construction, steel
fabrication, mechanical, and specialty design/build tasks. Start up of 35,00
0 square foot club house & related building operations.
2003-2006 Northern Arizona University Flagstaff, AZ
Athletic Marketing - Scholarship work study
Details available upon request.
Summer 2002-2006 Mordaunt Construction Syr
acuse, NY
Residential Construction Journeyman
Details available upon request
* Detail orientated with the ability to manage macro & micro project objectives.
* Great communication skills with an understanding for inter-department coopera
tion and efficiencies.
* Very well organized with a flexible, optimistic personality.
* Dedicated hard working attitude with the ability to articulate group goals & o
* Self starter with leadership skills, focus on time management, & prioritizing
* Very personable with array of people skills.
* Mike Seabrook - Owner of M.I. Construction - 928-310-6560
* Steve Arras - Former Property Engineer of Pine Canyon - 928-699-3838
* Greg Balman -Vice President of Pine Canyon - 928-220-4316
* Chuck Ruscher - Personal Reference - 928-607-3050